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Chapter 31


Name the Dagger.
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Translated by: LittleShanks
Proofread by: Flowerbridgetoo

Chapter 31 – Assassin’s Creed

Gradually, as Nie Yan moved forward, he came within roughly three meters of one of the nearby Leader-class Rock Spiders. The latter suddenly trembled and turned its gaze towards Nie Yan’s location.

Fortunately, Nie Yan was completely immersed within the darkness of the cave. The shadows provided him an excellent environment to conceal himself.

However, the Rock Spider’s gaze was seemingly capable of piercing through the darkness.

The tenseness in his heart reached an extreme as he held his breath and closely stuck to the cave wall.

The spider trembled as its gaze locked onto Nie Yan’s position where it could gradually make out a distinct silhouette.「Scritch! Scritch!」It issued out a cry and rushed towards him.

Dammit, I was discovered. Nie Yan’s heart sank. He activated a Speed Scroll and sped towards the pond as fast he could.

In the same moment, the two other spiders also took action and attempted to flank Nie Yan.

They blocked off his path while the previous spider came ramming towards him.

Nie Yan bent his knees to their limit before leaping out of the way.

His character’s weight load was light, thus he had a maximum jumping distance of three meters and jump height of half a meter. In a flash, he leapt out of the Rock Spider’s attack range.

「Bang!」The spider’s immense body rammed into the wall. The impact caused the wall to fracture and rubble to fall on the ground.

In the meantime, the other two spiders came pouncing at him simultaneously from the front and left flank.

However, Nie Yan’s senses were sharp. He quickly rolled out of the way after landing, avoiding the oncoming charge of both spiders.「Bang!」The two spiders collided with each other. The force of the collision caused them to flip over and sprawl out on their backs.

The three fat-bodied Leader-class Rock Spiders had nearly blocked off all paths of escape.

Nie Yan successfully passed them by escaping through the small opening between the three spiders and continued running forward. At the five-meter mark, he sped up even more and bolted towards the pond.

One of the spiders reacted faster than the others and pounced towards Nie Yan.

Seeing this, Nie Yan leaped into the air and with a splash, dove head first into the pond.

The three Rock Spiders hovered around when they arrived at the water’s edge. However, in the end, none of them dared to enter.

It was yet another narrow escape. Nie Yan dove deeper and activated the Water Aversion Pearl’s ability.

The lighting while underwater was even dimmer, causing his view distance to be extremely limited. Meanwhile, the underlying currents posed a huge challenge as they pushed him everywhere and made swimming more difficult. At times they would even forcefully push him away from his destination.

Nie Yan stabilized himself and observed carefully. After a while, he got his bearings and swam forward.

There should be no monsters, Nie Yan thought to himself. He swam for another ten minutes before seeing gentle pillars of light shine through the waters above him.

I remember this place! There’s a treasure chest near this location! Nie Yan thought as he swam through the dark waters of the lake floor. In his past, every inch of this area was thoroughly searched by others. Even the hidden nooks and crannies weren’t exempt. As a result, Nie Yan knew that there’d been someone who had found a treasure chest in this location before.

Aside from the water far above, the surrounding region was pitch black. Therefore, Nie Yan could only rely on his sense of touch to navigate through this area. When he arrived on the lakebed, he felt a slight pain as his feet stepped and tripped on several protruding rocks.

Regardless, Nie Yan continued fumbling his way through the rocks on the lakebed.

As his hands passed through the soft, delicate sand, he seemingly discovered an object hidden underneath the lakebed. Immediately, he began digging his way through layers upon layers of sand before a faint golden shimmer entered his eyes, causing his pupils to sharply contract.

I struck it rich! It’s a gold treasure chest!

The golden treasure chest emitted a brilliant luster within the darkness of the lakebed. On its surface, every inch was covered in delicate engravings. Although they seemed somewhat worn and aged, it didn’t affect the overall aesthetic of the chest. On the contrary, it gave off the appeal of an artifact with historical value.

What was more remarkable was a certain symbol that caught Nie Yan’s eye: a delicate engraving of a wolf. The engraving was roughly the size of an adult’s fist. As he looked more closely, he could even make out the individual hairs in this extremely detailed engraving.

Every piece of equipment and object within the Atlanta continent was filled with strong historical value from every era. Each sculpture, painting, handiwork, and weapon type carried the historical characteristics of their respective era. Therefore, no matter what decade, century, or era, there would always be relevant research on that certain time period.

Influenced by ten full years of experience with this game, Nie Yan had a meticulous understanding of the history behind these engravings, paintings, and so on.

This wolf engraving was the symbol of an infamous pirate group that roamed the Sinse Sea Region during the Era of Shared Governance (873–1235). They were an endless headache for the Republic until the Republic’s legislative body finally decided to act. The Republic dispatched their most elite navy to exterminate the pirates. The allied navy formed by the coalition of Humans, Giants, Elves, and Beastmen caused these pirates to flee for their lives. In the end, these pirates were eventually defeated. However, rumors say, before the war between the pirates and the Republic broke out, the pirates had hid their treasures and scattered them in various locations throughout the continent. In response, the Republic decreed the sole ownership of whatever lost treasure was found would go to whoever found it. As a result, countless treasure hunting groups were formed in hopes of finding lost treasure. Indeed, many of their treasures ended up being found during this time period. However, many were still hidden and remained lost within the Atlanta continent for centuries to pass.

This golden chest was a relic left behind from the Era of Shared Governance. The ancient historical value of this chest alone would make them lose their minds.

In his past life, Nie Yan only knew this area had once contained a treasure chest which was found by another person. At first he initially believed the treasure chest found in this area was only an ordinary one. Never did he expect that it was actually a golden treasure chest left behind from the Era of Shared Governance. He figured that the person who first found this chest in his past life had meticulously and deliberately hid the chest’s rank.

Nie Yan opened the chest. He reached inside and felt around before his hand grabbed onto what appeared to be a dagger. When he felt the dagger in his palm, Nie Yan couldn’t suppress his excitement as his heart fiercely jumped.

He hastily took out the dagger from the chest and gazed at its properties.

Assassin’s Creed (Dagger)
Properties: Unidentified

He didn’t know the dagger’s properties. However, despite experiencing the erosion of centuries of time, the blade was still sharp as it flashed with a cold glint. The form of this dagger was unique, different from the average one. The handle was embroidered with various multicoloured jewels, which made it extremely beautiful. On the flat side of the blade, there was a blood groove which made the dagger look streamlined and sleek. The tip was like a barb as the blade curved inwards. It appeared this dagger could easily cut through flesh.

Assassin’s Decree? Nie Yan tried to recall the name of this dagger from his mind, but seemingly couldn’t. He had never come across this dagger before. Therefore, he was unable to guess its properties. Despite this, he was still able to discern, from the design of this dagger alone, it was at least a Gold-tier piece of equipment.

Nie Yan understood what owning a Gold-tier piece of equipment this early in the game’s existence signified. It signified that in the future, he would have many more opportunities which would have not presented themselves otherwise if he had lacked this dagger.

Knowing this, Nie Yan was filled with endless expectation as he stored the dagger into his knapsack. Even if he wasn’t successful in retrieving the Chapter of Courage this time, the trip would have still been worthwhile.

According to how the game was set up, if a high quality chest was found in an area, it was highly unlikely that another similar quality chest would emerge. The chances for such a situation to occur basically didn’t exist. Thus, Nie Yan began swimming upward towards the surface where the rays of light gently shone through. As he neared the surface, the light became increasingly intense.「Splash!」After Nie Yan’s head broke through the surface of the water, he found himself situated in an extremely small spring.

He surveyed his surroundings and discovered a beautiful valley. The clear spring he found himself in flowed down the valley gulch and into a flourishing forest below. An abundance of grass grew freely in the rest of the valley, resembling a thick green carpet which covered everything aside from the forest, while various kinds of wild flowers were littered across the area, which left a delicate fragrance wafting throughout.

Surrounding the entire valley were steep green mountains that acted as a natural barrier. These mountains were home to a diverse range of vegetation, which meant this area was most likely sealed off from the rest of the world.

A short while later, Nie Yan was now walking through the deeper parts of the forest below. The dense foliage blocked off most of the sunlight from above, however the light still managed to pass through the tender green leaves and arrive on the earth below. Therefore, the entire forest was not the least bit dark, but instead, tinted a shade of viridian that gave people a mysterious sensation of warmth.

As he continued travelling through the forest, it was as though he had entered a completely different world.

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