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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:54 PM
Chapter 98

98 Reject Marriage

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May 19, 2019
The woman Feng Lin Che pointed at was Lan You Nian . She was dressed in white sitting beside Feng YI Xuan . Her posture was graceful as clouds and flowing water .

Suddenly, Feng Yi Xuan who was sitting beside her turned back and crossed eyes with Feng Lin Che . Feng Lin Che’s finger was still pointed at Lan You Nian . Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome jade face seeped with a hint of chill . Deep within the coldness was a trace of ruthlessness . It made Feng Lin Che fearfully retract his finger .

“Why her? This girl has yet to come of age,” Noble Consort Lin asked confused . In fact she had some interest in this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter . Last time, she dodged the Empress’s scheme and dealt with the eldest princess . This girl was able to hold her own . So today upon arrival to the banquet she assessed Lan You Nian, wondering if she could use her for her own purposes . She didn’t expect her son to want to marry this girl as an official consort .

“Mother Consort, do you know she is General Lan’s beloved daughter? Lan Mo Xian’s favorite sister?” Feng Lin Che’s sinister eyes flashed with calculation .

“You want to win over Lan manor, but you know Lan manor is standing on Ming wang’s side . Besides, this girl is disfigured . Someone personally saw this girl’s face was like a ghost!” Noble Consort Lin said in disapproval . Her son was prince . How can he marry such a girl as official consort?

“So I must marry this girl as an offical consort right? Since she is so important in General Lan’s heart, as long as I control her, then I can easily pull Lan manor over . This girl’s relationship with junzhu and heir is so good . If I marry her, I’ll have a closer relationship with these people!” Feng Lin Che said his own plans as if Lan You Nian was an easily confused and controlled girl .

Seeing Noble Consort Lin’s disapproving gaze, Feng Lin Che continued, “Mother consort is right, this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter isn’t worthy of being my consort with her disfigurement . But since she is still young, we can settle it first to win over Lan manor . In the future who knows?”

“Son’s meaning is…” Noble Consort Lin eyes flashed with the same sinister look .

“Yes, as long as I get the support of Lan manor, if Lan manor’s legitimate daughter accidently passed away, it can’t be controlled by this wang right?” Feng Lin Che crushed the pastry in his hands, saying his own plans .

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“My son is smart, mother consort will help you!” Noble Consort Lin called over second princess Feng Yi Shuang to her side . Everyone knew second princess was Consort Su’s daughter . Consort Su and Noble Consort Lin were like sisters . In fact Consort Su was not favored in the palace . She did not have son only a daughter, so Consort Su depended on Noble Consort Lin to survive in the palace, therefore second princess was one was Noble Consort Lin’s people .

Today the Emperor wanted to allow the young men and women know each other and exchange pleasantries . Some performed talents, then some young men came forward to ask the Emperor to sanction marriage . If the female party agreed, the Emperor will grant this marriage . From the start to present, there were already three pairs granted marriage .

The Emperor kept his eyes on his sixth son who hasn’t looked at any women since the start of the banquet . Then he noticed a curious thing . That was his aloof son was picking up food for the girl beside him, taking great care of it . It was truly incredible . The Emperor thought back to the day his sixth son said he had a woman he loved . Was it this Lan family’s legitimate daughter? Emperor looked at Lan You Nian, nodded in satisfaction . Although this girl was young but in every aspect, she was outstanding . Just her poem from last time had many people in the palace praising her . It was a pity that her face was disfigured . But then again, he knew this son of his, once he decided on something, he would never let go . He won’t change for a lifetime . What he can’t do, this son of his will probably accomplish . He as his father can only give him his blessings .

The Emperor glanced at his fourth son . Although he was smiling at the performing women on the banquet, how could he be able to tell that no one entered his eye . These two sons really worried him .

“Imperial Father!” Feng Lin Che suddenly stood up and knelt on the ground . The women around him were surprised to see this, each one guessing who was so lucky to have taken the fancy of third wangye . Many women started to neaten themselves, fantasizing that they were the ones Feng Lin Che fancied .

“Che’er ah, what’s wrong? Which family’s lady have you taken a liking to?” The Emperor knew this third son should have an official consort . As long as it was good enough, he was willing to sanction the marriage .

“Emperor father, erchen has always admired Lan manors’ third miss, ask Imperial father to grant the marriage!” Feng Lin Che tilted his head, his eyes full of deep affection gazing upon Lan You Nian . It seemed as if he truly liked Lan You Nian .

The entire banquet gaped in surprise at Feng Lin Che, then looked at Lan You Nian who didn’t even react . The one with the greatest reaction was Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan’s deep eyes were half-lidded, a trace of chill was found at the bottom of his eyes . The hands that were peeling fruit for Lan You Nian stopped . He prepared to stand up to kill Feng Lin Che .

Feng Yi Xuan was furious, so furious he wanted to kill . In the past, there was nothing important in his life . There was nothing that can cause his mood to change . But now he had a girl in his heart . No one was allowed to desire her, no one was allowed to covet her . Whoever dared to steal Nian Nian away from him, he will kill them all!

“Xuan!” Lan You Nian suddenly grasped Feng Yi Xuan’s hand that was accumulating his internal force . She just noticed there was something wrong with Feng Yi Xuan . A darkness surrounded Feng Yi Xuan as if he wanted to destroy everything . Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan was in a bad mood . She saw the other people at their table sweated cold sweat under Feng Yi Xuan’s pressure . Strangely, she felt fine . Under circumstances she never imagined, she grabbed Feng Yi Xuan’s hand and intimately called his name .

A soft call caused Feng Yi Xuan’s murderous aura to withdraw completely, but the tyranny in his eyes did not disappear . His hand squeezed Lan You Nian’s small hand, wrapped Lan You Nian’s small hand inside his palms . His low voice sounded in Lan You Nan’s ears,” Nian Nian can only be mine, he deserves to die!”

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Lan You Nian looked at the hand holding her small hand . The hand was slender and well-proportioned, white like jade, wider than a woman’s but did not look thick and ugly, the thumb and forefeeling were slight calloused, they was traces left by holding a pen and holding a sword all year long . Being so tightly held by such a hand, she wanted to always be held by him like this .

“I won’t marry him!” Lan You Nian can sensitive to Feng Yi Xuan’s instable mood . He really will kill Feng Lin Che . She knew it was because of her, because he cared for her .

Lan You Nian’s soft voice was like a spring breeze blowing over Feng Yi Xuan’s cheeks, blowing into his heart . Thinking about Feng Lin Che’s coveting, Feng Yi Xuan was still angry, “He desires you!”

“Trust me!” Seeing Feng Yi Xuan’s dark aura rising once again, Lan You Nian firmly looked at Feng Yi Xuan,” Xuan, trust me!”

Lan You Nian didn’t know what she was saying . She only knew if she allowed Feng Yi Xuan to directly kill people, then he will be met with endless troubles in the future . This wasn’t that calm and wise Feng Yi Xuan, but this Feng Yi Xuan moved her heart even more .

“Really?” Feng Yi Xuan asked, unsure . If he was unsatisfied with Lan You Nian’s response, he will definitely go on a killing spree . Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes already started to flash with purple . His mood was too volatile . The potion could no longer suppress the original color of his eyes .

“Really!” Lan You Nian whispered in a low tone, her soft tone allowed Feng Yi Xuan’s violence to finally quiet, his eyes returned to black .

The Emperor was also stunned by Feng Lin Che’s sudden request . He glanced at Feng Yi Xuan . He could clearly feel from the look Feng Yi Xuan threw at him, it was blatantly threatening him, threatening the Emperor of Feng, threatening his Imperial Father . Probably only Feng Yi Xuan would dare to do this .

The people at Lan You Nian’s table were all angry . Lan You Nian only just calmed down Feng Yi xuan . Hua Mu Qing was ready to stand up and slap down on the table . Lan Mo Xian stopped her just in time, but his face was bad too, not to mention the others .

“Hmph! This laosan is scheming again . He even dares to scheme Nian’er meimei . Indeed he’s been living too comfortably for too long!” Feng Xia Qi’s fox eyes were full of coldness . Feng Lin Che didn’t sincerely like Nian’er meimei . He only saw the Lan family behind Nian’er meimei .

“How is this man so shameless? Nian’er meimei should go wander in the pugilistic world with me!” Yu Liu Li was dissatisfied with Feng Lin Che’s actions . Although teasing with his words, but the tone carried with it his protectiveness towards Lan You Nian, basically stating she could refuse . At the worst, she would go to pugilistic world with him .

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“Nian’er meimei!” Lan Mo Xian worriedly looked at Lan Yu Nian, “Don’t be afraid, brother won’t let you be wronged!”

Lan You Nian seeing everyone’s undisguised concern and worry for her, feeling the hand being held tightly under the table, Lan You Nian suddenly smiled . Her eyebrows curved, eyes glowed, overflowing with brilliance . The entire garden scene behind her lost all color .

“Che’er likes Lan manor’s third miss?” The Emperor once again asked, but knew for sure he won’t grant Feng Lin Che’s wish . Although they were all his children but not all his children can receive his fatherly love .

“Reply to Imperial Father, yes, Lan manor’s third miss is very intelligent . Erchen is very fond of her!” Feng Lin Che said looking at Lan You Nian, causing a round of confusion in the people at the banquet . After all, everyone knew Lan You Nian was disfigured . Who would fancy such a girl?

“But zhen remembers Lan manor’s girl is very young!” Emperor tone held an unclear meaning . Usually, Feng Lin Che will immediately withdraw, but now he needed help, so cannot retreat .

“So erchen asks Imperial father to arrange marriage for Lan manor’s third miss and erchen!” Feng Lin Che kowtowed requesting, letting many people think Feng Lin Che truly liked Lan You Nian .

The Emperor’s expression was displeased . He didn’t expect this third son to be so insensible . The Emperor glanced at the still elegant and quiet Lan You Nian . He liked Lan You Nian’s conduct .

“This, what her name?” Feng Xuan asked Eunuch Lu .

“Lan You Nian!” Eunuch Lu said to the Emperor .

“Lan You Nian, Lan girl, right? Che’er says he likes you and wants to marry you . He wants to settle it first . Lan girl what do you think?” Emperor’s tone was much softer . Anyone would like Lan You Nian who had such a pair of pure eyes .

Lan You Nian gently pinched Feng Yi Xuan’s palm . Feng yi Xuan reluctantly let go . Lan You Nian pursed her lips, reapplying her makeup lightly and with light lotus steps curtsied . An indifferent sweet-sounding voice rose, “Answering Your Majesty, this girl is not willing!”

Feng Yi Xuan was instantly satisfied . His eyes watching Lan You Nian was full of smiles, as easily satisfied as a child .

Lan Mo Xian and the others nodded . This must be done . Then each thought if Emperor laid blame, how they could save the situation, so Lan You Nian will not be affected .

Many people at the banquet thought Lan You Nian didn’t know what’s good for her . A disfigured girl dared to reject third wangye . Was there was problem with this girl?

The Emperor expressed Lan You Nian’s reply satisfied him . This way he can better reject third son’s request . After all if he refused Feng Lin Che’s request without any reason, it will make others suspicious . It was good this girl didn’t like laosan . This way his sixth son’s chance would be much higher .

“Miss Lan, Che’er really likes you, why aren’t you willing? Or does Miss Lan want something else?” Noble Consort Lin angrily snapped . She didn’t disdain this disfigured Lan You Nian yet she from the very start rejected her son . If not because of Lan manor, who will fancy a disfigured girl .

In the face of Noble Consort Lin’s question and everyone curiosity, Lan You Nian’s bright black eyes swept away the emotions in her eyes . Under the veil pink lips slightly curled, her tone soft, “What this girl wants, third wangye can’t give . This girl doesn’t like third wangye!”

“You!” Noble Consort Lin wanted to reprimand Lan You Nian, but with a glance at the Emperor, she retracted her voice .

“What does Miss Lan want? This wang will definitely grant it!” Feng Lin Che was angry . Those gloomy eyes swept over Lan You Nian, wanting to squeeze her to death .

“Does third wangye have bad hearing? It’s not that you can’t give this girl something, but this girl doesn’t like third wangye!” Lan You Nian said mercilessly . This lovely voice uttered words that made Feng Lin Che lose face .

“Ai, since Lan girl doesn’t like Che’er you, then don’t force it . This thing is over,” The Emperor said . Who dared to say anything? Who dared to oppose? The Emperor continued to say, “Lan girl is young . Che’er you are so insensible . ”

“Erchen was thoughtless!” Feng Lin Che lowered his head, his eyes flashed with gloomy unwillingness . Imperial father was clearly helping Lan You Nian . He didn’t care about his own son .

“Okay, okay, let the banquet continue! Young people’s feelings zhen doesn’t understand, continue to play!” The Emperor said . The already cooled down banquet continued to be lively . But what every person was thinking inside was unknown .

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