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Chapter 268 - Immortal Jump1

Tears instantly flowed from Ox-Head's eyes when he saw Ye Zichen's message.

Who said that the ghost realm had no true feelings? Look at this little brother…

"Little bro, are you speaking the truth?"

Ox-Head asked in a testing manner.

Ye Zichen smiled when he saw the message.

"Of course, but this little ghost doesn't have too many merits here!"

Ox-Head's heart felt slightly sad after seeing this message. Oh yeah, this kid is merely a small fry that just entered the staff group. It's already going to be hard for him to support himself with his Heaven and Earth merits, how could he lend them to me.

However, since the Heaven and Earth Bank was truly reminding him all the time, and Horse-Head didn't have any spare merits…

Although Ox-Head felt a bit bad, he still forced himself to ask.

"Little bro, how many Heaven and Earth merits do you have?"

"I have around sixty thousand. Big Brother Ox-Head, how much do you need?"

"How much? Sixty thousand!?" Ox-Head nearly jumped up in shock when he saw Ye Zichen's message.

Heaven and Earth merits were not easy to earn. Even he, himself, Ox-Head, merely has several tens of thousands of merits…

This new little ghost in the staff chat actually has sixty thousand Heaven and Earth merits.

"Little bro, don't joke with Ox-Bro. You have sixty thousand Heaven and Earth merits?"

"Why should I lie to Big Brother Ox-Head?"

At that moment, Ye Zichen did not know that his several tens of thousands of Heaven and Earth merits actually caused such a huge reaction.

"Little bro, then lend twenty thousand to Big Bro. Big Bro will give it back to you as quick as possible."

"No problem!"

With that, Ye Zichen send Ox-Head a red packet of twenty thousand Heaven and Earth merits.

Ox-Head received your red packet.


Your intimacy level with Ox-Head increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.


Your intimacy level with Ox-Head leveled up. Current intimacy level: Trusted.

Ox-Head had suffered a lot for these twenty thousand Heaven and Earth merits. While the Heaven and Earth Bank hounded him, he asked everyone he could find, but did not manage to borrow twenty thousand.

He was already on the verge of giving up, but he was actually able to borrow twenty thousand here.

"Little Bro, Ox Bro will watch over you in the Underworld from now on. Although I, Old Ox, am not as well off as before, the title of Ghost Marshal is still here. If any idiot little ghost messes with you, tell Ox Bro, I'll definitely back you up!"

"Thank you, Big Brother Ox-Head."

Ye Zichen smiled.

"Sure, then I, Old Ox, is going to repay the debt so that the debt collectors wouldn't come to bother me all the time. Little Bro, let's chat again when we've got time!"

With that message, Ox-Head left his manor. F*ck, I've truly been so ashamed this half a month.

Now that I got this twenty thousand merits, I have to show off a bit.

Ye Zichen closed the chat with a faint smile. Although he lost twenty thousand merits, it was definitely worth it for him to get on good terms with the Underworld's Ox-Head.

Just like Ox-Head said earlier one. No matter what, he still had the title of Ghost Marshal.

A starved camel was still larger than a horse. After some time, I have to go to the Underworld in order to revive Liu Qing, so will be good for me to know a few bigshots there.

Nothing else happened the entire night…

The moment Ye Zichen laid down on his pillow, he fell asleep, most likely due to getting too tired out recently.

When the first light shone on the next morning…


Ye Zichen sat up from the bed after hearing a loud noise, then saw that the others in the dormitory had already returned, and were staring at the entrance with a look of speechlessness.

Zhu Yunbai walked in lifelessly. From the looks of him, it was as if he fought with someone, since several strands of grass were stuck in his hair, while his trousers were covered in footprints.

"Lil' Six, didn't you say that you were hooking up with someone? Why did you come back so early in the morning?"

Kang Peng rubbed his eyes sleepily. However, when he noticed the situation with Zhu Yunbai, he immediately jumped down from his bed.

He tried to look at Zhu Yunbai's face several times, but Zhu Yunbai covered his face with his hands.

Kang Peng was a bit angry, "Move your hand away and let me see!"

Zhu Yunbai put his hands down bitterly, while Kang Peng puled Zhu Yunbai's head by back his hair.

Zhu Yunbai's eyes and corners of his mouth were bruised, while his whole right side of his face was a bit swollen.

"Ol' Six, what happened?" Everyone in the dorm surrounded him.

"Don't mention it!" Zhu Yunbai sat down bitterly on the chair. "F*ck, I got hit with Immortal Jump!"

"What?" Everyone bar Zhu Yunbai were stunned.

Zhu Yunbai cursed with his bloodshot eyes, "I f*cking treated the girl to a meal, then we went to get a room. The moment we entered the room, and before we stripped, two men came in from the outside and stripped me, then they threatened me to give them money, otherwise, they would call the police…"


"Then I thought about it a bit, then submitted and paid then," Zhu Yunbai's expression turned menacing. "But… F*cking hell, the girl that had been chatting with me was actually a man! That's why I got pissed and fought with them! But since they had more people, I couldn't beat them. They took my phone, my wallet and everything, so I had to f*cking walk back from the development area!"

"F*ck!" Kang Peng stood up in his boxers with a look of speechlessness. "You say that decent looking girl with that soft voice is a guy!?"

"Yeah!" Zhu Yunbai answered angrily.

"F*ck this…"

Everyone else was shocked. They had seen the girl when he was video calling Zhu Yunbai before.

None of them expected that it was actually a guy.

"F*ck, we have to help Ol' Six pay them back. Not only was it Immortal Jump, they even beat him up. They really don't think much of us older brothers!" Kang Peng frowned, while the others also agreed.

As for Ye Zichen…

At that moment, he had already gotten dressed and ready to go. I have to do something about this…

Immortal Jump was whatever, since it was just losing a bit of money at worst. F*ck, that brat actually cross-dressed and tricked our little brother's feelings… That was intolerable.

Ten-odd minutes later, all of them got out of the dormitory. The moment they opened the door, they saw the Panamera, which was parked at the entrance!

"F*ck, does Polytechnic U have so many rich second generations now?" Kang Peng said in annoyance.

"Yeah, that Panamera is worth like two million!" Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up.

The others chatted about the fancy car at the entrance, while Ye Zichen smiled wryly…

I wonder what they would think if they find out that the car is mine.

"Ye-zi, can you endure this?" Bai Yu hooked Ye Zichen's shoulders. "Back then, you were the person driving a 916. The fact that the Panamera is parked here, shouldn't you get a fancy car and show him some colors? What's more, look at him, it's parked in your…"

"Wait, what? Your parking spot?"

Bai Yu looked over at Ye Zichen, who was smiling wryly, then pointed at the sportscar.

"F*ck, this car is yours!"

Original Chapter Teaser:

Ox-Head: Really?

Only Idealism: Yeah. Why would I lie to you? You’re the amazing Ghost Marshal Ox, my idol! However, I really don’t have all that much. I am willing to lend Big Brother Ox-Head what I can though.

Ox-Head: Ahh, I see… Thanks for the praise and the offer.

Only Idealism: It’s my pleasure Ghost Marshal Ox, you’ve always been the figure I want to chase up to!

Ox-Head: Haha. Ahh, yes, how much merits do you have?

Only Idealism: Not much, only sixty thousand or so…

Ox-Head: SIXTY THOUSAND!? SIXTY THOUSAND MERITS? You sure you don’t mean sixty merits?

Only Idealism: Yep, sixty thousand… Big Brother Ox-Head, how much do you need?

Ox-Head: Just thirty… No twenty thousand. Just twenty thousand is enough!

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