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Chapter 123

123 Tenderness

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“Shifu…” Feng Yi Xuan was rarely so respectful as he called to the old man sitting in his wangfu .

“Who is your shifu? I don’t have an disciple such as you!” Gui Yi Zi said with dissatisfaction . “Don’t think you can be unscrupulous after you’ve abducted my family’s Xiao Nian Nian . In Xiao Nian Nian’s heart, I, her shifu, is still most important!”

Speaking of which, Gui Yi Zi felt uncomfortable inside, glaring harshly at Feng Yi Xuan . He always regarded Xiao Nian Nian as his own granddaughter . Now a stinky brat is trying to steal Xiao Nian Nian from him, Gui Yi Zi didn’t feel comfortable inside .

Feng Yi Xuan had a lot of respect for Gui Yi Zi . Not because of Gui Yi Zi’s medical skills or martial arts but because of his position in Nian Nian’s heart . Feng Yi Xuan knew that for Nian Nian, this Gui Yi Zi was her family, a grandfather who loved her and protected her, so Feng Yi Xuan was not only respectful but also very grateful to Gui Yi Zi .

“You are Nian Nian’s shifu, then you are my shifu!” Feng Yi Xuan thought about it and then said, “Nian Nian and I don’t make any distinction!”

Gui Yi Zi who had just calmed down suddenly exploded again, so angered that his white goatee shook, until he jumped out shouting, “I haven’t agreed! You stinky brat don’t be smug!”

In the shadows, the shadow guards couldn’t help but anxiously cold sweat for Gui Yi Zi . In this world, probably only Miss Lan’s shifu dared to be like this with master, and master must love Miss Lan a great deal to be so respectful to the elder Miss Lan cares for .

“Then how would you agree?” Feng Yi Xuan asked . He knew Nian Nian wished for Gui Yi Zi’s blessing . Besides, if he married Nian Nian and Gui Yi made things difficult for him, Nian Nian will be in an awkward position in the middle .

“Fortunately, Gui Yi Zi didn’t know what Feng Yi Xuan was thinking . Otherwise, they will definitely get into a fight . He didn’t agree yet this brat was already thinking about entering Xiao Nian Nian’s doors? No way!

“Look at your performance, if you dare let Xiao Nian Nian be sad, hmph!” Gui Yi Zi threatened . He could tell Xiao Nian Nian was different with this man . This child worried him the most, now there was someone to protect her, love her, it was better than bearing the responsibilities all by herself .

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Feng Yi Xuan was relieved, understood Gui Yi Zi didn’t dislike him too much . His reputation outside wasn’t that good .

“I will protect Nian Nian!” Feng Yi Xuan said sincerely . This was something he knew he should do .

Gui Yi Zi has lived for many years, has seen a lot of things . He knew the man in front of him was cold and cruel on the surface and the same inside, but once such a person falls in love, then he will pursue through the heavens and earth . This was why he didn’t object . He knew his disciple Gui Yi liked Xiao Nian Nian, but Gui Yi did not have Feng Yi Xuan’s resoluteness . Xiao Nian Nian needed a man who can give up anyone for her . Gui Yi had too many things to consider .

“You spent so much effort to make this old man come to Ming wang manor is for what?” Gui Yi Zi said . He was at Zhen Wei Pavilion tasting some new dishes and was lured here by many shadow guards .

Feng Yi Xuan sat opposite of Gui Yi Zi, his tone was cold, “Nian Nian’s poison… . ”

“Ai!” Gui Yi Zi although he was usually an impish old man when speaking of the poison on Lan You Nian, he will be upset, “It can be said that every time Xiao Nian Nian’s poison activates, it is always dangerous . This old man is currently trying to develop an antidote!”

“What do you need?” Feng Yi Xuan suppressed the exploding coldness in his heart .

Gui Yi Zi knew Ming wang manor most certainly had many previous herbs . Looking at Feng Yi Xuan, he knew he wasn’t an ordinary person, but currently, the prescription hasn’t been wholly assembled, couldn’t help feeling disappointed, “If there is a need, this old man will tell you! But Xiao Nian Nian’s body is very weak right now, this old man will be going back in a few days, you take care of Xiao Nian Nian to be plump, otherwise…”

There was no need for Gui Yi Zi to say this . Feng Yi Xuan also wanted to fatten up Nian Nian a little . Right now holding Nian Nian in his arms was light like a gust of wind, it gave him a feeling that he couldn’t grasp her .

“Shifu, the chefs in the manor can make some delicious food, would shifu like to eat before leaving?” Feng Yi Xuan asked . From Nian Nian, he knew Gui Yi Zi may seem strange, but he was simply an impish old man, and he loves to eat, drink and play .

“Oh? Compared to Zhen Wei Pavilion?” Gui Yi Zi was interested . His mouth was become picky by Xiao Nian Nian, regular foods he won’t even consider .

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“Each has its strong points!” Feng Yi Xuan said without exaggerating . All the chefs in the manor were the best cooks from every place . Before, he didn’t care about these, but now he felt An Yi and them were absolutely right to do this because not only did Gui Yi Zi like, Nian Nian also liked delicious food .

Much later, on the mainland, the highly skilled chefs were nearly all taken into wangfu, only because a certain wangye’s precious treasure loved delicacies .

“Young miss, Elder Gui Yi Zi, eldest young master, second young master, and the rest of them went back!” Lan Qu came into the room to report .

“They all went back?” Lan You Nian asked . She knew shifu needed to go back . Shifu was always worried about her body’s poison . Eldest brother went back for the same reason, to study the poison in her body . Second brother and the others can’t stay in the capital too long . Wu Qing Pavilion still needed people .

“In the capital, third master stayed behind to help young miss . Fifth master is still in Ming army training!” Lan Qu answered . She felt eldest master and the others going back was right because, with young miss’s shifu and senior brothers in the capital, young miss was always more wary, afraid they will get hurt .

“I heard the eldest princess has become neither human nor ghost?” Lan You Nian recalled the rumors she heard in the last few days .

Lan Qu snickered, with quite a bit of gloating, “Yeah, I heard she’s now changed from a beautiful jade girl into an old woman . Most likely she’s been poisoned . But why does this poison seem like the poison third master developed?”

“I think it must be the poisons third master developed, but I don’t know who poisoned the eldest princess!” Lan Qu laughed, towards anyone who hurt their young miss, they don’t like .

“It seems it was fifth brother who did it!” Lan You Nian chuckled . Only fifth brother would be so childish to use this poison .

“How are you so clever?” Feng Yi Xuan walked into the pavilion with praise, his voice filled with his doting towards Lan You Nian .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu saw Feng Yi Xuan walk into the room . The two giggled and then withdrew . They have begun to accept the fact that by young miss’s side there would be a Ming wang . Since Ming wang was together with young miss, young miss’s mood was much better, sometimes also learned to rely on others .

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“It seems this has something to do with you?” Lan You Nian naturally snuggled into Feng Yi Xuan’s arms .

Feng Yi Xuan was very satisfied with Lan You Nian throwing herself into his arms, eyes flashed with a smile, squinting as he picked up Lan You Nian and laid down on the couch, “I won’t let other people hurt you!”

“En!” Lan You Nian believed in the words this man said .

“How did this couch become so much more spacious?” Feng Yi Xuan asked deliberately, but his lips curled upwards .

Lan You Nian didn’t beat around the bush, and admitted it, “I had them change it . Otherwise, you’re always sleeping on that narrow couch, how is it comfortable?”

When Feng Yi Xuan heard Lan You Nian admitting to her care for him, his heart felt as sweet as if he ate honey . He didn’t know how to express his joy, so opened his mouth and took a bite of Lan You Nian’s cheek . Although there wasn’t much force, there was still a slight impression left behind .

Lan You Nian was lightly bitten by Feng Yi Xuan, didn’t feel a bit of pain but felt her cheek was uncomfortably numb, and glared at Feng Yi Xuan, without a good temper, “Why did you bite me? Are you a dog?”

Feng Yi Xuan saw the girl in his arms cute look and couldn’t help laugh, the low laughter traveled into Lan You Nian’s ears .

Feng Yi Xuan put his cheek by Lan You Nian’s mouth, shamelessly said, “Why don’t Nian Nian bite me? If one bite isn’t enough, take a few more bites!”

Lan You Nian couldn’t stand to see his smug look, she really did bite Feng Yi Xuan’s cheek . Although Feng Yi Xuan has been battling many years on the battlefield, his skin was still very good, even more tender and white than a woman’s . Lan You Nian did not have Feng Yi Xuan’s tender-heart for beauty, ruthlessly took a bite . Only when it was almost bleeding did she relinquish .

When she released him, Lan You Nian had some regret . How can she be so willful in front of Feng Yi Xuan? She even hurt him .

Feng Yi Xuan didn’t even make a sound nor did he dodge, when Lan You Nian let go, he was still smiling, “Have you vented your anger?”

“You!” Lan You Nian saw on Feng Yi Xuan’s handsome face there was a bite mark and was speechless, with him looking like this, where was there any dignity? She hurriedly took out an ointment and applied it, “I bite you, you just let me bite . Look at you, how can you go out tomorrow?”

Feng Yi Xuan allowed Lan You Nian to smear the ointment on him, with much enjoyment, “Just go out like this . As long as it was given by you, it’s all good!”

Lan You Nian now understood Feng Yi Xuan somewhat . She was certain Feng Yi Xuan will really swagger through the streets wearing this bite, eagerly wanting many people to know it was she who bit him . This man, on the surface, he had deep thoughts and high martial arts, but when he faced her, he was just like a child .

“No! Xuan, if you dare to go out like this, you don’t need to sleep on this couch anymore!” Lan You Nian threatened .

Feng Yi Xuan suddenly pressed Lan You Nian under him, happily asked, “Don’t sleep on the couch, can I sleep on your bed?” He really liked the feeling of Nian Nian sleeping in his arms, as if his empty heart has been overfilled .

“Not good!” Lan You Nian rejected . Although her young body can’t do anything and Feng Yi Xuan was considerate of her, won’t do anything to her, but she wasn’t a girl who didn’t understand anything . Sometimes when they were too intimate, this man’s heavy breathing, she was completely aware of .

Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian with some disappointment, but he won’t cause Nian Nian to be angry, so said, “Before this mark disappears, I will wear a mask?”

Lan You Nian thought about it and thought it was good, and nodded .

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