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Sister Scar lowered her head before realizing that Mrs Yuan was the only person who could save her.

Although she could not undo her past vile actions, it was vital for her to protect herself now.

Sister Scar hurriedly crawled towards Mu Chenyan's soles before her big fat hands tightly gripped Mu Chenyan's trouser legs in one go.

Her coarse and creaky voice wailed, "Miss Mu... No no, Mrs Yuan... A high-status person like yourself shouldn't bear grudges against a lowly person like me. I was an idiot, an inhumane person... I'm begging you to ask the Young Master of the Yuan Family to forgive me..."

Mu Chenyan turned her face away in disgust but Yuan Xuan could see her true feelings which could not be hidden on her charming little face.

"Get your filthy hands off me!"

Mu Chenyan's quiet voice was somewhat hoarse. She retreated backward as if she was avoiding the plague.

Those two hands had abused, assaulted and inhumanely treated her. Would she choose to forgive this woman by displaying great benevolence and disregard past grudges?

She could not act like a martyr!

"I think that a woman like you would have no other use for these two hands aside from hitting people. I should just break them once and for all!"

Yuan Xuan said lightly as an extremely beast-like evil aura burst forth from his sinister hawk-like eyes.

If he was not concerned about dirtying his own hands, he really wanted to personally carry out this task.

This woman was truly too despicable to abuse a lovely person like Mu Chenyan.

Tian Qi understood. In his prime, the body of this man who had previously served in the special forces could lift a 100kg burden without exerting much force. His legs had even broken a wooden pillar that was as thick as the rim of a bowl when he kicked it.

During a military operation which they were sent to suppress some bandits, Tian Qi killed one of the captives with one kick when he tried to escape.

Since that person's spleen ruptured, his unit initially wanted to discipline him but they had never expected that the short-tempered and stubborn commander and his deputy would take matters into their own hands and hence had to expel him instead!

Tian Qi was an orphan who behaved in a rigid and simple-minded manner. He could not do anything when he entered society and his sole merit was his loyalty. Nonetheless, his stamina and combat skills were highly superior as well.

Shao Yibai allowed him to stay and gave him to Yuan Xuan as a personal bodyguard because he valued his talents.

Tian Qi understood the message. He walked over and kicked Sister Scar away from Mu Chenyan's side. In a deep voice, he said to Mu Chenyan, "Stand here, Madam. Don't be afraid."

Mu Chenyan's body shook briefly before she took a step backward while faintly trembling. Sister Scar wailed as if she had seen a ghost.

"Save... Save me..."

She ignored the trickle of blood seeping out from the corner of her mouth and the dull pain in her chest. She rolled away and crawled up before she charged towards the doorway as if she had gone insane!

This office was originally a place that was set up by the prison for the guards to temporarily rest when they were not working. The inner room was a resting area. Since there was only an office desk and a chair outside, the area was very spacious.

Tian Qi was abnormally calm. Nonetheless, he hastened his footsteps and grabbed the shameless woman's shirt collar from the back. He dragged her along with ease before Sister Scar heavily collapsed on the ground.

Tian Qi's knee struck the crook of the woman's arm, the crisp sound of broken bone accompanied the woman's horrifying screams echoing in the air...

Sister Scar fainted from the pain.

Traces of a murderous aura could be seen on Tian Qi's face, he looked frighteningly violent.

The two prison guards felt that the turn of event was far from reassuring. They got up and attempted to escape, running and shouting, "He's a murderer! The law doesn't exist anymore. Anybody, somebody, please come quickly!"

It was truly laughable.

They had never thought of the law when they committed those crimes but had now placed their faith there instead.

Tian Qi did not give them a second chance to yell. The rigid man merely used two kicks to speedily get rid of those two women whom he merely regarded as background noise.

The cold and merciless man said to the women, "Stop screaming! I hate the screams of women!"

The other women looked at Tian Qi as if they had seen a bloodthirsty demon. All of their faces turned pale and they were so frightened that they collapsed on the ground in a paralyzed state. They did not even dare to gasp.

When Mu Chenyan saw that the people who had previously abused her now resembled a heap of rotting flesh that lay unmoving there, her stomach suddenly turned and she felt as if she was about to throw up...

When Yuan Xuan noticed that her complexion had worsened, he reached out and held her before asking, "Chenyan, what's wrong?"

Mu Chenyan held Yuan Xuan's arm while her ashen face became devoid of a single trace of rosiness. Her lips briefly trembled before she quietly said, "Yuan Xuan... just forget it..."

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