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[Thunder Pool Tesseract: Yun Zhongzi captured the Spirits of the First Thunder and gathered them into this tesseract spiritual pool. No one is allowed to step foot in the area covered by the Thunder Pool Tesseract! Do you want to take it?]

"Yun Zhongzi… He is one of the greater deities of Chanism. I think it would be practically indestructible on earth since he crafted it personally!" Chen Xiaobei exclaimed excitedly as he regarded it carefully.

"Hmmm. 'No one is allowed to set foot in the area covered by the Thunder Pool Tesseract'? Might be good for defensive applications. Either way, I'm not too sure. Guess I should ask Monkey King about it first…" He mumbled and whipped out his cellphone.

Monkey King: A little busy here, so I'll cut to the chase. The Thunder Pool Tesseract is actually half-completed, but it can be used for protection. No enemies can set foot in the area it covered.

Monkey King: Since it's only half completed, it could also be upgraded. In the future, you can modify it into other items if your cultivation is powerful enough! It's also why Lei Zhenzi found it so hard to give it to you.

Chen Xiaobei: Bro, thank you so much! Go do your thing, we'll take more about it later!

Chen Xiaobei set his handphone aside and smiled.

'Thunder Pool Tesseract… This is one majestic item!' He thought. 'Anyway, Yap Liangchen should be looking for a suitable to plant the First Love Peaches now. I should also start establishing my own faction, and compete those top factions in Dragon City once my faction is powerful enough! Hehehe… I'm looking forward to this!'

In the afternoon.

Chen Xiaobei bought two sedans, two SUV, and two 4WDs - all of which were Mercedes Benz, fully equipped with every available accessory and aftermarket parts. Getting into one of them, he drove over to Luo Puti's house - his mom had practically coerced him to take her to dinner at their new home. 

It was unfortunate that he had told his mother that Luo Puti had been assigned to work at Dragon City, which made her even more eager to meet her favorite daughter-in-law again. He thought he would have died from her nagging alone if he refused.

By a stroke of luck, it turned out that that Luo Puti also had something to discuss with Chen Xiaobei, which was why she quickly gave him her address.

Lake Xuanwu, south side of Dragon City.

Affluent families lived here. Their mansions were not as grand or luxurious as Guiyan Mansion of the Zhuang Family and Wolong Mansion of the Cao Family, but it remained that this was virtually where all the upper-middle class families were gathered.

The mansions were built around the lake, allowing the residents a picturesque view of the lake, which made serenity one of the locale's unique selling point. They were also expensive - according to property experts, the cheapest mansion here would cost around three hundred million! The average joe would never even think about buying one here.

Luo Puti lived in one of those mansions, built upon elevated ground. Hers was one designed in traditional Chinese fashion, which made Chen Xiaobei felt as if he had traveled back in time the moment he stepped inside.

A security guard led him into the mansion after he introduced himself.

In the garden.

Luo Puti was wearing a white long dress today, and was watering a pot of white roses with a pot of intricate crafting. The flowers were as perfect and pure as her.

"So… She likes roses, huh?" Chen Xiaobei watched from a distance.

"Mr. Chen, I believe you know one or two things about flowers?" The security guard asked politely. He was neither rude nor offensive since he was a friend of Luo Puti.

"According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, roses can be used for cooling, soothing stomachs and stop hemorrhaging. However, the romanticists from western countries believes roses represent beauty, purity, love, loyalty and missing sentiments of a loved one," Chen Xiaobei replied.

"Wow, you're pretty knowledgeable!" The security guard exclaimed in surprise - he never expected him to be so knowledgeable at his young age.

'There's no wonder why he's the first male guest Lady Luo personally invited here…' The guard thought. 'So many reputable men wanted her, but none could win her affection… I've never even heard of Lady Luo having a male friend. This kid must be quite something!'

"Thanks, you're very kind. Anyway, you should probably return to your post - I will go over to say hi." Chen Xiaobei waved him away and walked towards her with a smile on his face.

"Honey! You look gorgeous today!" As usual, Chen Xiaobei flirted with Luo Puti.

"Nonsense! I'm not your honey!" As usual, she was not happy with him calling her 'honey.'

The security guard almost stumbled after hearing how he greet her.

'Wow! Kid, you're awesome… You've conquered the icy mountain of the Luo Family - that's really something!' The security guard thought.

"Why are you so shy? We're like an old couple already, and there's no one around!" Chen Xiaobei said as he made his way towards her, before freezing where he stood.

"What was that about 'no one around'?" An old man sitting on a chair called out, glaring at him in disapproval.

Things quickly turned awkward.

Chen Xiaobei sweated buckets. The old man was undoubtedly Luo Puti's grandfather - and he had completely ruined his first impression.

"Grandpa, you've misunderstood," Luo Puti quickly explained. "This boy always flirts. There's nothing between him and me!"

"Whatever. You two can carry on. Boy, remember to look for me before you leave. I would like to talk to you in private!" The old man said before he stood up and left.

"Shit! There goes my first impression! Damn it…" Chen Xiaobei seethed. Every bit of him wanted to kill himself right now.


Luo Puti, who had been quite cross with his incorrigible flirting behavoir, begin to chortle at his reaction.

"Honey, you look so gorgeous when you smile!" Chen Xiaobei was stunned by the beauty of her smile as her anger vaporized.

"Could you be more serious? My grandpa might kick you out, you know!" Luo Puti said, rolling her eyes at Chen Xiaobei.

"But I am serious. Your skin is fairer compared to the last time we met - you are now literally glowing. It's so beautiful… You must have been wearing that belly band every day, huh?" Chen Xiaobei asked, raising his eyebrows.

Luo Puti's face turned red immediately - the truth was exactly that. The item never gets dirty, which was why she was able to keep wearing it; its dust-repelling property also made sure that her skin was never exposed to polluted air. That was why she was more beautiful than ever now!

"I'm glad you are wearing it every day," Chen Xiaobei smiled, and then asked: "You have something important to say, I believe? Go ahead."

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