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Chapter 300 – Chapter of Compassion

Nothing could match up to the sharpness of Zennarde’s Sword!

It was an amazing weapon even at Level 60, let alone right now.

Although the Priest had cast a shield on himself beforehand, he was still killed just like that. The surrounding players felt a sense of dread fall over them.

Within the span of a minute, Nie Yan had turned the tables on them and shattered their morale!

Nie Yan was a reaper from hell, pouncing towards the remaining Priest who turned to flee. But the Priest was no match for his speed while Gale Ambush was active. He caught up and cut down the opponent in an instant!

It was like pigs to the slaughter!

With his unrivalled speed and supreme attack power, Nie Yan was a god-like existence.

While the casters scattered, the Berserker and Fighter charged toward Nie Yan in an attempt to intercept him. However, Nie Yan slipped past them with a simple sidestep.

Nie Yan dashed toward Maple Blazeheart and chopped down with Zennarde’s Sword, shaving away more than half his health. Just as Nie Yan was about to follow up with another attack, Maple Blazeheart’s body became illusory while the space around him twisted and warped, whereupon he vanished without a trace.

It was Illusion Blink!

Nie Yan looked in the distance. There, he spotted Maple Blazeheart 50 meters away.

When their gazes met, Maple Blazeheart gave Nie Yan a calm smile, as though this battle had nothing to do with him, before disappearing again. Who knew if he used some kind of skill, Invisibility Potion, or something else altogether.

Under these circumstances, Maple Blazeheart knew he was no match for Nie Yan, so he withdrew.

After all, magic immunity was quite rare, and it was generally found in Advanced Skills with cooldowns of two or three days. After waiting out the duration, Nie Yan’s combat ability would drop dramatically.

In fact, it wasn’t simply the magic immunity. Nie Yan’s Gale Ambush, Shadow Slaughter, and God’s Blessing were all Advanced Skills. Upon activation, they would make the user explode with power. But after their duration ran out, they posed far less of a threat.

However, right now, Nie Yan who still had all these skills active was practically invincible. He could run down the enemy as he pleased.

While wielding Zennarde’s Sword, Nie Yan was a supreme avatar of death, capable of slaughtering gods and slaying devils!

The remaining Fighter bent down to pick up the two chapters from the Book of Order that Faded had dropped. Just as he stood back up, Nie Yan had emerged behind him and attacked with a Backstab followed by a Vital Strike, killing him.

The two chapters dropped back to the ground. Hmph… Don’t touch what doesn’t belong to you!

Nie Yan turned his gaze to the nearby Berserker. Seeing Nie Yan’s gaze lock onto him, the Berserker nearly wet his pants in fear. He made use of the speed bonus from Strength of the Bear to flee for his life. What fool would want to fight Nie Yan in his current state? It was practically suicidal!

They really couldn’t figure it out. Just where did Nie Yan find so many amazing skills?

In the blink of an eye, 7 out of 13 players had fallen to Nie Yan’s blade.

Over on the other side of the battlefield, Tyrannical stuck to Casual like a wad of gum. Casual had taken him down to low health several times, but he would just escape through stealth to recover before reengaging. It appeared Tyrannical wouldn’t give up until either one of them died.

It was only after Casual used all his skills that he turned to flee. However, Tyrannical stuck to him like a bone-borrowing maggot, pursuing him from behind.

“Shit!” Casual cursed after seeing the names of his fellow party members go dim one after another. He could no longer keep true to his namesake. As he looked up ahead, he was terrified to see Nie Yan blocking his path.

In that brief moment of distraction, Casual felt a cold chill at the back of his neck. Tyrannical launched his attack at this time.

“Dammit!” Casual was about to swing around to meet the opponent head-on. Just as he was midway through his chant, he was struck in the back of the head by Tyrannical with a Smothering Strike.

The dagger was fast and ruthless. Casual had no way of dodging it.

Tyrannical unleashed a chain of regular attacks, then circled to Casual’s front and struck him in the forehead with Concussive Blow, stun locking Casual who was about to reawaken from the attacks. He finished things off with Eviscerate followed by Lacerate, causing Casual to collapse on the ground.

Before Casual died, he heard a word whispered into his ear, “Trash!”

Tyrannical had vented out all his anger. The battle just now was an emotional rollercoaster, causing a strong desire to surface in his heart. He had to get stronger! Otherwise, he would forever be stepped on by others!

Red River Stronghold.

This stronghold stood tall in the Red River Valley, an easily guarded location. It was the guild headquarters of Bloodlust Blades, as well as the most flourishing stronghold in Glory City’s territory. Players were flooding in from all over. It was a gold rush for merchants.

Bloodlust Blades had long since relocated from Glory City to here.

A magnificent building stood at the center of the Red River Stronghold. The large meeting hall inside was filled with all sorts of lavish decorations.

The battle between the five major guilds in Calore was still going strong, and the main benefactors from this conflict were Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors. These three guilds developed rapidly, leaving the guilds in Calore racing to catch up. However, what worried them was the possibility of Calore becoming united. Such a scenario would pose an immense threat to them, because Calore’s population was the largest out of any city in the Viridian Empire. If the guilds there were allowed to grow unimpeded, it would be hard to imagine what heights they would reach.

Bloodlust Blades, Alliance of Mages, and Divine Protectors were all closely paying attention to the situation over in Calore.

Bloodlust Mad Blade, who was clad in dark golden armour, was seated in a large hall watching a video. He had the appearance of a man in his 40s. He had a large build, and his expression was solemn. Furthermore, the armour he wore made him appear quite imposing.

“Boss, Maple Blazeheart and the rest have retreated. Nirvana Flame is too strong,” a player who was watching the video beside Bloodlust Mad Blade informed. What they saw in the video was truly shocking. A single Thief had come out on top against 13 of Bloodlust Blade’s elites. They could’ve never imagined such an outcome, even in their dreams.

When the player glanced beside him, he discovered Bloodlust Mad Blade was surprisingly calm, as if what he had just seen didn’t matter.

“Instruct Old Eight and his men to take what they need from the war stockpiles and engage Nirvana Flame! He’s red named. There’s no way he can escape! Take note of whether he has items like Unknown Transfer Scrolls. Also, pay attention to the movements of Asskickers United. If there’s anything strange, report it immediately!” Bloodlust Mad Blade said in a heavy tone. He bursted with killing intent as he gazed at the image of Nie Yan in the video.

Nie Yan was definitely a person who could pose a threat to Bloodlust Blades. Such a calamity in the making couldn’t be allowed to grow!

As soon as Bloodlust Mad Blade gave the order, the guild took action. Over 3,000 players were dispatched to Nie Yan’s location. Their goal was to surround and kill him!

Nie Yan and Tyrannical had killed eight people. The other five had already escaped.

Because of Nie Yan’s repeated reminders, Tyrannical didn’t touch the chapter Casual dropped on the ground.

They had to leave quickly. Since this place was the territory of Bloodlust Blades, they couldn’t act too unbridled. Nie Yan picked up the chapter. Combined with the two chapters he picked up from Faded earlier, he now owned the Chapter of Peace, Chapter of Tolerance, Chapter of Knowledge, and Chapter of Compassion. He also picked up several pieces of equipment, including all of Faded’s equipment.

“You should take these two pieces of Thief equipment,” Nie Yan said. Their properties were pretty decent. Although Tyrannical’s skill didn’t reach the peak, his talents weren’t bad. It was absolutely worth nurturing him. He might even grow to become a top player that could contend with the best.

Nie Yan planned to place the remaining equipment into the guild treasury.

Nie Yan looked at the properties of the four chapters from the Book of Order. Only the Chapter of Peace and Chapter of Compassion were useful for Thieves. The other two were meant for other classes.

-Chapter of Compassion

Description: The third chapter of Volume V of the Book of Order. A fragment of a Legendary item. Whoever shall possess this chapter will receive the inheritance of the God of Light. Your mission is to spread the glory of light!

Properties: Chance to nullify an incoming spell of the Darkness-type. Receive 5 additional health every level up. Strength +30, Resilience +20, Physique +30, Movement Speed +20.

God’s Grace: Increase health by 60%, Magic Resistance +30, Immune to Piercing Damage, Rank 6 Radiant Barrier. Duration: 60 seconds. Cooldown: 2 days (2/2)

Restrictions: Can only be bound by a member of the Righteous Guardian of Order.

Note: Item effects are applied immediately upon entering the player’s bag.

Nie Yan looked over the properties of the Chapter of Compassion. This chapter was extremely useful, increasing the player’s survivability. The Rank 6 Radiant Barrier was also quite useful, reducing all damage by 60% with a damage absorption shield of 1,500.

The chapters from the Book of Order were originally set items. The more chapters a player gathered, the more likely some hidden effects would be revealed.

There was no harm in collecting more chapters from the Book of Order. The more chapters Nie Yan owned, the greater the stat bonuses, and carrying the chapters would improve his character’s growth.

Nie Yan scanned the surroundings. Aside from a few corpses, there was nothing else left.

“Let’s go back. It’s too dangerous to stay here,” Nie Yan said to Tyrannical. Tyrannical didn’t have a red name, so he could teleport back. As for Nie Yan, he could go back regardless, and no restrictions would be imposed on him.

“Yea!” Tyrannical nodded. He gazed in the distance. The corpses were still laying there.

Nie Yan and Tyrannical walked to a quiet area. The two activated Return Scrolls. The scrolls in their hands lit up with a bright radiance.

Activating Return Scroll… 5%… 15% … 25%…

As the seconds passed, a killing intent suddenly locked onto Nie Yan and Tyrannical.

Nie Yan detected the presence of people in the area dashing towards them. He forcefully halted the Return Scroll. Just at this moment, a cold light flashed, and several daggers stabbed toward him and Tyrannical.

Nie Yan raised his dagger to parry, blocking the incoming attack.


Eye of Truth!

The veins around Nie Yan’s eyes bulged out while his eyes turned bloodshot and blossomed with a mysterious light, locking onto silhouette after silhouette, one, two, three… There were seven Thieves in total!

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