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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:21 PM
Chapter 116

116 Discovering the Poison

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June 6, 2019
Gui Yi and the other brothers stood outside the door just like how it was every month back in the Medical Valley . While their little junior sister was being tormented by the poison in the room, they can only guard her from outside the room, listening to her whimpers .

Lying in bed, Lan You Nian’s entire body was wracked with pain . She was in so much pain that she was curled up on herself . As if in a trance, Lan You Nian can even feel her soul was about to leave her body . There was no place on her body that didn’t hurt . That unbearable pain in her heart caused Lan You Nian to pick up the dagger and slash it across her arm .

However, the pain made Lan You Nian feel even fainter . Taking the knife, she cut herself again . Lan You Nian’s nails dug into the open wound on her arm . Only when the pain in her arm became too painful could it transfer the pain from her heart to physical pain .

The blood stained Lan You Nian’s white dress . The pain caused Lan You Nian to be in a cold sweat . Her face was scarily pale, but her mind was very much awake . This was all thanks to Gui Yi’s pills .

Zhang Lin saw a group of people heading towards You Nian Pavilion, instantly walked up to the pavilion and said to Lan Qu, “Many people from the banquet are heading over here, I’m afraid they want to come !” Zhang Lin and the others knew everything besides the fact that Lan You Nian was Master Wu Qing .

“What?” Gui Er roared, “Little junior sister is so weak right now how can we let these people come in!? I’ll go kill them!”

Gui Er said this and was ready to charge out but was stopped by Gui San, “Use your brain, don’t make trouble for little junior sister . If killing people can solve the problem, why would little junior sister return here?”

“Perhaps there is something in her heart she can’t let go of yet!” Gui Yi answered . After all, this was little junior sister’s home .

“Then what should we do?” Gui Er’s tone wasn’t good as he tugged at his long hair, both worried about the little junior sister in the room and angry at the people outside .

Which one of them weren’t worried? Because this poisonous was too strong, if they weren’t careful, it will lead to death, so every time Lan You Nian’s poison awakens, it was having walked back through the Gate of Hell . If she can’t tough it out, then it was death . This kind of waiting made them all restless .

“We’ll just guard here not allowing anyone to go in!” Gui Wu huffed with his babyface . The babyface was no longer that white skin but has darkened a lot . Because of this Gui Yi and the others have teased him for a while .

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“That would only backfire” Gui Si hardened his face without any expression, but the worry in his eyes was obvious, “If we allow unrelated people to know little junior sister’s weakness, there will be trouble in the future!”

“Several young masters, this servant this the young masters should hide first!” Lan Qu suggested, “If there is someone who is ill intentions towards young miss, then young masters can appear . If there’s nothing, it’s for the best . And young miss doesn’t look like she wants to drag Medical Valley into the court matters!”

Gui Yi and the others all knew Lan Qu has their little junior sister’s trust and her words were reasonable . Although they wouldn’t neglect little junior sister’s problems nor were they afraid of the dirtiness of the court but their little junior sister’s good intentions, they will not waste . Otherwise, if little junior sister knew who knew how worried she would be . After all, the pugilistic world and the court was still separate and shouldn’t be connected .

Lan Qu suddenly fell down on her knees in front of Gui Yi and the others, “This servant knows the young master’s goodness towards young miss, but young miss also wishes to protect the young masters . Please ask the young masters to think twice…”

Lan Qu was afraid Gui Yi and the others won’t be able to stop themselves from killing those people outside . It won’t only bring trouble to young miss, but it will also destroy all young miss’s hopes of protecting the young masters and Medical Valley . Then everything will be messed up .

Hearing the footsteps in the distance getting closer and closer, Gui Yi and others glanced at the pavilion then looked at Lan Qu begging on the ground, and all hid themselves .

“Lan Qu?” Lan You Nian called to Lan Qu, her voice was too light as if there wasn’t any, but Lan Qu heard it . Gui Yi and the others also heard it .

“Young miss!” Lan Qu’s sniffled as she walked into the pavilion, but only stood outside to wait .

“Tell Zhang Lin, let them in!” Lan You Nian’s voice filled with pain .

Although Lan Qu didn’t want these people to disturb young miss but knew young miss had her own ideas . Besides, young miss was always stubborn . She’s afraid the more the people can’t bear to see young miss living well, the more healthy young miss will appear in front of everyone . “General!” Zhang Lin greeted Lan Jian Jun .

“En, is Nian’er well?” Lan Jian Jun gave Zhang Lin a look, if daughter wasn’t sick, then it will provide him with preparation, so it wouldn’t cause gossip .

Zhang Lin thought of what Lan Qu said to him, “Replying to the general, young miss is only feeling a little discomfort!”

“Oh, since she’s only uncomfortable, then I can be assured,” Then looked at the crowd, “Since daughter is fine, everyone shouldn’t worry, let’s go, accompany this general to drink!”

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Lan Jian Jun couldn’t be confident if daughter was uncomfortable or she simply wasn’t willing to see him, but he will do as she wished . IF daughter didn’t want to see him today, then he will leave . He will never do the same thing he did in the past .

“Master, since we’ve already come, let’s look at Third miss . Otherwise, this concubine won’t feel at ease . How could everyone else be at ease?” An yiniang said, unwilling to give in . She didn’t believe that Lan You Nian was genuinely ill . How could there be such a coincidence? Although not everyone came, the young masters, young miss, and matrons who were in a good relationship with Lan manor were all here, and there was several wangye, how can she let go of such a good opportunity?

“Yeah, since we all came, we should go in and see her, otherwise how can everyone be at ease?” A noble matron said . She wasn’t someone from An yiniang’s side, but she felt sympathetic for this pitiful girl . She felt Lan You Nian has never had a mother since she was little so there probably wasn’t anyone to take care of her .

The group of people entered You Nian Pavilion . A pavilion right beside the water reflected the green pines and cypresses; fake mountain with jagged rocks, flower beds and flower pots, vines and bamboo, embellished within . Everyone thought as they followed Lan Jian Jun over that this place was quite isolated and You Nian Pavilion was just ordinary but didn’t expect the scenery to be so beautiful .

Since this was a woman’s residence, everyone stayed in the courtyard to admire the beautiful view, didn’t get closer to the pavilion .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu came down from the pavilion and greeted the crowd . Their manners were appropriate but not inferior, even nobler compared to many ladies present . Everyone couldn’t help but think highly of Lan You Nian .

“General Lan,” Lan Qu pretended to not know, “Don’t know why has everyone come to You Nian Pavilion?”

“Does master need a reason to come to third miss’s place? How come third miss’s servant girl doesn’t know any manners?” An yiniang rebuked .

Lan Qu didn’t refute . Right now in their heart, they were completely filled with worry about young miss’s poison, so towards such words, Lan Qu didn’t put it to heart, nor was there her usual hot temper .

“Third sister? Father and each wangye and young master heard third sister was feeling uncomfortable so specially came to see, why hasn’t third sister come out?” Lan Ya deliberately asked in shock, but her words were filled with the disdain towards Lan You Nian’s inappropriate behavior .

“Young miss doesn’t feel well today, this servant already told General Lan . What do you mean to ask this now?” Lan Qu raised her head, asking . Lan Ya’s tone everyone understood .

“What sickness can cause her not to get up? Then I want to go see third sister!” Lan Ya said ready to go into the pavilion .

Everyone couldn’t help be suspicious . After all, so many people came to see Lan You Nian, if she wasn’t seriously ill, she should come out to greet them, otherwise isn’t it disappointing everyone’s good intentions?

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“Ai, this third young miss’s temper is really strange, even if she isn’t satisfied with the master, you, she can’t refuse to see the guests” An yiniang wanted to say more, but she saw Lan Jian Jun’s murderous eyes on her . An yiniang was certain if she continued on, Lan Jian Jun would kill her .

An yiniang couldn’t help feeling pained . After so many years of being husband and wife, even just a little slandering of that slut wasn’t allowed, no, she must let her own children obtain Lan manor, she won’t let go of that Lan You Nian .

“Young miss!” Lan Wu and Lan Qu gave a shout . Everyone looked up and saw Lan You Nian walking out of the pavilion .

Lan Qu and Lan Wu hastily ran over to support Lan You Nian . They can detect the trembling of Lan You Nian’s body and the heavy scent of blood under the white cloak . Both of their eyes reddened but still helped Lan You Nian walk down the stairs of the pavilion .

Lan You Nian gave a greeting to everyone and Lan Jian Jun, “Thank you, everyone, for your concern, this girl is infected with typhoid fever and is afraid of infecting others so, please excuse me!”

Everyone saw Lan You Nian’s skin that was not covered up by the veil . It was unusually white, and there was cold sweat on her forehead . Then looking at the frail seemingly as if a gust of wind can blow her over, more or less everyone felt sympathetic and felt An yiniang was being too aggressive . The other person was being considerate, not wanting others to suffer the same illness . How come this An yiniang doesn’t believe?

“Do you feel well? Do you need a doctor to take a look?” Lan Jian Jun could tell that his daughter was really sick and asked with concern .

In the crowd, Feng Yi Xuan’s fist clenched . The hand was already starting to drip with blood . He didn’t expect that Nian Nian was actually sick . Suddenly, he remembered the last time Nian Nian got ill, in this… .

“Thanks for everyone’s concern, today this girl doesn’t feel well . I’m afraid I can’t entertain our guests!” Lan You Nian curtsied, “Today is General Lan’s birthday banquet . I hope everyone’s mood won’t be disturbed by this girl!”

“Of course not!” Everyone was understanding, “Lan third miss stands for all woman, not only talented but highly cultured as well!”

All varieties of praises rang in the courtyard . Gui Yi and the other broths hidden in the shadows started to desire to kill . Another person had the same desire, and that was Feng Yi Xuan .

Lan Jian Jun said to the crowd, “Today thank you for giving face to this general and coming, daughter is sick so I won’t be accompanying everyone . Uncle Lan, take everyone to wander around the manor!” After all, the banquet is over so everyone can leave .

Everyone knew General Lan was worried, so they all left with Uncle Lan . Before they left, they still praised Lan You Nian .

Now You Nian Pavilion was only left with Lan You Nian’s friends and Lan Jian Jun . Lan Qu and Lan Wu instantly helped their young miss to return to the pavilion . Feng Yi Xuan was going to help Lan You Nian when Lan You Nian suddenly fell to the ground, spewing a mouthful of blood .

Everyone was shocked . Lan You Nian’s twin hands trembled as they took down the veil . Lan Jian Jun saw his daughter’s real face, but at this time he was worried about why Lan You Nian will vomit blood .

Feng Yi Xuan was going to pick up Lan You Nian when five men appeared in front of Lan You Nian . Gui Wu ran to Lan You Nian’s side and called worriedly, “Little junior sister!”

Meanwhile, Gui Yi and the others were also panicked as they shouted, “Little junior sister!” Gui Yi instantly picked up Lan You Nian . Everyone can see clearly Lan You Nian’s face was too pale, without any blood in her face . Her lips were already bitten until it was unbearable to look at .

Feng Yi Xuan went forward but was blocked by Gui Si, even Lan Mo Xian and Hua Mu Qing who wanted to get closer, Lan Qu and Lan Wu drew their swords and pointed at them .

Gui Yi took Lan You Nian into the pavilion, and then came out to join the others outside, refusing to let anyone enter .

“Move!” Feng Yi Xuan suddenly shot out his hand . He knew these people were Nian Nian’s senior brothers but thinking about Nian Nian’s appearance, he couldn’t bear the pain in his heart .

Feng Yi Xuan’s held a simple long sword . His ink hair fluttered . As if a god facing Gui Yi and the others, his expression remained unchanged . Each technique was capable of taking their lives . On the handsome face, where his sword eyebrows met with his hair, there hung a drop of blood, like soul-stirring blooming spider lily, making his entire person full of demonic charm .

When Feng Xia Qi and the others saw Feng Yi Xuan’s movement, they too attacked Gui Er and the others . They were worried about Lan You Nian . Not to mention, if they didn’t allow Feng Yi Xuan to see Lan You Nian, he probably will kill everyone here .

In You Nian Pavilion, you could only see several figures colliding with each other, the sounds of swords clashing broke through the air, the surrounding trees collapsed, even taking along the fluctuations of internal force, shocking Zhang Lin and the others into blood surging, this, was the showdown between masters!

Gui Yi and the others, although they had good martial arts, there were only a couple of them . Feng Yi Xuan’s martial arts were was very high, and An Yi and the rest of them already showed up . Within moments, Gui Yi and the others were forced onto the ground by Feng Yi Xuan, vomiting blood . Although Feng Yi Xuan was already going mad, he didn’t cause them any life-threatening injuries . Lan Wu and Lan Qu were defeated by Lan Mo Xian .

Feng Yi Xuan shoved open You Nian Pavilion’s already demolished by the internal force door, then his entire body was frozen there . The people behind him were shocked frozen .

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