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A+ A- Chapter 256: Yes! You Are God Damn Suspicious!

The advertisement was posted on Weibo. It received a high volume of response in a short time, even though Zhang used his own account to upload the video. Soon, comments were coming in non-stop!

[Bro Bei! You are awesome! I can’t believe that you are selling adult supplements!]

[Look at our Bro Bei! His expression! His tone! He must have consumed this supplement frequently! He is an experienced guy!]

[Let the experienced one guide us! Just grab your popcorn and let Bro Bei do the explaining!]

[I will definitely listen to him! Products promoted by Bro Bei must be some some good shit! I want to pre-order ten bottles of it! I want to treat myself better! My woman will definitely have a good time with me!]

[I want to pre-order eight bottles! My man is not doing so well on the bed! I want to turn him into a real man with this supplement!]

[Do you sell it in bulk? I own a pharmacy! I want to sell it in my pharmacy, since Bro Bei recommended it so strongly!]

Zhang’s Weibo was flooded with different comments. Most of them were potential buyers.

"Xiaobei! It’s all because of you! We will have our first orders soon!"

Zhang said happily, "I can almost guarantee that the first batch of this product will be sold out instantly! I will give you a bigger Red Envelope when I earn more money from selling this product!"


Chen nodded. He was actually thinking about a lot of things in his mind, but his face did not show any of it. Things would go smoothly if there’s nothing wrong with this product. However, people will get really furious if they find something wrong with this supplement! Conning people with false advertising is the most disgusting thing ever! People will get even angrier by the fact that their most trusted Bro Bei had cheated them!

It will be a catastrophic chain reaction! Chen’s reputation will be completely destroyed. Those angry mobs might even look for Chen’s parents to vent their anger. Plus, Chen will need to bear the legal consequences.

Chen have never met Liu before, but it’s better to make sure that the product is excellent. Putting his reputation at risk is definitely not a good idea.

"Second brother! Have you used this supplement before?" Chen asked.

"I have used it before! It was super effective!" Zhang grinned.

Then, he asked evilly, "Why you ask? Are you planning to get two bottles of it and try it out?"

"Nah! I’m fine! My kidney is doing good!"

Chen shook his head and continued to ask, "Really, have you tried the latest batch of this supplement?"

"Nope! I was really busy lately!" Zhang said.

"Can you get me a sample from the latest batch? I suspect that there’s something wrong with it!" Chen pressed on.

Liu’s face changed immediately after hearing Chen’s request.

"Master Chen! That fatty is emitting layers of killing aura! He is a bad guy! There’s definitely something wrong with the latest batch of Treasure of Kidney!" Wenyuan shouted.

Chen got really cautious as well.

Zhang had no idea what’s going on. He said, "You are holding the latest batch of our product just now. But…What are you thinking?"

Liu acted and asked, "Bro Bei, you must be kidding me. Me and Boss Zhang spent time monitoring the production process closely. I don’t think there’s any problem with it!"

"My second brother is only allowed to monitor the production process. He is not allowed to enter the lab! Am I right? He wouldn’t know if there’s something wrong with the formula!" Chen said seriously.

"Eh? Are you suspecting me as the one who messed around with the formula?" Liu asked in a deep voice.

"Yes! I’m suspecting you!" Chen said it in his face.

"Hmph! Interesting! I’m curious about the evidence that you have in your hand!" Liu squinted and said surprisingly. He was the one behind this evil plan, but he had never messed up his evil plan. Thus, he was curious to see how Chen found out something wrong with the product.

"Both of you! What happened to both of you?! You guys were doing fine just now! What changed? Don’t argue, please!" Zhang still had no idea on what’s going on. He tried to be the peacemaker.

"Second brother. I can tell you confidently that there’s something wrong with the latest batch of supplements!"

Chen said gravely, "And, it’s not a small problem! Both of us will go to jail once this batch of product flows into the market!"

"Xiaobei…What the hell is happening here? You changed completely after you came back from the toilet!" Zhang was shocked.

Liu put on a fearless look and said, "Boss Zhang! Since Bro Bei is suspecting me, please ask him to produce solid evidence! I’m not afraid, because I didn’t do anything wrong!"

"You sound really confident! Do you really think that I won’t reveal your true colors behind that mask?" Chen asked coldly.


Liu smiled and said, "The Treasure of Kidney is my own concoction! Even the professional organizations don’t see any problem with it! I don’t think that you can crack it!"

"What if I manage to figure out the formula?" Chen asked.


Liu continued to say condescendingly, "You can do whatever you want with me when you have the solid evidence against me! You must kneel down and ask for my forgiveness if you fail to figure the formula out!"

"Professor Liu! That’s too over! We are friends! It’s not good if we hurt the relationship!"

Zhang was really worried. He tried to advise both sides, "Xiaobei! Why are you accusing Professor Liu? He is a master when it comes to medicine! You are going to embarrass yourself if you continue to accuse him!"

Chen was not affected by Zhang’s words at all. He even felt like laughing out loud. He is the one master in the medicinal field after studying all the medical related books that he had acquired from the Red Envelope group. No one should try competing with him, regarding medicinal knowledge!

Who the hell is the hell is that Liu Duobao? What qualifications would he possess? He is just another conman! He needs to be punished!

"Second brother! You don’t have to convince me anymore! I will show you his true colors in front of you today! This matter cannot be dragged on any longer! The consequences can be severe!" Chen said in a deep voice.

"Hmph! Get ready to beg for forgiveness in front of me!"

Liu hmphed and said gravely, "Boss Zhang! You don’t have to convince me to stop as well! This guy just humiliated my secret formula! I will not let this slide!"


Zhang was completely lost. He said, "Do whatever you guys want! I don’t care anymore!"

After that, three of them took the latest batch of product to the lab. Liu was shocked when the door was opened.

"You caught all those spirits kept by this fatty, Master Chen! His heart must be bleeding right now! Hahaha…"

Wenyuan was laughing at Liu’s misfortune. She looked so adorable, with her big and gorgeous eyes. On the other hand, Liu looked like he had just tasted a pile of shit. He couldn’t say anything about the spirits that he kept here.

"*sshole! You want to examine the product, right?! Do it quick! Don’t waste my time!" Liu snarled.


Chen opened the bottle cap and took a sniff, laughed and said, "I have figured out what’s wrong with it!"

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