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Chapter 542 - Absolute Advantage

No one knew exactly how powerful the Darkwing Dragon was. But this gigantic beast was undoubtedly the overlord of the skies. Its deep black scales and awe-inspiring appearance left a deep impression in the hearts of everyone present.

Everyone knew the hierarchy of flying mounts.

There were 16 ranks. Rank 6 or higher flying mounts were fairly rare. Rank 9 or higher flying mounts were famed existences known for their overwhelming might. As for Rank 16 flying mounts, they only existed in legends.

Base rank 2 flying mounts like Wind Serpents and Demonic Butterflies could achieve Rank 9 at best. Achlys Dragonflies, Griffons, and Azure Winged Albatross' started out at Rank 3 after hatching and could evolve up to Rank 10. As for the Darkwing Dragon, it started out at Rank 5 and could evolve to the illustrious Rank 16.

Evolving a flying mount was an incredibly difficult affair that consumed a large amount of Life Cores. This was why flying mounts were destined to slaughter each other, until an unmatched existence emerged in the end. At the beginning ranks, flying mounts were all fairly close in strength.

The Darkwing Dragon was roughly on par with the six flying mounts on the side of Alliance of Mages. If they truly fought, victory or defeat would depend on the skill of the rider as well as their synergy with their mount. 

With the emergence of the Darkwing Dragon, the initiative was once again taken away from Alliance of Mages. It could go in any direction.

A moment later, after Natural Fiend chanted an incantation, a large azure bird covered in motley feathers emerged in the sky. Its wings flapped up and down as it hovered above the castle. Compared to the Darkwing Dragon, the disparity in size was evident. The two weren't even on the same level. It was like a child standing in front of an adult.

A striking visual difference like this highlighted the Darkwing Dragon's strength even more.

The players riding on the Wind Serpent, Demonic Butterfly, and so on felt their hearts sink. Did they stand any chance against the Darkwing Dragon?

They hesitated ever so slightly from stepping forward. No one wanted to be the first to test the Darkwing Dragon's strength.

"I refuse to believe our six flying mounts can't win against their two! Brothers, victory or defeat, it all ends here! No backing down now! It's all or nothing!" Crazy Magic shouted.

However, even after hearing Crazy Magic, everyone still felt apprehensive.

Crazy Magic could command three of the flying mounts. However, if the riders of the other three didn't follow up, they would undoubtedly lose!

Crazy Magic felt anxious. At this moment, Alliance of Mages' forces started advancing. Summoning their various pets to clear the path forward while the army of players followed closely behind, they encroached on Asskickers United's battle lines.

The time for battle was fast approaching. The blood-red sun hanging over the horizon tinted the battlefield with an ominous glow. 

Nie Yan summoned Lil' Gold. The other guild members followed suit and also summoned their pets. The powerful beasts organized themselves in formation. The Warriors walked up to the front, their armour reflecting a dazzling glow under the sunset. They were like an iron wall, impregnable to any assault.

Directly behind were the Paladins whose role was to support the Fighters, providing them with healing, dispelling debuffs, and so on. Further back were the Mages and Priests, all mixed together. They occupied fairly good vantage points. Protecting both flanks of the formation were the Berserkers. Their rear was protected by the castle. They could advance to attack or retreat to defend. They occupied a favourable location.

Apart from this, there were also close to 200 Asskickers United Thieves actively prowling the trap covered forest in the surroundings. Nie Yan limited their patrols to set areas, with about 20 Thieves occupying each one. They would lie in ambush, waiting for the enemy to pass by, only aware of the traps in their immediate vicinity. In an attempt to mitigate the location of the traps being leaked to Alliance of Mages, such precautions were necessary.

Nie Yan had everything arranged. The forces of Alliance of Mages were gradually entering the ranges of the Ice Spike Traps and Sea of Fire Trap.

One group of players from Alliance of Mages passed through after another. It looked like both sides were about to clash at any moment.

"Boss, should we set off the traps yet?" Lustboy excitedly turned his gaze to Nie Yan.

"Keep waiting. Wait for the Warriors to pass through and the casters to arrive! The Ice Spike Traps and Sea of Fire Trap aren't as effective against Warriors!" Nie Yan said. As he stood atop his Darkwing Dragon, he looked over the battlefield.

Alliance of Mages' forces were only a hundred meters away from Asskickers United's. The Warriors from both sides were getting closer and closer, as if two steel dragons were about to clash. Crazy Magic felt the blood rush to his head. Let's duke it out, Asskickers United!

Having already made contact with each other, the Thieves from both sides were exchanging blows.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」At this moment, flames erupted into the sky. Asskickers United's Thieves were extremely cunning. If they spotted an enemy Thief alone, they would immediately gang up on them. If they encountered multiple together, they would lure them into an area that was densely filled with traps. Those Thieves were naturally blown to pieces by the traps.

After first contact, three Asskickers United Thieves were killed while Alliance of Mages lost more than 20.

The gap was still growing larger. Crazy Magic could no longer hold back his rage. He ordered all Warriors and tanky pets to charge forward.


"Brothers, charge!"

Alliance of Mages' players let out their battlecries. The Warriors and tanky pets were like a surging tide as they rushed toward Asskickers United.

"Brothers, it's time for us to show our strength! Charge! Let's slaughter Alliance of Mages!" Bladelight took the vanguard and rushed forward with Charge.

A shower of spells rained down from the sky.「Bang! Bang! Bang!」


A string of damage values floated up from Bladelight's head. Given that he had over 10,000 health, this sort of damage amounted to nothing more than a tickle. After his health fell by a small chunk, Young Seven cast Heal on him and restored his health back to full.

「Klang!」Three Warriors who attempted to intercept Bladelight were sent flying. Even six people working together wasn't enough to stop him.

"You trash from Alliance of Mages! Is that all you've got?" Smoke Stub activated Barbarian Strength, sweeping through everything in his path. After felling three players, his blood soaked appearance struck fear into the hearts of the enemy.

Lofty Shadow and the others also rushed forward. The Warriors from Asskickers United were evidently better equipped than those on Alliance of Mage' side. Alliance of Mages' front line was instantly suppressed. Unable to stop the enemy, they slowly fell into retreat.

Magic rained down from the sky like a torrential rain. Countering their powerful destructive force, gentle light fell over the players non-stop.

With both sides being roughly equal in numbers, as soon as the battle started, Asskickers United's superiority instantly began to show. The Warriors from both sides had taken hits from several dozen spells. However, Asskickers United's Fighters were still standing while Alliance of Mages' Fighters were struggling to crawl back up from the ground. 

Nie Yan gazed at the chaotic battle below. A large number of Mages and Priests had gathered in the area with the Ice Spike Traps and Sea of Fire Trap. Now was probably the best opportunity to trigger them! He gave his command to Tang Yao, Xie Yao, and Lustboy, "Trigger the traps. Let Alliance of Mages have a taste of the gift we prepared for them!"

"Damn right!" Tang Yao excitedly shouted.

Tang Yao, Xie Yao, and Lustboy immediately started activating the explosion runes in their hands. One syllable after another flowed from their mouths.

Crazy Magic directed Alliance of Mages in battle, his heart filled with tension. Asskickers United was as formidable as ever. Had they not recruited so many experts, they definitely wouldn't have stood a chance. The battle had entered a stalemate, with casualties on both sides slowly climbing up.

Suddenly, Crazy Magic felt the magic in the air fluctuate violently, causing the Flame Burst he was conjuring in his hand to disperse. His heart trembled. What was going on!?

"Boss, something's strange! We can't cast our magic!"

Alliance of Mages was puzzled.

Crazy Magic felt an imminent threat. He immediately used Blink to teleport 50 meters away. Suddenly, the surrounding temperature plummeted by several dozen degrees. Countless ice spikes erupted out of the ground, covering a 30 by 30 meter area. Around 100 Mages and Priests were skewered. They didn't even know what happened before collapsing to the ground.

Even though some players used life-saving skills to escape, many more lost their lives.

The ground was filled with ice spikes and skewered bodies.

Besides this place, the Mages and Priests in two other areas also met a similar fate. Alliance of Mages' side instantly lost more than 300 players.

"Boss, we fell into Asskickers United's trap!" 

"Boss, we can't hold out much longer!" a Warrior at the front shouted.

With so many Priests dying in the back, the front line also started collapsing. After seeing there was no healing, some low health Warriors drank a health potion and quickly retreated.

Crazy Magic felt his heart sink to his stomach. At this point, Alliance of Mages' casualties had already exceeded 1,500. In comparison, thanks to their teamwork and synergy as well as their skilled Priests, Asskickers United had only lost around 50 or so players.

After Alliance of Mages' forces were routed, Asskickers United's players immediately rushed in for the kill, slaughtering as many as they could.

The players leading the charge were Bladelight, Smokestub, Lofty Shadow, Monochrome, Edgeless, and the others. They massacred the Alliance of Mages' players as if they were chopping vegetables. Even though the other side also had many experts, in a situation where all their allies were retreating, they didn't dare to stand their ground and fight either.

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