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Chapter 1408 - Who the Hell Are You?

The sign on the main gate represented the clan’s dignity.

Shattering their nameplate was a blatant insult to the Bai Family.

Although the lightning Ye Zichen had just called down was terrifying and intimidating, it also thoroughly infuriated the Bai clansmen, as well as the retainers eager for an opportunity to prove themselves.

They burst into uproar, one shouting after another. Many of them directly drew their weapons.



Several more streaks of divine lightning came crashing down, striking those who’d been on the verge of attacking and slamming them into the dirt. They twitched and spasmed nonstop as their bodies crackled with electricity.

Ye Zichen’s furious shout contained the Dao of the Five Elements, the power of thunder, the most vicious of the five.

The others who’d been on the verge of charging forth all repressed their fury. No one stepped forth recklessly.

This was the last warning Ye Zichen would give them….

He really was here to find Bai Yulong, and he had no d.e.s.i.r.e to engage in wanton slaughter. However, if these people didn’t know when to back down, he didn’t mind…. Letting them pay for their ignorance with their lives.


What are you shouting about! This late in the day, you ought to let people rest.” A youth casually drifted up through the crowd. He was barefoot and wearing nothing but pajamas. As he flew forward, he patted his mouth and yawned, looking as lazy as could be.

“Young Master!” When they saw him, the Bai clansmen greeted him in unison. Ye Zichen’s gaze instantly locked onto him.

Bai Yulong!

This was Bai Yulong!

When he glanced at Ye Zichen, Ye Zichen saw the bags under his eyes as well as his undisguised disdain.

“Who are you?”

“You must be Bai Yulong,” said Ye Zichen.

“After all that talk about wanting me to come out and accept death, it turns out we don’t even know each other?” Bai Yulong shrugged lazily and said, “It seems you’re just another nobody who wants to challenge me in hopes of getting famous. I’m not afraid of challengers, but couldn’t you choose a better time and place? This is the Bai Family estate! If you’d challenged me privately, I’d at most break your arms and legs, but now, you went and broke our name plate. Are you trying to throw your life away?”

His tone was lazy and relaxed, and he feigned pity as he looked at Ye Zichen. “Aren’t you enjoying your life? Why come here and throw it all away? Ugh, you interrupted my sleep, how irritating.”

Suddenly, Bai Yulong’s lazy look vanished without a trace, replaced by a vicious scowl, like a poisonous snake. “Hey, you lot…. Your chance to show off has arrived. Go on and deal with him. I’ll reward whoever kills him generously.”

He’d always been the ill-tempered type; that was readily apparent. He’d accept challengers, only to break all four of their limbs? If he was that vicious even in an earnest, open challenge, it was clear how cruel he was.

The Bai Family members were all ready and raring to go. Those who’d seen Ye Zichen’s intimidating strength stayed put, but their intimidation didn’t last forever…..

After all, Ye Zichen was outnumbered.

They glanced at each other, both Bai clansmen and retainers alike, and conversed through their divine senses. Then, their gazes focused in on Ye Zichen, and they charged towards him.

Over a dozen of them attacked all at once.

“You’re seeking death!” A furious, high-pitched rebuke suddenly reverberated through the heavens.

The next moment, countless illusory staves descended from above. The experts about to charge Ye Zichen were smashed into a meaty pulp; the impact knocked their souls straight out of their bodies. Most of their souls promptly dispersed, but there was one exception… one diviner whose soul remained intact.

Even in soul form, he tried to flee, but...

“Did I say you could leave?” came a feminine shout. A petite figure suddenly appeared before them.

She carried a glass bottle and reached out her right hand. A powerful suction gathered up the souls and drew them into the bottle, which she promptly stoppered, her eyes flashing with delight.

“Diviner souls! If I refine them, I can sell them for quite a bit of money.” Next, she glanced at the Great Sage and the others and said, “Be gentler! For us, diviner souls are precious. Beat them to death if you want, but don’t shatter their souls. Help me make some extra dough on the side, okay?”

It was only then that the Bai Family members realized…. That a man carrying a longspear had appeared to Ye Zichen’s left, like a tiger tearing through a pack of wolves. He obliterated any diviner who tried to attack Ye ZIchen without mercy.

The woman who’d bottled up that diviner soul hadn’t attacked. She simply stood there complaining that her companions were using too much force, or too little force.

In short…

In just a few breaths of time, all those diviners were wiped out. After cleaning up this potential threat, all four of these new arrivals landed beside Ye Zichen.

Pu Jingwan, Yang Jian, the Great Sage, Xiao Yumei.

These were the new arrivals, and right from the start, they stuck by Ye Zichen’s side. The yao servants and other twenty rulers had gone off to seize the city. Even if they called them over, it would take time. “You two attacked too violently. Dozens of diviner souls! If I take them back and refine them, I can make quite a bit of cash! If you insist, wait until I’m done, then I can split my earnings with you. Yumei, are you a Buddhist or something? They’re trying to kill Ye Zichen, but you just beat them back. Be a little vicious, okay?”


The Bai clansmen on the verge of attacking were rooted to the spot. Fourteen diviners! Merely ten breaths of time passed between them starting their attack and their utter annihilation.

Those were diviners!

In a smaller family clan, they were the pillars of the family, strong enough to lead their clans. In the outer regions, they could even act as generals and defend their territories!

All of them, wiped out.

And so easily.

Although Pu Jingwan hadn’t attacked, given what she’d said about refining diviner souls, it was clear that her strength was extraordinary too.

A ruler!

These people were all rulers!

“Not bad. And here I thought you’d come on your own. So, it turns out you have helpers. But then, that’s to be expected; this is the Bai Family, after all. No matter how much gall you’ve got, you wouldn’t dare come charging in on your own, no would you? But…. I’m afraid to inform you that, at the Bai Family estate, such a tiny handful of people….”

Before he could finish his sentence, Bai Yulong’s pupils furiously constricted.

He glanced toward the city gates, then roared furiously, “Who the hell are you?”

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