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Chapter 709 - Action

Inside the subdimension…

Ye Zichen stood in front of everyone with black robe. They say that confident men attract women the most, and that was very apparent from the way Su Yan looked at him.

"This journey will be filled with danger. I wonder…" Ye Zichen cast his gaze across the group of people behind him.

They were amongst the strongest in the Three Realms, and even Ox-Head, Horse-Face and the deities from the Heavenly Court were called over by Ye Zichen.

It was time for a desperate move!

With the Demon Realm's messenger about to arrive, that person's near Diviner strength was like an unsurpassable difference for Ye Zichen.

But, in order to deal with an exterior threat, one must deal with all the interior ones. That's why Ye Zichen decided to cleanse the Three Realms of the demons before the Demon Realm's messenger arrives.

"I, Old Sun, have always been pissed off at those demon scum. They actually dared to attack my Mount Huaguo!" Great Sage Sun was in his armor and cursed with his staff in his hand. "Bro, don't worry. Watch as I, Old Sun, tear their base apart."

"Don't look at me, I still don't like you," Su Liu'er maintained her cold look. "I am merely doing this because of my little sister. If she hadn't begged me the entire night, I wouldn't have come over to help."

"Big Sis…" Su Yan bit her lips and pulled on Su Liu'er's sleeve. She knew that Ye Zichen was already under a lot of pressure, she didn't want him to be under anymore.

"I really don't know what's so good about him," Su Liu'er rolled her eyes and said speechlessly. "Alright, I'll help him. There won't be any problems with the Great Sage and I leading the attack on all cities north of Maple City."

Su Yan smiled. She was very happy to be able to help Ye Zichen.


Memories seemed to surface in Ye Zichen's mind once more. I really owe her far too much.

"The Underworld will lead the attack against those south of Maple City," Xie Bian raised his eyebrows.

"The Heavenly Court will take those west of Maple City," said God of Thunder seriously.

"Then let us, the Immortal Region, take those east of Maple City. I guess we are the luckiest, since there are the least numbers of cities in the east," Great Emperor Qingming smiled. His wounds had finally recovered after six months of rest.

In a way, it was rather beneficial for him, as his stagnated cultivation level seemed to improve a little.

"You guys can all help, but I can't," Xia Keke yammered with a sob. The elder who came with her immediately raced back to the clan when she gave him the Dragon God Ring.

It was a huge deal for their clan, so the elder didn't dare to delay taking care of it in the slightest.

"We're enough," Lil' White smiled. He has already grown up into a handsome youth, and was very clearly the type of man they older women loved.

The atmosphere was rather carefree. Ye Zichen also knew that they wanted to use this way to make him less nervous.

The demons were definitely no weaklings, and the millions of elites was not just an illusion or a trick.

They really did exist!

Although Ye Zichen didn't want to ruin the atmosphere, he still couldn't help but remind everyone, "It's fine for you guys to act so casually over here, but please do be careful out there. I'll go and attract the attention of the demon elites, you guys act based on the situation."


The surrounding people nodded.

Ye Zichen looked back towards Su Yan. She was holding the hem of her clothes and was clearly silently worried. She was even feeling rather troubled about why she was still so weak and unable to help take some of the burdens off him.

That's why, all she felt like she could do right now was not cause any trouble for Ye Zichen.

Thus, no matter how much she worried about Ye Zichen, and however many things she wanted to say, she hid everything in her heart and merely prayed for his safety.

In the end, Ye Zichen still couldn't help but walk beside Su Yan and pull her into his arms before leaving.

Su Liu'er frowned, but when she remembered what the white-robed man had said to her before, she forced herself to stay silent.

"Be careful," Su Yan's eyes teared up the moment Ye Zichen hugged her. She trembled, everything else except Ye Zichen seemed to fade him her eyes.

She had waited for the embrace for far too long, it was finally here.

"I will come back. Wait for me," Ye Zichen kissed Su Yan's forehead softly, then turned back resolutely with a sharp gaze.

Normally speaking, Xia Keke would definitely make Ye Zichen kiss her too. But she didn't this time. Although she liked to mess around, she did understand the situation better than anyone.

Ye Zichen wasn't just speaking to Su Yan, he was speaking to himself as well.

His plan going to be one filled with danger…

Those words, were his desire to live.

"Let's go."

Xuan-Yuan Xiang, who had taken physical form; Fatty Yin, who was holding the Eight Formations Origin Chart; and Flame Emperor, who was dressed in pure white.

That was the only people going with Ye Zichen.

They were not going to attack any cities. Rather…

They were going to bring the ley line back to the light!

At the Heavenly Court…

"I thought you said that we aren't getting along? Why did you come here again?" Jade Emperor leaned back in his chair lazily and looked at the black figure in front of him. "We've been chatting a bit too often recently. Don't forget, the Heavenly Court and the Underworld are supposed to be enemies."

"Do you think I actually want to talk to you?" the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens cursed. "I came to talk to you because of the ley line!"

Ley line?

Jade Emperor twitched his mouth uncaringly. Then, he quickly realized what he just heard. He immediately sat up straight and exclaimed with a heated gaze, "What did you say just now? Ley line!?"

"I thought you were pretty good at pretending like you don't care. I was wondering how calm you were going to act," the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens twitched his mouth.

Jade Emperor disregarded the comment. The ley line was of utmost importance to him, so he was in no mood to retort, "What's with the ley line? Tell me more."

"He has already gone to find the ley line. The ley line will definitely appear in less than six hours."


"I came to talk to you because the demons will definitely be interested in the ley line as well. When that happens, they might forcefully take it for themselves. His forces will find it difficult to fight against the demons. So… What do you say?" Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens stared at Jade Emperor intently.

Jade Emperor grew silent. He hated making decisions, and that was especially true when he had to weigh the benefits and the losses.

But this time, the ley line was involved. The ley line is crucial for the Three Realms…

"Don't forget just what you have been waiting for these ten thousand years." Just as the Jade Emperor hesitated, Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven's spoke up.

The Jade Emperor gritted his teeth, "If he dares to try to take it, then I'm kicking him back to his own home!"

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