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Published at 30th of June 2019 09:03:45 PM
Chapter 103

103 Gui Yi Comes to the Capital

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May 20, 2019
Today she heard big brother was coming to the capital . Lan You Nian got up early and flew out of Lan manor ready to see big brother, but Lan You Nian had yet to leave Lan manor before she stood there frozen… .

Today Feng Yi Xuan wore a black embroidered robe, the heavy black made Feng Yi Xuan seem domineering . You could only seeing his tall body, his skin white, his facial features were distinct and profound, like a Greek sculpture, dark and deep chilly eyes, wild and unconstrained, wicked and sexy .

“Nian Nian…” Feng Yi Xuan called out softly to Lan You Nian who flew out of Lan manor .

Here again, here again, how many time is this? Lan You Nian even suspected that this man has been waiting outside the manor for her . Otherwise why else would every time she wanted to leave, she would bump into this man . Every single time this man would always call her name so intimately, making her belly full of anger unable to vent .

“Ming wang daren, you have nothing to do?” Lan You Nian’s forehead bulged with a vein .

“Xuan…” Feng Yi Xuan said stubbornly . He liked Nian Nian calling his name so intimately, making him feel itchy and warm inside .

“Alright, Xuan, do you have nothing to do? No matter what you’re a country’s wangye, and you control military power okay?” Lan You Nian dragged out a fake smile .

“Nothing, not busy” Feng Yi Xuan looked at Lan You Nian and continued, “Nian Nian important!”

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And currently at wang manor dealing with the mountain of affairs was An Yi and the others . In their hearts, they couldn’t help but start to complain . The manor’s affairs was simply too much, but their master still went to chase their matriarch, oppress them to the point they were almost going crazy . If they knew Feng Yi Xuan said he wasn’t busy, they will surely vomit blood .

“Uh…” Lan You Nian felt she couldn’t communicate with this Feng Yi Xuan at all . She had some strange feelings towards Feng Yi Xuan so now if she can avoid then she will avoid . She was afraid if she wasn’t careful she will get sucked into Feng Yi Xuan’s warmth .

Lan You Nian didn’t pay attention to Feng Yi Xuan and prepared to leave but she noticed Feng Yi Xuan kept walking beside her, finally…

“What do you want?” Lan You Nian’s little face frowned shouting at Feng Yi Xuan, but that expression was bursting with cuteness, making Feng Yi Xuan’s lips smile even more gently .

“Nian Nian, be my wangfei!” Feng Yi Xuan said seriously, then nodded to himself, “I Feng Yi xuan’s only wangfei, the treasure of my whole life!” His voice was clear and mellow, as if transparent jade rapping against the finest blue and white porcelain, making Lan You Nian completely numb .

“I reject!” Lan You Nian snapped in annoyance . She almost lost herself in Feng Yi Xuan’s words, fortunately she woke up quickly . She didn’t expect Feng Yi Xuan to be using beauty trap .

Although hearing Lan You Nian’s rejection, Feng Yi Xuan was a little upset but didn’t even consider giving up chasing Lan You Nian . He only wanted to hug Nan Nian but when he saw that uncovered face and those pink lips, Feng Yi Xuan suddenly thought of the kiss that night . Instantly his mouth dried, pulled over Lan You Nian and kissed her . He didn’t deepen only licked Lan You Nian’s lips, then Feng Yi Xuan seemed to be like a child who received candy as he happily pledged, “You are mine, can only be mine!”

“Then what about you?” Lan You Nian’s grape-black eyes flashed, curled eyelashes flickered, exquisite face bloomed with a splendid smile, her posture graceful as she raised her head to look at Feng Yi Xuan .

“I am yours, person is yours, heart is yours!” Feng Yi Xuan’s sculpted deep and perfect face lifted with a smile, deep amber eyes were filled with softness .

Lan You Nian’s eyes flashed, retracted her gaze and removed Feng Yi Xuan’s arms from around her, “I still have stuff to take care of . . ” Then left . Behind her Feng Yi Xuan didn’t follow . He understood Nian Nian’s meaning . Everyone needed their own personal space . His Nian Nian was the same, so he will not interfere with what she wanted to do nor will he stop her . He only wanted Nian Nian’s heart to be completely be filled with him, this way he won’t be so worried about his wins and losses .

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Lan You Nian came to Wu Qing Medical Hall . She did not enter from the main entrance, instead she flew in from the third floor window . Before she entered she heard big brother and third brother’s voice .

“Gui Yi, why are you in the capital? You don’t come often to the Medical Hall?” Gui San squinted his eyes asking, felt displeasure in his heart . Some time ago he received shifu’s news saying Gui Wu came, and now Gui Yi came too, this was blatantly fighting him for little junior sister .

“Little junior sister is in the capital, I as her big brother of course must come!” Gui Yi continued to play with the herbs in his hands, tone was very light .

“It’s enough with me this third brother, no need for you to come!” Gui San swayed his fan disdainfully .

Such a dispute was commonplace for Lan You Nian . Every time the senior brothers and shifu would always fight, the center of their dispute was herself because they all believed she was still young, still a child . So from when she was young, from very start, they fought over who took care of her then it became who would go with her to wander the pugilistic world . In the medical hall, sometimes if it got serious, they even got into fights over it . Then they will be punished by shifu, then shifu will triumphantly look at her saying, “Xiao Nian Nian, shifu is smart right?”

After five years, from being defensive in the beginning to the later acceptance and the caring of now, Lan You Nian truly considered them family . Shifu was like a childish grandfather and the senior brother they really were like her own brothers . Lan You Nian sometimes think, is it because in the previous life her family were too cruel so the Heavens allowed her to have such a family in this life . She in the future will protect them like they protected her . She Lan You Nian did not allow anyone to hurt the people she cared for .

“Who?” Gui San’s folding fan in his hand snapped towards the window Lan You Nian was at . At this moment Gui San’s face did not have his usual smile, his eyebrows were shadowed by ruthlessness . This was Gui San’s real self .

Lan You Nian avoided the attack of Gui San’s folding fan . Other people thought Gui San was too flashy so whether spring summer fall or winter he always carried a folding fan . She knew this was not only a folding Fan, it was Gui San’s weapon, a weapon that never left his body, a weapon that can take lives .

“Third brother wants to bully Nian’er, big brother you have to protect Nian’er !” Lan You Nian jumped into the room, grinning at Gui Yi and Gui San .

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The two were scared by Lan You Nian, Gui San instantly retrieved his folding fan said seriously, “Little junior sister why don’t you say anything, what if I hurt you?”

Even Gui Yi who usually pampered Lan You Nian was panicked, “Little junior sister is becoming more naughty . Always never serious! You can’t be like this next time understand?”

Lan You Nian smiled warmly, that was the smile that was shown to other people, no, when in front of Feng YI Xuan she will have such a smile, a smile without any alienation . It made people’s heart warm as if exposed to the sun .

“Is Nian’er so weak? So easy to hurt?” Lan You Nian self-deprecatorily smiled, in fact her martial arts was much better than them, but it was not as good as fourth brother . Everyone had their own strengths, Lan You Nian worked hard to let her learn more and more accurately, but didn’t force herself to be first .

“Hmph! Speaking of this I’m angry . Which time you came back from outside you weren’t hurt?!” Gui San said and wanted to take his folding fan to knock Lan You Nian’s little head, but seeing Lan You Nian’s small frail, pitiful look, he couldn’t bear to lay his hands down, his heart ached .

Since the start of creating Wu Qing Pavilion, there was always some friction with some other sects . Many people wanted to obliterate her, so at the start of Wu Qing Pavilion’s creation, Lan You Nian was always hurt . Then she would return to Medical Valley ordered to nurse back her health .

“That is before, now it won’t happen!” Lan You Nian said . It was true, a year before she didn’t get hurt anymore since she also retired from the surface of Wu Qing Pavilion . Now many things were taken care of by the several senior brothers, Lan Feng, and Lan Ren . She was just the owner who did none of the work .

“Big brother why are you in the capital?” Lan You Nian asked curiously . Don’t just look at Gui Yi’s surface as if he couldn’t be bothered by this noisy world . In fact he was a busy person . Medical Velley needed him to take care of, her Wu Qing Pavilion needed him to manage, and because her body’s poison regularly needed many medicines to suppress to make up for the loss of the body . Those precious herbs they didn’t have on hand so needed him to personally pick . He was always busy collecting those herbs everywhere . Although they don’t see often but Lan You Nian’s heart warmed thinking of this brother .

“Shifu is worried, everyone is worried about you!” Gui Yi was still the same, his words were still gentle and ethereal, “And Gui Wu also came, don’t know if he’ll give you trouble!”

“You don’t need to worry about Gui Wu, he is in a good place” Lan You Nian thought of what Feng YI Xuan said to her about Gui Wu’s misery, more or less felt it was funny . No wonder fifth brother didn’t look for her, after all, being tanned so black would hurt fith brother’s self esteem .

“Oh? Where can he stay?” Gui Yi asked curiously, after all Gui Wu ’s personality was exuberant . Beside Lan You Nian, he simply couldn’t stay in one place .

“En, he’s in Ming army accepting training,” Lan You Nian walked over to Gui Yi to help Gui Yi arrange the herbs .

“What? Ming army?” Gui Sa cried in surprise, Ming army’s existence was not known by a lot of people . But if people with a little power know that Ming army was Ming wang Feng Yi Xuan’s exclusive army . The numbers weren’t large, only a thousand but every one of them can defend against ten . Within them were endless talents . But if you wanted to enter Ming army was difficult . Even if you wanted to find Ming army’s training base, it would be impossible . .

“En, hasn’t fifth brother always had this wish? This is a kind of exercise!” Lan You Nian smiled in reply .

“Little junior sister, you know Ming wang?” Gui Yi put down the herbs in his hands, his expression calm .

“En, know!” Lan You Nian answered directly but Gui Yi and Gui San who understood saw a glimmer of light in Lan You Nian’s usual indifferent eyes . Gui Yi felt depressed inside, and Gui San was full of worry .

“What is your relationship?” Gui San asked directly . Between brother and sister, they did not need make roundabout questions to try to cover up or feel each other out .

“What does third brother think? Just a step closer than friends, that’s all . I know you worry about Nian’er, Nian’er understands!” Lan You Nian’s gaze was clear as she looked at Gui San, her gaze firm .

How could Gui Yi and Gui San not know what their little junior sister was like . She saw things much more clearly than them and much farther . If little junior sister really had someone she liked, that was her choice . They couldn’t interfere nor can they interfere .

When Lan You Nian left, Gui San looked at the absent minded Gui Yi, “Gui Yi…”

“No need to say it . I understand . Whoever little junior sister is together with in the future, I will bless them . I only want her to be happy! Even if that person isn’t me!” Gui Yi’s ethereal temperament mixed with melancholy .

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