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Chapter 126

126 Feng Yi Xuan’s Fury

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“Master!” An Yi stood in front of Feng Yi Xuan, seeing that once his master left Miss Lan, his face turned cold .

“Surround Feng Lin Che’s residence, do not let a single fly in!” Feng Yi Xuan’s voice was pricked with icicles . He will not let go of anything that hurt Nian Nian .

“Yes!” An Yi knew his master didn’t immediately kill Feng Lin Che because Miss Lan want to go see it herself .

Feng Yi Xuan glanced at the almost indiscernible traces of blood on his black robes . Thinking that Nian Nian should be finished bathing, he immediately returned to the room . Sure enough, he saw Lan You Nian was already dressed as she walked out from the bathing room . Her smile was like a splendid flower, her eyes as illuminating as black glaze, her lips were dyed with dewdrops like cherry petals in bloom . That beautiful face due to taking a bath was dyed with a layer of magnificent pink, blooming with a soul-stirring charm, bright and colorful, almost burning Feng Yi xuan’s eyes .

Feng Yi Xuan’s throat moved with a little dryness . The girl in front was properly dressed, her figure hasn’t even fully developed yet but coming out from the fog, her hair like black satin, Feng Yi Xuan didn’t know why he had a sudden desire, a desire to melt this girl into his bones .

Deeply breathing to suppress the urge in his heart and body, Feng Yi Xuan walked towards Lan You Nian and carried the girl over to the large bed then wrapped her up in the blankets . He took out a clean towel to dry Lan You Nian’s hair . When the hair was nearly dry, he laid Lan You Nian flat on the bed .

“Rest for a while, I will go change clothes!” Feng Yi Xuan said . He wanted to sleep with Nian Nian but seeing his dusty self, he was afraid of dirtying this girl . Inside, he was worried if Lan You Nian was feeling discomfort . The last time Lan You Nian’s menses came, her pain left a deep impression on him, making that every time Lan You Nian’s menses came, Feng Yi xuan was always anxious .

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“En, okay! You go take a bath!” Lan You Nian because of her weak body and as well as having used martial arts, adding to her menses, she felt very tired . Now seeing this man who had mysophobia wearing a bloody clothes guarding her for quite a while, even going to change clothes, he was still worried, she didn’t know whether to laugh or cry .

“Good!” Feng Yi xuan kissed Lan You Nian’s forehead, then hurried to the inner rooms to take a bath .

Lan You Nian had yet to sleep when she noticed Feng Yi Xuan walked out . It seems he was worried for her so he would be so fast . Even his hair was still dripping with water .

Lan You Nian saw Feng Yi xuan anxiously walk out . His facial features using unparalleled to describe him was a disgrace to him . His sharp eyebrows, blood-thirsty and soul-stealing purple eyes, thin but perfectly raised lips, an exquisite chin . Such a face, such posture, what kind of heavenly and earthly powers can create this . The usual fierce aura, due to the girl lying in bed, has become gentler . He was beautiful but not demonic, only because he was too sinful, too tempting . His body exuded a sort of devilish charm, beautiful as a devil, like a killer god .

Feng Yi Xuan picked up Lan You Nian’s towel she just used to dry his own hair then sat by the bed, placing his hand on Lan You Nian’s abdomen to massage, smiling, “What are you looking at?”

Lan You Nian allowed Feng Yi Xuan to massage her, and couldn’t help a laugh, “Looking at you . How are you so hot?”

“Hot?” Feng Yi Xuan didn’t understand what this word meant but when he saw Nian Nian earnestly looking at him, Feng Yi Xuan knew for certain that this word was praising him .

Lan You Nian suddenly remembered Feng Yi xuan didn’t know what hot means . She put her small head on Feng Yi Xuan’s legs, looking at the man’s exquisite chin and drooping eyes blooming with warm . She suddenly wanted to be like this forever .

“Hot means you’re good looking!” Lan You Nian praised looking at Feng Yi xuan’s face . She felt Feng Yi Xuan’s face couldn’t use hot to describe . Such an exquisite, unparralleled face, if there wasn’t that brutal reputation, who knows how many women wants to climb his bed .

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Feng Yi xuan has never liked people praising his face . He still remembered in the past there was a woman who obsessively stared at him, saying he looked good and wanted to marry him . He directly killed that woman . But now that these words came out of Nian Nian’s mouth, Feng Yi Xuan felt happy, grateful that he had such a peerless face, otherwise with Nian Nian’s beauty, the two wouldn’t be a perfect match .

Without her knowing, Lan You Nian fell asleep . Feng Yi Xuan removed his outer robes and pulled Lan You Nian into his arms, the movement of his hands have yet to stop . Looking at the girl quietly sleeping, he felt satisfied . Nian Nian was already fourteen, just two more years, his Nian Nian would be of age . Then the two of them can marry, they could sleep together everyday . Thinking of such a beautiful dream, Feng Yi xuan also fell asleep .

When Lan You Nian woke up, as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Feng Yi Xuan’s attention on her . Lan You Nian felt waking up in this warm embrace and in those eyes was a happy thing . Her life gradually came in a man named Feng Yi Xuan . He brought her warmth and happiness .

“Awake?” Feng Yi xuan kissed Lan You Nian’s eyes, asking softly .

Lan You Nian realized since she determined her heart, this man would often kiss her and has become even more intimate . Was this a common problem with men? However, with her little body, he still needed to wait two years, it would be quite miserable for him .

“En!” Because she was with Feng Yi Xuan, Lan You Nian was still not fully awake . She looked very cute, Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t help kiss her again .

Feng Yi xuan got up and walked out of the room . Within a few moments, he came in with a bowl of brown sugar water . He didn’t know when Nian Nian would wake up so he kept it warm .

“Drink a little!” Feng Yi Xuan was ready to feed Lan You Nian . From the medical books, he knew that woman needed to drink brown sugar water once their menses came, so when Nian Nian was taking a bath, he had the kitchen make it .

Lan You Nian received the porcelain bowl and drank the sweet syrup . She felt Feng Yi xuan took care of her like a daughter but she remembered a phrase, if a man cares about you, then he will pamper you like a daughter, love you like a woman . Feng Yi Xuan was the same .

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“Go see?” Lan You Nian knew Feng Yi Xuan must have Feng Lin Che on surveillance . To her enemies, especially an enemy that wanted to kill her, Lan You Nian wanted to get rid of it at its root . She didn’t want such a person wanting to take her life all the time .

Feng Yi Xuan saw Lan You Nian’s face was still a little pale . Besides, it was already very late at night and with some disapproval, “When your menses are over, you can go!” Feng Yi Xuan is in the palm of his hands . He can’t run away . They weren’t in a hurry . nothing is as important as Nian Nian’s body .

Lan You Nian thought that if she was always protected like this every time her menses came, it was boring just thinking about it .

Lan You Nian held Feng Yi Xuan’s slender warm hands, his nails were always clean and neat, his fingers were slender and his entire hand was much bigger than hers, although at every joint there was a callous, but it was flawless, as she rarely acted pouted, “Don’t I have you?”

One phrase “Don’t I have you” told of LAn You Nian’s reliance and trust of Feng Yi Xuan . Although if this dependence and trust wasn’t strong but for Lan You Nian who was always strong, it was rare . Feng Yi Xuan couldn’t say anything to reject once these words came out . He realized he had no way to reject anything Nian Nian said .

Picking up Lan You Nian from the bed and wrapping her up in his robes, Feng Yi xuan said dotingly, “There’s me!”

He would be there for everything so Nian Nian didn’t need to be worried, no need to be afraid, he was there!

When Feng Yi Xuan carried LAn You Nian to third wangye’s manor, they noticed the residence was strangely silent… .

Feng Lin Che for some reason felt flustered today . Originally, he could fight for the throne with the other wangye but because he wanted a disfigured woman, he not only lost face, he even lost the guards he has trained for many years . He didn’t expect a girl he looked down on broke his financial backing, even let second wangye and fourth wangye impeach him from court .

In the last few days, he recalled many times the situation in Zhen Wei PAvilion of the accidential murder . The more he thought about it, the more it didn’t feel right . It was one thing after another just waitng for him to come . What’s more frustrating is that the one who designed all this was a woman .

Now, he’s already far away from that position . Since it’s so, then he wanted Lan You Nian buried with him . He used up all his wealth to find so many killers to kill Lan You Nian but why hasn’t he heard anything back? Moreover, he lost contact consort mother, the entire manor seemed to be surrounded . He couldn’t get out . Who did this?

Lan You Nian looked at the anxious and flustered Feng Lin Che pacing around in his room, kindly voiced, “Are you waiting for me?”

Feng Lin Che looked up . He saw Feng Yi xuan carrying Lan You Nian into the room to sit . The two’s posture was intimate and even looked well-matched . He even saw Lan You Nian’s peerless face . Feng Lin Che instantly understood .

“You…so it was you!” Feng Lin Che looked at Lan You Nian and Feng Yi Xuan . He was wondering how a woman had such abilities to do so much, even killed off all his guards in the manor . It turns out it was all done by Feng Yi xuan .

“En, now you know” Lan You Nian smiled softly like spring breeze with a hint of coolness, her pink and attractive lips lifted, “But isn’t it a little late?”

“This wang wondered why you weren’t willing to marry this wang, it turns out you’ve grabbed onto sixth brother!” Feng Lin Che carefully checked out LAn You Nian’s face and figure, “This wang thought you were so noble, it seems you are just a despicable whore!”

Feng Yi xuan’s face hardened . His Nian Nian can’t be insulted by others . His Nian Nian who he had in his heart is the best!

Feng Yi xuan carrying Lan You Nian instantly came in front of Feng Lin Che, one palm landed on the crown of Feng Lin Che’s head . Feng Lin Che’s eyes rolled over, blood flowed down from the top of his head down his eyes, nose, and mouth . His body slowly fell over .

Feng Yi Xuan carried Lan You Nian out of third wangye manor . Towards An Yi and the others, “There is no longer third wangye manor in this world!”

It only took a few moments for the entire third wangye manor to ignite with a raging fire . The once well-known third wangye Feng Lin Che completely disappeared in that fire…

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