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"Human! I can't believe that you can understand my language!"

Feeling excited, it was as if this giant scaly serpent was waiting for someone that could understand its language.

"So, what do you want to tell me?"

"Where should I begin? I'm the one that poisoned all those people. And, I'm the one that ordered electric eels to destroy the communication devices on the yachts!"

"Why would you do that?"

"For three hundred years, I'm the king of this area of ocean and I've been training for the longest time I can remember! My ancestors' graves are located not far from here. Sometime, one or two boats will pass by right on top of their graves! Running out of options, I have to put up with it. Recently, the frequency of boats passing by my ancestors' graves is increasing! How are my ancestors going to rest in peace if I don't take this matter into my own hands! With all those guilt, I won't be able to focus on my training! That is why I had no choice but to force the human to change their traveling routes! Do you understand what I'm trying to tell you?"

Feeling uneasy, the giant serpent was worried that Chen Xiaobei might not understand its intention. Actually, most of the conflicts stemmed from miscommunication and misunderstanding. If humans could understand the giant serpent's intention, peace could definitely be achieved. On the contrary, if the giant serpent's heartfelt wishes were not met, the misunderstanding and conflict would only get worse. It the end, an imminent war would definitely happen!

"Yes. I understand your intention… We, humans are the same. We will never allow anyone to step on our ancestors' graves! Letting the boats to pass by your ancestors' graves is no different from letting someone dance on it! No one can put up with that!" 

"This is great! You can understand my intention!"

Immediately, the giant serpent shook its head due to overwhelming happiness. This sea monster might look terrifying but it was actually not evil. All it ever wanted was for someone to listen to its voice. Truthfully, most beast attacks on humans were caused by miscommunication. Most of the conflict could actually be solved easily if they could understand each other. That was why it was important to learn an extra language!

"I want you to help me to convince the owners of those boats to change their daily traveling route. In return, I can help all those people to clear the toxins from their bodies. Also, I will give you something really precious as a thank you gift!"

"I'm more than willing to help you but I can't guarantee that my efforts will pay off! The identities of those boat owners are really special. They might not want to listen to what I have to tell them!"

"Understood. I know this is not an easy favor! There will be hope as long as you agree to help me!"

"Okay. Can you please bring those two persons that fell into the sea earlier back to this yacht? They cannot die here. If not, this problem can never be solved if the military is involved!"


The giant serpent nodded its head and hollered at the sea.



Soon, two other giant serpents surfaced. However, the size of their bodies was smaller than the serpent king. On their tails, Niya and Macky could be seen lying there unconscious.

"Just tossed them on the yacht."



Immediately, the two smaller serpents tossed them on the yacht.

"Should I help them to clear out the toxins from their bodies now?"

"No rush."

Chen Xiaobei then shook his head, turned around and looked at the people on the deck. At the same time, the way that those people that were still conscious were staring at Chen Xiaobei with fear and respect. It was as if he was the god that they had been waiting for to rescue them. Including Luo Puti, none of them could understand the conversation between Chen Xiaobei and the giant serpent.

However, their eyes would never deceive them. Seeing the two serpents tossing Niya and Macky back onto the yacht was enough to prove that Chen Xiaobei possessed the ability to communicate with the serpents. Knowing that he could order them around made it looked even more unbelievable. No wonder the two captains and the young Arabian man kneeled in front of Chen Xiaobei and called him the Sea Messenger! Considering that the three of them stayed right beside the sea, it was completely normal for them to worship the Sea God. The Sea Messenger was like the spokesperson of the Sea God. That was why all three of them worshipped Chen Xiaobei.

"Listen carefully! This area of ocean belongs to the Sea God over here! All of you here have angered him! That's why the poison is in your body! I have told him to let you guys live for now. As an exchange, your lives are in my hands now! All of you here have to help me to finish the tasks given by the Sea God!"

Following that, Chen Xiaobei took out a dozen of Hundred Herbs Potion from his pocket.

"Is… Is that magic?"

"What magic? That is a skill! The skill of the Sea Messenger!"

"This is so magical…"

Bemused, the crowd could not believe what they just saw. On the other hand, Luo Puti was puzzled as well as she always saw that Chen Xiaobei took out different kind of items from his pocket. She even wondered whether Chen Xiaobei's true identity was Daraemon.

"Take this and drink it."

First, Chen Xiaobei handed the Hundred Herbs Potion to the captains and the young Arabian man. After that, he fed the rest to those who were poisoned. Most of it was the real Hundred Herbs Potion. Among all the Hundred Herbs Potions, five of them contained the mother-child voodoo worm. To be practical, Chen Xiaobei fed them to the five individuals with powerful cultivation. They were Macky, Duke Gustav, and three of Niya's bodyguards. As long as Chen Xiaobei managed to control all five of them, the whole incident would go his way.

"It's so comfortable… What kind of medicine is that? I can feel my strength coming back…"

"The Sea Messenger is really powerful! We should not anger him anymore!"

"Thank you Sea Messenger… Thank you so much…"

The magical effect from the Hundred Herbs Potion made all of them really happy. At the same time, their respect and fear towards Chen Xiaobei grew as well.

"Alright. Within twenty-four hours, the poison in your body will be cleared automatically!"

Right after that, Chen Xiaobei turned around and talked to the gigantic serpent in Zoolingualism.

"Please help them to clear the toxins from their bodies after twenty-four hours."

"No problem."

The serpent nodded its head and brought the other two smaller serpents back to the deep sea.

"Twenty four hours?"

Taken aback, Luo Puti remembered the voodoo worm that Chen Xiaobei used to control his enemies during their stay in Zhong State. She finally realized that Chen Xiaobei tossing Niya into the sea was not an impulsive decision. It was a punishment for her! With this plan in mind, it was no wonder Chen Xiaobei was not afraid of Niya's threat.

Luo Puti could not help but take a good look at Chen Xiaobei. She felt like she could no longer read his mind.

"Xiaobei… What's the cultivation of that giant serpent? I see that it's powerful enough to render Macky defenseless!"

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