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Chapter 170
170 Farewell Feast (3)
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The feast was still in progress .   Song and dance continued playing .   The Empress who was sitting above was a little distracted .   Seeing neither his son Feng Shao Chu or Yue Bai Lian in the hall, as well as Feng Yi Xuan and Feng Guan Lian, even Lan You Nian wasn’t present, the Empress peered at her cherry red nails, her lips curled into a smile .

All these years, no matter what she did, she’s never walked into the Emperor’s heart .   His Majesty’s heart was always filled with that already dead woman as well as the two sons she left behind .   No matter how outstanding her son was or how hardworking, His Majesty doesn’t spare him a glance .   Meanwhile to that woman’s children, His Majesty made an effort to protect and love them .

Let’s not talk about Feng Xia Qi, His Majesty was especially indulgent of that monster Feng Yi Xuan .   That Feng Yi Xuan had a devilish pair of eyes yet His Majesty sealed up that news, not allowing anyone to discuss this matter .   Not only did Feng Yi Xuan possessed military power that everybody desired, His Majesty tolerated Feng Yi Xuan doing anything .   Thinking of this, the Empress was in a fury .   In the past, she didn’t know how much energy she spent to get rid of Feng Yi Xuan but in the end, it didn’t bear any fruit .   This time, even if she didn’t kill Feng Yi Xuan, she will make him a demon condemned by everyone .

It was at this moment, the Empress saw Feng Yi Xuan who she thought was fallen into her trap and Lan You Nian .   The Empress was a little panicked as she scanned the hall but didn’t find feng Guan Lian .   How can this be?  At this moment, Lan You Nian raised her eyes to look at the Empress .   She was smiling, like a narcissus flower that just bloomed, clean and pure but her deep eyes flashed with a chilly malice of frost as if a thousand year old iceberg that hasn’t melted was sealed off in her eyes, so cold it gave people chills .

The Empress’s gaze was evasive under Lan You Nian’s gaze .   She was now certain Feng Guan Lian wasn’t successful .   This Lan You Nian wasn’t someone one should easily offend .   Such a gaze seemed to be the exact match with Feng Yi Xuan’s .

Lan You Nian saw the Empress didn’t even dare to look at her and her lips curled into a sneer .   The Empress’s faction wanted to vie for this throne, it wasn’t wrong but their greatest wrong was that they schemed against her Xuan .   No one can can break them apart!

“Nian Nian, don’t get angry!” Feng Yi Xuan skinned a fruit for Lan You Nian then dotingly said, “They can’t bounce around for long!” All these years, they kept breaking the Empress’s faction’s claws and fangs .   In the past, he wasn’t strong enough, so he only silently bore it, but now he can destroy the Empress’s faction .

Lan You Nian received the fruit nodding, while pondering on another matter…Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts was formidable but the world’s poisons can caught people unawares .   She didn’t wish to see Feng Yi Xuan harmed .   Then afterwards, she must help Feng Yi Xuan improve his constitution .   She can be more reassured in the future .

“Nian Nian, what’s wrong?” Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian was only holding the fruit and not eating it and asked strangely .

“Nothing .   I’ll tell you later!” Lan You Nian inserted the fruit into her cherry red mouth, smiling in reply .

Lan You Nian glanced at Feng Xia Qi who was sitting above them, softly saying, “Brother Xia Qi, in a while, I need you to put on a show . ” Lan You Nian’s grin was a gloating over other’s calamity .   After all, only Feng Xia Qi was most suitable for this role .   She didn’t want Feng Yi Xuan to do such nonsensical things .

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“What bad things did you guys do?” Feng Xia Qi asked with a little excitement .   Don’t blame him for thinking this, honestly everytime his younger brother and Nian’er meimei were together, as long as there were those who didn’t grow any eyes offended the, they will definitely be devised some miserable ending while he would be sent out to stir up the situation, or that is to add more volatile ammunition .

“Brother Xia Qi has made me and Xuan villainous!  How could we scheme against others?  Xuan, am I right?” Lan You Nian shamelessly revealed a pure smile, anyone who saw would feel Lan You Nian was a beautiful and kind girl .   Who knew this girl had a stomachful of bad water .

“Whatever Nian Nian says!” Feng Yi Xuan unconditionally supported his little woman .

Feng Xia Qi knew his younger brother was completely on Lan You Nian’s side .   Whatever Lan You Nian said, he would agree .   You can’t see anymore of the indifferent like ice towards the opposite sex in the past .

“Alright alright, I know .   It seems I’m quite useful!” Feng Xia Qi drank a cup of imperial wine saying narcissistically .   It seems every time some incident happened, it was he who dealt with the situation .   After all, who let these people all were not talkative!

Lan You Nian ate the fruit Feng Yi Xuan skinned for her while disinterestedly waiting for Bai Lian .   Inside she was wondering why Bai Lian hasn’t come yet .   She was a little sleepy .   If she didn’t come yet, she didn’t have any interest to continue watching .

Just as Lan You Nian struggled with whether she should go back or continue to wait, Bai Lian appeared .   But manner in which she appeared caused the grape in Lan You Nian’s mouth to nearly choke her .   Fortunately, Feng Yi Xuan’s attention was fixed on Lan You Nian, thus excusing her from losing her composure in the hall .

Yue Bai Lian’s clothes was messy with soil and her hair was slightly disheveled .   Her face streamed with tears .   She looked delicate and helpless .   This can impassion a man’s protectiveness even more .   As Lan You Nian expected, many young masters in the hall anxiously asked Yue Bai Lian what happened .

Lan You Nian’s lips twitched saying to Feng Yi Xuan, “I just wanted her to lure people over to where Feng Shao Chu is .   I didn’t expect she created such a stir .   The young shows promise!”  According to the Empress’s plan, no one would know about Feng Shao Chu and Yue Bai Lian’s affair because as long as Yue Bai Lian was taken, Yue Bai Lian will definitely have the Emperor grant a marriage .   Wasn’t this so much better nor would it affect Feng Shao Chu’s reputation .

From the start, the Empress’s faction decided to lure the person to Feng Guan Lian’s wing, letting everyone see Feng Yi Xuan’s out of control .   The aphrodisiac powder would be just about lost its influence, Feng Yi Xuan will wake up .   Then, Feng Yi Xuan can not escape everyone’s scorn .

However, no matter how good the Empress’s plans are, she didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to return to the hall safe and sound .   She hasn’t figured out where something has gone wrong and noticed Yue Bai Lian stumbling into the hall .

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The Empress was stunned believing her son to have already sullied Yue Bai Lian .   Yue Bai Lian’s temper was too headstrong to actually run over here to complain without a care to her reputation .   Although the Empress was anxious but thinking even so, the only result is her son marrying Yue Bai Lian as official consort .

“Aiya, what’s wrong with Princess Bai Lian?” Feng Xia Qi knew that Lan You Nian and his younger brother was responsible for this the moment he saw Yue Bai Lian however he knew Nian’er meimei seemed to consider Princess Bai Lian as a friend so Feng Xia Qi who was to stir up the situation unleashed his use and walked down his seat to support Yue Bai Lian .

“Princess Bai Lian doesn’t need to fear .   If something has happened, just tell us .   Feng Empire will give you an explanation!” Feng Xia Qi saw the Empress was about to say something so he directly interjected .   He liked to see the Empress’s defeated look the most .

“This princess wants to see His Majesty!  Please ask fourth wangye to grant!” Yue Bai Lian said .   Towards this fourth wangye, Yue Bai Lian knew of a little .   That day she went to Ming wang’s tent, this fourth wangye was present .   Towards her feelings, he didn’t show any contempt .   Just based on this point, Yue Bai Lian felt fourth wangye was a pretty good person .

“If something has happened, Princess Bai Lian should tell us .   His Majesty has to attend to numerous affairs everyday .   It’s not necessary to alarm His Majesty .   This empress is the matriarch of this empire .   If Princess Bai Lian has something, you can tell this empress just as well!” the Empress said .   After all if Yue Bai Lian really wanted to file a complaint, she can intercept it and directly offer a marriage .

“The Empress’s words are incorrect!” Feng Xia Qi gestured at the head eunuch then said, “Princess Bai Lian is Yue empire’s princess, a dignitary for this exchange meeting .   Now Princess Bai Lian suffered wrong in my Feng Empire, this is the two empire’s matter, besides…” Feng Xia Qi’s gaze was sharp as he looked at the Empress, “The imperial harem cannot interfere with political affairs!”

This one phrase “the imperial harem cannot interfere with political matters” stifled all of the Empress’s words on the way .   Feng Xia Qi already stated this was a matter between the two empires, not the harem’s concern .   Though she was the Empress, she no longer had any power to question .

“Ask Imperial Father to come over!” Feng Xia Qi said to the head eunuch .   This head eunuch was from Feng Xia Qi’s person in the palace .   One had to say all these years, Feng Xia Qi’s forces in the palace has been expanding very well .   Feng Yi Xuan had military power in his hands while he had the literary officials and people connections .

The Empress gave a look to her palace maid .   She still hasn’t seen her son and felt it was strange so she had the palace maid go take a look, at the same time informing her son, that way they can prepare to shirk off responsibility .

However, the Empress’s movement was noticed by Feng Yi Xuan and Lan You Nian .   Feng Yi Xuan looked at Jing Wu An cooly .   Jing Wu An helplessly left the hall silently and knocked the palace maid unconscious .   Jing Wu An really can’t predict Feng Yi Xuan’s thoughts anymore .   Just two days ago, Yu Liu Li was beaten by Feng Yi Xuan .   Yu Liu Li asked Feng Yi Xuan why he hit him, Feng Yi Xuan actually said that all Yu Liu Li said was wrong .   Even now they don’t understand .

How could Yu Liu Li them know, that’s all because Feng Yi Xuan complimented Lan You Nian for her good figure the other day and made Nian Nian angry so he found someone to vent his anger .

In a short while, Emperor Feng Xuan arrived in the hall with Eunuch Lu .   The Emperor truly felt his age .   Being tossed around by these children, one day he’ll probably be finished by all this tossing .   But no matter what, he must give his throne to his fourth son .

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“What happened?” Emperor Feng Xuan asked directly .   Actually, on the way, he heard some already but he still needed to pretend .

“Your Majesty!” Yue Bai Lian directly fell to her knees in the hall .

“What’s happened Princess Bai Lian?  Eunuch Lu, help Princess Bai Lian up!” the Emperor said .   He’s investigated this Princess Bai Lian many times and felt such a woman was well-matched with fourth son .   He hoped his sixth son can start a family and this Princess Bai Lian was a good matriarch of a country .

Yue Bai Lian was helped up by Eunuch Lu, then said, “Please ask Your Majesty to give this priness justice .   This princess was just tired and so brought my maids to a wing to rest, but I didn’t expect…didn’t expect…” Yue Bai Lian choked on her sobs .

Lan You Nian gave Yue Bai Lian a look .   She acted too well .   If she didn’t know any better, she would believe something had happened to her .

“I didn’t expect Feng country’s second wangye took advantage of being drunk and imposed himself on this princess’s maid .   Under such circumstances, this princess ran out in a panic .   Please ask Your Majesty to save this princess’s maid .   That is a pure and innocent woman ah!” Yue Bai Lian cried with upset .

“Preposterous!” Feng Xia Qi exclaimed angrily, “Imperial Father, let this subject son bring second wangye out and save Princess Bai Lian’s maid as soon as possible!”

The Emperor looked at his fourth son .   How can he not see the excitement and eagerness in his fourth son’s eyes .   It seems this matter can not be removed of responsibility .   Perhaps it won’t be long before he can wipe out the Empress’s faction .

“En, go!” The Emperor said .   And now the Empress realizes they paid with the wife and lost the soldiers (T/N: idiot for suffering double losses) .   However, the Empress couldn’t understand how Feng Yi Xuan and them could have known about this .   It was carried out very secretively .

When Feng Xia Qi brought guards arresting the disheveled Feng Shao Chu as well as that disheveled maid into the hall, everyone knew what happened .   They didn’t expect second wangye to be so lustful .

“Imperial Father!” Feng Shao Chu knelt in the hall .   He knew was checkmated by Yue Bai Lian and the others .   He didn’t even have the chance to make excuses, “This is all the fault of subject son being drunk!  Please ask Imperial Father to pardon subject son!”

He just forced himself on a maid that’s all .   Such a thing to them was insignificant and common .   Feng Shao Chu knew this wasn’t the time to make excuses, otherwise if he anger Imperial Father, he will probably suffer a severe punishment .

Emperor Feng Xuan helplessly glanced at the handsome Feng Xia Qi  and indifferent Feng Yi Xuan .   Though he approved of the two son’s suppressing Empress’s faction, but no matter what, the foreign delegates were all present, can’t they do this a little more covertly?  Making he the Emperor have no where to put his face .

The maid kneeling on the ground was terrified .   She followed Princess Bai Lian to Yue country was to keep an eye on Princess Bai Lian for Yue country’s Emperor .   She didn’t expect she would be forced upon by Feng country’s second wangye .

“Your Majesty!” Yue Bai Lian said painfully, “Xiao Qing is this princess’s personal maidservant .   This princess considers Xiao Qing my own younger sister, now she’s been… . please ask Your Majesty to give this princess an explanation!”

The maid on the ground, Xiao Qing, didn’t understand why the neither cold or hot Princess Bai Lian will suddenly help her but Xiao Qing knew if she climbed second wangye this big tree, then she would no longer be a maid who serves others .   Who didn’t wish to become a person above others?

“Imperial Father, Princess Bai Lian is right, it is second wangye who took the lady’s innocence, how about Imperial Father grants a marriage for the two of them!” Feng Xia Qi declared righteously .   Then as if he pondered over it for a while, “It seems second wangye likes this female very much, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so impatient to possess the lady, how about let this girl become second wangfei?”

“You…” Feng Shao Chu didn’t expect Feng Xia Qi to be so ruthless .   His position of wangfei was left for a woman who can bring benefits to him, most certainly a daughter of a high official, how could it be a maid?  If he let a maid become wangfei, who knows how much of a joke he will become!

“Your Majesty, Chu’er doesn’t have a lot of woman in the harem, how about give this woman to Chu’er as a concubine?” The Empress said .   Even as a concubine the Empress disdained to give to a maid .

“The Empress’s words aren’t appropriate .   This isn’t an ordinary woman .   She is Princess Bai Lian’s maid, the feelings are like that of sisters and this matter second wangye has overdone it .   If he didn’t truly like, how could he do such a thing in the palace?” Feng Xia Qi smiled at the Empress .

“Fourth brother, bewang…” Feng Shao Chu wanted to say something but was interrupted by Emperor Feng Xuan .

“Enough, since it has happened, then this emperor will grant this woman as second wangye Feng Shao Chu’s official consort .   The marriage is to be held next month . ” Emperor Feng Xuan’s voice that didn’t allow to be refuted boomed, then said a few things to the dignitaries before leaving the hall, leaving behind the fuming Feng Shao Chu .

Feng Shao Chu knew Imperial Father didn’t want him to have any assistance, no chances to ascend that seat, but he won’t give up, definitely won’t!

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