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Chapter 1405 - Outside Spirit City

Murderous Intent.

Murderous intent so vast and overwhelming it was impossible to hold back.

In the paused Battle of Geniuses, it wasn’t other races, the yao and demons, who’d used the most vicious methods imaginable to torture Xue Mo until the brink of death. No, it was Bai Yulong, a fellow member of the god race.

Whenever Ye Zichen shut his eyes, he pictured Murong Xue kneeling on the ground, her eyes filled with bitterness and fury.

It was easy to imagine just what Xue Mo had suffered during that pocket dimension.

He didn’t care what was so special about the Bai Family or why they dared openly provoke Xue Yang. He didn’t care what unnecessary trouble his current actions would bring about, either.

Xue Mo was injured, and he couldn’t possibly just let it go.

Ye Zichen’s eyes flashed with endless sharp light, like unsheathed swords so cold and murderous that even from a distance, gazing upon them sent chills down one’s spine.

Ye Zichen didn’t even pause to wonder why the Holy Maiden of the Nine Li was here, or what she was scheming.

All he wanted was to avenge Xue Mo.

The Holy Maiden leading the way could sense the fluctuations in Ye Zichen’s emotions, and from time to time, her eyes lit up with delight.

She was the Demons’ Holy Maiden. She was naturally pleased to see the god race fight amongst themselves.

“It seems the gods aren’t united either. Just now, it seems someone deliberately used the power of space to send us over.” The Holy Maiden of the Nine Li narrowed her eyes and chuckled. Although the Divine Arbiter had assisted them as subtly as possible, the Holy Maiden had still sensed something.

However, she absolutely didn’t call attention to it. It didn’t matter what the Divine Arbiter’s goal was; this was in no way harmful to the Holy Maiden.

Pu Jingwan, Yang Jian, the Great Sage, and Xiao Yumei followed close behind them.

All of them could sense Ye Zichen’s towering fury, so they’d come with him.

They hadn’t communicated at all on the way here. They simply followed in silence. The way Yang Jian and the Great Sage saw it, whether Ye Zichen became a god of death or a demon of slaughter, they’d stick with him. They were bros; there was no need to discuss anything, and no need to hesitate.

Xiao Yumei was here simply because she worried that something would happen to Ye Zichen. She’d stuck along to defend him.

As for Pu Jingwan….

“Someone deliberately used the power of space to send us here. You noticed too, right?” Pu Jingwan transmitted to the other three. When they received her message, they nodded.

The Divine Arbiter’s attainments in the Grand Dao of Space had reached the pinnacle, but these four were no ordinary people.

It was only natural that they’d sensed her intervention.

“Should we say something to Ye Zichen?” Pu Jingwan followed up her first question.

Yang Jian and the Great Sage said nothing. Xiao Yumei hesitated, then shook her head. “No need. Right now, even if we say something, it’ll go in one ear and out the other. Let’s just stick by his side. I’m happy so long as he doesn’t get hurt.”

Xiao Yumei had always been like this…

Even though she was now a top expert and Ye Zichen’s strength was nothing to her, she still respected Ye Zichen’s every decision.

Given her skill and intelligence, she knew full well what to do and when. Pu Jingwan fell silent as well. She’d just said all that as a warning for fear that the others hadn’t noticed. If they knew, that was enough. Besides, she was just a bodyguard. It would be ideal if she didn’t have to fight, but if she did…. Well, Pu Jingwan had never feared a fight.

Streaks of light shot through the sky.

But this was still just the start….

They passed in an instant.

After the rulers left, the yao servants, a mix of diviners and sky supremes, followed. Their auras intermingled and bore down on the world below.

The sound of experts whooshing through air was deafening; this was not destined to be a tranquil night for the Central Divine Mountain.

Countless cultivators’ hearts trembled. All they had to do was look up to see experts, all of whom were at least sky supremes, packed so tightly they blotted out the sun and traveling so quickly they left afterimages in their wake.

When they thought about what they’d seen, they realized that they’d felt a clear killing intent from above.

Something big was about to happen.


Another four hours passed.

She turned to Ye Zichen and continued, “I can’t go any further; this is already my limit. As I’m sure you know…. My body contains a demonic aura. Spirit City contains just as many experts as Heavenly God City, but there is no event comparable to the Battle of Geniuses being hosted here. My demonic aura will instantly put them on high alert if I get any closer. If I go any closer, they’ll easily discover me. That won’t do you any good either.”

“Many thanks.” Ye Zichen glanced at her, cupped his fist, and left. He was in no mood to worry about the details with her, nor did he bother asking where specifically in Spirit City the Bai Family was located.

It was enough to know that his destination was in the city before them. As for finding their specific location….

He naturally had his ways.

Just as he was about to head forward, Ye Zichen heard the Holy Maiden say, “I suggest you get a hold of that killing intent of yours. Given the way murderous energy is practically billowing off of you, even if you’re a god, your presence will immediately give away your intentions. Also, your name is more famous in the God Realm than you realize. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say.”

“You don’t need to worry about that. I, Ye Zichen, will remember your kindness in leading my way here.” Ye Zichen glanced at her coolly, then hurtled towards Spirit City.

The Holy Maiden of the Nine Li sighed and shook her head. As she watched Ye Zichen’s furious silhouette surge forth, she couldn’t help but mutter to herself, “You asked me to try and persuade him, and I did, but he didn’t listen. What else could I have done?”

“What? You’re saying I hurt him? You’re truly slandering me; I did this to help him. God Emperor Zhou Wu has been watching him for a long time. If he seizes this opportunity to cut off one of Zhou Wu’s arms, so to speak, it’ll be enormously helpful to Ye Zichen’s future plans.”

“Okay, fine, I admit it. I’m using him. But don’t he and I both come out ahead? What’s so bad about that?”

With that, the Holy Maiden of the Nine Li finally stopped talking to herself.

She silently turned toward Ye Zichen, who was already on the verge of entering the city. Then, she reached out. A black door appeared before her.

Dense demonic energy billowed forth. She glanced at Ye Zichen’s departing figure and muttered one last time, “I wish you luck.” With that, she stepped through the door and disappeared without a trace.

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