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Published at 27th of August 2019 05:34:23 AM
Chapter 159
159 I Really Like Her
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August 26, 2019secretdreamwishes

Lan You Nian stood on the vast grassland, gazing at the sky that was dotted with white clouds . The dazzling sunlight forced Lan You Nian to slightly squint her eyes, making her look indolent .

    “Autumn is almost over . Winter seems to be coming soon,” Lan You Nian said to the person who came up behind her .   Her tone was slightly melancholic . It’s been about a year since she entered the capital .

    “Yeah, this year’s winter should be especially beautiful!” Yue Bai Lian walked over to Lan You Nian . She has fantasized countless times of standing beside master like this . She has now fulfilled her own fantasy .

    “Is Yue Qian Ling’s matter taken care of?” Lan You Nian tilted her head at Yue Bai Lian whose comportment was extremely beautiful .   Yue Bai Lian and Yue Qian Ling had hatred between them . So when Lan You Nian wanted to teach Yue Qian Ling a lesson, she informed Yue Bai Lian . Yue Bai Lian didn’t disappoint her and bribed over Yue Qian Ling’s personal maidservant .

    “Thank you master!” Yue Bai Lian said gratefully . Ever since meeting master, her life has warmed up because of master . In the days after she returned to Yue country, all Yue Bai Lian could think about was the short-lived moments when she stood beside master and feel there is still something to hope for in this world .

    “Didn’t I say not to call me master? You are now Yue country’s eldest princess . You need to be cautious!” Lan You Nian advised . The higher one stands, the easier it was to fall down .

    “Yes, Nian’er!” Yue Bai Lian said . Then mincing her words, it took her a while to force out, “Nian’er, you really want to marry Ming wang?” Based on her identity and standpoint, she shouldn’t overstep by asking these questions, but Yue Bai Lian still wanted to know the answer .

    Lan You Nian sat down on the soft grass, gesturing for Yue Bai Lian to sit down and then said, “Hn, it’s true!” It wasn’t that Lan You Nian wasn’t aware of Yue Bai Lian’s feelings . She thought once she knew of her female identity, as well as having returned to Yue country and some time to think about it, she should have come to terms with it . However, Lan You Nian realized Bai Lian seemed to really have come to terms with it but hasn’t put it down . Lan You Nian felt a sliver of guilt towards such a brilliant woman .

    “Nian’er likes Ming wang very much?” Yue Bai Lian sat beside Lan You Nian . Like good friends, they sat under the same piece of heaven, on top the same piece of earth, chatting about what weighed on their minds . Yue Bai Lian liked this kind of atmosphere .

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    Lan You Nian recalled that since knowing Feng Yi Xuan, from her lending a helping hand on the first meeting, to later meeting in the darkness of night when she didn’t recognize him, then to the palace banquet, she realized Feng Yi Xuan weaved a huge love snare using his pampering and gentleness and protection to surround her and make her accept this net of her own free will .

    “Hn, like very, very much!” Lan You Nian’s flawless little face brimmed with a touch of a soft smile . A pair of bright, alluring obsidian eyes was crystal clear, containing within them a faint smile, making people aware that she sincerely liked Feng Yi Xuan .

    In Yue Bai Lian’s memories, Lan You Nian looked indifferent as if a celestial maiden outside the mundane world, always making people feel intangible . But when Lan You Nian mentioned Feng Yi Xuan, she was like an ordinary girl with happiness and longing .

    “Then does Ming wang love you?” Yue Bai Lian continued to ask . Though she can’t be together with Lan You Nian, but simply as a subordinate and as a friend, she was concerned about Lan You Nian in spite of herself, hoping the Ming wang who made Lan You Nian different will treat Lan You Nian well .

    Lan You Nian without any pause said, “He loves me very much!” The tone was full of unwavering belief .


    “Wangye, Yue country’s Princess Bai Lian requests an audience!” An Yi came into Feng Yi Xuan’s tent saying to Feng Yi Xuan .

    “Eh?” Feng Xia Qi who came over to find Feng Yi Xuan to play a game of chess uttered with surprise, “Why is this Princess Bai Lian asking for you? Princess Bai Lian has come to our country for a marriage of alliance . Has this woman taken a liking to A’Xuan you?”

    Feng Yi Xuan shot Feng Xia Qi a glare, coldly saying to An Yi, “Won’t see!” Towards women beside Nina Nian, he didn’t have any thoughts . He especially hated women getting anywhere near him, regardless of whether that girl was a princess .

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    “But…” An Yi under the frigid air of his master said, “But that Princess Bai Lian said she came for Miss Lan’s poison!”

    “Bring her in!” Feng Yi Xuan’s cold voice was a little impatient . Only the heavens knew how often he sends letters to Gui Yi Zi just to ask if there was any way to dispel the poison on Nian Nian’s body . Gui Yi Zi has nearly gone mad from all the letters .   Feng Yi Xuan also secretly sent a lot of people to search for a way, all of whom have come back empty-handed . Now that there was someone who knew of Nian Nian’s poison, no matter what, he won’t let go of this chance .

    “A’Xuan!” Feng Xia Qi was also a little alarmed . None of them has ever talked about or mentioned Lan You Nian’s poison, but their worries have never stopped . What made them feel powerless is that they simply couldn’t do anything .

    Yue Bai Lian followed An Yi into Feng Yi Xuan’s tent . Yue Bai Lian looked at the lean stalwart figure that was like a sculpture standing erect in the tent . His angular face seemed to be carved with a knife, deep and dark eyes were like a starry sky, overflowing with radiance .

    Today’s Yue Bai Lian was carefully dressed . A lavish rose-red palace dress, the collar of the chest was slightly open, a piece of translucent snow-white subtly came into view, absolutely irresistible . A palm-sized little face was peerlessly exquisite, especially that pair of eyes, big and spirited, the corner of the eyes was angled upwards, exuding endless charisma, the ripples overflooded one’s heart .

    Feng Xia Qi’s eyes flashed upon seeing Yue Bai Lian who was dressed differently than usual . He didn’t know what Yue Bai Lian wanted to do dressed like this, but Feng Xia Qi can sense Yue Bai Lian didn’t have any affection for his younger brother . His eyes were keen, so he can tell Yue Bai Lian was ill at ease dressed like this . Feng Xia Qi didn’t know why Yue Bai Lian was doing this .

    Just like Feng Xia Qi thought, Yue Bai Lian felt very awkward . She has never dressed like this . Even back in Xiao Jin Pavilion, she has never dressed so lewdly . Before coming in, she even tugged at her collar . Yue Bai Lian looked at Feng Yi Xuan and saw Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t captivated by her beauty . What made Yue Bai Lian satisfied is that from beginning to end Feng Yi Xuan didn’t look straight at her to check her out . When she came over, he just gave her a glance .   His eyes didn’t have any reverence or any other reaction . It seems this Ming wang has passed the beauty trap .

    Yue Bai Lian in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes was no different than a big white cabbage . Or that is to say in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, any other woman besides Lan You Nian were all big white cabbages . So Feng Yi Xuan towards what Yue Bai Lian was wearing or what she looked like didn’t care at all .

    If Yue Bai Lian knew that after she had carefully dressed herself and even deliberately pretended in such a manner, in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, she was just a big white cabbage, reckon Yue Bai Lian will probably vomit blood .

    “Talk!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was like a block of thousand-year-old ice as he spoke to Yue Bai Lian .

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    Yue Bai Lian’s heart constricted . Ming wang was indeed worthy of being Ming wang . Just his imposing manner gave people the feeling of having their necks crushed . Yue Bai Lian regulated her breathing, beaming radiantly, “Nian’er’s poison is difficult to cure but right now, I know there is one antidote that is needed . That antidote is Heavenly Spirit Fruit!”

    Heavenly Spirit Fruit? Feng Yi Xuan and Feng Xia Qi thought deeply . As Feng country’s wangye, they were aware of the Heavenly Spirit Fruit . The Heavenly Spirit Fruit belonged to Yue country’s imperial family . It was held in the custody of the emperor himself . This Heavenly Spirit Fruit was a sacred medicine for curing poisons . That is why it’s so important . After all, in the imperial family, who can promise there won’t be some unforeseen disaster?

    Feng Yi Xuan wasn’t afraid that Yue Bai Lian was lying . Whether it was stealing or forcefully taking it, he must have the Heavenly Spirit Fruit . Nian Nian’s poison can’t wait . Though Feng Yi Xuan knew Heavenly Spirit Fruit was probably one amongst many of the antidotes, he wouldn’t give up .

    Feng Xia Qi’s gaze was sharp looking at Yue Bai Lian, “I’m afraid Princess Bai Lian hasn’t finished your words . ” Feng Xia Qi was surprised how Yue Bai Lian knew of Lan You Nian being poisoned . From Yue Bai Lian’s address of Lan You Nian, it is telling that her relationship with Lan You Nian wasn’t bad .

    Only now did Yue Bai Lian look at Feng Xia Qi . Feng Xia Qi wore a moonlight white robe with a misty gray outer robe over it . His raven black hair was pulled up and fixed by a coronet to the top of his head . Sword eyebrows and starry eyes, straight nose and upturned lips, tall and straight form, just the appearance was a little thin and weak, just like a real-life handsome scholar . Who would have thought this was Feng country’s fourth wangye who was most likely to ascend that high place .

    “Yes!” Yue Bai Lian nodded, “Heavenly Spirit Fruit is in this princess’s hand!”

    “Give it!” Feng Yi Xuan demanded . His entire person filled with a dark aura like an Asura . He didn’t care that his actions were against what men should do . In Feng Yi Xuan’s perception, if he needed it, he’ll just take it .

    Feng Yi Xuan’s words just finished, An Yi and An Er standing in the tent prepared to come forward to control Yue Bai Lian . They knew how much importance their master placed on Miss Lan . For the poison in Miss Lan’s body, they don’t know how many times master was irritable about it .

    “Since Heavenly Spirit Fruit is in this princess’s hand, this princess can destroy it! In this world, if you want to find another Heavenly Spirit Fruit, it would be difficult!” Yue Bai Lian looked at An Yi and An Er and hurriedly pushed out her words . She didn’t expect Ming wang would directly attack .

    “Condition! Say it!” Feng Yi Xuan let An Yi and An Er retreat . Though he said this to Yue Bai Lian, those eyes filled with killing intent .

    Yue Bai Lian seemed to not see the killing intent in Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes, continued to say, “This princess came to Feng country for a marriage alliance . This princess hopes Ming wang can marry this princess!”

    “You are looking for death!” Feng Yi Xuan’s viciously cold voice was mixed with infinite frost, the tyrannical and harsh manner became transparent, like a riled male lion, a murderous and bloodthirsty aura spread and blended into every particle of air .

    In Feng Yi Xuan’s heart, his wangfei can only be Lan You Nian . No one was allowed to destroy the feelings between them . No one can step a foot between them!

    “A’Xuan!” Feng Xia Qi saw his younger brother in an enraged fury . He knew Feng Yi Xuan will directly kill Yue Bai Lian . It’s fine to kill Yue Bai Lian, but if they didn’t get their hands on Heavenly Spirit Fruit, things would be difficult, “Calm down!”

    Yue Bai Lian was also frightened by Feng Yi Xuan’s rage, but Yue Bai Lian still summoned her courage to say, “This princess doesn’t require the position of wangfei . The position of wangfei can be given to Nian’er . This way, wangye can have the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, without wronging Nian’er!”

    Feng Yi Xuan didn’t answer, but the intention of rejection was obvious!

    “Why doesn’t Ming wang agree to this kind of beneficial and harmless thing?” Yue Bai Lian asked, “Doesn’t Ming wang love Nian’er? Are you unwilling to do this for Nian’er? If this princess destroyed the Heavenly Spirit Fruit, will Ming wang have any regrets?”

    Feng Yi Xuan’s eyes with compressed cold light swept over Yue Bai Lian . Yue Bai Lian shuddered, her entire body seemed to be standing in cold air . That sharp cold wind was like a sharp blade, brutally digging into every inch of skin on her body .

    “Benwang said in this life, there will only be one woman, Nian Nian . Whether it is in name or in truth! Benwang won’t let Nian Nian suffer a sliver of grievance!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice carried an indestructible firmness and immovable determination!

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