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Published at 27th of April 2020 10:04:43 PM
Chapter 195
195 Lan Wu’s Disapperance
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April 27, 2020secretdreamwishes

The warm sunlight of winter shed its rays into the chamber through the window, spilling onto Lan You Nian’s body, covering her with a golden glow .   The sunlight landed on the side of her face, making that white and tender skin appear transparent .   Along with those pretty brows, pert nose, and that slightly pursed lips, those deep and dark eyes were like the bright stars in the night sky, so stunning in beauty it made others unable to tear their eyes away .

Because it was nearly New Years’ Eve, though Feng Yi Xuan and the others were busy, Lan You Nian, on the other hand, was very idle .   All day, she was either basking in the sun or she going to Ming wangfu to spend time with Feng Yi Xuan .   Her days passed quite serenely, making her feel like she’s really a noble lady of the boudoir .

Lan Qu’s footsteps were hurried as she rushed into the pavilion .   Lan You Nian sat up .   As soon as she heard Lan Qu’s uneven breathing and chaotic footsteps, she knew something must have happened for Lan Qu who was so organized to be like this .

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“Young miss!” Lan Qu’s eyes were a little red as she fell to her knees, exclaiming, “Lan Wu’s missing!”

“Speak!” Lan You Nian couldn’t help lifting her chin .   Under the sunlight, those pair of eyes were as bright as the stars, as if a oppressiveness exclusive to a superior sunk into her bones, naturally coming off her body .

Seeing Lan You Nian so calm, Lan Qu’s emotions steadied .   Though usually she was steady, but this time something has happened to Lan Wu; their friend, their family, so she was panicked .

“Lan Wu went over to Xiao Jin Pavilion to play yesterday afternoon but she didn’t come back last night .   I thought Lan Qu was being frivolous and stayed behind at Xiao Jin Pavilion but when I went to Xiao Jin Pavilion this morning, third young master said Lan Wu should have returned yesterday afternoon, so Lan Wu is missing!” Lan Qu said, then looked at her young miss .

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Lan You Nian’s index finger rapidly tapped the table .   A thick murderous air came off her in waves .   She hasn’t been this angry in a long time .   Good, very good!  She wants to see who dared to touch her people .   Do they think she’s easy to bully!?

“Have everyone drop everything .   Focus on finding Lan Wu!’s whereabouts!” Lan You Nian said, “They most likely kidnapped Lan Wu because of me, so have Lan Feng go investigate the imperial court .   As for the pugilistic world, have Lan Ren go check it out .   Find out what route Lan Wu took yesterday!  And, you guys be careful .   If you’re going out, have Zhang Lin and the others protect you!” Lan Wu is already missing .   She won’t let other people encounter the same thing .

Lan Qu nodded and headed outside, beginning to have everyone investigate .   Though she was worried, but from the first day they followed young miss, they knew this pugilistic world and the imperial court was constantly changing .   They were young miss’s subordinates .   No matter what, they must protect young miss, so though she was worried and afraid, her will was firm .

Lan You Nian sat there pondering for a moment then rode a horse from You Nian Pavilion to Xiao Jin Pavilion .   At Xiao Jin Pavilion, Gui San was similarly worried .

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“Little junior sister!” Gui San looked at Lan You Nian who flashed into the room, even her hair emitted coldness .   Gui San felt guilty .   After all, the person left from his place .   Gui San knew what Lan Wu and the others meant to little junior sister but Gui San didn’t know how to comfort her .   They all knew what Lan Wu’s disappearance meant .

Lan You Nian nodded and sat down, “Have you found anything?” The intelligence network was managed by Gui San .   What she needed to know now was who kidnaped Lan Wu .   As long as she knew who did it, then the next step was much easier .

“We still haven’t found anything out, but we can be certain it wasn’t done by anyone from the imperial court, so the person must be someone from the pugilistic world .   Their aim is either you or me!” Gui San analyzed .   His expression was ugly .

Lan You Nian’s finger that was tapping the table increased her page, her voice was strangely clear .   Gui San knew this gesture meant little junior sister was thinking .

“Summon by everyone who’s looking for Lan Wu .   Third brother, you personally look!” Lan You Nian’s finger paused then said .   Her tone of voice didn’t allow for any negotiation .   Gui San wasn’t dissatisfied, nodded, and went to do it .   Ordinarily, this girl was their junior sister, the girl they protected, but once they encountered a problem, she was a decision maker, Wu Qing Pavilion’s pavilion master, their master .   They were very clear on the difference .

Lan You Nian didn’t have others looking doesn’t mean she was giving up on Lan Wu .   To her, as long it was her people, she will never give up .   But the people who touched Lan Wu were clearly from the pugilistic world .   The biggest reason for the people of the pugilistic world to touch Lan Wu was because of Gui San .   Don’t ask her why it wasn’t herself, because the people of the pugilistic world don’t know she was Master Wu Qing .   Recently, someone probably noticed Lan Wu and Xiao Jin Pavilion had a close relationship .   They’ve probably kept watch on Wu Qing Pavilion’s people but couldn’t find Master Wu Qing so they could only look for Gui San .   Though Gui San was usually a philanderer but he never left behind anything others could hold against him .   But Lan Wu can freely enter Xiao Jin Pavilion, so it let many people mistake Lan Wu and Gui San’s relationship .   So these people are using Lan Wu to threaten Gui San .   By threatening Gui San, Master Wu Qing wouldn’t be far off .

Lan You Nian knew if she used too many forces to search for Lan Wu, isn’t this telling others Lan Wu and Master Wu Qing’s relationship?  Not only wouldn’t they be able to save Lan Wu, they would harm her .   But if Gui San personally went, these people will make their move .   Even if its threatening Gui San, as long as someone stepped out, then it was a piece of cake to follow this clue, .   The only thing they could do was wait .

Soon, Lan Qu, Lan Ren and Lan Feng returned to Xiao Jin Pavilion, sitting there with Lan You Nian without uttering a word .   They knew their young miss, even if she didn’t say anything or show any sadness, they knew their young miss mustn’t be feeling good either .   They didn’t ask why young miss had them all come back .   They believed in Lan You Nian! 

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