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Chapter 266 - Fortune Telling

Ye Zichen was stunned.

Ye Zichen had merely wanted to try and see whether the door really couldn't be opened. Why did it open the moment I touched it?

I swear I didn't put any force behind it. I merely touched it.

"Zichen-ge, you pushed open the door," Xia Keke exclaimed.

"This door…" Ye Zichen pointed at the door for quite a while without saying anything. At the same time, the slightly cold voice from before rang out from the room once again. "Destined one, come in…"

"Go in your ass, I don't want to get my fortune told at all!" Ye Zichen was speechless. However, since he was unable to withstand the urgings of Su Yan and Xia Keke, he could only walk into the room.


The moment Ye Zichen entered the room, the room door slammed shut.


The candles in the dark room lit up, illuminating the enter room. At that moment, Ye Zichen also noticed that a person, whose appearance could not be clearly seen, sat near the window in the room.


It wasn't just the looks, Ye Zichen was unable to even identify whether he was male or female from the person's voice.

Ye Zichen sat down vigilantly opposite the fortune teller. A crystal ball suddenly appeared on the table…

"What do you want to ask?"

"Will you hit me if I say that I don't want to ask about anything?" Ye Zichen blinked.

"No," the fortuneteller shook his head.

"That's great. Friend, let me tell you the truth, actually, I don't believe this kind of stuff at all. The reason I entered was only because my girlfriend told me to. How about you let me go?" Ye Zichen asked in anticipation.

"Coming here is fate, so getting something told is better," The fortuneteller smiled, then placed a stack of cards in front of Ye Zichen. 'Draw one!'


Ye Zichen randomly drew a card from the pile. The moment he drew the card out, the rest of the cards burnt to dust.

Ye Zichen gulped when he saw that…

The special effects are so realistic, it was even more realistic than some entertainment shows.

Ye Zichen received the card Ye Zichen drew with a faint smile, then spoke up after taking a glance at it, "I have some advice for you."

"Say it!"

"The moment you exit the room, the first person you see will become your future enemy. I suggest you make up your mind and eliminate him or her now! What's more, the first person you meet after leaving my store will be a lucky warrior for you. If you can quickly get him under your wing, it will be of great assistance for your future tribulations!"

With that, the fortuneteller made a gesture that asked Ye Zichen to leave.

Ye Zichen looked back in shock. There's something wrong with this fortuneteller, right? The people I see first after I walk out of the door are definitely Su Yan and Xia Keke. It's impossible for them to become my enemies!

Also what lucky warrior. There's something wrong with him!

Ye Zichen pushed open the room's door as he continuously retorted in his mind. The moment he pushed the door opened, he saw that Su Yan and Xia Keke did not wait for him at all.

Instead, the person who stood at the door was…

"Class Rep Sun, why did you come?" Ye Zichen was stunned. When he entered earlier, Su Yan and Xia Keke had said that they would wait for him.

Sun Yige clearly did not think that she would bump into Ye Zichen either. She blanked out for a bit before blushing, "I-I heard my classmates say that the fortune told here is very accurate, so I wanted to come and try!"

"Accurate my ass, it's not accurate at all," Ye Zichen couldn't help but retort. "He's just a liar, a conman that lies for money."

"Really?" Sun Yige bit her lips with hesitation. However, she still couldn't help but use her hand to push the room door.

It didn't budge.

"It seems like such is fate!" Sun Yige let out a soft sigh. It was clear that a student had already told her beforehand what it means if she can't push open the door.

'What fate? Don't believe it, believe me!" Ye Zichen said seriously.

Sun Yige nodded with a smile, "Mm, I believe you!"

Then, Ye Zichen left the fortunetelling store with Sun Yige. During so, Ye Zichen continuously called Su Yan and Xia Keke, but the calls did not connect…

"Did you see Xia Keke and Su Yan when you came here earlier?" Ye Zichen looked at Sun Yige, since there was no other choice.

"Hmm? Keke and Susu came as well?" Sun Yige replied in surprise.

From the way she reacted, she probably doesn't know. Ye Zichen sighed. Then he pushed open the door to the fortunetelling store as he listened to the sound of the recipient of the call being busy.

"Damn dog, stop. It's the lollipop that laozi loves!"

A black dog continuously ran forward with a lollipop in its mouth on the business street, while a glasses-wearing young man followed behind it…

Ye Zichen stopped in his tracks.

The glasses-wearing young man suddenly stopped when he passed by Ye Zichen, then exclaimed with a surprised smile, "Shopkeeper, I didn't expect to meet you here!"

Ye Zichen was shocked, "Gou Yuzhan, why are you here?"

"Me? I just followed the dog in front of me…" Gou Yuzhan pointed at the space in front of him, but when he looked up, he noticed that the dog had already disappeared!

"My lollipop!"

Ye Zichen reacted speechlessly as he saw the expression that seemed to say that an apocalypse had come, "Uhm… You can't have followed the dog all the way over here, right?"

"Yeah, I ran over following it. That dog stole my lollipop while I wasn't paying attention. Just a little bit, just a little bit more and I could have gotten my lollipop back!" Gou Yuzhan clenched his teeth. That was my favorite lollipop!

"Seriously…" Ye Zichen was speechless. "Stop being depressed, I'll just give you a dozen lollipops later!"


The depressed face instantly turned joyous. Gou Yuzhan grabbed Ye ZIchen by his shoulder, then bear-hugged him.

"Shopkeeper, you really are an amazing person!"

At that moment, Ye ZIchen's phone rang. The caller ID showed that it was Xia Keke…

"Zichen-ge, Susu and I went shopping!"

"…" Ye Zichen was speechless. They had clearly said that they would wait for him outside…

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh of helplessness, then reminded them to be careful before returning the phone to his pocket.

"I'm going back to school, what about you guys?" Ye Zichen looked towards Sun Yige and Gou Yuzhan.

The two of them did not reply…

After a while, Sun Yige spoke up, "Err… Can I treat you to the meal? Just treat it as thanks for helping me out earlier…"

"Food!" Gou Yuzhan's eyes lit up. "If you're going to eat, then can I come? Believe me, I definitely will not become a third wheel. Instead, I will become the catalyst for your relationship's improvement."

"Of course," Sun Yige smiled, then looked towards Ye Zichen. "You coming?"

"Then let's go!" Ye Zichen smiled.

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