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Chapter 612 - Breathtaking Attack

Three Thieves circled in on Painted Muslin. They coordinated together like a pack of wolves, securing an area and taking down the prey as quickly as possible with their absolute number advantage. After which they would swiftly withdraw and stalk their next target, patiently waiting for the opportunity to pounce.



Flame Burst!


The players on both sides used their skills. In a team battle, Thieves had an innate advantage. If one of them were surrounded, they could immediately escape with skills like Gale Step. Meanwhile, the rest of their team could focus down a single target. 

Wolf pack tactics were the most suitable for groups of Thieves. The players from Bloodfiends had long since mastered these tactics to perfection.

Teams composed of purely Warriors and Paladins were the most effective at defending against wolf pack tactics. However, Painted Muslin, Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy were all casters. Mistaken Smile was the only melee member in their team, and he was a Thief.

Seeing the three figures pouncing on Painted Muslin from different directions, Undying Scoundrel and the others waved their staffs, sending out volleys of fireballs in an attempt to save her. BANG! BANG! BANG! However, the Thieves took advantage of the brief invincibility granted by skills like Gale Step to avoid taking damage. They broke out of the smoke and flames undaunted. 

Painted Muslin instantly felt an intense amount of pressure. With a wave of her staff, she shielded herself with a Radiant Barrier.

Dark materialized next to Painted Muslin. His dagger was already stabbing towards her. Just as the attack was about to pierce through her shield, she opened her mouth and let out an ear-piercing screech.

Howl of Terror!

“Hmph! Parlor tricks!” Dark snorted. He activated Mind Silence, interrupting Painted Muslin mid-cast.

At this moment, two more daggers stabbed toward Painted Muslin’s head.

Painted Muslin would normally have no trouble dealing with any of the Thieves from Bloodfiends’ main five. However, in a one on three situation, even if she stopped one attack, she still had two more to deal with.

Just as it looked like all hope was lost, a dagger-wielding silhouette emerged right in front of Painted Muslin. DING! Dark’s attack was parried.

Painted Muslin’s saviour was Mistaken Smile. As he stopped Dark’s attack, he gently swept out his foot and tripped Shadow.

In this sort of tense situation, Shadow had no way of evading. As soon as he felt his foot get hooked, he lost his balance and crashed into the ground face first. He rolled around in anguish and pain.

Painted Muslin targeted Seal with Fear, causing him to flee uncontrollably in the opposite direction.

Dark, Shadow, and Seal’s three-man ambush was successfully stopped. Mistaken Smile’s first appearance in battle was one to remember, using his dagger to parry and his foot to trip at the same time. He had executed these two moves with flawless timing and precision.

In a split-second, everyone’s eyes focused on Mistaken Smile. The scene just now lingered in their minds.

This was another apex Thief who didn’t lose out to Sun nor King of the World!

Another top expert had appeared! Just where was Asskickers United finding them all?

This was something nobody could wrap their heads around. First was Nie Yan, then Sun and King of the World. Now a Mistaken Smile had popped up too. Asskickers United never failed to suprise!

The onlookers calculated in their heads. Previously, the top five spots in the Thief leaderboards for the entire Viridian Empire were all occupied by members of Asskickers United. With Mistaken Smile added to the mix, they all wondered where he would place. This damned guild really was a den of thieves.

After several exchanges, Mistaken Smile forced Dark to retreat.

The more Dark fought, the more fearful he became. When he traded moves with Mistaken Smile, he was under an enormous amount of pressure. Mistaken Smile’s attacks were both lightning fast and overbearingly powerful. The only other person to give him this type of feeling was Nirvana Flame.

Mistaken Smile broke Bloodfiend’s three-man formation. He took it upon himself to match Dark, who attempted to disengage from the battle several times. However, Mistaken Smile clung onto him like a bur on a pant leg.

Seeing the red glow in Mistaken Smile’s eyes, Dark’s heart sank. It was an ocular skill! No wonder his stealth had been seen through so easily.

Mistaken Smile shot forward with blistering speed. Dark quickly raised his dagger to defend himself. However, as Mistaken Smile’s dagger was mere inches from his face, it flickered and vanished into thin air. Eyes wide with shock, he looked down at the dagger stabbed in his chest.

This was Mistaken Smile’s killing technique, his hidden ace. Even Dark couldn’t avoid falling victim to it.

Dark felt a sharp pain. Every movement suddenly became extremely cumbersome.

A slow poison! Dark inwardly cried out in alarm.

Before Dark had a chance to react, Mistaken Smile struck him in the forehead with Concussive Blow. His eyes glazed over.

Seeing the situation going south, Ardent and Seal wanted to rescue Dark. However, they were a beat too slow as two spells whizzed past them. BANG! BANG! Dark was sent flying out of bounds.

When Mistaken Smile turned around, he discovered Painted Muslin and Natural Fiend had worked together to kill Shadow.

The team battle suddenly turned into a five versus three. The defeat of Bloodfiends was inevitable.

Undying Scoundrel, Natural Fiend, and Lustboy easily cleaned up the remaining three Thieves.

The difference in skill between the two sides was too great. The match lacked any suspense and ended without much fanfare. The experts on the spectator stands could tell that Mistaken Smile was capable of dealing with at least three of the Thieves from Bloodfiends himself. With Undying Scoundrel, Painted Muslin, and the others supporting him, it would be strange if Dark, Ardent, and the other three didn’t lose.

Mistaken Smile had taken out Dark in record time, securing the victory. His breathtaking strike at the end was burned into the memories of many players. It would become an important reference for countless future Thieves. They really wanted to know how he did it. Even though they understood it required one’s eyes and hands to be quick, the move just now couldn’t be accomplished with simple reaction speed. It was obviously something that was honed through countless battles.

After Dark, Ardent, and the others revived, they were gritting their teeth in anger. With their heads lowered, they left the gathering. In the end, they had become a laughingstock to all the people in the Top Military Academy. Some of the players who thought about joining Bloodfiends secretly changed their minds. From now on, their only goal was Asskickers United.

The best Thieves were in Asskickers United. Only second-rate Thieves would join guilds like Bloodfiends and God Executioner Sword. This became the common consensus among players.

Asskickers United was a holy place that all skilled players pursued. The number of experts gathered there far surpassed that of other guilds.

Fang Rujie and Qin Han initially wanted to stir up trouble for Azure Windchime to raise the prestige of God Executioner Sword in the Top Military Academy. However, after witnessing the strength of Mistaken Smile, Undying Scoundrel, and the others, they quickly discarded the thought. They had no intention of sharing the same fate as Bloodfiends.

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