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Chapter 348 – Great Battle (1)


Lu Lu raised her hand up in the air, causing the training ground to instantly be covered in snow and ice. Thick ice covered the floor, while the demons who were enjoying the pleasure of the hunt froze into ice sculptures.

“Heh,” Qiu Yin merely laughed coldly when he saw that. He kept his left hand in his pocket, and raised his right hand, “Shatter.”

As he said those words softly, purple mist swirled around the training field, while the ice encasing the demons begun to crack.

A hint of shock flashed across Lu Lu’s pale blue eyes. She could feel that the purple mist was cutting off her connection with the ice sculptures.

“Ouch,” at that moment, the meatball-like fatty stepped on the ice, slipped, then bumped into Qiu Yin. “F*ck this, little girl, your ice is too slippery. I, Lord Fatty, am not wearing slip-resistant shoes.”

Although the fatty continued to complain, he managed to cut off Qiu Yin’s demonic energy.

Lu Lu used the chance to quickly reestablish her connection with the ice sculptures, frowned, then yelled out, “Shatter.”


All of the ice sculptures shattered into tiny crystals.

As Qiu Yin watched the tribesmen which he brought over die within the ice sculptures, his pupils instantly turned blood red.

He glared in front of him and formed a powerful fist…

“Die!” Qiu Yin’s fist smashed towards Fatty’s back, which was turned towards him, with tremendous force.

“Lord Fatty, be careful,” Gou Yuzhan held a stick which he had gotten from an unknown place in his hand, and leapt into the air, smashing the stick down onto Qiu Yin’s head.


The wooden stick instantly snapped in two.

Feeling the hit, Qiu Yin looked up with his crimson eyes.

Gou Yuzhan gulped, scratched his head with a wry smile, then looked down at the broken stick in his hands, “Uhm… Lord Fatty, save me!”

As he shouted, he begun to turn around to run. However, since they were on ice, Gou Yuzhan slipped… Then fell onto the floor.

“F*ck, your Helheim is definitely made to screw your teammates over,” Gou Yuzhan cursed in annoyance as he laid on the floor. Qiu Yin looked over at him with his blood red eyes.

A playful smile surfaced on Gou Yuzhan’s face. He held a delicate cross in his hands, and flipped over…

“Holy Light Illumination.”

A blinding light was released from the cross. When the holy light shone onto Qiu Yin, his bronze colored skin instantly started to corrode and release an azure gas if the light was acidic.

The smoke was filled with a gut-revolting stench. Meanwhile, Qiu Yin also let out a pitiful cry.

“Kid, not bad, you’re pretty smart!” the fatty pulled Gou Yuzhan up from the ground with a soft smile.

Gou Yuzhan instantly laughed idiotically after brushing off his bum, then ran over to Lu Lu and pointed at the ice to retort, “Just look at your ice layer. We’re teammates… If it wasn’t because of me having a cross, then I would have gotten ripped apart by the nigga.”

“Girlie, your ice surface is truly screwing your teammates over!” Fatty Yin also retorted on the side.

“Hehe…. A sinister laugh sounded out from behind them. The demonic energy around Qiu Yin suddenly intensified, causing everyone to only be able to see a pair of shimmering red eyes amidst the black mist. “Are you finished arguing? Very well, you guys successfully pissed me off.”

“…” a hint of terror flashed across Gou Yuzhan’s face.

Fatty Yin squinted his eyes, then turned to the Gu family head, “Take your tribesmen away, this is no longer a fight you can particularly win.”

“You want to leave? Stay!”


Intense wind started to blow, sending splinters of rock and ice to spray out, while the demonic energy became even denser.


Fatty Yin’s playful gaze begun to turn solemn. When he suddenly made a decision in his heart, he kneeled onto the ground and slapped the ice surface with force using his right hand.

The ice surface on the ground rose up, forming a wall of ice.

At the same time, he turned towards the Gu family head and shouted, “Take your people and hurry away. Right now, they are only a burden for us if they stay.”

“Okay,” the Gu family head was not an indecisive person. With a roar, he immediately took the terrorized Gu clan members and moved towards the outside quickly.

However, laughter sounded out all around them, “This sovereign already said it. Nobody can leave!”

The sinister and chilling laugh caused everyone’s mood to sullen, and some of the Gu clan members directly freaked out and fell onto the ground when they heard it.

“Die!” the illusion of a huge demon leaped them.

At this moment, Fatty Yin also looked up speechlessly and retorted, “O Main body, if you still refuse to come, then laozi is done with all this!”

“My good son, did you miss me these last few days?” Tuoba Ye’s face always carried a cold smile, while he occasionally opened up the fan in his hand and fanned himself.

From the very beginning, Ye Zichen stared at the man with an indifferent gaze.

Without a single word.

“My good son, I came for a reason different to Qiu Yin’s. Although I’m a demon, I still keep my promises. I promised the Gu clan to not do anything to them for a hundred years. This time… I purely want to take you back to the demon realm!” Tuoba Ye smiled, but Ye Zichen continued to remain silent. “Hehe… You don’t want to talk to dad that much? What? Are you worried about the situation over there?”

“There isn’t anything to worry about. Your demon brothers won’t be able to do anything extreme with Fatty and co. there,” only then did Ye Zichen smiled faintly. He glanced directly at Tuoba Ye’s smile, then cracked his neck. “You actually said you, someone of the demon race, keeps his word. Do you think I’ll trust you!? If you truly would keep your word, and will ensure that the Gu clan has a hundred years of peace. Then… Go, kill that person called Qiu Yin.”

“We demons are different from you humans. We won’t fight among ourselves,” Tuoba Ye chuckled. “But, if you come with me, it’s not like I can’t help you guys! The only criteria is that… You are still a Fallen!”

“Fallen?” Ye Zichen smiled playfully. Then, a pair of black wings suddenly appeared on his back. However, neither his skin color, hair color nor eye color changed this time.

He was still able to maintain his own consciousness as he chuckled coldly at Tuoba Ye’s blatant displeasure, “You mean like this?”

A crazed and heated look surfaced in Tuoba Ye’s eyes. He laughed maniacally and opened his mouth wide.

“Yes, yes, yes. Just like this… As expect of my son. A Fallen… A Fallen!” Tuoba Ye clenched his fist tightly and roared out excitedly.

However, Ye Zichen maintained his cold smile, and indicated towards Qiu Yin, “Kill him. If you kill him, then I’ll leave with you!”

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