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Chapter 188: 188

188 Xiao Jin Pavilion

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Stepping into Xiao Jin Pavilion’s third floor, Lan Feng walked over to Lan You Nian and removed her outer garment . Lan You Nian felt her body was much lighter .

“Third brother!” Lan You Nian wore a white, golden-threaded hundred butterfly and flower dress, revealing a slim and supple, graceful and slender figure, once the outer garment of soft, silky fire fox fur was removed . The white color didn’t give her a gaudy feel, only radiating an enchanting energy, and a distinguished and elegant appeal .

Gui San gazed at Lan You Nian, discerning a feeling of “my family’s teenage girl has grown up and then recalling such a wonderful little junior sister has been taken by Feng Yi Xuan, he felt extremely discontented inside . But it couldn’t be helped; he couldn’t beat Feng Yi Xuan with his martial arts . In the past, he has secretly wanted to teach Feng Yi Xuan a lesson but ended up paying for his evildoings, causing Gui San to have no confidence in himself .

“How are you feeling?” Gui San placed some tasty foods on the table, asking with concern . As for what happened last night, he already knew of it so there was no need to inquire into it . Besides, of his little junior sister’s abilities, he was very certain of .

Lan You Nian nodded with a smile . “At least the poison won’t be so painful in the future!” Lan You Nian knew Gui San and the others already knew of it, but still asked her because they were worried . After all these years, the poison relapses have left a deep psychological shadow on them .

“Lan Ren, what have you found out?” Lan You Nian sipped on the tea Lan Feng brewed . Wu Qing Pavilion’s intelligence-gathering was excellent . Lan You Nian handed many of the properties under Wu Qing Pavilion over to her several senior brothers and Lan Ren and Lan Feng to manage . She, Master Wu Qing, besides doing it all herself at the beginning, no longer inquires into anything .

“Young miss, the assassin last night was sent by Prime Minister Manor . Strangely, it wasn’t Prime Minister An, but Prime Minister An’s wife who hired the assassin!” Lan Ren said . There was no good feelings left for Prime Minister manor . It was practically a nest of snakes and rats .

“En? How come it’s Prime Minister’s wife? Little junior sister, it seems you once again offended someone!” Gui San teased her . For many years, as Master Wu Qing, little junior sister has encountered many assassination attempts and now she’s recovered her identity, there’s still so many people who wanted to kill little junior sister .

“En, it seems I’m not very likable by people!” Lan You Nian seemed to be vexed as she sighed and then said to Gui San, “If third brother isn’t busy, help Nian’er deal with this Prime Minister’s madame?” Lan You Nian knew why the Prime Minister’s madame wanted to kill her . After all, her daughter was crippled by her hands . Though on the surface it appeared as if it had nothing to do with her, Prime Minister’s Madame has lived in the inner courtyard for many years, how could she not see her tampering? So, it’s understandable she wanted her killed .

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“Don’t!” Gui San wailed “Let Lan Ren go or let Lan Feng go, isn’t that much better?” He just scarcely dealt with many of Wu Qing Pavilion’s matters to take a little rest and hug some beauties, how come he was exploited by this unscrupulous little junior sister?

“If third brother doesn’t want to go, how about I write a letter to tell shifu? Shifu definitely wishes third brother to go back to take care of the medicine garden!” Lan You Nian revealed her white teeth as she said this, her words filled with a smug threat . Who let shifu love her the most? Who let third brother fear taking care of the medicine garden the most?”

Gui San raised both of his hands, helplessly declaring “Alright, I’ll go!” He now knew why little junior sister was so taken with Feng Yi Xuan that iceberg, because the two of them were both black-hearted . No, little junior sister was led astray by Feng Yi Xuan! No matter what, Gui San would not admit his little junior sister was always this evil .

“Make it clean . Don’t let other people blame this on Wu Qing Pavilion!” Lan You Nian said . From the start, Lan You Nian didn’t want Wu Qing Pavilion to be exposed . If Gui San was suspected, then they’ll be able to link it to Medical Valley . She wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen .

“I know . Little junior sister isn’t confident in third brother?” Gui San picked up the paper fan, once again acting suave . Suddenly, the four people in the room didn’t utter a word, because they heard someone walked up the third floor . It was the footsteps of someone unfamiliar .

Lan You Nian gave Gui San a look . Gui San shook his head, showing it wasn’t Xiao Jin Pavilion’s manager . Because of little junior sister, the third floor, besides the manager coming up to sweep up the room, usually no one was allowed to enter . Everyone in Xiao Jin Pavilion knew of this and all obeyed this rule . Gui San was surprised who had such guts to dare come up to the third floor, even coming to their exclusive room .

From the sounds of the footsteps, they can tell it was a woman, a woman who didn’t know any martial arts . The interest in Lan You Nian’s eyes thickened . What kind of woman dared to come to the third floor? Or has the management of Xiao Jin Pavilion become so poor?

The door being opened from outside resounded in the room . Lan You Nian picked up Master Wu Qing’s mask from the table and put it on . Lan Ren and Lan Feng concealed themselves . The two people were shadow guards so their concealment art was amongst the best .

Gui San and Lan You Nian watched as the door was pushed open and then walked in a woman . The woman wore a rosy pink upper outer garment of which the collar was tugged very low so one could see the woman’s snow white cleavage, paired with a goose yellow floral skirt and flying heaven hairstyle* adorned with a begonia buyao*, the long dangling beads scattered to one side, making her appear especially charming and moving .

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Lan You Nian shot Gui San a look . It’s fine if he was usually amorous, but how could he bring such a woman into the third floor? Lan You Nian wanted to toss Gui San out . Just what eyesight does he have? Such a woman pollutes her eyes .

Gui San who’s been admonished by his little junior sister felt extremely innocent . Though he was usually quite amorous but was the kind that wasn’t moved by any temptation . He really hasn’t ever seen this shameless woman ah! His taste wasn’t that bad .

The woman was a prostitute who just entered Xiao Jin Pavilion . Upon entering Xiao Jin Pavilion, she learned of Xiao Jin Pavilion’s romantic and passionate Young Master Gui San . If she could tie herself to this Young Master Gui San, she would have endless delicacies, brocades and satins she would never finish wearing, and most importantly, she would never have to be the lowest prostitute and serve those fat and big-ear* officials and businessmen . She could become the mistress of Xiao Jin Pavilion .

[T/N: fat and big-ear are signs good fortune and wealth]

The woman thought only Young Master Gui San was on the third floor, so she didn’t expect there to be a masked man sitting in there, after she entered the room, whose bearing was not inferior in any respect to Master Gui San . The woman coyly glanced at Lan You Nian, even seductively tossed Lan You Nian a wink, almost making Lan You Nian throw up .

“Who are you? Who let you come up?” Gui San naturally also saw the woman making a pass at little junior sister . Not only little junior sister a girl seeing this wanted to throw up, even he a man wanted to throw up . This woman wasn’t even worthy of being their Xiao Jin Pavilion’s prostitute .

The woman saw the two men both looking at her . Master Gui San even asked her for her name, which made her confident they were taken with her . The woman, pretentiously coy, took out a handkerchief covered her mouth, shyly saying “This humble girl is Hai Tang . Greetings to the two young masters!”

Lan You Nian was made speechless by this woman, asking bluntly “Are Xiao Jin Pavilion’s girls all this rubbish?”

Gui San detected the displeasure in Lan You Nian’s words . Although not every woman in Xiao Jin Pavilion was one of Wu Qing Pavilion’s people, even the ordinary prostitutes in Xiao Jin Pavilion was carefully selected . In Xiao Jin Pavilion, the most lowly prostitute was of a good character . To meet such a woman today, no wonder little junior sister was angry .

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“This young master asks you, who let you come up? Hm?” Gui San’s face became overcast . Xiao Jin Pavilion was under his management . If something happened, he wouldn’t have any face to face his other disciple brothers .

The woman seemed to only now see Gui San’s expression, saying a little fearfully, “I, I came by myself . I wanted to come up to serve young master!” This woman Hai Tang then cast off all her outer robes, showing off her white naked body in front of everyone’s eyes .

At this point, Lan Feng in the shadows couldn’t bear it any longer and directly threw out this nude woman, not into the lobby of Xiao Jin Pavilion, but into the streets . The people on the streets saw a white object being thrown out of Xiao Jin Pavilion and realized it was a naked, shameless woman . Many people just carried on as if it was something free to look at, making it impossible for the woman to hide from their jeers .

“So filthy!” Lan Feng’s tone was very disdainful . Actually, Lan Feng was very apathetic but in concerns to Lan You Nian, Lan Feng saw her as a pure little child, so that was why Lan Feng was so angry then, just like someone led astray her little sister, though this little sister was already bad without being taught .

“Have you noticed something?” Lan You Nian took off her mask .

Lan Ren walked out from the shadows, “This woman carries a potent poison on her body . If someone were to have relations with this woman, there is nothing but death awaiting them . But from the looks of it, probably even she doesn’t know she’s been poisoned!”

Gui San nodded . Actually, just a few moments after the woman entered the room, he too noticed the poison on the woman’s body . This poison was very domineering . Once the woman ingested this poison, if she was intimate with a man, whether it was the man or the woman, both would suffer a violent death!

“It seems someone has their eye on Xiao Jin Pavilion!” Lan You Nian played with the mask in her hands, musing . All these years, there was an endless number of people who have intentions on Wu Qing Pavilion . Who knows how many people coveted the businesses under Wu Qing Pavilion, this juicy piece of meat, but it would depend on their ability if they were able to swallow it whole .

Gui San walked over to Lan You Nian’s side to comfort her, “Little junior sister rest assured, no one can touch Xiao Jin Pavilion under my watch!” All the amorous proclivities in Gui San’s eyes were replaced by murderous intent . No one can covet their things .

Lan You Nian wasn’t at the least worried . She was aware of Gui San’s abilities and methods . That is to say, none of her people were push-overs . She wasn’t some kind of savior of the world who can protect everyone . Everyone had their own things to do .

“En, Lan Feng, you investigate this matter with third brother!” Lan You Nian said . Lan Feng’s capabilities were clear . The two together can definitely investigate this matter thoroughly .

“Yes” Lan Feng nodded .

At night, Lan Feng and Gui San snuck into Prime Minister’s manor . After breaking into Prime Minister’s manor, they found Prime Minister Madame’s courtyard . They didn’t expect to see this Prime Minister madame still looking for assassins to buy a life .

“This Lan manor’s legitimate daughter is really lucky . This time I want to add more money . You must take Lan You Nian’s life!” Prime Minister’s madame said to one assassin . Her daughter ended up like that because of Lan You Nian . From the looks of it, the things that happened to her grandson all had some connection to Lan manor . It was all calamity brought by that Lan manor and Lan You Nian .

Gui San stared coldly at the old woman below, who was so daring . Meanwhile, Lan Feng directly jumped into the room and ended the life of the assassin who came to make the exchange . Prime Minister’s madame wanted to scream for help but she was already silenced by Lan Feng . It wasn’t that she didn’t want to kill this woman, but young miss instructed that it had to be done cleanly and without anyone being aware, so she couldn’t violently kill this old woman .

Gui San took out the poison he developed, forced open the old woman’s mouth and fed it to her . Then, the two people placed Prime Minister’s wife onto the bed to sleep . After waiting until the woman no longer showed signs of breathing, the two left Prime Minister’s Manor .

On the second day, the people of Prime Minister’s manor discovered the madame was already dead . The truth of the death, by the diagnosis of the imperial physicians, was a natural death by old age . Who would have thought it was all done by Gui San?

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