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Chapter 207: 207

Chapter 207 Unexpected Relationship (2)

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On Zhen Wei Pavilion’s second floor parlor, Feng Xia Qi and Yue Bai Lian sat across from one another . As the two man and woman with stunning good looks, the two of them were a feast to the eyes, that is, if you ignore the other woman present in the room .

Because Feng Xia Qi and Yue Bai Lian’s marriage has been made public, the two of them sat down together in Zhen Wei Pavilion to discuss matters of their wedding . Though Feng Xia Qi had no romantic love for Yue Bai Lian, he had feelings of friendship for her . He respected Yue Bai Lian very much, so he hoped Yue Bai Lian will propose some suggestions . He didn’t expect to encounter the daughter of the secretary of the Ministry of Defense at Zhen Wei Pavilion .

Qiao Yan Ran was the illegitimate daughter of the Secretary of the Ministry of Defense, but because of her outstanding good looks, she was relatively reputable in the capital . Qiao Yan Ran has been enamored with Feng Xia Qi for years; however, Feng Xia Qi didn’t feel anything for her at all . Though he was always gentlemanly, there wasn’t any warmth .

Though Qiao Yan Ran knew fourth wangye had no feelings for her, she still silently liked him, thinking that even if her status didn’t allow her to be fourth wangye’s main consort, the position of side consort was still obtainable . But what pained Qiao Yan Ran was that fourth wangye was about to marry this Princess Bai Lian . Qiao Yan Ran was very much aware of Princess Bai Lian’s beauty and talents . If fourth wangye really married Princess Bai Lian, the likelihood of her entering fourth wangye manor was too slim .

At court, the loudest voices for the Crown Prince candidate was fourth wangye . If there weren’t any accidents, fourth wangye was to the Crown Prince . So Qiao Yan Ran stood guard outside fourth wangye manor and followed to Zhen Wei Pavilion, watching as fourth wangye and Princess Bai Lian entered the parlor . She pretended to have a coincidental encounter by entering the parlor .

Though neither fourth wangye and Princess Bai Lian spoke, the atmosphere was harmonious, making Qiao Yan Ran jealous . She forced a smile onto her lips to make herself even more beautiful, discreetly shifting over to Feng Xia Qi’s side, “Does fourth wangye like taste tea? This girl has learned some skills for brewing tea . Would fourth wangye condescend to have a taste?”

How could Feng Xia Qi and Yue Bai Lian not make out Qiao Yan Ran’s intentions? But they both considered Feng country’s court was withering at the moment and the secretary of the ministry of defense was a highly important position, so Feng Xia Qi nodded, smiling, “Then benwang will have a taste!”

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Qiao Yan Ran was thrilled . Taking a peek at Yue Bai Lian, she didn’t see any signs of jealous from Yue Bai Lian . Qiao Yan Ran thought, this Princess Bai Lian was indeed something to not even be angry . She would be difficult to deal with should she enter fourth wangye manor .

What Qiao Yan Ran doesn’t know was Yue Bai Lian didn’t love Feng Xia Qi . The two’s marriage was more like a pact, so why would she be jealous?

Qiao Yan Ran had the server boy serve some steaming hot water and quality tea leaves . Sitting at the table to begin brewing tea, Qiao Yan Ran shyly asked Yue Bai Lian, “Can I bother Princess Bai Lian to get the cup for this girl?”

Yue Bai Lian nodded, bringing the cup over to Qiao Yan Ran . Qiao Yan Ran smiled, “This girl’s skill with brewing tea isn’t that good . I’m always clumsy, so can I ask Princess Bai Lian to lend a hand? This girl will be eternally grateful!”

Yue Bai Lian nodded, her posture graceful as she sat beside Qiao Yan Ran . Yue Bai Lian’s head was adorned with a gold eight treasure headdress, strung with five sun phoenix pearl hairpins . The skirt was girdled with a green sash, weighed down by two rose pendants . She wore a red jacket with golden butterflies and flowers with a multicolored outer coat with silver-blue threads . Underneath was an emerald green flower skirt . Paired together, it made her appear peerless in beauty . The moment she sat down beside Qiao Yan Ran, it became obvious which one was better than the other .

Qiao Yan Ran was jealous of Yue Bai Lian being more beautiful than her and she noticed fourth wangye’s gaze never drifted away from Yue Bai Lian onto her . Qiao Yan Ran’s eyes flashed with resentment and resolutely continued to brew tea .

“Sorry, sorry!” Qiao Yan Ran accidentally overturned the tea on the table which got Yue Bai Lian’s sleeve wet . The dark tea stain made Yue Bai Lian’s dress appear even dirtier .

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“It’s nothing!” Yue Bai Lian said without batting an eyelash . How could she not tell this was Qiao Yan Ran’s cheap trick? Having stayed at Xiao Jin Pavilion for so many years, she’s seen a lot of these cheap tricks . Though disdained to use them, she was very much aware of them .

“This…” Qiao Yan Ran said apologetically, “How about I let my servant girl take Princess Bai Lian to clean up?

Wu Qing Pavilion’s restaurant and such places had bathrooms and places to wash up at . Lan You Nian had had people add these . Now many restaurants had these places .

Yue Bai Lian glanced at Feng Xia Qi and then nodded . She curtsied to Feng Xia Qi and left the room .

Seeing Yue Bai Lian leave, Qiao Yan Ran was exhilarated . After brewing the tea, she offered it to Feng Xia Qi, softly saying, “This girl’s skill isn’t refined, so I ask fourth wangye not to disdain!”

Feng Xia Qi lifted the lid of the teacup and saw the tea was very well brewed . It appears Qiao Yan Ran has made great effort to learn the art of tea . Her tea brewing skills were quite similar to Lan You Nian but it was still miles away from Lan You Nian’s .

Maybe because the tea was somewhat similar, Feng Xia Qi absentmindedly drank the tea, not really tasting tea but gulping it down, as if memorializing the unobtainable love in his heart .

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Qiao Yan Ran saw Feng Xia Qi drink the tea, glee and joy flashing across her eyes . Without blinking, she stared at Feng Xia Qi . Sure enough…

It didn’t take a while before Feng Xia Qi felt his entire body burning up . The change in his lower half made Feng Xia Qi instantly understand . Feng Xia Qi wasn’t Feng Yi Xuan . Feng Yi Xuan has never touched a woman but Feng Xia Qi had a tongfang maidservant teach these matters when he came of age . After Feng Xia Qi knew of the matters, he sent the tongfang maidservant away . He wasn’t a lustful person, so he didn’t have a tongfang maidservant or any concubines . At this moment, Feng Xiq Qi understood he has ingested an aphrodisiac drug .

Feng Xia Qi’s eyes were red as they glowered at Qiao Yan Ran . He didn’t expect this woman to be so bold . Feng Xia Qi’s entire body was starting to become unbearably hot . He knew he will most likely possess this woman today .

At this very moment, the doors of the parlor opened from outside . Yue Bai Lian walked in . When Yue Bai Lian saw Feng Xia Qi, she knew he has ingested some aphrodisiac and it was a very poor quality aphrodisiac that must be cured through a woman .

After Yue Bai Lian cleaned up her clothes and was about to return to the parlor, she noticed the servant girl kept, consciously or unconsciously, stopping her . Yue Bai Lian feared something had happened to Feng Xia Qi, so she knocked the servant girl unconscious with a rod, and hurried back to see this scene appear before her .

“You!” Qiao Yan Ran didn’t expect Yue Bai Lian to return so quickly . She thought once a relationship has happened between her and fourth wangye, even if Yue Bai Lian came in, there would be nothing she could do about it, for fourth wangye must marry her . But now Qiao Yan Ran was fearful .

Yue Bai Lian threw Qiao Yan Ran out of the room and told the steward of Zhen Wei Pavilion to watch Qiao Yan Ran . Zhen Wei Pavilion’s steward knew of Princess Bai Lian’s identity and didn’t dare to slight her and agreed .

When Yue Bai Lian went back into the parlor, she noticed Feng Xia Qi was becoming less clear-headed . His face was flushed red as the robes on his body has been pulled in disarray, exposing the white chest . Still, Feng Xia Qi forced himself to remain sober, saying to Yue Bai Lian, “Quick, leave!”

Yue Bai Lian, from observing Feng Xia Qi, knew Qiao Yan Ran gave Feng Xia Qi a heavy dose of aphrodisiac . If Feng Xia Qi didn’t find a woman to cure the drug, though it may not be a danger to his life, his martial arts will be lost . Where can one find a woman at a time like this?

Yue Bai Lian sucked in a deep breath and made a daring decision . She closed up all the windows .

“Go!” Feng Xia Qi shouted as his head became more muddled . He really didn’t want to hurt Yue Bai Lian, this woman who was like a white lotus . But if Yue Bai Lian doesn’t leave, he couldn’t guarantee he could hold himself back .

Yue Bai Lian walked over to Feng Xia Qi, forcing herself to remain calm as she said, “You must cure the aphrodisiac immediately . If too late, you will lose all your martial arts . We are going to be husband and wife so you don’t need to be burdened . We must cross this step eventually . ”

Actually, Yue Bai Lian had truly considered what would happen once they married . Yue Bai Lian has feared intercourse needed to happen between them . She’s even made the decision she won’t have any intimate relations with Feng Xia Qi . But even the best-laid plans can’t keep up with changes . Reality made her helpless to take this step .

“I…” Feng Xia Qi looked at Yue Bai Lian . How could he not know they needed to cross this step? But…

“Xia Qi, we will be husband and wife . We both have the same goal to protect Nian’er, so it’s fine!” Yue Bai Lian said smiling . She’s already prepared herself to give herself to this man . Wasn’t this the best choice?

Feng Xia Qi has already lost all reason from the aphrodisiac as he pulled Yue Bai Lian into his arms and tumbled onto the couch in the room, beginning a chaotic plundering…

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