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Chapter 380 - Coordination

Bladelight and the others arrived at their designated positions. Three Phantom Swordsmen barred their path to the Dark Mammoth. 

Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy were also on standby.

Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan awaited their orders as they looked over in Nie Yan’s direction.

After confirming everyone was ready, Nie Yan gave the signal. Several silhouettes burst into action and rushed toward the Black Mammoth. 



Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan were like arrows loosed from their bows and aimed directly at the Black Mammoth.

The nearby Phantom Swordsmen immediately moved to surround them!

“Scoundrel, Lustboy, now!” Nie Yan exclaimed.

Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy raised their staffs and started chanting a series of incantations as the surrounding temperature rapidly plummeted.

Frost Rain had a cast time of roughly 10 seconds. A group of Phantom Swordsmen in the distance noticed the magic fluctuations and started rushing towards the source.

“Warriors, stop them!”

Edgeless, Monochrome, and several other Warriors charged forward and intercepted the Phantom Swordsmen, blocking them from advancing by even half-a-step.

Meanwhile, Bladelight and the other two had charged through one Phantom Swordsmen after another and arrived in front of the Black Mammoth.

“Shield Bash!” Bladelight bellowed, slamming his heavy shield into the Black Mammoth with a loud klang!

Staggering several steps back, the Black Mammoth let out an angry roar and charged at Bladelight.

Defense Stance!

Bladelight dug his feet into the ground and braced both arms against his shield.

A loud metallic klang rang out like a clap of thunder as the Black Mammoth rammed into the shield and shoved Bladelight back several meters before stopping.

Bladelight stood firm as a boulder, even with the Black Mammoth’s aggro fully focused on him.

Young Seven hurriedly healed Bladelight and cast a damage absorbing shield on him.

Bladelight held the Black Mammoth’s attention while Lofty Shadow and Yi Yan guarded his flanks.

Almost 40 Phantom Swordsmen closed in on the three of them from all directions. They felt their scalps go numb. With so many Level 50 Elites surrounding them, they were basically sitting ducks. It wouldn’t matter how tanky they were since the enemy AI was capable of chaining crowd control effects.

“Don’t attack! Don’t unnecessarily generate aggro!” Bladelight hollered in a tense tone. He couldn’t help but wonder if Nie Yan’s plan was really viable. As long as they didn’t attack, the others could draw these Phantom Swordsmen away.

At this moment, Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy finished chanting the last syllable. A dense mist of ice descended on the area, plummeting the surrounding temperature below zero. A downpour of hail and sleet followed.

Ice crystals bloomed everywhere accompanied by the sound of pitter-pattering on the ground.

Everything within the range of the Frost Rain was pelted with ice. Bladelight, Lofty Shadow, and Yi Yan were no exception.


A string of damage values floated up above their heads. They looked like frozen ice sculptures, their movements greatly hindered.

Frost Rain wasn’t a high-damage spell, but its slowing effect was potent.

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, and Black Heaven immediately increased their efforts in healing Bladelight’s group, preserving their health above 80%.

The Phantom Swordsmen were a step away from surrounding and attacking Bladelight’s group. But when the Frost Rain descended their movements slowed to a crawl, and under the constant peppering their aggro finally shifted onto Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy. 

Bladelight continously attacked the Black Mammoth with his sword and shield. He didn’t dare to use skills like Demoralizing Shout and Taunt for fear of aggroing the nearby Phantom Swordsmen.

Bladelight remained unyielding in the face of the Black Mammoth’s unrelenting assault. He had the best defensive gear in Asskickers United. So long as the healing kept up, let alone a Level 50 Black Mammoth even a Level 80 Lord couldn’t faze him.

The Phantom Swordsmen moved to surround Undying Scoundrel and Lustboy.

“Mages, let loose your area-of-effect magic 20 meters ahead!” Nie Yan ordered. All the Mages started chanting their spells. 

When the Phantom Swordsmen arrived in the designated area, Nie Yan activated an Advanced Twisting Vines Scroll as giant tendrils shot out of the ground and bound the Phantom Swordsmen in place.

The Phantom Swordsmen wildly struggled and thrashed about, but their restraints showed no signs of loosening.

The Mages finished chanting as fire, lightning, and ice poured down from the sky creating a cacophony of destruction. No one could count how many area-of-effect spells were layered on top of one another. But such a violent bombardment would surely leave no survivors!

The Phantom Swordsmen collapsed in droves. Not a single one was left alive!

The barrage of area-of-effect magic finally subsided about 12 seconds later, revealing a scene of utter carnage. The ground was littered with the corpses of Phantom Swordsmen with the glitter of loot sparkling in between.

The surrounding players gazed at Nie Yan in awe. For him to have achieved his current success absolutely wasn’t through sheer coincidence and luck. From calling forth the Frost Rain, to the activation of Twisting Vines and the bombardment of area-of-effect spells, all of it took place in the span of roughly two minutes, the timing of every move counted to perfection.

“Everyone, focus on the boss!” Nie Yan commanded. The several hundred players behind rushed toward the Black Mammoth.

A group of Warriors rushed forward and surrounded the Black Mammoth, hindering its movements greatly. It furiously bellowed and attempted to break free of the encirclement. But its struggling was futile. 

Bladelight immediately felt the burden on his back lessen greatly.

The Mages in the rear spread out and bombarded the Black Mammoth with magic.

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」Spells rained down on the Black Mammoth. Explosions of flames and lightning flew out everywhere.

A string of damage values floated up above the Black Mammoth’s head.

About a minute later, the Black Mammoth’s health dipped below 20%. Its entire body started glowing red. Letting out a thunderous roar, it slammed into Bladelight with its long tusks and ruthlessly sent him flying.

Its tusk had also sent six others flying away, immediately opening up some space.

The Black Mammoth charged out of the encirclement, crushing six Warriors to death in the process.

Besides the Fighters, no one else could stop the berserk Black Mammoth!

Seeing that the Mages in the rear were in danger, Lofty Shadow rushed forward and struck out with a Shield Bash before hunkering down in front of the Black Mammoth.

Lofty Shadow was like a boulder barring the Black Mammoth’s path forward. It let out an angry roar and whipped its trunk at him.

「Bang!」Lofty Shadow was sent flying like a loose kite.

Young Seven, Painted Muslin, and Black Heaven were frantically providing support. When Bladelight was sent flying, they immediately healed him. Seeing Lofty Shadow get knocked away too, they rushed to heal him. Before they even hit the ground, their health was restored to full!

The healing meant there was no pressure!

Be it Young Seven, Painted Muslin, or Black Heaven, any one of them was a first class healer. Their reaction speeds were top-notch. A Priest’s worth was based on how quickly they could respond with their eyes and hands. So long as the Heals, Dispels, and so on were timely, everything was fine.

Most teams only had one Main Healer on the account of excellent Priests being hard to come by. But Nie Yan’s group had three Priests who could play the role in the form of Young Seven, Painted Muslin, and Black Heaven. As long as they were around, anyone not instantly killed by the Black Mammoth could be brought back to full health in no time!

Such Priests greatly reduced the risk of wiping. Their prompt healing would transform any Warrior into an undying cockroach!

Just as Lofty Shadow was sent flying, a full health Bladelight jumped in to take his place.

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