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Chapter 133

133 Appreciation Banquet

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With the expectations of Lan You Nian’s group and the uneasiness of the Empress’s group, the appreciation banquet was held as scheduled . At this banquet, many who attended were either the officials in the court or the young masters and misses who were relatively talented . Lan You Nian’s current reputation in the capital was the standard talented woman, so she also received an invitation .

Because this banquet Lan Jian Jun also needed to participate, after all, at the appreciation banquet, nearly every residence took out their most precious calligraphy and paintings, so almost all the officials will be attending this banquet . Although this banquet was being held by the Empress, it was initiated by the Emperor . Every year the Emperor will be present, so the appreciation banquet is a very important banquet .

Lan You Nian got up early . Feng Yi Xuan was already awake . Lan You Nian’s couch has been replaced with a larger one that can compare with the bed .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian opened her big confused eyes, because due to just waking up, her eyes were a little watery, making Feng Yi Xuan want to become a wolf .

Feng Yi Xuan first got up and dressed before walking over to Lan You Nian’s bed, pamperingly asked, “Why are you awake so early?” He put the clothes Lan You Nian needed to wear beside Lan You Nian .

“I want to see the Empress’s expression, I almost can’t wait!” Lan You Nian now slept much better, because she had this man to protect her, she was always able to sleep peacefully .

Although Feng Yi Xuan wanted to let Lan You Nian sleep a little longer, but seeing Lan You Nian’s excitement, he allowed her to do as she wished . Feng Yi Xuan walked out of the room, letting Lan You Nian change out of her clothes . Although the two were now together, the two still slept separately . Feng Yi Xuan respected Lan You Nian . It wasn’t that he didn’t want, but because he wanted it too much, so he wasn’t willing to hurt Lan You Nian .

After Lan You Nian dressed herself, she found Feng Yi Xuan carrying water and other toiletries into the room . Lan You Nian was already used to Feng Yi Xuan’s meticulous care, so she obediently washed up . After the two took care of everything, they came to the outer chamber to eat breakfast .

“Xuan, will you be going to today’s banquet?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew Feng Yi Xuan very rarely attended these banquets, but every time he attended was because she was there .

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“En, go!” Feng Yi Xuan put down the spoon in his hand, wherever his Nian Nian is, why wouldn’t he be there?

Lan You Nian already guessed this was the result but hearing Feng Yi Xuan’s actions, she still felt warm . Her withered heart seemed to have warmed and returned to spring . This was all because of the man before her .

Lan You Nian didn’t know, Feng Yi Xuan’s world was black in the past, his heart was also drained, but because of Lan You Nian, Feng Yi Xuan was like a real living being, a person who had blood and flash and emotions . They warmed each other . They were the perfect match in this world . Because of meeting one another, they became people who had love .

Lan You Nian waited in Lan You Nian’s garden already . Lan Mo Xian went to junzhu manor to pick up Hua Mu Qing . The two now had an engagement, so being together was normal .

Lan You Nian walked down the stairs and noticed Lan Jian Jun there . Today’s General Lan was in a brown robe, standing with his back straight, as if like any ordinary father as he stood there . Ever since that night the two talked, the relationship between Lan Jian Jun and Lan You Nian was much better .

“General Lan!” Lan You Nian curtsied . She didn’t know why she couldn’t call out an acknowledgment of father .

“En, Nian’er!” Lan Jian Jun saw his daughter already has grown to be so slim and graceful and felt emotional . When he saw Lan You Nian wearing a veil every time she went out, his heart ached, “Nian’er, since you have an intact face, why do you always wear a veil?”

Lan Jian Jun thought of the vile people outside who always ridiculed his daughter was an ugly woman, he felt angry inside . In parent’s eyes, their children were the best, not to mention Lan You Nian really had a peerless face .

“This is very good, it can avoid a lot of trouble!” Lan You Nian said .

Lan Jian Jun nodded, respecting his daughter’s choice . He can tell his daughter’s appearance was even more beautiful than his wife’s . If many people were allowed to see, it would probably cause a lot of trouble . He didn’t expect that his considerations of the matter weren’t as comprehensive as his daughter’s .

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Lan Jian Jun brought Lan You Nian into the palace where the palace banquet will be held . As a relatively important banquet, nectar wine, sweet fruit, delicious food were all slowly brought in . There were also delicate vases with fresh flowers . There were all kinds of flowers . The technique of display was very clever . It was pleasing to the eye . It gave the grand palace an elegant feel .

Many famous calligraphy and paintings were placed on the stands covered by a black cloth . When the Emperor arrives, the black cloth will be removed, letting the people admire the various famous calligraphy and paintings .

Because today the Emperor will come, so many people came much earlier . Whether it was a wangye, princess, or the officials, they all sat down in the arranged seats .

Lan You Nian looked at the regal Empress sitting up top, because of good care, there weren’t any wrinkles on her face . The fierceness in her eyes couldn’t be hidden . Perhaps due to there being some troublesome stuff recently, her face was a little wane . From time to time, the Empress would glance at the calligraphy and paintings covered by the black cloth .

Below the Empress sat each wangye and princess . Lan You Nian looked at Feng Yi Xuan who sat there without saying a word and emitting a cold aura . Today Feng Yi Xuan wore a black brocade robe, his ink-black hair was held together by a white jade crown, a stately posture, his complexion like jade, truly handsome and dignified, magnificent . Although he didn’t wear his official robes, that natural noble air was palpable . From afar, it gave off a feeling of you can appreciate distantly but not touch blasphemously .

Feng Yi Xuan also noticed Lan You Nian, his eyes flashed with warmth . The irritance born from the boring banquet suddenly became better .

“Ai? Isn’t this Lan manor’s third miss? Why is Lan third miss’s here at this banquet?” Noble Consort Lin laughed . Because of her son’s passing, her entire person has lost weight . There was no longer the fox-like charm like in the past . Her gaze on Lan You Nian wasn’t kind . Although she didn’t know why her son died, she made her son lose face, Lan You Nian, the culprit who caused his imprisonment, has now become the thorn in Noble consort Lin’s eyes .

Lan You Nian looked up at Noble Consort Lin . Today’s Noble Consort Lin wore a purple flowing dress, her hair combed into a Flying Heaven Hairstyle, the makeup on her face was delicate, but the black circles under her eyes could not be concealed . Lan You Nian didn’t have any calculations against Noble Consort Lin but seeing Noble Consort Lin refused to yield, Lan You Nian didn’t have a good heart to leave herself an enemy .

“This girl can come to this banquet was due to the personal invitation of the Empress, if Noble Consort has some doubts, please ask the Empress!” Lan You Nian smiled in reply .

The Empress was already very irritated today, afraid that others will notice the difference in the calligraphy and paintings . Now that she heard Noble Consort Lin was still doing those little tricks, she couldn’t help bristle, “Noble Consort Lin, Lan third miss’s reputation for talent everyone knows, is Noble Consort Lin’s memory not good?”

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Noble Consort Lin thought the Empress hated Lan You Nian . After all Lan manor belonged to fourth wangye’s faction now, so she didn’t expect the Empress to help Lan You Nian .

“It’s this concubine’s fault!” Noble Consort Lin knelt, her current position was very awkward . She did not have the Emperor’s favor nor did she have a prince she can depend on, and due to previous confrontations with the Empress, she had to be wary of the Empress finding trouble with her every day, so Noble Consort Lin had a lot of difficulties surviving in the palace now .

The Empress slanted a glance at Noble Consort Lin, her eyes filled with disdain and contempt . Noble Consort Lin no longer had anything to compete with her .

Noble Consort Lin also saw the Empress’s look, her heart was furious, but she could do nothing .

Lan You Nian saw the looks between Noble Consort Lin and the Empress, secretly laughed inside . She thought of an even more fun way .

Feng Yi Xuan who was always focused on Lan You Nian also noticed the fiendish smile, the focus of his eyes became even more pampering .

Lan You Nian also noticed Feng Yi Xuan had always been looking at her so gave Feng Yi Xuan a look then looked at the Empress and Noble Consort Lin . She didn’t know if Feng Yi Xuan can understand her meaning, but for some reason, she believed that Feng Yi Xuan can understand her .

Feng Yi Xuan got up . When Lan You Nian gave him a look, he knew what Lan You Nian wanted to do . Perhaps because he always couldn’t help but pay attention to her, or perhaps he always placed Nian Nian’s desires first, so after being together so long, Feng Yi Xuan often knew what Lan You Nian wanted to do .

Feng Yi Xuan slightly nodded, then used his hand to casually pointed at his cheek, the meaning was self-evident, that was, he wants a kiss .

Lan You Nian felt that Feng Yi Xuan seemed to want to take advantage of her all the time . Sometimes her kiss can always make him happy for a long time . Her soft acknowledgment of “Xuan” will make him smile .

Lan You Nian nodded slightly . As expected, Feng Yi Xuan’s coldness dissipated a lot, making Feng Xia Qi beside him glare at Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan, why don’t they pick a better place to be lovey-dovey!

Noble Consort Lin’s personal maidservant came to Noble Consort Lin’s ear to say something, Noble Consort Lin asked incredulously, “Really?”

“Answering niangniang, this is absolutely true, this servant just learned of this news!” the servant said .

“Good!” Noble Consort Lin said cheerfully, “Really good!”

Noble Consort Lin looked at the Empress sitting up top, feeling smug inside, you dare to make things difficult for me, I won’t let you live well either . Since my son already died and doesn’t have the chance to climb up that position, then you An Qian Mei’s son can’t either!

At this moment, the Empress with countless preventions didn’t expect the one who discovered first was Noble Consort Lin’s people .

“A’Xuan, what did you do?” Feng Xia Qi saw Noble Consort Lin’s strange behavior .

“Nian Nian wants them to dogfight!” Feng Yi Xuan said . Noble Consort Lin was able to get this news was his deliberate release to Noble Consort Lin .

“This is even more exciting!” Feng Xia Qi’s smile became foxier .

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