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Chapter 1104 - Actually, I’m an Immortal King too


With a single kick, the great gate to the Axe Gang’s main hall shattered into pieces. At the same time, Ye ZIchen’s waves of spiritual energy sent the nearby Axe Gang members flying.

This sudden incident startled everyone present. Before long, they saw Ye Zichen carrying an immortal blade and a human head. He strolled leisurely through the front door.

“It’s like a funeral in here,” said Ye Zichen after examining the decor. His lips twisted into a sinister grin. “I’m impressed by your self-awareness. You even arranged your own funeral!”

“Impudent? Who are you? How dare you make trouble in Axe Gang territory?” At that moment, a middle-aged man hurtled through the air. He wore mourning clothes, and his aura was vast; he was at least a mid-stage earth immortal.

He carried a long hook in his hands. Its sharp edges glinted with cold light. Accompanied with the sinister look in his eyes, he was utterly terrifying.

“Deacon Cui.” The surrounding Axe Gang members greeted the man respectfully, then looked solemnly at Ye Zichen.

At that moment, one of the Axe Gang Members gulped and pointed at the severed head Ye Zichn was carrying. “That…. Isn’t that Elder Luo’s…..”

The others looked over as well.

“It really….”

“It really is…..”

There was a chorus of startled cries. Deacon Cui frowned deeply as well, but without giving it any further thought, he swung his hook at Ye Zichen’s neck.”

Deacon Cui roared, unleashing the full extent of his vast aura. His hook cut through the air, its sharp point aimed precisely at Ye Zichen’s throat.

Ye Zichen smiled coldly. His immortal sword flashed, turning into a streak of silvery light, as he stepped forward.

The moment he passed Deacon Cui, several beams of sword light appeared around the deacon’s body.

He fell into pieces! His hook clattered to the ground, startling his allies, but before long, someone shouted, “We have the advantage in numbers. No matter how strong he is, there’s no way he can kill all of us. Get him!”

Countless Axe Gang members hefted their weapons, unleashed their spiritual techniques, and charged at Ye Zichen. In response, he simply formed a protective barrier. No matter how hard the Axe Gang members tried, their attacks and weapons shattered as they landed, leaving the barrier below intact.

“We can't break it? How is this possible?” The first wave to charge him was visibly astonished. The next moment, they saw Ye Zichen turn his head to face them and grin.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Sword light flashed through the air. By the time Ye Zichen sheathed his sword, all of his attackers fell to the ground as puddles of minced meat.

With every couple steps, someone died. No one could stand in his way!

Ye Zichen strode forth, leaving a mountain of corpses in his wake. Blood stained the gates, seeping into the wood. Ye Zichen kept moving forward at an even pace, walking further and further into thee Axe Gang headquarters.

The family clans located nearby noticed and watched his play out. When they realized that Ye Zichen was like a god of death, harvesting the Axe Gang members’ lives like a farmer harvests what, they all found themselves wondering the same thing…..

Who the heck is this guy? Where did he get the guts to invade the Axe Gang single-handedly?

Countless experts swarmed from inside the base in an attempt to stop Ye Zichen, but no matter their numbers or their strength…..

There was only one fate left to them.



Yet another spurt of fresh blood filled the air. With a single swing of his sword, Ye Zichen beheaded a gang member who was about to try ambushing him. Blood spurted from the man’s neck like a geyser.

Yet not a single drop landed on Ye Zichen’s body. With that, he swung his sword behind him…..


Ye Zichen cut through the walls, revealing the room where Jin Anlan was mourning Huang Aogu.

As soon as he stepped inside, Ye ZIchen came to a stop and tossed the human head he was carrying forward.

It rolled across the ground, only stopping when it reached Jin Anlan’s feet.

“This is your subordinate, so I’m returning him to you.” Wu Di, Wei Jie, and the others’ spiritual sas were still sealed. When they saw Ye Zichen, they were overcome with shock.

However, they weren’t at all pleased. On the contrary, they were terrified.

“Boss, hurry up and run!” shouted Wei Jie. “A few days ago, Jin Anlan broke through to immortal king! Run away!”

The way he saw it, Ye Zichen was most likely a peak sky immortal. That kind of strength was enough to traverse the Mortal, Profound, and Earth Great Districts without fear, but Jin Anlan…..

Was an immortal king!

Remember, just a few days ago, Jin Anlan was still just a peak sky immortal. Perhaps his shock and grief over Huang Aogu’s death had given him the final push he needed to break through his shackles and become an immortal king?

In any event, Wu Di, Wei Jie, and the others had seen his strength with their own eyes; this was no mere rumor!

The others reacted the same way. The gang’s human immortal experts seemed resigned to their fates; they, too, urged Ye Zichen to flee.

They appreciated that Ye Zichen had come here on their behalf, but Jin Anlan was an immortal king!

“Boss, hurry up and run! When a wise man gets his revenge, ten years isn’t too long to wait! We can wait until you have sufficient strength to avenge us. Don’t worry about us, hurry up and run…..!”

This time, it was Yue Zhilan who shouted loudest. Ye Zichen simply stood there listening to their desperate shouts. He couldn’t help but smile. Then his gaze grew cold. “Some grudges can’t wait ten years. Some enmities must be avenged right away.”

“Boss!” shouted Wei Jie and the others anxiously. They were moved that he’d come all the way here to save them, but the gap between a peak sky immortal and immortal king was like a vast canyon.

Besides, those human immortal experts only joined Upheaval because Ye ZIchen was a pill refiner. They didn’t think someone like him, who was most likely most accomplished in pill refining, not fighting, could compete with an immortal king.

They feared death, they didn’t want to die…….

But right now, death was their only possible fate. They had no choice but to accept it. However, they wanted someone to remain behind to avenge them!

They didn’t want to see their only hope of revenge die here with them.

Luo Gaoyang’s head rolled up to Jin Anlan’s feet, but Jin Anlan had no ripples of emotion. Although around seventy or eighty percent of his subordinates had fallen at Ye Zichen’s hands, he didn’t dare at all.

After becoming an immortal king, his horizons had expanded…...

All he wanted to do know was avenge Huang Aogu!

“So, you’re the one who killed Aogu?” asked Jin Anlan. His expression was cold, but his gaze completely was fixated on Ye Zichen.

“That’s right, I’m the one who killed him. That moron didn’t look before attacking his superiors. He made trouble with me repeatedly. Even after all that, I didn’t cut him to a meaty paste and feed him to stray dogs; I was actually rather merciful.”

“Hah? You’ve got quite the mouth on you. Then just stay here and accompany Aogu to the grave!”


An immortal king’s imposing aura exploded out of Jin Anlan’s body, extinguishing the nearby flames. Wei Jie and the others were overcome with concern, but at that moment, they saw Ye Zichen smile confidently…..

“Actually, there’s something I forgot to tell you all. I…. am an immortal king, too!”

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