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Chapter 683 - Plundering Chapters of Order

“It’s complicated. Just add them into the guild. They’ll be reporting directly to me,” Nie Yan said. He gave Guo Huai a brief explanation. He had no way of clarifying the situation. After picking up the clues, Guo Huai immediately understood Nie Yan was in some sort of special circumstance that didn’t allow him to talk freely.

Nie Yan’s status as a member of Heavenly Kings was a secret. He wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

Guo Huai registered Wang Duo and the others to the guild. After exchanging a few words with Nie Yan, he took his leave; he was a busy man. Nie Yan could handle the rest.

Like this, Wang Duo and the others could be considered real members of Asskickers United. Nie Yan had some of the guild’s top elites spar with them. After which he confirmed six of them could attempt their class advancement quest straight away. As for the rest, they weren’t up to snuff yet.

Nie Yan outfitted Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and four others with the best equipment from the guild treasury. On top of this, he provided them some information and tips for class advancing.

The knowledge on reaching Master Classes was limited. Nie Yan had written down his own experiences from both lifetimes plus everything he’d learned from Xie Yao, Sun, Lei Su, and a few others who’d successfully class advanced. The data slowly became more comprehensive. This information was something only a scarce few people in Asskickers United really grasped. Nevertheless, the nuggets of enlightenment would be immensely beneficial to those looking to reach their respective Master Class. With this information, Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the rest would have a much easier time class advancing.

“Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and you four, take this resource guide I’ve compiled and go do your class advancement quest. The rest of you, come with me to hunt skeletons!” Nie Yan said. Even though Mo Yuntian wanted his help to help them increase their synchronization rate, it was still early. There was no need to rush.

Wang Duo, Lin Yi, and the other four packed up some essentials, then set off to do their class advancement quests.

At this time, Lei Su finally arrived.

Nie Yan had also summoned Sun, Bladelight, Xie Yao, and Tang Yao. They were all going to hunt skeletons together!

If Qin Han wasn’t going to do anything, they would take the initiative to attack. They would shave away at as many of his forces as possible and not give him any time to expand. 

Nie Yan was just about to set off with his team, when Guo Huai rushed over to report that their players had discovered Vorderman and Qin Han in the Holy Mountain to the east of Calore. They seemed anxious to retrieve something inside the mountain. A 50-member team had been levelling nearby when they were ambushed by the bone dragon. In the end, only a few Thieves escaped.

Asskickers United’s players had watched videos of Qin Han before. So, they quickly identified him.

Qin Han? What’s he doing at the Holy Mountain? Nie Yan knitted his brows. The Holy Mountain was located to the far east of Calore. It was nowhere near the region the skeleton army was occupying. That place was within the Temple of Light’s sphere of power. It was rumoured the temple had erected several shrines deep inside the mountain. However, this was an old legend. Few players knew the exact locations of the shrines.

But Qin Han wouldn’t appear in a place like the Holy Mountain for something as simple as levelling!

“Nie Yan, what are you planning to do? Should we send out a few people to take him out?” Guo Huai asked. Sending some Thieves to assassinate Qin Han was a fairly simple matter.

“No need, I’ll go there myself.” Nie Yan’s sixth sense was tingling. He didn’t feel assured sending someone else to do this job.

Out of everyone in Asskickers United, Nie Yan was definitely the most suitable person for this task.

“Alright, but be careful. Qin Han has that powerful Necromancer beside him. If you encounter any danger, you have to get out quickly.” Guo Huai gazed at Nie Yan with a look of concern.

“Don’t worry.” Nie Yan smiled.

Sun, Bladelight, and the others were chatting about the latest news coming out of the Vengeance of the Undead expansion while waiting for Nie Yan. When they saw him turn back to them, they stopped talking.

“Sun, Bladelight, I’ll have you two lead everyone in clearing the skeletons. Make sure you don’t get into a drawn out battle with them. Get out as soon as you feel like you’ll be surrounded,” Nie Yan said. He felt at ease leaving Sun and Bladelight in charge of the team. After knowing them for so long, he had great faith in their abilities.

“Alright, don’t worry. You can leave it to us.” Bladelight smiled

“Big Brother, do you want me to come with you?” Sun asked. They all knew Nie Yan was heading for the Holy Mountain.

“It’s okay. I’ll be fine by myself.” Nie Yan shook his head.

After bidding farewell to everyone, Nie Yan left Calore and dashed toward the Holy Mountain.

Seeing Nie Yan’s back disappearing behind a corner, Bladelight and the others set off to clear skeletons.

While Nie Yan was making his way toward the Holy Mountain, he was also in a chat group with Lei Su, Wang Duo, and the others. He was telling them about his own enlightenment regarding the Master Classes. He hoped they could glean something from his guidance and improve their strength.

Nie Yan’s understanding of the synchronization rate in regards to Master Classes was still shallow. He didn’t have a clear idea or concept in his head. He could only try to impart his knowledge as best as he could. As for whether the trainees would gain anything from it, that would depend on their own comprehension and luck.

After patiently listening to Nie Yan’s explanations, Lei Su, Wang Duo, and the others had reaped a lot. When there was time, they would start practicing.

Afterwards, under Bladelight and Sun’s leadership, they started hunting skeletons. They were a group of top experts. So, their mobbing speed was quite fast, not to mention they were applying guerrilla tactics. They were taking full advantage of the Hyperlink Rings and the Arcane Mage’s Teleport Gate spell to come and go as they pleased.

With Sun serving as the marker and scouting around the map, as soon as it looked like their team was about to be surrounded, Tang Yao would teleport to him with the Hyperlink Ring. He would then open up a Teleport Gate for the other members to follow. Like this, they achieved full team teleportation, allowing them to easily move around to any corner of the map and evade the encirclement of the skeletons. They would strike the skeletons with powerful AoE magic, inflicting heavy losses to the skeleton army, while the enemy couldn’t do anything to them.


Meanwhile. in a densely forested area in the Holy Mountain, a team of 20 players were grinding mobs. Leading them was a large and tall Warrior who was built like an ox. He was Level 98 and clad in Level 100 twinked gear. Apart from those freaks in Asskickers United, he was considered fairly strong among ordinary players. His skin was black and glossy. He was a player from Africa. The other team members were also from various parts of the world. They were international students studying in China. So, they chose to converse in Chinese.

“10 minutes, guys. We must get there fast. Can’t have boss stolen,” the Warrior anxiously said. His Chinese clearly wasn’t fluent.

“Boss, almost there! 1,000 meters at most!”

They made their way forward. Suddenly, a dragon roar shook the entire forest. A powerful pressure bore down on them, stifling their breathing.

“What happening?” The Warrior’s face paled.

The sky darkened. An enormous bone dragon descended from the air.

The entire group lost their heads in fear.

“My jesus god! B-b-bone dragon!”

“Run! Everyone run!”

These players immediately scattered like frightened rats. Seeing the enormous bone dragon, the idea of fighting back never even crossed their minds. It was simply too powerful. They were absolutely no match for this kind of frightening existence.

Everyone fled in different directions. In their hearts, they were simply trying to save their lives. If any of them died, that person could only blame their bad luck. 

The Warrior discovered the bone dragon’s target was him. He suddenly recalled the two items in his bag. His face paled. No matter what, he couldn’t let himself be killed!

Seeing the bone dragon pouncing over, he took out an Unknown Transfer Scroll and crushed it. With a flash of light, he teleported away.

After escaping with an Unknown Transfer Scroll, his body relaxed. He was in the clear.

However, the moment he’d crushed the Unknown Transfer Scroll, a figure walked out from behind a tree. It was Necromancer Vorderman!

Vorderman waved his staff. A powerful fluctuation rippled out through space.

The Warrior who had teleported away suddenly found himself pulled back to his original spot. He looked around in a daze, discovering he hadn’t gone anywhere. Normally, something like this would never happen!

Before he realized what happened, the enormous bone dragon came down on him. Its claws gripped tightly on his body.

The Warrior wailed out in pain as he was directly crushed to death, transforming into a ray of light. He dropped a piece of equipment along with two other items.

After killing the Warrior, the bone dragon took to the skies and continued pursuing the other players.

A second figure walked out from behind the trees. It was Qin Han. He walked over to the corpse of the Warrior and collected the loot.

One piece of equipment and two thin pieces of papyrus. The latter let out a faint, holy light, which evoked a sense of loathing in Qin Han. He examined the two items. Written on their surfaces were the words, “Book of Order.”

“This is the seventh chapter. Vorderman, are you certain we have to collect these things? I can’t even use them.” Qin Han turned to the cloaked Vorderman in the distance.

“Yes. When you’ve collected all the chapters from the Book of Order, I’ll teach you how to deal with them,” Vorderman replied. His voice was hoarse and sharp, like the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

“Alright, I’ll believe you again this time,” Qin Han said in a deep voice.

Vorderman’s eyes flickered behind his cloak. He didn’t say anything else.

Qin Han and Vorderman headed toward the depths of the Holy Mountain, disappearing behind the trees.

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