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Chapter 725 - The Cuckoo and the Swallow

"I'm going to murder you!" Hua Kui could not suppress her rage anymore when she saw Gu Li put Mou Qing's heart in his mouth.

Even though she was ranked last amongst the Demon Sovereigns due to her illusions, she was in no mood to use something like that.

"I'm going to kill you and take revenge for Third Big Brother!"

Hua Kui could only use the a woman's most commonly used weapon in her fit of rage…

Her nails.

She leaped towards Gu Li and scratched.

Although she was not particularly strong, she was one of the Demon Sovereigns with the strength of a late-stage Sky Immortal. Her scratch was able to even the hardest rocks, but it merely left a white mark on Gu Li's face.

Gu Li wiped his cheek, then smirked.

"You dared to scratch my face?"

"Die!" Hua Kui did not hear him, nor did she want to. She merely repeated her simple weapon and left white marks on Gu Li's face one after another.

Gu Li grabbed Hua Kui's arm, then smiled, "Did you know that I have a bottom line as well? I never kill women."

"Tch," Hua Kui spat at Gu Li.

He smiled evilly as he wiped the spit away, then slid his finger across Hua Kui's face, "What a delicate face."

"Don't touch me!" Hua Kui struggled maniacally and threw her arms and legs at Gu Li.

"Normally speaking, I might leave you around to be something I can use to unleash my desires. But you should never have tried to scratch my face and spit your dirty saliva!" Gu Li's expression turned sinister, but at that very moment…


Another mouthful of saliva was spat on his face.

"You bitch!"

Gu Li put more force into his grip and shattered Hua Kui's arm.

Yet, Hua Kui merely frowned, then spat at Gu Li's face again.

"Kill me if you dare!"

"I said I never kill women!" Gu Li smiled, then started punching at her mouth. "Keep spitting, won't you?"

Soon, blood and teeth begun to flow out of Hua Kui's mouth.

Yet… That was not the end of it. After he knocked out all her teeth, he grabbed her hand.

"You used this to scratch me, didn't you?"

He started to rip off her fingernails one by one. However, Hua Kui did not let out a single sound. She merely stared at Gu Li with her rageful eyes and stark white face, then finally used the last strength in her body to spit at Gu Li's face once more.

As blood covered his face…


You dared to defile my holy face, she actually dared…


"Do you want to die?" Gu Li's chest heaved up and down as he clenched his fists tightly.

Hua Kui maintained her smile and looked demeaningly at him, "Tsk."

"Fine!" The aura around Gu Li began to strength. He stared at Hua Kui's bloody face. "Since you want to die, then I shall break my bottom line once!"

Blood splattered everywhere.

However, Hua Kui was still smiling the moment right before her head was shattered.

She knew that she couldn't extract revenge for her Third Big Brother, but she could die for him.

"Third Big Brother, I won't let you be alone on the way to the afterlife."

Several Demon Sovereigns had bloodshot eyes, including Li Min'e. Despite their differences, Hua Kui was one of her closest friends.

Gu Li dared to torture her like that!


However, they had to get through the three people in front of them to get to Gu Li.

The three metallic skinned people with stark white faces blocked their paths the instant Hua Kui had rushed over.

Although the Demon Sovereigns wanted to save Hua Kui, their rationale told them that the three monstrous beings in front of them were no easy foes.

While they thought to themselves, Gu Li already cleaned the filth from his face, but he still continued to wipe at his face with a handkerchief.

"Gu Li!" Li Min'e gritted her teeth in anger.

"Li Min'e, don't be so angry. I'll tell you something. You can leave now if you want. I won't do make things difficult for you because of Old Su."

"Old Su? You two are working together!?" One of the Demon Sovereigns roared in anger. "I knew non-demons like you will have ulterior motives!"

"No!" Li Min'e shouted. "Yiyun won't betray me!"

"You're still speaking up for him? Li Min'e, I opposed the two of you being together from the start!" The first ranked Demon Sovereign said coldly. He was always interested in Li Min'e and always felt that he was the most suitable husband.

Yet, Li Min'e actually fell for an insect he could crush easily back then.

That was why he never liked Su Yiyun even after the latter became the demons' formation master.

"No! Yiyun would never betray me!"

"Shitty grandson, I know what you're trying to do, so stop trying to frame Old Su." To everyone's surprise, Gu Li actually spoke up for Su Yiyun. "I very much want Master Su to work with me. Yet, despite all my reasons such as both of us being from the Modern Realm, it is very unfortunate that Master Su is still considering it and did not agree."

"He is still considering!?"

"Am I supposed to agree instead of mulling it over?"

At that moment, a white-robed elder appeared in the sky. Anyone would judge from his white hair and dried skill that he was an old man whose time was nearly up.

However, the demons knew that he was Su Yiyun.

In truth, he was merely in his twenties.

"Brother Su," Gu Li walked up with a smile.

However, Su Yiyun ignored him and merely walked over to Li Min'e. "Thank the gods that you're still alive."

Li Min'e leaped into his arms.

The first ranking Demon Sovereign's eyes twitched.

Su Yiyun merely glanced at the demon in disdain when he felt the hostility. Then, he caressed Li Min'e hair and nodded towards Black Dragon before walking over to Gu Li.

However, for some reason, Gu Li was no longer smiling.

"You've decided? We are both from the Modern Realm and have near identical goals. Why work towards greatness with me?"

"You're just a cuckoo taking over a swallow's nest. Do you really think that you're the that great?"

Original Chapter Teaser:

Gu Li munching on the bloody heart was the last straw for Hua Kui. No matter how much she tried to suppress her anger, she was unable to tolerate Gu Li defiling her crush’s body and turning him into mere food. That was too much for her.

She ran out without thinking and lashed out instinctively. No swords, no daggers, no staffs, no spears. She did not even think about that. She merely reached out with a weapon that all women have – their nails. She clawed at Gu Li in a frenzied manner, time and time again.

Surprised by that, Gu Li stepped back, but Hua Kui did not care. She merely continued to pressure him and scratch at his face, chest and hands until he turned into a bloody mess that was less than a human, much less a demon.


That was merely what Hua Kui and the Demon Sovereigns wished to see.

The truth was that Hua Kui didn’t even break Gu Li’s skin. She feeble scratches only seemed to irritate him…

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