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With Luo Puti's current cultivation, she could easily defeat all of them. Landing a hit on each bodyguard, all four of them were hurt so badly that they could not stand up anymore. On the other hand, Luo Puti was standing beside Chen Xiaobei steadily. Her cap and shades were still in place, unmoved. One could see that the gap in terms of combat power between Luo Puti and the bodyguards were really huge.

"This is so terrifying! I cannot believe that a Chinese woman possesses such immense strength!"

"Four highly-paid powerful bodyguards were defeated within seconds! Am I dreaming or what?"

"We are so done this time… No one can save Ms. Niya this time…"

Taken aback by Luo Puti's powerful cultivation, all of them were filled with despair.

"Hey! Don't play with fire! Don't forget there is a 40,000 combat power Wolverine waiting for us!" said Luo Puti.

Before Chen Xiaobei could respond, Niya started to scream.

"Macky… Help… Where the hell are you… Come and save me…"


Without a doubt, Chen Xiaobei tossed Niya into the sea. Due to the poison in her system, she sank right after she hit the ocean because her body was paralyzed. She would definitely drown if no one saved her.

"This… This… This…"

Upon seeing that, people around Chen Xiaobei were left in bewilderment. A simple statement like that had caused an explosion in their hearts. None of them expected that Chen Xiaobei would throw the respectful and fearsome first lady to the ocean like a bag of garbage. They had crossed path with a lot of people with dominant auras but this was definitely their first time seeing such an insane individual like Chen Xiaobei.

"Bastard! How dare you?!"

"Let's go! Things will become really complicated when Macky is back!"

Startled, Luo Puti held on to Chen Xiaobei's hand and wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.

"He would have gotten back by now if he can do so!"

"What do you mean by that?"

Luo Puti and the crowd had shocked looks on their faces.

"With Macky's combat power, he should be back by now!"

"But, it's been quite some time since he fell into the sea… Something bad must have happened to him!"

"Maybe, there is something unusual going on in the sea!"

The crowd came up with different speculation after realizing that Macky did not come back from the sea.

"Sea monster! It must be the sea monster!" the captain of the yacht bellowed fearfully.

"Can you stop being funny? There is no sea… sea… Sea monster!!!"

Before those ultrrich businessmen finished mocking the captain of the yacht, they saw something that they would never forget.


A giant creature surfaced from the sea. Water was pouring down from its gigantic body like a waterfall. Soon, a terrifying enormous black snake was presented in front of the crowd. Its half shown body's length was around ten meters. Combined with the lower part of its body, its total length should not be less than thirty meters! As thick as a giant ancient tree, one could see that there were spikes growing on its scale - like an armor! On its head, a terrifying looking crown could be seen. The spikes on its crown made the creature exude a dominant aura.

"Good heavens! What the hell is that?! We are so done! We are going to killed by this sea monster!"

Leaving them in fear after witnessing the real monster, all those ultrrich individuals started to scream hysterically. Considering that all of them were in a weakened state, most of them passed out after being terrified by the sea monster.


Feeling worried, Luo Puti held on to Chen Xiaobei's arm unconsciously. The gigantic snake that appeared in front of them looked like the monster from a fantasy novel. Though Luo Puti had seen a lot of strange things in her life and she was actually quite brave, it was actually completely normal for her to be afraid of this creature.

"Don't be afraid…"

On the other hand, Chen Xiaobei was calm as usual. Immediately, he went ahead to console Luo Puti.

"It's just a small snake. It's no big deal."

"Small snake???"

Upon hearing that, Luo Puti and those people who were still conscious wanted to chide Chen Xiaobei for his tough act. How daring of him to say that a scaly thirty-meter-long sea monster was just a small snake! In their eyes, Chen Xiaobei was absolutely ridiculous. Truthfully, Chen Xiaobei was not trying to act tough at all. There was an eighteen meters long and three meters wide dragon dick in his treasure chest! As compared to the gigantic dragon that Chen Xiaobei had in mind, this sea monster was definitely just a small snake to him.



Seemingly, the gigantic snake heard that Chen Xiaobei called it a small snake and it was not happy at all. Its red eyes glared at Chen Xiaobei furiously.

"Shit… That kid just angered the sea monster… We are going to be killed with him…"

"No… I want to die yet…"

"No… I want to live longer…"

After a long wail, a few of them passed out.

"Shit! Asshole! You act tough at the 'right' moment… I don't think I can defeat a sea monster like this!"

"Pumpkin… Don't you worry! This small snake just told me that it does not want to kill innocent people… Actually, it wants us to leave this place…"

"This is really not the time to act like a smart ass! Are you trying to communicate with it? Do you really think you are a god?"

Not knowing that Chen Xiaobei had already mastered zoolingualism, Luo Puti felt extremely nervous and worried. To her, it was simply impossible to defeat a monster like that.

"I'm really a god… Just watch me!"

With a smile on his face, Chen Xiaobei started to communicate with the snake.

"I can't believe that you are not afraid of death!"

All she heard was gibberish coming out from Chen Xiaobei. Clearly, she did not understand a single word that Chen Xiaobei uttered. However, Luo Puti was dumbfounded the next second. She did not expect that the angry and agitated giant snake would calm down after Chen Xiaobei talked to it. Also, she noticed that its red eyes looked joyful.

"Is… Is that kid talking to the sea monster? How… How is that even possible?"

"How did he communicate with the sea monster? This is truly unbelievable!"

"It seems like the sea monster is pleased with us… Is it going to spare our lives?"

The crowd was trying to figure out what was going on with the sea monster.

"The Sea Messenger! This young man is the Sea Messenger!"

Just when everyone was awestruck, both captains and the young Arabian man ran to Chen Xiaobei. All three of them kneeled in front of Chen Xiaobei immediately.

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