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Chapter 732 - The Jade Emperor's Thoughts

At the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

All Ye Zichen saw in front of the palace was a gigantic stoic figure pillaring in front of the palace with a hint of boredom.

"Giant God," Ye Zichen greeted the smile with a giant, who was someone that was rather active in the chat group as well.

He had offered to go and welcome Ye Zichen at the South Heaven's Gate, but unfortunately, his job was to guard the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

"Why are you guys here? And this is… Sky Sovereign?" Giant God bent down and raised his eyebrows at Ye Zichen, who only reached his waist in height.

Although they have chatted quite a few times in the group, it was their first time meeting face to face.

"You are far taller than I imagined," Ye Zichen smiled.

"Haha, Sky Sovereign, you are far shorter than I imagined," Giant God scratched his head with a chuckle.

"Not everybody ends up filled with hormones like you," Yang Jian retorted, causing everybody to laugh.

These deities all got along in private, so cracking a few jokes was no problem at all.

"Hey, I'm tall since I eat well. Oh yeah, what did you come here for? If you're looking for the Jade Emperor, then you're out of luck," said Giant God.

"Is that so?" Ye Zichen smirked.

"Yeah, Jade Emperor told me to stand guard here and said that if anyone was visiting, then tell them to come a few days later," Giant God replied.

"What a pity. Alright, then I won't enter," Ye Zichen did not stand firm on his reason, causing Flame Emperor to put on an anxious look.

"Don't worry, he ain't going anywhere," Ye Zichen reassured Flame Emperor, then turned to Giant God. "If you are allowed to go in and report, then tell the Jade Emperor that I, Ye Zichen, am in the Heavenly Court and would like to see him. Of course, I may be able to help him solve the problem he is having trouble with. He can come and find me at the True Lord Manor if he makes up his mind."

With that, he turned around with a smile, "Yang Jian, I wonder if it'll be alright if I stay at your place…"

"Listen to yourself, I can't ask for more! Don't worry, just settle down."

"Then forgive my intrusion."

"Intrude what? We're all going there today to have a good chat!"

"Ye Zichen is here for you," a purple-robed man with face as white as mutton jade blurted out within a secret room in the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches.

"I know," said the golden-robed Jade Emperor. He had already lost the majestic look he always had.

His hair was like hay, his eyes were covered in a thick black circle, his mouth was slightly open like a fool… And his lifeless eyes stared at the dim light in front of him.

"We've been researching this for half a month now, I'm sure you can tell that the ley line is not being of any use," the purple-robed man said once more.

The Jade Emperor took a deep breath and leaned back on his chair, "Heaven's Equal, honestly, this is so strange. It was perfectly fine in the Immortal Region, why is it not working after I brought it over here?"

"How would I know?" The purple-robed man frowned. This was the true form of the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven.

He received a message from the Jade Emperor a few days prior that the latter caught the ley line, that's why he was in the Heavenly Court.

However, the ley line has already lost its effects after reaching the Heavenly Court. Neither of them could sense even the tiniest bit of spiritual energy fluctuation from it.

The Jade Emperor couldn't get any more, the price he paid to reach this step was almost too much to handle.

"The Yellow Emperor still has a greater understanding of the ley line compared to you. Otherwise, we would have found some clues during the years after he hid the ley line. If it really doesn't work, then just return the ley line to him. Are you really that desperate to break through?"

"How could I not be?" The Jade Emperor shot up from his chair, while an intense unwillingness to accept everything spiraled in his eyes. "I should have ascended to the God Realm long ago. It was because the Yellow Emperor hiding the ley line away that I had to wait ten thousand years. Do you know how long that is? It may just be a snap of the fingers for cultivators, but I am at my limit. The Law has been rejecting me. I could not cultivate! I could only live through the last ten thousand years meaninglessly. Ten thousand years! Can you understand how I feel!?"

The Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven fell silent. The Jade Emperor was the strongest in terms of cultivation out of the strongest people in the Three Realms.

Since the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven has never suffered the Law refusing his attempt at cultivation, he did not feel like he had the right to judge the Jade Emperor for what the latter has done.

"I have to ascend as fast as possible no matter what!"

Knock knock.

The furious Jade Emperor suppressed his anger, "Who is it?"

"Your Majesty, Sky Sovereign Ye was at the Cloudy Palace of the Golden Arches," said Giant God outside the door.

"I got it."

"He asked me to leave a message for you."

"What is it?"

"Sky Sovereign said that he really wants to see you and said that he might be able to help you solve the problem you have. If you make up your mind, then find him at the True Lord Manor."

Jade Emperor remained silent.

So he found out.

Jade Emperor knew that he couldn't hide it for long, but he wasn't willing to accept that he didn't gain anything from the ley line.

"I got it."

"Then this subordinate will be taking his leave."

As the footsteps outside the room faded away, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens spoke up, "If it isn't going to work, then return this ley line. He said that he can help you solve your problem, so it's clear that he knows that you have the ley line and that the ley line lost its effects in your hands."

"So what?"

"Then we might as well sit down and have an open chat. I'm sure Ye Zichen is not an unreasonable person. If you tell him your problem, he will help you."

"Help me?" Jade Emperor snorted. "If he really wanted to help me, then he should have hid the ley line a bit later. I would have ascended to the God Realm in just three days! Would I even have been here for so long if not for him? Help me? Sure."

"You… Ugh, I'm speechless," the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens let out a long sigh when he saw the Jade Emperor get overcome with rage. "Then what can you even do now? You didn't figure anything out in half a month, so are you going to keep trying to figuring it out? Or rather, do you think that he will continue waiting while you do that?"

That's fair.

Half a month has already passed, but I didn't figure anything out.

What is the point of continuing doing this?

What's more, would he really let me continue my research forever?

"Give me an extra half-day. If I really don't figure it out, then I'll go and find him myself!"

Things have been a lot busier in real life than I would have liked them to be, but regardless I'm sure you guys don't care for the reasons. Either way, things are starting to settle down for me now, so I can indeed start posting properly again and play catch up like I intended to. I know it's not much, but let's start with 2 RPS chapters today.

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