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Chapter 1315 - A Demon God Arrives

The black dog seemed like a malevolent spirit. It bared its pearly white teeth at the Holy Maiden as if trying to provoke her.

The dog and Holy Maiden stared at each other for a few seconds. The participating demons were still kneeling and humbly requesting that she take action. Their voices came in waves, one after the other.

For a mere war pet to provoke her like this was infuriating.

She glared at the back dog, but the dog didn’t show the slightest sign of weakness. In fact, it glared right back.

What are you looking at?

I’ll show you a thing or too!

It was as if they were communicating with their eyes.

“That dog is just too adorable!” Dai Xiaoyu of the Appearance Association couldn’t help but chime in. Although the dog wasn’t a cute little lap dog, the way it bit that Divine Demon General to death, then met the Holy Maiden’s glare head-on, was enough to touch the girls’ hearts.

“It dares bark so brazenly at the demons’ Holy Maiden. That dog sure didn’t live in vain.” Jiang Yong couldn’t help but praise it.

The atmosphere in the arena changed somewhat.

The demons were still kneeling and begging the Holy Maiden, while the gods and yao were eagerly waiting for her to put on a show. They watched the dog and maiden glare at each other.

All this excitement almost seemed to make them forget about Ye Zichen’s Yao-Sealing Pagoda and Xuan-Yuan Sword.

“That dog….” The Holy Maiden’s spirits sank. She couldn’t see even the slightest trace of fear in the dog’s gaze.

Remember, she was a Holy Maiden, the reincarnation of a Demon Goddess.

Even if she didn’t deliberately unleash her aura and bear down on others, just seeing her felt oppressive; others couldn’t help but fear and respect her.

And yet, this dog didn’t seem to fear her in the slightest, much less respect her, but it was just someone’s pet!

No, it wasn’t just that it wasn’t in awe of her. After a brief staring contest, the dog seemed to lose interest in her. It looked away, wagged its tail, and ran in circles around Kui Han’s corpse. From time to time, it looked into the demons’ ranks and bared its teeth.

“What exactly is up with that dog?

“Does anyone know where it came from?”

“Isn’t it here to save that guy the Holy Maiden said has the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda?”

“Could that dog be one of the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s yao servants? I heard that when the Five Elements Great Emperor filled the pagoda, one of the yao he snatched up provoked even the Yao Emperor into fighting against him. It couldn’t have been that black dog, right?”

The yao and humans chatted eagerly amongst themselves as they tried to get a handle on that dog.

The dog had just appeared far too suddenly, only to rescue Ye Zichen. Furthermore, it seemed to carry a sense of enmity for the entire demon race.

They didn’t know the dog’s true identity, so their best guess was that it was a yao servant from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.

This false rumor spread throughout the crowd. Before long, the gods and yao were absolutely certain that the black dog originated from the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.

The demons, meanwhile, were still bitterly pleading with the Holy Maiden. They were eagerly anticipating her striking at and seizing that dog’s life.

Little did they know, although the Holy Maiden wanted to attack, for some reason, she felt a vague sense of terror just looking at the dog. She didn’t dare show any overly obvious signs of enmity.

Also, she wasn’t actually all that angry about “Mo Ke’s” death.

No, what really made her angry was the way her higher-ups had tricked her. The only reason she wanted to attack was that she was the demons’ Holy Maiden, and Divine Demon Generals represented the dignity of her entire race. Pissing on a general’s head was an insult to her entire species.

“Holy Maiden!”

“There’s no need for our Holy Maiden to sully her hands killing a mere beast.” Cold, arrogant laughter drifted down from above. When the crowd looked up, they saw that the northern sky had been dyed purple.

Purple smog rapidly encroached upon them. In just a few breaths of time, the smog blotted out the sky’s white clouds. The new, purple smoke bore down on the crowd, so oppressive they could barely breathe.

Purple clouds blotted out the sun, and a middle-aged man with long horns stood at their summit. His shoulders were bare, and he wore clothes made of beast skins. Black stripes lined his thick arms.

He looked down on the world below. Nevermind the participating young talents; even the staff, who were all diviners at least, felt utterly stifled.

“That’s….” The god race rulers, who were entangled with both demons and yao at the moment, looked up at the man surrounded in purple smoke. He was so strong, even they felt somewhat suffocated.

They were ruler-level experts! Although they had no formal titles, they were undoubtedly above Divine Generals. Emperors aside, only Demon Gods and certain Yao Kings could put so much pressure on them.

“This time, it’s a Demon God!” Everyone soon determined this new arrival’s identity. Their pupils constricted violently.

Any Demon God was undoubtedly under the god race’s surveillance. How could one possibly appear here so lightly?

But no matter how startled they were, the Demon God had already arrived.

With an expert on this level in the mix, the lesser rulers no longer needed to clash. All of them, regardless of whether they were human, yao, or demon, stopped right away. They didn’t even need to discuss the matter first.

The demon rulers all rushed to the man’s side, put their hands over their chest, and knelt. “Greetings, Demon God!”

The other demons’ eyes filled with reverence. They knelt, and…. “Greetings, Demon God!”

Voices filled the air, shaking even the god and yao experts. At the same time, the god race rulers arrived in the arena and gathered around Ye Zichen. They used their divine transmissions to send messages to all the god race elites as well as the arena’s staff, telling them to gather around.

The yao rulers gathered as well. In an instant, the three races divided into three distinct camps.

“Hurry and ask for help from the God Emperor’s estate!” A few of the staff were rulers, but the appearance of a Demon God meant that they could no longer control this situation. Also, Ye Zichen, the bearer of the Xuan-Yuan Sword and Yao-Sealing Pagoda was here. They didn’t care if Ye Zichen lived or died, but they had to hold onto both divine artifacts. They couldn’t let them wind up in the hands of other races no matter what.

“The God Emperor is in seclusion,” said Liu Wei, the same staff member who’d gone looking for him earlier.

“If he’s in seclusion, forget it. Go find Lady Providence of the Emperor of the Xiao Family. The situation has changed dramatically. It’s no longer a conflict between the demons and yao, but rather, they’re both targeting us.” The god race diviner’s expression was utterly grave. “We need an Emperor-level figure to make an appearance. Otherwise, we have no way of stopping them.”

From the ruler’s solemn tone, the diviners sensed how serious this problem truly was.

Liu Wei was just about to go notify another Emperor when the sky above Divine Martial Academy filled with rosy light. The glow bore down on the Demon God, suppressing him.

“You want to go, you pathetic loser?"

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