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The current situation was already terrible, but the people of the Beast Region were still fighting amongst themselves and shirking responsibility.

They talked a big game about morality and righteousness, but in their hearts, they thought about nothing about their own immediate benefit.

Was that necessary?

At least, Li Jiayi thought none of that was of any use.

She really hated it. They’d only talk to you as an equal if you showed off your strength first.

In short, she had a pretty poor impression of some of the Beast Region’s clans.

Rather, you could say her impression was pretty awful!

However, no matter how distasteful she found these people, she needed them to stand by her side.

She didn’t want to give up, not even if they’d reached the end of the line.

When they saw the humans retract their weapons, the people of the Beast Region sighed in relief. Just now, Li Jiayi revealed a strength that was in no way inferior to the Beast Region’s.

“In that case, Your Majesty, what is your distinguished self’s view of the situation?” Even after experiencing Li Jiayi’s abilities, a few unruly beast clan members still snorted cynically, “do you really think we can turn things around with just our current numbers? Before, even the experts of peak-level clans had no choice but to entrust everything to the Four Beasts Formation. Now….. with just us……”

“Are you saying we should just sit around and wait to die? That we should just give in without a fight?”

Sometimes, people grew up in an instant. Li Jiayi changed the moment Hua Hai died.

Although she still seemed somewhat immature compared to some of these old fogies, her words and deeds were starting to resemble a proper sect leader’s.

The beast clansmen who spoke up earlier rubbed his nose resentfully. He naturally didn’t dare let Li Jiayi label him like that in front of so many people, but in truth, she had him figured out. He really had been planning to just give in.

Li Jiayi glanced at him coldly, then looked at the other people of the Beast Region.

“This is our final batter. No matter the end result, I’d rather die at their hands than passively wait for them to capture me. I’d rather die than become a slave with no hope of a better life. If you feel the same way, pick up your weapons. If you’re like that useless person from before….. Just stay here and watch us die, then enjoy your life as a futureless slave.”

With that, Li Jiayi started walking towards Dragon City.

Her words were deeply gratifying to the elders of the Hundred Flowers Gate. However, after the moment passed, they felt it was truly a pity.

Given sufficient opportunity, Li Jiaji might truly have carried on the Hundred Flowers Gate’s glorious legacy.

Sit and wait to die?

No one would actually make that sort of choice, not even those beast clan members who’d been saying all those demoralizing words. They too silently clenched their weapons and followed Li JIayi towards Dragon City.

You could say they were currently solemn, yet tragic…...

They might be headed to their deaths, but at least dying on the battlefield was much better than living as a slave.

“It seems they’re preparing for their final life and death struggle.”

When he noticed the group gathering above Dragon City, a contemptuous grin tugged at Gu Li’s lips. By now, he truly had nothing to fear. Even Su Yiyun, who’d once intimidated him, had refined his soul to form a formation, scattering it to the winds.

And Ye Zichen died beneath the tribulation lightning as well…..

No, that wasn’t right!

Gu Li’s smile inexplicably stiffened. He subconsciously looked up at where the disk had once been.

The towering blue disc in the sky really had disappeared without a trace. But if Ye Zichen were really dead, his imperial fate should have transferred to Gu Li.

Why hadn’t he felt any change in his imperial fate?

As he considered this, Gu Li’s expression grew solemn, but he had no time to think things over. Black Dragon had already rejoined their army.

“Your Excellency Black Dragon.”

The demons who’d survived the double eighth-level formations all bowed to him. It wasn’t just them, though: the Zombie Progenitors bowed respectfully as well.

They had no other choice. Even after swallowing Yinggou’s soul, Jiangchen felt enormous pressure whenever he faced Black Dragon.

On this battlefield, he feared no one except Black Dragon. He thought it best to be extremely cautious in order to avoid offending him.

Grim-faced Gu Li got his emotions back under control, then bowed and smiled at Black Dragon, “Your Excellency, you’re back. Have you resolved things over there?”

“How long could it take to dispose of them?” Black Dragon snorted arrogantly. He glanced at the spot where he’d fought earlier and saw the Beast Region experts lying scattered across the ground.

Even the Bai Di, the head of the Tiangou Clan, lay motionlessly on the ground, a massive hole through his chest. It was unclear whether he was dead or alive.

When he saw the White Emperor’s pitiful state, Gu Li couldn't help but arch his brows.

Logically speaking, he actually sort of hoped that the White Emperor could dispose of Black Dragon. If that happened, he’d no longer been in danger from the demon king. But then, thinking about it from a different perspective, if the White Emperor really did kill Black Dragon, he might just die even faster!

Right now, in order to save his life, he had to be as fawning and subservient as possible.

“Your Excellency, you’re absolutely right. WIth your current strength, the Three Realms are nothing to you, much less a few Beast Region barbarians.

“Enough, no need to flatter me. Your means far exceed mine. If you hadn’t inserted agents into the Dragon Clan, they might have already finished the Four Beasts Formation by now. As strong as I am, there’d be nothing I could do against them.”

Black Dragon smiled and patted Gu Li’s shoulders, “Gu Li, I really ought to thank you.”

“I was just doing my job.”

Gu Li humbled himself. To put it bluntly, his little life was in Black Dragon’s hands. Although Black Dragon was laughing heartily now, no one could say for certain that he’d stay that way. He could turn hostile at any moment.

There was absolutely no harm in carefully keeping a low profile.

“Your Excellency, look! The people of the Beast Region are about to start their final life and death struggle. Should we…..”

“A ‘life and death struggle?’ Gu Li, you can’t put it like that,” Black Dragon narrowed his eyes and snorted, “with just them, are they worthy?”

As he spoke, he waved his right hand.

A purple sphere of light containing awe-inspiring destructive power shot towards Dragon City.

“Let’s go. The Beast Region is finished.”

For Black Dragon to treat the remnants of the human and beast armies, warriors prepared to calmly face their own deaths, with such disdain, it was clear he didn’t have even the most basic level of respect for them.

His casual attack had already determined their fates.

The moment the ball of light appeared, the human and beast soldiers really did feel an overwhelming sense of helplessness. There was nothing they could do to resist.

But at that very moment, a triangular mirror suddenly appeared in front of the Dragon’s Gate.

When the sphere of light collided with the mirror, it was reflected right back at them.

“Hm?” Black Dragon, who’d already turned around and was about to walk away, whipped back around. An identical ball of light appeared in his hands.


When the two spheres collided, the very space around them shattered. At the same time, Black Dragon turned to look at the mirror and snorted, “I didn’t go looking for trouble with you. Why couldn’t you just sit tight in what little land is left to the Half Beastmen? To think you’d go out of your way to provoke me! Three Yao Emperors, just where did you get the guts?”

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