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Chapter 204: 204
204 Palace Coup (2)

“Kill her!  Hurry!  Kill her!” An Si Yan held her waist that Lan You Nian kicked, climbing off the ground, and shouted at the unmoving guards .   She didn’t expect Lan You Nian still dared to touch her at a time like this .

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The captain of the guards looked at An Si Yan apologetically, “Our apologies young miss but Prime Minister An ordered us not to touch this woman!” This woman was worth quite a lot, so the guards only had to keep an eye on Lan You Nian .   If Lan You Nian truly died, the Prime Minister won’t show them mercy .

Lan You Nian saw An Si Yan was nearly going mad from rage, her lips curling into a sneer .   This An Si Yan really thought she was something .   Probably in Prime Minister An’s eyes, she was only a dispensable chess piece .   It’s really taking a chicken feather and showing it off as an arrow* .

(T/N: this is an idiom .   The arrow represents a token of authority, so basically take a chicken feather for a warrant to issue orders )

“What are you laughing at?  Lan You Nian!  Let this young miss tell you, your good days are over!” An Si Yan shouted at Lan You Nian but she didn’t dare take a step closer to her .   The kick from before was still unbearably painful even now .

Lan You Nian leisurely walked out of the seats .   Every step she took forward, An Si Yan stumbled back in fear .   Those guards stared at Lan You Nian cautiously, fearing Lan You Nian will run .

“I don’t know if my good days are over, but I know you Eldest Miss An’s good days are truly over!” Lan You Nian’s cherry red lips pressed against An Si Yan’s ears, the chillingly cold words were like an ice glacier unmelting for tens of thousands of years, a bone-piercing frost that echoed in An Si Yan’s ears .

For some reason, An Si Yan’s entire body trembled .   Lan You Nian’s voice was still the same yet in An Si Yan’s ears, it was as if the voice of a ghost .

An Si Yan fearfully reached out her hands to slap Lan You Nian’s stunning face but was detected by Lan You Nian .   Her phoenix eyes flashed with a sneer as her thin lips curled upwards .   A small hand swiftly caught An Si Yan’s attacking hand and twisted it forcefully .   Everyone heard the “kacha” sound and Lan You Nian sneered, “Presumptuous . ”

An Si Yan’s entire arm was broken by Lan You Nian and the bones in the forearm were twisted to the point it was poking out, making it a ghastly sight .   As for the concerned party, An Si Yan hugged her arm as she rolled around on the ground in pain .   Those noblewomen looked at Lan You Nian fearfully .

Lan You Nian shrugged her shoulders .   She was merely speaking the truth .   An Si Yan’s arms were now completely useless .   Her good days were over with .

At this moment, a signal shot up from the Imperial Mausoleum’s direction .   When those guards saw the signal, they took out their swords, pointing it at Lan You Nian .   The captain of the guards came over to Lan You Nian saying, “Miss Lan please take a walk with us!”

Yue Bai Lian was a little worried and wanted to block in front of Lan You Nian but was stopped by Lan You Nian .   She gave Yue Bai Lian a reassuring smile .   When she saw Yue Bai Lian relax, Lan You Nian shot Yue Bai Lian a look .   Yue Bai Lian pondered for a moment and walked over to those noblewomen and hid herself .

“If this young miss isn’t willing?” Lan You Nian glanced at the guards surrounding her wielding weapons without a sliver of concern .   That apathetic look made people feel she wasn’t facing a life and death situation but merely admiring the gardens .

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The guard pointed their swords at Lan You Nian, his tone unkind, “Then don’t blame this one for being impolite!”

When An Yi led a portion of Ming army to the palace hall, he saw their wangfei being pointed at by those guards’ swords and even had wangfei surrounded .   Seeing wangfei not showing a sliver of panic in the face of danger, Ming army had a good impression from seeing the wangfei for the first time, but what happened next… .

Lan You Nian looked at the guards who were pointing their swords at her, suddenly laughing out melodiously like an oriole’s laugh .   The sound was graceful and soft .   It was supposed to be such an intoxicating sound but because it was contaminated with killing intent, it became a bone-biting frost .

“What I hate the most is other people threatening me!” Lan You Nian took out her personal dagger, “So, good bye!”

Lan You Nian raised her eyebrows at the guards, her eye like black jade flashed with a frosty light .   Without giving the other a chance to consider, before those guards could react, her figure moved, instantly darting out .

Lan You Nian brandished the dagger in her hand like the god of death’s scythe .   The guards standing in front of Lan You Nian were like corpses as they fell in the mercy of Lan You Nian’s hand .   Lan You Nian’s speed was very fast .   As her words died away, she darted in front of the captain of the guards and those guards .   The dagger in her hand was swift .   Her figure became like a ghost as darted around the circles of guards .   Her entire person was like a celestial maiden as her white clothes fluttered around her as she wove around in the grand hall .   It looked like she was dancing, but the dagger in her hand befell one after another, accurately severing her opponents’ necks .   Every person’s throat had the same blood stains, the same spot, the same length, without a single difference .

In moments, before everyone could blink, the entire grand hall diffused with a thick scent of blood .   At Lan You Nian’s side, one body after another fell .   The hall’s carpet were died completely red by the fresh blood .   Some timid ladies fainted from fright .   Some women even threw up seeing Lan You Nian kill people without batting an eyelash .

Lan You Nian killed off one circle of the guards that surrounded her .   Many of the other guards looked at Lan You Nian grimly .   They didn’t expect the seemingly frail looking Lan You Nian to have such deftness and killing people so fiercely .   They tightened their grip on their weapons, fearing they will die like the guards in front of them,

In contrast to these noblewomen’s reactions, the Ming army An Yi brought with him stared at Lan You Nian with bright eyes and couldn’t restrain themselves from awe .   Damn, this was their wangfei ah!  Sure indeed, a female hero!  Not only able to remain calm in danger, her aura could compete with wangye’s .   Sure enough, the woman wangye fancied . was different from all the rest .   Having such a valiant wangfei, they felt proud!

It was this one meeting that Lan You Nian’s reputation in Ming army could match Feng Yi Xuan’s in the future .   Those big tough brutes were more respectful to Lan You Nian than anyone!

Though the guards felt fear from seeing Lan You Nian’s decisive skill, Lan You Nian was only one person while their were several hundred of them, so the guards looked at one another, each had a determined look as they filled with killing intent looking at Lan You Nian .

“Miss Lan, if you aren’t obedient and go with us, then don’t blame us for not being polite!” A guard said warningly to Lan You Nian .   Lan You Nian killed so many guards, they all wanted to kill Lan You Nian, but thinking of Prime Minister’s plan, they had no choice but to follow orders .

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“Impolite? How daring!” An Yi led Ming army charging into the palace hall .   Behind Lan You Nian stood several hundred of Ming army .

“Wangfei, this subordinate is late!” An Yi showed deference to Lan You Nian, his tone deferential but filled with worry .

Behind, the rest of Ming army copied An Yi’s deferential bow, “Wangfei!”  Only when they stepped closer did they see wangfei was actually so beautiful .   They were a little embarrassed to speak .

Lan You Nian looked at the Ming army that sincerely called her “wangfei” and felt these men were quite endearing .   Lan You Nian smiled softly, “En, I’m fine!  How is wangye doing?”

Lan You Nian was worried about Feng Yi Xuan’s side .   And at this time Feng Yi Xuan sent Ming army over, Lan You Nian slightly moved .

When the guards saw the famous Ming army appear before their eyes, many of them started thinking about retreating, but An Yi wouldn’t give them this opportunity .   An Yi glanced at Lan You Nian .   The matriarch was present; he must listen to the matriarch’s orders .

Lan You Nian’s lips curled up and raised her dainty hand, “Kill!”

The second her voice trailed off, every one of Ming army charged out to engage in combat .   An Yi and several of the Ming army stood beside Lan You Nian protecting her .   Lan You Nian glanced at Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian smiled as she approached Lan You Nian, standing by her in a protective stance .

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with admiration and appreciation seeing Ming army’s swift and fierce skill .   Even rarer was that from their combat they were very decisive .   On the battlefield, they should be good hands that can take ten against one .   after killing off those guards, Ming army pulled back uniformly .   It was telling that Ming army’s discipline was very strict .   It seems Feng Yi Xuan trained this squad very well .   If she had the chance, she’d go have a look .

“Wangfei, all dealt with!” one captain of Ming army stood in front of Lan You Nian, wiping off the bloodstains on his face as he reported .

“Very good!” Lan You Nian could tell these Ming army soldiers were awaiting her praise from their expressions .   Lan You Nian complied with their wishes and said sternly, “Right now, immediately head for the Imperial Mausoleum!” Lan You Nian left several of the Ming army behind to look after these noblewomen while she took An Yi and Ming army to the Imperial Mausoleum .

“Feng Xuan, now its come to this point, don’t blame this old man for being cruel .   This old man will give you a chance .   Abdicate, and this old man will spare your life!” Prime Minister An stood at the center of the throng of soldiers as he shouted at Emperor Feng Xuan standing on the dais, his tone contained unrestrained gloating .

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Despite facing so many soldiers, Emperor Feng Xuan’s monarchical bearing didn’t change .   He wore an impassive face as he looked at Prime Minister An, “You rebels dare to be so rampant!  How can this emperor’s country be given to you villains!”

“Hahaha!” Prime Minister An sneered at Feng Xuan, “Since it is so, then don’t blame this old man for disregarding the past decorum between monarch and minister!” Prime Minister An glanced at Feng Shao Chu who stood beside Emperor Feng Xuan and noticed Feng Shao Chu discretely shot him a look .   Prime Minister An knew it was time to make their move .

Originally Prime Minister An them wanted to let Feng Xuan directly abdicate .   That way Feng Shao Chu wouldn’t won’t suffer a bad reputation once he ascended the throne, but since Feng Xuan doesn’t agree, then they’ll use force .   At the worst, they’ll revise history .   Besides fearing the possibility of the plan failing, Feng Shao Chu hid himself by Emperor Feng Xuan’s side also so he can easily kill his Imperial Father Feng Xuan amongst the chaos .   Then, Feng country will be in his .

Emperor Feng Xuan looked at Prime Minister An without any fear .   For Feng Xuan, ever since he sat on this seat, he knew he must face many types of situations .   Over the years, he’s experienced many many things .   But Feng Xuan glanced at his two sons with guilt, especially his sixth son Feng Yi Xuan .

“Qi’er, Xuan’er” Emperor Feng Xuan said to them, “Later, the two of you kill your way out!  Don’t worry about your Imperial Father .   Your Imperial Father has lived long enough!” Feng Xuan hoped the two of them could charge out .   As long as they lived, they still had a chance .

Hearing Emperor Feng Xuan’s words, Feng Shao Chu’s eyes became piercing as blades .   Sinister and poisonous gaze was like a fanged poisonous snake, reflecting a terrifying light .   In his Imperial Father’s eyes and heart, he didn’t have this son of his .   Even at this moment, he didn’t even look at him .   Then even if he murdered his father, he wouldn’t have any guilt .   He can only blame he was too biased!

Feng Xia Qi glanced at Emperor Feng Xuan, his eyes complicated as he said, “Imperial Father, subject-son will protect Imperial Father’s safety!”

In contrast, Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were icy without any signs of being moved .   An air of coldness and ruthlessness emitted from his body like a tangible pressure .   Even the soldiers quite a distance from him could feel it clearly, making them want to bow in submission .

As for Emperor Feng Xuan’s words, for Feng Yi Xuan, it went in one ear and out the other .   He was a cold, ruthless person .   His few warmth and tenderness were all give to Lan You Nian .   Towards other people, he had no feelings .

Feng Xia Qi glanced at Feng Shao Chu and shot Jing Wu An a look .   The two of them were childhood friends .   Plus, Jing Wu An was a very cunning man .   In an instant, he understood Feng Xia Qi’s meaning .   He discretely nodded his head to show he understood .   He will keep an eye on Feng Shao Chu .

“Emperor Feng Xuan is fatuous and incompetent .   Today, this old man will comply with Heaven’s wishes .   Kill!” Prime Minister shouted and then the swarm of soldiers rushed at Emperor Feng Xuan .

Lan Jian Jun and Lan Mo Xian as well as some ministers who knew martial arts stood in front of Emperor Feng Xuan, staring anxiously at the approaching soldiers .   At this moment, Feng Yi Xuan dressed in black, face like unyielding ice, leisurely took a few steps forward, his whole body was surrounded by a piercing sovereign aura .

As for Feng Xia Qi, there was a smirk on his lips, unrestrained and defiant, his entire bearing became even sharper .   Neither of them showed signs of cowering .

Just as the soldiers slowly neared them, with a wave of Feng Yi Xuan’s iron arm, in an instant, from all directions of the Imperial Mausoleum poured out Ming army dressed in black stealth uniforms .   Ming army surrounded the entire Imperial Mausoleum in strict discipline .   An Er and a few of Ming army’s commanders knelt before Feng Yi Xuan, “Master!”

“Ming army?” Some ministers gasped in surprise .

“It really is Ming army!  Heaven has eyes!” some loyal old ministers cried out in joy .

In many people’s eyes Ming army was the strongest and even more mysterious .   Now Ming army has made an appearance, it was tantamount to letting them know where they stood .

When Prime Minister An saw Ming army, his entire body shook .   He didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to be aware of the plot he’s arranged for so long .   But now the bow has been released, the arrow can’t come back .   Today, one shall stand and one shall fall!

When Feng Shao Chu noticed Ming army, his eyes trembled .   He didn’t expect Ming army to be hidden within the Imperial Mausoleum and they were completely unaware of it .   If he didn’t have foresight and stood with the Prime Minister… .

Though Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t decked out in army, it couldn’t conceal his arrogant and cold bearing like he was looking down at the world .   Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes were cold as he stared at the father and son pair being protected by several layers of soldiers .   In a moment, screams and the clang of swords rang in the Imperial Mausoleum .   The entire Imperial Mausoleum resounded with deafening sound .   A thick bloody smell floated in the air .

Feng Yi Xuan’s entire focus was at a faraway place .   Sure enough, he saw the signal An Yi sent out and knew Nian Nian was safe .   Feng Yi Xuan released a breath in his heart .   From the beginning, his entire concern was on Nian Nian .   Now he can finally end these rats .

Some soldiers with relatively good martial arts charged past Ming army and ran over to Feng Yi Xuan .   Feng Yi Xuan held his hands behind his back as he scrutinized the soldiers holding their weapons to kill him .   The smile in his eyes became frostier .   Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes narrowed, calm as a mountain, until those soldiers’ blades were only an inch from his body, he turned sideways dodging the attack like an afterimage .   At the same time, both hands struck .   Powerful palm force continuously attacked the soldier’s fatal points .   In an instant, those charging soldiers were thrown out by the force of the energy, falling to the ground vomiting blood and didn’t stand up again, dying from blood flowed from seven orifices on the face .

In moments, many soldiers were terrified .   Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts was too profound, only those who have seen it for themselves know how terrifying it was .

Ming army didn’t have as many soldiers than Prime Minister An but Ming army’s abilities couldn’t be compared to a normal soldier .   So after a time, Prime Minister An’s soldiers were starting to lose ground .   Dead soldiers followed after another as corpses piled up into mountains .   Arms and chopped limbs scattered on the earth .   The blood converged like water spreading across the earth .   It seemed even the sky was died with a bloody red .

Prime Minister An went from the assurance and full of confidence at the start to fear and be at a loss .   Though he planned to rebel and knew the results of failure, but he was reluctant to admit defeat .   He looked at the slowly approaching Ming army but the safe and sound Emperor Feng Xuan .   His entire person dripped with sweat as if he had been drenched by rain .

Cold sweat drenched Feng Shao Chu’s back .   All this time he’s been looking for the chance to kill Imperial Father Feng Xuan or even hold Imperial Father hostage, but that Jing Wu An and Feng Xia Qi kept standing beside Imperial Father .   His martial arts wasn’t high; there wasn’t a chance for him to make a move .   Feng Shao Chu glanced at his grandfather and knew they were really going to fail .   And he must abandon the grandfather who loved him for so many years and those forces .

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