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Chapter 147

147 Valiant Bai Lian

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Feng Yi Xuan accompanied Lan You Nian for breakfast before leaving . With his status, he still needed to take care of many other things . At first, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t want to go but when Lan You Nian saw An Yi’s resentful eyes, she coaxed Feng Yi Xuan . After all, she won’t run!

“Young miss, there’s news from the visitor palace!” Lan Ren stood beside Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian put down the scissors she was trimming the flower branches with, thinking that the representatives of each country were living in the visitor’s palace, she didn’t let Lan Ren and the others monitor the visitor palace . Besides Bai Lian who was her concern, the other people can get lost .

“What’s wrong?” asked Lan You Nian .

“Representatives of each country, according to the rules, need to pick a person from Feng country to accompany them . Hua country’s crown prince and Yue country’s Princess Qian Ling both named young miss . His Majesty seems to have agreed!” Lan Ren said with dissatisfaction . Their young miss’s time was extremely valuable . Where does she have the leisure to accompany those people? But His Majesty already agreed, if she directly resisted imperial decree, it won’t be any good .

Lan You Nian’s lips tugged upwards, as if there was a flower of the dark blooming on her lips . Most likely, this Hua Xiu Yi has some kind of plot against her . She can tell this person wasn’t easy to deal with from how he killed off so many of the wangyes in Hua country . This person’s martial arts was also better than hers . Lan You Nian didn’t want to offend such a person but if he acted like the other day, then she won’t hold back . She now had Feng Yi Xuan in her heart, no one can touch her .

Lan You Nian thought of Yue Qian Ling . It seems this princess didn’t learn to behave from what happened in the grand hall . From the information she received, she noticed Bai Lian and this Yue Qian Ling had enmity between them . Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed with interest . Should she hep Bai Lian kill off Yue Qian Ling or let Bai Lian do it herself?

“Do I need to go to the visitor’s palace today?” Lan You Nian asked, her face was clearly written with reluctance . However, Lan You Nian didn’t know, many young ladies of the capital hoped to have this opportunity to approach the representatives of other countries, many more volunteer their services, but its a pity they weren’t chosen by anyone .

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“Yes, today you need to go to the visitor’s palace to accompany them to admire flowers!” Lan Ren thought of the invitation he received, rolling his eyes mentally . They best no provoke young miss, otherwise admiring flowers will become destroying them . Although young miss considered herself one of Lan manor’s people, more or less had some scruples while doing things but that doesn’t mean young miss will tolerate .

“Does Xuan know?” Lan You Nian thought if Feng Yi xuan knew, he will probably rush back from the military camp .

“The decree just came down, Ming wang is still at the military camp . He probably hasn’t received the news” Lan Ren answered . Their young miss seems to care more and more for this Ming wang, “If young miss doesn’t want to go, then refuse . His Majesty wouldn’t blame young miss!”

Lan You Nian knew there wasn’t any problems if she didn’t go . After all, this Ming wang as her biggest backing is very reliable . However, although Lan You Nian has now learned to rely on Feng Yi xuan, but she wasn’t a little white flower who can’t handle anything .

“Go, why wouldn’t I go?” Lan You Nian said and then headed into the pavilion to change clothes .

When Lan You Nian came to the fine scenery of the visitor’s palace, she saw the people sitting in the garden admiring flowers . Lan You Nian didn’t expect to see Feng Xia Qi . Feng Xia Qi saw Lan You Nian, he stood up, saying, “Waited for you for a long time!”

Lan You Nian saw that all the people who should be there, were all there while she, the one who was supposed to accompany them, was the last to arrive . It didn’t seem appropriate but Lan You Nian didn’t care about these .

“Nian’er, you’re here!” Yue Bai Lian happily walked over to Lan You Nian, thinking for a long time before holding Lan You Nian’s white hands, pulling Lan You Nian over to her own seat to sit down beside her .

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Yue Qian Ling saw such a beautiful Lan You Nian, her mouth unconsciously saying, “Just a legitimate daughter of a general, yet dares to put on airs, making everyone waiting for so long, really doesn’t know what’s appropriate!”

“Should a princess have your aggressive attitude? If you don’t want to say, then go back!” Bai Lian snapped, her eyes flashing with hatred . She and Yue Qian Ling had a hatred that wouldn’t end until death . This time returning to the country, she was too hasty so there wasn’t a chance to make a move . Now they’ve departed from Yue country, if something happens to Yue Qian Ling, it will implicate Feng country so Bai Lian had yet to make a move . But if Yue Qian Ling picks trouble with master, she will definitely kill her!

“You!” Yue Qian Ling pointed at Yue Bai Lian . She has never liked Yue Bai Lian this imperial sister because since they were little, Yue Bai Lian was more beautiful than her . Many young masters all liked Yue Bai Lian while ignoring her . Later, that thing happened, she let Yue Bai Lian diappear from Yue country . She thought Yue Bai Lian already died but didn’t expect her to come back . She even let imperial father agree to let her come to Feng country for the peace marriage . Yue Qian Ling has observed all of Feng country’s wangye, almost every one was very good, such good men, how can she let Yue Bai Lian gain this advantage?

“This wang agrees with Princess Bai Lian’s words . If Princess Qian Ling doesn’t want to enjoy the flowers, you should go back to rest!” Feng Xia Qi dropped his warm smile, those fox eyes did not have any warmth . This morning, he learned that imperial father let Lan You Nian come to the visitor’s palace so he asked to come too so he can protect Lan You Nian, although sometimes Feng Xia Qi knew Lan You Nian wasn’t so easily bullied .

Being disdained by such a good-looking and good-tempered man, Yue Qian Ling felt humiliated but she wasn’t willing to go back like this . If she went back like this, doesn’t that mean she’s afraid of Lan You Nian as well as letting Yue Bai Lian having contact with Hua country’s crown prince and Feng country’s fourth wangye?

“A beautiful woman like Miss Lan, no matter how long, it’s all worth waiting for!” Hua Xiu Yi laughed sinfully, his narrow eyes profanely looking at Lan You Nian . The average woman wouldn’t be able to resist his sinful looks, for example, Yue Qian Ling who was sitting beside Hua Xiu Yi had her eyes glued to him .

Feng Xia Qi winkled his brows . He felt there was something wrong with how Hua country’s crown prince treated Lan You Nian . Since the moment Nian’er meimei stepped into the garden, this Hua Xiu Yi’s eyes hasn’t shifted away from Nian’er meimei . This Hua Xiu Yi’s gaze was too invasve, making Feng Xia Qi a little worried for Lan You Nian .

Lan You Nian didn’t follow up Hua Xiu Yi’s words, completely ignoring Hua Xiu Yi . Everyone was surprised that Lan You Nian didn’t give Hua Xiu Yi any face . Everyone waited for Hua Xiu Yi to get angry . After all, Hua Xiu Yi might look like he’s easy to talk to, but rumors have it that Hua Xiu Yi had a short temper . But Hua Xiu Yi only smiled at Lan You Nian without any displeasure .

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With this, Feng Xia Qi was even more guarded against this Hua Xiu Yi . He knew how enchanting and attractive Lan You Nian was to other people . If it provoked this Hua Xiu Yi, there wouldn’t be an end to it . His younger brother finally found someone to love, no matter what, he can’t let other people destroy it .

Towards Feng Xia Qi’s defensiveness against him, Hua Xiu Yi only chuckled but didn’t speak . He was currently fascinated by Lan You Nian . There has never been a woman who made him have such a strong curiosity . Towards this woman’s rudeness, he didn’t have any displeasure or desire to kill . Hua Xiu Yi was curious about this unexplainable feeling . But many times, the fall begins with curiosity .

“Since Miss Lan is Miss Miao Yin, I often hear people say how wonderful Miss Lan’s music is, how about let Miss Lan play a song to liven things up for everyone today?” Yue Qian Ling who was just silent for a while started to be restless again .

In the garden, not only was there Pei Fu, Hua Xiu Yi, and Yue Bai Lian, there was also high-ranking officials and young masters of the three countries . Having Lan You Nian performance, wasn’t it making Lan You Nian into an entertainer? Liven things up, isn’t that something done by dancers?

“It’s only flower-watching, what livening does it need? If it needs to be livened up, how about Princess Qian Ling perform?” Feng Xia qi sat beside Lan You Nian, the partiality between his words was obvious . It made many people aware that Lan You Nian, this Lan manor’s legitimate daughter, had Feng country’s fourth wanye’s support .

The more Yue Qian Ling saw others defend Lan You Nian, the more she hated Lan You Nian . She felt all men’s gaze she follow her . Bai Lian can’t vie with her, Lan You Nian couldn’t either!

“This princess thinks this suggestion is excellent . Imperial sister, how about a performance, what does everyone think?” Yue Bai Lian caressed her noble sleeves, her lips sarcastic as she looked at Yue Qian Ling . A fool like Yue Qian Ling dares to scheme against master, really a fool to the third degree .

“This crown prince thinks Princess Bai Lian’s suggestion is excellent . This crown prince saw many dancer’s performance but hasn’t had many chances to see princess’s performance” Hua Xiu Yi smiled wickedly, holding out his index finger to sweep the hair on is shoulders, his mouth uttering humiliating words . His eyes on Yue Qian Ling was full of affection but those feelings were too fake and too cold .

“I also agree with Crown Prince Hua’s words, hope Princess Qian Ling doesn’t disappoint everyone!” Pei Fu’s refined voice didn’t have any expression but still uttered words that humiliated Yue Qian Ling .

Lan You Nian glanced at Pei Fu . this young gentleman who relied on his own talents to become the prime minister . She didn’t expect this man to help her . Lan You Nian can faintly sense this man’s respect towards her, even his gaze observed without overstepping, making Lan You Nian feel strange .

“Since everyone agrees, Princess Qian Ling should hurry to perform for everyone!” Feng Xia Qi smiled .

“You, you…” Yue Qian Ling saw no one helped her, even Yue Bai Lian from the same country looked at her like she was a joke, while those representatives waited for her to perform as if watching a show . When has Yue Qian Ling suffered such a humiliation in Yue country?

Yue Qian Ling was so angry she picked up the teacup on the taboret beside her and threw it at Lan You Nian’s exquisite face . Her heart was screaming to destroy Lan You Nian’s seductive face . Yue Qian Ling was fearless, so what if she hurt Lan You Nian’s face? Feng country won’t make things difficult for a princess just for a general’s daughter .

In Yue Qian Ling’s hate-filled eyes, Lan You Nian casually caught the cup that shot towards her . Lan You Nian’s eyes were dark like the night without any starlight or moonlight, as if a net catching Yue Qian Ling inside, deep, oppressive, and suffocating .

At this moment, Yue Qian Ling was a little scared . She didn’t dare to look into Lan You Nian’s black eyes . She didn’t have any strength to resist .

At this moment, Yue Bai Lian picked up the teapot on the table that was still filled with warm tea and smashed it on Yue Qian Ling’s head . The warm tea ran down along with the blood on Yue Qian Ling’s forehead . Yue Bai Lian didn’t seem to have vented her angry, smashing a few more times before letting go . By now, Yue Qian Ling has fainted .

Everyone was stunned by Yue Bai Lian’s sudden move . Who would have imagined that such a gentle like water Yue Bai Lian would act so valiantly . The victim was her own imperial sister . Only Lan You Nian helplessly rubbed her forehead, because Yue Bai Lian’s valiant personality was taught by her .

Before in a place like Xiao Jin Pavilion, although Bai Lian didn’t entertain any guests and only performed on stage, but Bai Lian who has changed her face was still a rare beauty . Many people had an interest towards Bai Lian, even some will directly take liberties . At that time, Lan You Nian taught Bai Lian some hand-to-hand fighting for self-defense . Because of Bai Lian’s age, there was no way she couldn’t learn internal force martial arts . Having some hand-to-hand fighting skills can also protect her . But Lan You Nian didn’t expect exceeded her expectations . Sometimes, she was more even more valiant than Hua Mu Qing that tomboy… .

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