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Chapter 668 - Swept Away

Song Chen coldly snorted. Who did Nie Yan think he was, War God Lei Su? Even Lei Su wasn’t so full of himself to think he could take on so many people at once!

Nie Yan was simply courting death!

“Teach this brat a lesson! Let him know his place!” Song Chen crossed his arms like he was about to watch a show play out.

With so many of them, even if all of them only struck Nie Yan once, he would still end up heavily injured if not dead.

“Hmm… Interesting. Do you want me to come over and help?” a voice rang out from a corner of the gymnasium.

Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Song Chen looked over to the source of the voice and saw a man leisurely leaning against a window.

“Why are you here?” Nie Yan asked in surprise, his eyes landing on none other than Bayonet.

Bayonet was truly like a ghost, suddenly appearing out of nowhere. Even Nie Yan had no idea when he got here.

“Your old man no longer requires my services. So, he had me go back to you,” Bayonet said with a faint smile. Father Nie Yan had recruited many retired experts, making his job pretty cushy.

“How did this guy get in here?” Song Chen knitted his brows. Bayonet’s sudden appearance caused a feeling of danger to sprout in his heart.

“I don’t know.” The other fourth years shook their heads in bewilderment.

No one had noticed Bayonet’s arrival.

“It’s fine. I can handle them myself.” Nie Yan waved his hand.

Bayonet nodded. He had a good understanding of Nie Yan’s personality. He wouldn’t try showing off without being assured of his victory. 

Song Chen gazed at Nie Yan who still remained calm and composed despite being surrounded by so many people. The feeling of uneasiness in his heart only grew stronger. He suddenly felt the urge to back out.

But if he retreated like that, he would lose all face. Song Chen was at an impasse.

We have the absolute advantage in terms of numbers! Song Chen reassured himself. All 36 of them were elites of the mech combat faculty. Each and every one of them had gone through harsh training, and quite a few among them were only second to Lei Su. Nie Yan was merely a freshman. He refused to believe Nie Yan could do anything against them. He started suspecting Nie Yan and Bayonet were bluffing to get them to back off. If that were the case, those two were really looking down on them!

Song Chen raised his hand and gave the signal. “Go! Beat the living shit out of him! If anything happens, I’ll take care of it!”

Of course, Song Chen didn’t actually dare to kill anyone in the Top Military Academy. However, he had no qualms about heavily injuring Nie Yan.

Song Chen’s lackeys circled in on Nie Yan.

Nie Yan readied himself, preparing for a fierce and bloody battle.

The tension in the atmosphere was palpable. Song Chen and the others were about to pounce in for the kill when—BANG! The gymnasium doors were kicked open. A large number of students flooded in and sealed off the perimeter. There were about 400 people in total.

Song Chen’s group never expected so many people to come to Nie Yan’s rescue. They were instantly frozen in shock. Raising their vigilance, their eyes shifted warily between Nie Yan and these new uninvited visitors.

Though these students varied in age and build, they all carried the same air of confidence about them. They clearly weren’t a group to be provoked. 

“Song Chen, these guys are from Azure Windchime!” one of the fourth years in the mech combat faculty cried out in shock.

At this moment, Xu Yan, Xia Tianyu, Fei Zhe, and the rest came rushing in too.

“Boss, are you alright?” Xu Yan asked anxiously.

Nie Yan shrugged, “I’m fine.”

A dozen or so students came rushing forward from behind Xu Yan.

“Boss! You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”


The students from Azure Windchime greeted Nie Yan respectfully, visible excitement in their eyes.

Nie Yan gazed at these people. Based on some distinct features, he could identify some of them. The one who rushed to the front with the restless and anxious attitude was Undying Scoundrel. The tall, elegant, and dignified beauty behind him was Painted Muslin. Behind her were Lustboy, Natural Fiend, Edgeless, Monochrome, and many others.

Nie Yan couldn’t identify all of them, but he could roughly tell who was who.

Edgeless was tall and hulking. As he moved his neck and wrists, his various bones let out popping sounds akin to stir-frying chestnuts.

“A bunch of trash! How dare you bother our boss? You must be tired of living!” Edgeless sneered.

Song Chen’s group instantly fell into a disadvantage. Given they were outnumbered more than 10 to one, they were doomed no matter what they did.

With Edgeless and the others referring to Nie Yan as boss, a thought suddenly crossed Song Chen’s mind. His face instantly paled. He rigidly turned his head to stare at Nie Yan. Could it be that this first year was actually Nirvana Flame? A bomb—no, rather a nuke had just been dropped on him! His mind went blank. Suddenly, he felt like he was the most unfortunate person alive.

The others in Song Chen’s group were also lamenting their bad luck. Azure Windchime was undoubtedly one of the most powerful clubs in the Top Military Academy, and they had just provoked Nirvana Flame! No wonder Azure Windchime had come out in full force.

Nie Yan wryly smiled. He roughly understood what had happened. Likely after seeing him getting dragged away to the gymnasium, Xu Yan panicked and contacted Muslin, Scoundrel, and the others for help.

“Boss, what do we do about these guys? Should we strip them naked and throw them out onto the field?” Undying Scoundrel asked with a devious grin.

Hearing Scoundrel’s words, Song Chen shrunk back in fear. If that really happened, they would be too ashamed to return to school; especially the several female students among them. All colour drained from their faces.

“Hehe, that sounds like a pretty good idea.” Edgeless nodded, his eyes falling on Song Chen.

Nie Yan shook his head with a helpless smile. These guys were just as roguish in real life as in the game. Naturally, they couldn’t do something as outrageous as that.

“Hey, you lot from the mech combat faculty. You can come at me all at once. If you win, I’ll let you go,” Nie Yan said. He still wanted to test out how much he had grown.

Scoundrel, Edgeless, and the others were dumbstruck. As long as Nie Yan gave the word, they could dish out a world of pain to Song Chen’s group. Why was he still putting himself in harm’s way? Was he really that confident in taking on so many people?

“Muslin, Scoundrel, you guys stand back. I’ll settle this myself,” Nie Yan said.

Scoundrel and the others glanced at each other. However, after seeing Nie Yan’s valiant appearance, they backed off to the side. His orders were absolute.

Seeing Muslin, Scoundrel, and the others actually vacating the premises, Song Chen turned to Nie Yan. “This isn’t a trick, right…?” 


As Song Chen stared at Nie Yan, he felt like he was staring at a towering mountain. They already had no other choice.

“Fine! You better not go back on your word!” Song Chen gritted his teeth. Their only hope of escape was by defeating Nie Yan! No matter how strong he was, there was no way he could take on all 36 of them at once, right?

“I never go back on my word!” 

Hearing Nie Yan’s words, Song Chen waved his hand. “Everyone, go! Beat the shit out of him!”

Several people at the front suddenly pounced forward.

Nie Yan’s pupils shrunk as a peculiar feeling overtook him. The movements of these people seemed to slow down to a crawl, giving him ample time to react. He suddenly stepped forward. Dodging a punch from one of them, he retaliated with an elbow strike, delivering a heavy blow to their solar plexus.

THUD! That student curled up like a shrimp and collapsed to the ground. He was twitching incessantly as his eyes rolled over to the back of his head. 

A one-hit KO!

Another three students rushed forward from Nie Yan’s sides and rear. His silhouette blurred as he executed a spinning kick from a difficult position, striking one of them in the face and sending them flying.

Nie Yan exchanged blows with more than a dozen people. His knees, legs, fists, elbows, every part of his body transformed into a sharp weapon. His punches and kicks were full of power. No one could endure a single hit. Combined with the fact Nie Yan was targeting their weak spots, one strike was enough to rob them of all their fighting ability.

Nie Yan took down six people in the blink of an eye. Observing everything from the window ledge, Bayonet’s eyes flickered with surprise. Nie Yan had grown much stronger compared to before. Even he couldn’t help but be amazed at Nie Yan’s progress. Nie Yan’s attacks were only slightly slower than his. In terms of strength, Nie Yan even surpassed him!

Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, and the others were all completely dumbstruck. For Nie Yan to be strong in the game was already impressive enough. They never expected him to be such a freak in real life as well! They finally understood why War God Lei Su publically issued a challenge to him on the forums. Nie Yan was definitely qualified! Even Lei Su might not be a match for him!

The sight of six of their fellow classmates collapsing on the ground caused Song Chen and the rest to break out in a cold sweat. Nie Yan’s attacks were absolutely ruthless. Just a single move was enough to have them out for the count. Even in professional fighting competitions, this sort of brutal and decisive fighting technique was rare.

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Nie Yan. None of them could understand why a simple move from him would possess such frightening destructive power.


One person after another collapsed on the ground. Even though Song Chen and the others had tried to lock down Nie Yan with human wall tactics, his movements were simply too quick. Not only did they fail to trap him, but he had also taken out another three of them instead.

Seeing multiple people charging over, Nie Yan let out a grunt. He slid forward and struck out with a side kick. BANG! He sent one of them flying into five others, causing them to stagger several steps back before regaining their balance. Throwing out a punch, he knocked out another person. He was like a fox in a henhouse, sweeping through everything in his path.

In the blink of an eye, 36 people were reduced to 25. The remaining people in Song Chen’s group retreated far back in fear, no longer daring to charge forward anymore.

Nie Yan felt the wind howl past his fist every time he threw a punch. This sort of explosive power filled his heart with glee.


Nie Yan couldn’t suppress the excitement in his heart. As he dashed forward, he dodged a jab and countered with a right hook. An explosive force surged through his arm. BANG! He could feel the sensation of bones breaking transmitting through his fist. The student collapsed to the ground and fainted.

Nie Yan knew not to take things too far. He didn’t target any vital areas. Though his attacks appeared ruthless, the opponents only passed out from the pain of their bones breaking. They would fully recover with a month and a half of rest on a hospital bed.

Song Chen and the others felt their scalps go numb at the sound of their fellow classmates’ bones being broken left and right. Nie Yan was simply too frightening. With his killing intent flaring out, he seemed just like a death god. At this moment, they had no doubt in their minds that he could kill them.

Song Chen despaired. Seeing Nie Yan looking over in his direction, he wanted to cry but no tears would come out. He lost all will to fight.

As Nie Yan dashed over, these students were scared witless and scattered like rats.

BANG! Song Chen felt a heavy blow to his abdomen as his innards churned violently. His face warped with pain as he collapsed to the ground clutching his stomach.

No words could describe the shock Muslin, Scoundrel, Xu Yan, and the others felt right now. They finally witnessed Nie Yan’s true strength. These fourth years from the mech combat faculty often behaved in an unbridled manner in the Top Military Academy. However, in front of Nie Yan, they were like a bunch of meek lambs. Even though they had also landed a few blows on him, he was quite resilient; it was like they were striking a steel plate, hardly hurting him at all. Instead, they would be the ones crying out in pain.

About 20 minutes later, all 36 students from the mech combat faculty were lying on the floor groaning in pain or passed out.

“Call over the school’s medical staff and scram.” Nie Yan glanced at Song Chen curled up on the ground. In a 36 on one fight, all of them had been soundly defeated. Song Chen and the others probably wouldn’t want this kind of humiliating news to get out. But if they did try to spread any unsavoury rumours about him, he had long since recorded a video of their entire exchange with his phone. With the proof right there, even if the Top Military Academy found out, Song Chen’s group would be the ones in trouble, not him. He was simply acting in self-defense. So, he was in the clear.

Like a beaten mutt, Song Chen struggled to call up the school’s medical staff. They could now only wait for medical treatment, most of them in far too much pain to so much as move.

Nie Yan dusted himself off, then turned to Scoundrel, Muslin, and the others with a faint smile. “Let’s go out for a drink, my treat.”

Everyone broke out in cheers.

“Boss, you’ve really kept us in the dark. If it wasn’t for Xu Yan calling us, we would’ve never known you entered the Top Military Academy!” Scoundrel said in an aggrieved tone.

“Since he’s been avoiding us for so long, how about we have him make it up by toasting each and every one of us? Yao Yao should also be with you, right? Why don’t you call her over too,” Painted Muslin said with a smile. She knew Xie Yao and Nie Yan went to the same school.

“I’ll call her up,” Nie Yan replied with an embarrassed smile.

News of Nie Yan being Nirvana Flame would probably start quickly making the rounds. Soon, the entire Top Military Academy would be in an uproar. This was how shocking this matter was. Him being a fellow student was a huge deal to the members of Azure Windchime. With him here, their morale soared, and their hearts were freed from many worries. From now on, their influence would grow even bigger!

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