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Chapter 670 - Before the War I

"Brother Bian, aren't you just worried about your life after you return?" Bai Hai smiled.

Bian Tianrui didn't want to admit it, but when he felt Bai Hai's piercing gaze, he hesitated, then nodded his head wryly.

"Brother Bian, it seems like your position in the Four Direction Palace is truly…" Bai Hai smirked.

Bian Tianrui frowned with a snort, "That's none of your business."

"Brother Bian, there is no need for you to act like this," Bai Hai took out a fan from somewhere and used it to fan himself. He maintained a calm expression with a meaningful smile on his face even though Iron Bull and Qiu Yuan's fight radiated spiritual energy which fluttered his clothes. "Brother Bian, you only have to do a simple task if you want to stay alive."

Bian Tianrui frowned even more. Then he finally refused without even thinking after Bai Hai finished his suggestion, "How could I? Where am I supposed to put my face if I go beg her?"

"Brother Bian, you're still thinking about face when your life is on the line?" Bai Hai snickered. "Her position in the Four Direction Palace is extremely high. You can only go and make a request of her using my method if you want to live."

"Impossible!" Bian Tianrui flung his arm angrily. Suddenly, Iron Bull, who was fighting Qiu Yuan, had the latter pierce a sword into his chest, causing blood to fall down onto the ground.

"Iron Bull!" Bian Tianrui hurried over. He looked up at Qiu Yuan, who was wiping the blood off his sword, then gritted his teeth and grabbed Iron Bull by the shoulder. "Retreat."

"Brother Bian, don't forget what I said. Do as I said if you want to live."

Bian Tianrui hesitated for a moment, then left frantically.

"Aren't you guys leaving?" Qiu Yuan descended from the air after wiping his blade clean, then turned towards the shocked group of people.

The group immediately bowed in thanks. Then soon after, only Bai Hai and Qiu Yuan were left outside Mount Supreme.

"I saw you beside Big Brother Ye before."

Bai Hai nodded with a smile, "Brother Qiu, congratulations to you for inheriting the Senior's inheritance."

"There's nothing to congratulate me about," Qiu Yuan said. He didn't want to cultivate, nor did he want to get involved with anything to do with cultivation. Duan Gu's inheritance might be great for any other person, but it was just endless trouble he couldn't get rid of.

"Brother Qiu, you do have a similar personality with Senior Guan Gu. No wonder you are the chosen one," Bai Hai smiled, then raised his eyebrows. "See you in the God Realm in the future. I hope that Brother Qiu can give me a bit of face due to Brother Ye when you next meet me."

With that, a brilliant formation appeared underneath Bai Hai. Then, he disappeared alongside the formation.

"Ugh, I was so unlucky," Qiu Yuan spat on the floor, then looked up at the pillar of rainbow colored light at a distance.

"Yuan'er," City Lord Qiu hurried over with the three Yao Emperors in the air, then landed beside Qiu Yuan.

City Lord Qiu gave Qiu Yuan a bear hug with a joyous look in his eyes, "You truly didn't disappoint Father."

"Brother Qiu," the three Yao Emperors didn't dare to put on any airs either. Strength was what was important in the coming age of chaos. Qiu Yuan's strength as an Immortal King allowed him to stand on equal grounds with the three Yao Emperors. In some ways, he was even above them.

"That direction should be Maple City, right? Someone broke through into the Immortal King level over there as well?" Qiu Yuan couldn't help but frown as he looked at the pillar of rainbow colored light.

City Lord Qiu and the three Yao Emperors nodded, "It really was a coincidence, both of you had your divine blessing together. But it's a good thing. The Three Realms is in a mess now, the more strong people we have, the more capable we are of protecting ourselves. But I wonder… whether the one at Maple City was someone of the Immortal Realm."

"The light over at Mount Supreme has dispersed," Ye Zichen pointed.

The white-robed man nodded, "It's about time. Although Duan Gu was rather famous in the God Realm, the method of inheritance through forcing the power into him wasted too much divine energy. On the other hand, I really didn't expect this girl by your side. Or perhaps, it's to be as expected of a herb king!"

"Don't try to get any ideas about her," Ye Zichen said warily. He understood very well that the value of a herb king was enough to cause others to have ill intentions.

"Hey, I can't possibly go and steal yours, right?" the white-robed man shook his head with a smile. He squinted his eyes and looked into the sky. "I wonder just what's going on in the Demon Realm. There's been no news from there."

Su Yiyun stood quietly in front of Black Dragon with his head lowered in the Demon Dragon Palace. Meanwhile, several demon sovereigns and an army of several hundred thousand demons stood behind him.

Su Yiyun's earlier words had truly caused a commotion through the gathered army, even the soldiers who had no right to speak couldn't help but silently whisper amongst themselves.

Thus, shock rang out through the army.

Black Dragon stared at Su Yiyun with a dark look.

Su Yiyun fearlessly met his gaze.

"Su Yiyun, I never once treated you poorly."

"I, Su Yiyun, am not as low as to forget Lord Black Dragon's aid," Su Yiyun answered slowly. "However, Ye Zichen is my closest brother, I can't do anything to him."

"Good brother," Black Dragon nodded with a dark expression and smiled. "Then what do you mean by what you said earlier? If I don't kill you today, then in the future, when you meet Ye Zichen…"

"I cannot swear that I will kill him myself, that's something I can't do. But I will definitely serve the Demon Realm full-heartedly. I have already let him go too many times. It is unfair for Lord Black Dragon if I continue to do so."

"So you do know that it was unfair," Black Dragon's eye were filled with mockery.

Li Min'e wanted to speak up once more, but the demon sovereign beside her yanked her away and shook his head at her.

It was all down to Black Dragon's negotiation with Su Yiyun, anyone else speaking up would only have the opposite effect.

Thus, the Demon Dragon Palace fell into silence for a long time.

"If, I was to give you a chance to serve the Demon Realm…"

"I will definitely do everything I am capable of," Su Yiyun knelt down on one knee and answered firmly.

Black Dragon squinted his eyes, then glanced at Su Yiyun for a while before finally answering. "Fine. I'll give you this chance."

"Thank you, Lord Black Dragon."

Hearing that, Li Min'e and the Demon Sovereigns couldn't help but let out long sighs. Gu Li nodded with a light smile, while praising Su Yiyun for his superior actions.

"But…" At that moment, Black Dragon's tone suddenly changed.

Su Yiyun, who was kneeling on the floor, was stunned. Then he heard what Black Dragon said.

"No need for you to do anything for this action. Stay here to defend. Do you have any issues with that?"

Original Chapter Teaser:

Bai Hai: Think about it, it’s pretty simple. You’re just worried that you would get killed, right?

Bian Tianrui: No shit, you would be too if you were in my position.

Bai Hai: Then think about it. Who is the most influential person over His Majesty right now?

Bian Tianrui: You’re talking about the new…

Bai Hai: Who else?

Bian Tianrui: Impossible! I will not go and beg her when I came down in order to get an upper hand over her! I am the one with my family backing and talent! I will not bow down to a little girl!

Bai Hai: Why do you still care about your face so much?

Bian Tianrui: I…

Bai Hai: Does face matter that much when you will die if you don’t give it up?

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