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Chapter 527 - Pulling at the Root

Crazy Magic steeled his resolve. He was going to accept Nie Yan's challenge! He also had his own pride. As a guild leader, he had no choice but to make decisions based on reason rather than emotion. However, sometimes emotions still got the better of him.

After being backed into a corner, the only choice left was to fight to the bitter end!

Crazy Magic was about to give his answer, when his voice chat suddenly rang. Cao Xu's voice came out through the other end.「Tell Nirvana Flame to set a date and time.」

These words were like a godsend for Crazy Magic. Alliance of Mage's elites were absolutely no match for Asskickers United's. Defeat was guaranteed. However, things were different if the Century Financial Group took action. After operating in the virtual reality industry for so many years, Cao Xu had gathered countless experts under his banner.

Did the Century Financial Group plan on dispatching Direwolf this time?

Even though Crazy Magic wasn't familiar with Direwolf, like most, he had heard the rumours.

There was a global leaderboard for professional players called the GP Rankings. It was quite prestigious, with countless top talents on it. One example was Krow, a European who was a godlike existence in the virtual reality game Hunter. He once reached the number one spot in the GP Rankings and maintained it for six months straight. Later on, he vanished without a trace. It was rumoured he had been recruited into Direwolf by the Century Financial Group. However, the rumour was never confirmed. Another example was Raven, a Chinese player of the game Mercenary who stayed in the top three in the GP Rankings for two years straight. Later on, he bought nearly ¥50,000,000 worth of stocks in the Century Financial Group and then disappeared.

The Century Financial Group's foundation definitely couldn't be looked down upon. In comparison, entities like the Dragonsoar Financial Group and World Bloc were lowly upstarts that had only recently entered the virtual reality industry.

Crazy Magic's anxiousness faded away. He gazed at Nie Yan and said, "Go ahead. Name a time. How do you want to do this? Alliance of Mages will accompany you to the bitter end!"

Nie Yan had been observing Crazy Magic's expression the whole time. Based on the initial hesitation to the response full of bravado, He concluded Crazy Magic was in contact with someone, and that someone was most likely Cao Xu.

You've kept me waiting long enough, Cao Xu… Nie Yan clenched his fists as the veins on his arms bulged out. Their battle was only just beginning!

Nie Yan understood Cao Xu wouldn't be as easy to deal with as people like Crazy Magic. He was like a crocodile lurking below the water's surface, waiting for the perfect opportunity to deal a fatal blow to its prey. The lessons of the previous timeline had taught Nie Yan to never underestimate an opponent like Cao Xu. Back then, Battle Crazed Alliance, the War God Tribe, and countless other guilds had gradually been swallowed up by Cao Xu. Even though Asskickers United had tenaciously survived to this day, this matter still couldn't be treated lightly.

"Tomorrow, 30 minutes after the server opens," Nie Yan replied. He didn't know how long this battle would last, or what kind of people Alliance of Mages would recruit.

"Then it's settled!" Crazy Magic said. He appeared much more confident than before.

"Nie Yan, with Crazy Magic responding so confidently, will there be a problem?" Xie Yao whispered.

"Since we've already issued the challenge, there's nothing to be afraid of," Nie Yan said. It didn't matter who Crazy Magic's side called over for help. Everything would be fine as long as they prepared adequately. He had faith in the players of Asskickers United!

Nie Yan turned to Christine and asked, "Earl Christine, may I trouble you to be the witness of this battle?"

"It would be my honour, Saint Nirvana Flame! I swear in God's name that I will oversee this match fairly!" Christine replied.

 Having an NPC judge ensured that neither side could try anything funny.

The meeting between Nie Yan and Crazy Magic in Christine's Potion Shop was posted online and instantly created a stir. News of the battle between Asskickers United and Alliance of Mages in the Realm of Death spread like wildfire, becoming the hot topic of conversation. The conflict between these two guilds was a long standing one. But for it to be settled in such a way was rather unexpected. Players who died in the Realm of Death would lose five levels and three pieces of equipment. This kind of penalty caused many players to break out in a cold sweat.

As the news spread, it quickly became the focus of attention and both parties could feel the pressure coming down on them. Whoever lost would undoubtedly have to swallow an extremely bitter pill.

Nie Yan's challenge to Alliance of Mages was received quite positively by the players of Asskickers United. The guild chat was flooded with heated discussion.

「Boss, we have your back! We've been sitting back long enough! This time, we'll definitely teach those bastards from Alliance of Mages a lesson!」

「Alliance of Mages actually dared to accept? Is Crazy Magic an idiot. We're going to crush them!」

After learning they were going into battle, the players from Asskickers United grew endlessly excited.

「Guo Huai, organize 20,000 troops.」

「Why?」Guo Huai asked in confusion.

「To transport the Armoured Ice Catapults to Moonlight City!」

Guo Huai was stunned for a moment before his face lit up with excitement.「I understand! You sure are ruthless!」Nie Yan planned to take advantage of the moment when all of Alliance of Mages and Divine Protectors' elites were in the Realm of Death to transport the Armoured Ice Catapults. Without their elites or leaders present, Alliance of Mages had no chance of stopping the Armoured Ice Catapults. When the battle in the Realm of Death ended, if Asskickers United won, their Armoured Ice Catapults just happened to be in position to enter their newly acquired strongholds. With these strongholds as a strategic base, they could siege Alliance of Mages' other strongholds and attack Cao Xu's very foundation! As for losing, the thought never crossed Guo Huai's mind!

「Be careful of Angel Corps interfering. However, it seems their plate is already full over in the Satreen Empire, so there probably isn't anything to worry about,」Nie Yan said. The conflict in the Satreen Empire had never stopped. Angel Corps had their own matters to deal with.

「I'll immediately pass down the order,」Guo Huai said. He started convening Asskickers United players from various maps together.

「I'll give you a list of items in a bit. Have the people below you gather them,」Nie Yan said. He began recalling various scrolls, potions, and special items and wrote them all down. The battle in the Realm of Death was too important. If spending an extra bit of gold allowed Asskickers United to suffer fewer losses, he would gladly take it. He decided to have his players stock up a few items prior to the battle in order to deal with Alliance of Mages.

Alliance of Mages would also definitely prepare a large amount of scrolls, potions, and special items. Relying solely on the financial support of the Century Financial Group, Alliance of Mages would be lucky to bring out even 1,000,000 gold. However, Nie Yan could take out 2,000,000, 3,000,000, or even more gold without any problems! He could crush Alliance of Mages to death with gold!

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