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Chapter 285: Someone Is Waiting Behind You!


Xiaoyao stabbed a hole into the stone wall with her tiny high heels. Then, she twisted her fair and long leg, and the stone wall started to fall apart. She was wearing a mini skirt and high heels today, but it did not affect her actions at all! Her five thousand combat power was standing by to kill Blood Roar!

"Such a mischievous big cat! Such loud roar, yet it ran faster than a rabbit!"

Xiaoyao turned around and she saw Blood Roar was standing behind her. She quickly locked on to Blood Roar with her beautiful big eyes.

"Roar! Where the hell did this crazy bitch come from? She is so powerful! I’m going to die if I don’t run now!" Blood Roar rolled its eyes and started to run like no tomorrow!

"Stand right there!"

Xiaoyao shouted and started to go after Blood Roar. Her combat power was much stronger than Blood Roar. Within three rounds, Blood Roar would surely die! That is why Blood Roar wouldn’t stop running. Fortunately, Blood Roar was pretty familiar with the landscape in North Mountain. Thus, it was quite hard for Xiaoyao to catch up to Blood Roar.

In the end, the whole thing became an endless goose chase.

"Damn it! Why are they not fighting?" The group of gangsters discussed in low voices.

The group of gangsters had been attracted by the roar of Blood Roar just now. They were hiding at some hidden spot, watching Xiaoyao go after Blood Roar.

"Letting both of them hurt each other was Boss Qiu’s plan! We are supposed to sit here and get all the

benefit! What are we supposed to do now, since both of them are not fighting against each other?!"

"Nobody would expect this girl to be so crazy! Can you believe that she is going after the tiger, not the way around?"

"Leader Xiang! What do you want us to do now?"

The group of gangsters shifted their attention to the guy with the most outlandish appearance. There was paint on his face, and he was wearing some kind of camo based clothing as well. He was very muscular. He looked just like those special force units in the movie.

Xiang Lengfeng squinted and said in an ice-cold tone, "It doesn’t matter. This is my place! Xiaoyao can never run away from, me no matter how powerful she is!"

Then, he took out a long and thin metal pipe from his sleeve. He bent down and started to approach the battlefield slowly while using the trees and rocks around him as cover. He was like an evil wolf that was staring at its prey, waiting for the best opportunity to strike!

"Oh my God! This bitch is crazy! I’m going to die here today…"

Blood Roar’s eyes were filled with fear. It accidentally ran into an open area. The landscape of the place was no longer in its advantage anymore.

"Stupid cat! Where are you going to run now?!"

Xiaoyao knew this was her best chance to kill the tiger. She gritted her teeth and started to charge at Blood Roar with all her strength.


Xiang blew a tiny needle at Xiaoyao with his metal pipe, from his hidden corner.


Xiaoyao frowned. She could feel a tiny sting on her *ss. The sensation was as if she had been stung by some kind of insect. It did not seem serious at all. However, the next second, Xiaoyao felt something off! She couldn’t feel her *ss anymore! Then, it started to spread to her entire body. Soon, she stopped and fell on the ground.

"Eh? Why did that stupid bitch fall to the ground? God is helping me!" Blood Roar turned around and took a quick glance at Xiaoyao. Then, it ran into the woods.

"What the hell is going on? Did someone just ambush me?!"

Xiaoyao frowned and used her eyes that were filled with terror to look behind her.

"Haha! Leader Tang is awesome! Leader Tang is powerful!"

"This crazy bitch is more powerful than a tiger, but you defeated her with just one needle! Leader Tang is just too good!"

"The best of all!"

The group of gangsters came out from where they were hiding at and surrounded Xiaoyao.

"You guys are despicable! Why are you guys celebrating when you got me by such underhanded methods? Shameless bastards!" Xiaoyao was furious.

She never expected someone to attack her from behind as she was chasing after a tiger. Now, she didn’t have Blood Roar with her, and she fell right into the enemies’ trap! The whole thing didn’t look good for her.

"Ms. Murong, I suggest that you save your strength. We have planned this whole thing for a long time! No matter what, we will capture you today!" Xiang walked to Xiaoyao and smiled coldly.

"Xiang Lengfeng!"

Xiaoyao recognized the guy immediately. She scolded, "You are supposed to do your job as the leader of Black Tiger Gang in the north side of the city! Why did you attack me? Aren’t you afraid of me asking someone to kill all of your members?!"

"Hehehe…oh, I’m so afraid right now!"

Xiang grinned and said condescendingly, "Your dad; Murong Tian is longer the king of the underworld! You are no longer a princess as well!"

"You are right. My dad is not here anymore! But, the people that he trained last time are still with me! Those uncles will definitely support me!"

Then, Xiaoyao continued to snarl, "I’m warning you right now! My uncle; Qiu Hairui is doing some construction work at Hope Primary School! You will not be able to walk out of this mountain alive if he brings his people to come here and slaughter you guys!"

"Qui Hairui? Hahaha…You are such a naïve princess! You don’t even know what is going on here!"

Qiu laughed hysterically and pointed at the gangsters around him and said, "All these people are the followers of Qiu Hairui! How could you not know them? Also, did you just mention that I won’t be able to walk out from this mountain alive? Hahaha! This is too damn funny!"

The gangsters around him burst into laughter as well.

"What? These are Uncle Qiu’s followers?" Xiaoyao couldn’t believe what she just heard.


Xiang said condescendingly, "Think carefully! People who are under Murong Tian are not the kind of people that you want to mess with! Do you really think that they will listen and obey a little girl?"

"This is impossible! I don’t believe you!"

Xiaoyao gritted, "I treated Uncle Qiu like my real uncle! Also, I purposely assigned him to be the person in charge of this construction of Hope Primary School! It’s impossible that he will set a trap for me to fall in!"

"Hehe! This is no longer just naïve! You are just plain stupid!"

Xiang laughed evilly, "Qiu Hairui is not the only one that wants to set you up! There are a lot of people who used to be Murong Tian’s followers who want to see you die! This is why your dad asked Chen Xiaobei to take of you, but not those uncles!"


Xiaoyao was shocked. Finally, she came to a realization. Murong Tian used to dominate the whole Green Vine City. There were tonnes of influential people under him! In the end, she could trust no one but Chen Xiaobei who had befriended her not too long ago. During that time, Xiaoyao couldn’t understand why her dad had asked Chen to take of her. Now, she finally understood her dad’s well-considered decision.

There is no one that she can trust except for Chen. Placing her trust in Chen is her only way of staying alive!

"Xiaobei…*sshole Xiaobei…Save me…" Xiaoyao shouted.

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