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Chapter 99

Chapter 99 . 1 — Paying a Visit

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Edited by: Larkspur

When the first rays of dawn naughtily fell on the curtain and shone into the bedroom, the two people on the bed were in deep sleep still .

Qin Jiran laid on his back, one arm around Su Yanyi’s waist . Su Yanyi half-laid in Qin Jiran’s arms . That seemed to be her personal spot . She had a great sleep and never moved .

The Su Family gradually woke up but it was silent in the bedroom still . Everyone was a bit curious since they always saw the two training in the morning . But they didn’t have the intention of disturbing them . They allowed the couple to continue sleeping .

Qin Jiran woke up first and felt the weight on his chest . He suddenly thought that he had more responsibility now because from now on, he was a real man . He was a man with a woman . Not only did he need to be responsible for himself, he needed to be responsible for his woman!

At this time, Su Yanyi slowly woke up too, though, her eyes weren’t fully open yet . She felt the soreness in her body then immediately recalled what happened yesterday . She was slightly uncomfortable but quickly recovered her calm and indifferent look . She calmly opened her eyes and greeted Qin Jiran .

“Good morning . ”

“Good morning . Did you sleep well? Are you uncomfortable anywhere?” Compared to Su Yanyi’s indifference, Qin Jiran was much more gentle . There was a faint concern in his eyes .

Su Yanyi faintly glanced at Qin Jiran then got out of bed and said, “I’ll go shower first while you go cook breakfast . We’re not going to train today . ” She felt sore so it’s better not to train .

But today was different from any other day . Whenever they slept, Qin Jiran disliked wearing pajamas . But Su Yanyi wore her pajamas . But today, they were buck naked . The moment Su Yanyi got out of bed, Qin Jiran saw her .

Of course, Su Yanyi noticed this after getting out of bed too . But she reacted differently from normal girls . Although there was a tint of awkwardness, she didn’t especially conceal herself . Under Qin Jiran’s passionate and burning case, she calmly entered the bathroom .

What did they say? Someone who had the dragon robes on didn’t look like the Emperor . Anyway, although Su Yanyi wasn’t wearing anything, she still looked cold and had a Queen’s imposing manner . In Qin Jiran’s eyes, he was very touched . He liked Yanyi’s confidence and pride . Whenever he saw her, his heart thumped quickly .

At this time, he really wanted to rush over and hug Yanyi . He wanted to hug her then kiss her, but he didn’t dare to do so . If he really was encouraged to do so, he wouldn’t dare . Don’t recall how intimate they were last night but compared to Su Yanyi’s calmness, Qin Jiran seemed rather shy .

So Qin Jiran stared straight at the bedroom’s door, hoping that Yanyi would come out quickly . As he thought about this, he recalled the words she said before going in .

Yanyi wanted him to make breakfast . When he remembered this, he didn’t dare delay . He immediately put his clothes on and washed himself in the bathroom outside . Then he hurriedly went to the kitchen to start his cooking mission . Compared to stealing a few more looks at Su Yanyi, it’s more important for him to cook food . Plus, while Yanyi was eating, he could keep looking at her .

Su Yanyi walked downstairs after putting her robe on . The aroma wafting from kitchen enhanced her appetite . She immediately walked in and looked at the steamed cake and fried egg . Su Yanyi wasn’t polite either . She found a pair of chopsticks and stood there, starting to eat .

When Qin Jiran saw this, he placed a seat behind Su Yanyi . They didn’t even bother eating at the dining table . He placed the dishes on the counter and the two started to eat in the kitchen . In reality, there was always a table in the kitchen for eating . But Su Yanyi paid a lot of attention to her table manners . How would she bother to eat in the kitchen? Now, Su Yanyi seemed like she was becoming more of a foodie . She didn’t care as much to where she was eating anymore . Since Su Yanyi didn’t care, Qin Jiran didn’t care even more .

“Are you going to the company later on?” Qin Jiran asked . Though he wanted to leave Yanyi at home to rest some more . Although he wasn’t a woman and didn’t understand how comfortable it would be after their first time, since she’d canceled the morning training, she must feel bad to a certain extent . Therefore, he was a bit worried .

“Are you going to drive me over?” Su Yanyi asked without even looking up . While saying this, she had eaten another half a fried egg .

Qin Jiran poured a warm cup of water for Su Yanyi before he said, “My movie is finished filming now . I placed Director Guo in charge of other things so I’m free for a few days . If you still want to go to the company, how about I accompany you?”

Actually, he wanted to experience moments with Yanyi . But even though he had time, it didn’t mean Yanyi did .

Su Yanyi thought about it . Although the Qin Family had an internal strife, she’d executed her plan in secret . She had had He Mingyang take over this . Only Wang Zhilin remained ‘free’, but she wouldn’t be released from prison . She didn’t need to worry about her even . Regarding the company’s matters, Kang Zhong, this golden assistant, could handle it . It didn’t matter whether she went to the company or not .

“Then let’s rest at home together . I’ll have Kang Zhong handle the company’s matter . ” If it was her in the past, she was really a workaholic . Whenever she needed to go to work, she would almost never take a break . But now, she enjoyed giving herself a break more and more often . She was less and less attracted to work .

“You’re not going to the company? Then I’ll cook a feast for you this afternoon . You haven’t been eating well lately . ” Qin Jiran’s brightened . He happily started to plan lunch .

It couldn’t help but be said that Su Yanyi’s penchant for food was cultivated by Qin Jiran . Who let him always want to cook delicious food for Su Yanyi?

“Ok!” When she heard this, Su Yanyi’s brightened as well . Lately, Qin Jiran hadn’t been cooking that much . She felt like she had become skinnier .

Ever since her rebirth, she didn’t like the word “skinny” . Although she needed to maintain her figure, it’s better to be round . Whenever she thought of how skinny was, like bones on the hospital bed, in her last life, she wanted to eat some more . She definitely couldn’t let herself be so skinny .

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Then, the two planned lunch . Qin Jiran wanted to cook western food but Su Yanyi liked Chinese food more . Then, Qin Jiran suddenly changed his mind and agreed to Chinese food . He even gave her a pile of Chinese recipes to choose from .

Su Yanyi listened as Qin Jiran named the dishes and suddenly thought of the cooking function that the perfect virtuous wife system had . There were a lot of recipes . Should she be reasonable and use it too?

Su Yanyi thought about it and had Qin Jiran wait for her . After breakfast, she went to the study . Not even half hour passed by and she came out with a pile of recipes .

“Try cooking these dishes . ” Su Yanyi handed the menu to Qin Jiran . Although she planned to be reasonable and use the system, Su Yanyi clearly didn’t intend on doing it herself .

Qin Jiran looked through the recipes seriously . It was all printed but the names of the dishes and ingredients used were carefully selected . Qin Jiran just took a few glances and thought that these recipes were pretty good . He had looked for them many times in the past but had never found these rare recipes . He had no idea where Yanyi got them from, but he wasn’t concerned with this .

“There are a lot of recipes . I need to try each one . What do you want to eat? I’ll try to cook it . ” There really were a lot of recipes, hundreds of them . It would require a while before he was familiar with it . People need to know that one couldn’t cook proficiently with just a recipe .

Su Yanyi looked through the recipes seriously and chose six dishes and a soup . She looked eagerly at Qin Jiran .

Qin Jiran suddenly thought that the Yanyi right now was similar to the little golden turtle during its meal time . He really wanted to pat her head .

As he thought of this, Qin Jiran really did so . He touched Su Yanyi’s hair and gently stroked it . He said, “Ok, I’ll cook these . ”

Su Yanyi was then satisfied and casually found a book to read .

Maybe it was because people had received news that they were home, around nine, little Su Nuo and his playmates appeared . A boy and two animals seemed to be in harmony together . They mingled with each other every day and even slept in the same room .

“Good morning Aunt and Uncle . Nuo Nuo came to see you guys . ” Little Su Nuo wore a Tang suit . He had a snow white face and the red clothes made him look lively .

Mother Su had especially customized this Tang suit for little Su Nuo, and not just one . This was probably why Mother Su enjoyed Tang suits . When Su Yanyi and Su Yanmo were young, they had worn them too . Everyone on the whole family had a few Tang suits .

Seeing little Su Nuo’s outfit, Su Yanyi couldn’t help but reminisce of Mother Su’s hobby then- how the entire Su Family dressed . In the end, her gaze landed on Qin Jiran .

Qin Jiran had never worn a Tang suit and didn’t seem to have one in his closet . Should she make one for him?

001, can the system teach me to make a Tang suit?

Su Yanyi asked the system .

Master, the system’s special functions could do it, but you can only use it once every day . It will teach you and won’t even charge you .

The system that finally was able to pop up couldn’t help but act cute .

Then Su Yanyi asked the system for the materials needed . She thought of how the house didn’t have the majority of the items needed . Oh, that’s not really the case . Her building didn’t have, however . But she remembered how her mother had a studio . When Mother Su was young, she enjoyed designing things so Father Su had especially built a studio for her . The couple’s degree of affection for one another was no less than Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s .

“Nuo Nuo, accompany your Uncle . Aunt has something to do . You need to be good, ok?” Whenever Su Yanyi thought of something, she would do it .

Little Su Nuo and Qin Jiran both looked at Su Yanyi . Little Su Nuo nodded seriously and said, “I will be with Uncle . Aunty, don’t worry .


Chapter 99 . 2 — Paying a Visit

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“…” Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi looked at each other . Why did little Su Nuo’s words feel so strange to them?

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“Yanyi, are you going out?” Didn’t she decide to stay at home and rest?

“No, I’m going to the main residence . Call me when lunch is ready . ”

After Su Yanyi left, Qin Kiran focused on learning the recipes . But by the time he finished cooking lunch, Su Yanyi still hadn’t returned .

“Where did your Aunty go?” Qin Jiran asked little Su Nuo who was drooling at the table of dishes . He wanted to take a bite .

“I’m going to find your Aunty and when she’s back, we can eat . ” Little Su Nuo found the solution to the problem . If he wanted to eat, he needed to find Aunty!

“Be good . Wait here while I go look for your Aunty . ” How could Qin Jiran bear to let little Su Nuo go and find her with his short legs? By the time he would find her, the dishes would probably be cold already .

Qin Jiran went to find Su Yanyi . He asked the servants in the main residence and ended up walking towards Mother Su’s studio . The main residence was very big and there were actually numerous rooms in each studio . Before walking in, Qin Jiran knocked on the door because he didn’t know what Yanyi was doing inside . He quickly heard Yanyi calling him in .

He pushed the door to see the whole room filled with fabrics and machines, as well as all sorts of completed and half completed outfits . Qin Jiran took a look and knew what she was doing .

“Yanyi, what are you doing? Lunch is ready . Eat lunch first . ” In reality, Qin Jiran was a bit curious . After all, he had received gifts that were personally made by Yanyi . Who knew if she was making him another one now?

“Wait another ten minutes . ” Under the system’s instructions, it was quite easy to make clothes . Some finishing touches and the Tang suit would be ready .

In another ten minutes, the dishes would probably be cold…Qin Jiran only dared to say this in his heart because even if he said it out loud, Yanyi probably wouldn’t listen anyway .

Su Yanyi continued her work . Qin Jiran stood by the side watching, curious too . She clearly held an outfit in her hands and it was a Tang suit . But the more he looked at it, the more he thought it was strange . The suit was dark red and originally, he thought that Yanyi had made this for little Su Nuo . However, he quickly realized that this was too big for him and not only wouldn’t little Su Nuo be able to wear it, even Yanyi probably wouldn’t be either . Then the only possibility left was probably him .

But red?! Qin Jiran couldn’t help but think of the happy and lovely Tang suit little Su Nuo wore . Was Yanyi provoked in some way so she wanted him to wear this?!

Qin Jiran was a bit speechless when he imagined himself wearing the same lovely Tang suit as little Su Nuo .

“Is this for Elder Brother?” Qin Jiran tested and asked . It would be lovely if little Su Nuo and Elder Brother wore father and son outfits .

“It’s for you . ” Su Yanyi answered without looking up . When she was choosing the fabric, she’d hesitated a bit . She’d originally thought that black suited Qin Jiran the most . However, when she saw red, she suddenly changed her mind . It’s New Year’s so it’d be better to wear more lively colors . If the whole family wore red, it would look very interesting .

As expected, at Qin Jiran’s expression now, Su Yanyi secretly laughed . Don’t think that she hadn’t seen his dumbfoundedness and look of concern even though she hadn’t raised her head .

Qin Jiran touched his nose and stood to the side, not saying a word .

Su Yanyi quickly finished making the clothes . She even compared it against Qin Jiran . It felt suitable so she said, “Try it on . This is my New Year’s gift for you . ”

“Let’s eat first . After we are done, I’ll try it on for you . Otherwise, the food will get cold . ” Qin Jiran took the clothes over and couldn’t help but remind her . If they weren’t going to eat it anytime soon, he really would have to put the food back into the microwave .

“Then let’s eat first . ” The couple brought the clothes back to their building . There were six dishes and one soup on the table . Little Su Nuo was anxiously waiting . He had been going around in circles by the table . Upon the sight of his aunt and uncle, his eyes brightened immediately .

Qin Jiran had especially prepared food for little white tiger and little golden turtle . The two were almost done eating already . Little Su Nuo was very envious of them . He wanted to eat too!
When the two returned, they finally started to eat . Little Su Nuo was enjoying his food . He used both spoons and chopsticks . Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi were tempted to follow suit . .

Su Yanyi’s eyes brightened as she ate . These dishes were all from the system’s recipes . Now that Qin Jiran made this, it clearly tasted excellent .

“You can even open a restaurant with your skills in the future . You can train the chefs and business will definitely bloom . ” Su Yanyi thought of all the recipes in the system and believed it was more than enough to open a restaurant .

“I thought that you wanted me to be the chef . ” Qin Jiran believed his cooking skills had gotten better .

“How could I?” Su Yanyi rejected without hesitation . He was her exclusive chef . How could she let him cook food for someone else?!

“You don’t like it . ” Su Yanyi had rejected so quickly that Qin Jiran felt it too .

Su Yanyi stared at Qin Jiran and said in a dominant tone, “You can only cook for me!”

“That dominant?” Staring at Su Yanyi’s dominant expression, Qin Jiran’s eyes brightened but he still teased .

“Don’t you know this already?” Su Yanyi answered calmly . It wasn’t like she just became dominant . She didn’t believe that this man had just found out .

“Right . Not only do I know, I also like this side of you . ” One couldn’t help but say that Film Emperor Qin was getting smoother with his words . Of course, he was saying the truth anyway .
Smooth words that were the most sincere would be the easiest to move someone .

“You like me being dominant?” This was the first time she’d heard something like this . Su Yanyi looked curiously at Qin Jiran .

Qin Jiran smiled and said, “I like it . ”

“What else do you like about me?”

“Everything about you…have soup . ” Qin Jiran answered seriously while filling a bowl of soup up for Yanyi . It would be better if Yanyi ate some more .

“Aunty, Nuo Nuo likes you a lot too . * At this time, little Su Nuo blinked his huge eyes and spoke in a soft voice .

Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi broke out into laughter together . The little golden turtle scratched the table anxiously . It had been eating on the table but after the female master returned, it was thrown on the ground . It was really worried about its treatment!

Little white tiger lay lazily on the sofa and slightly squinted its eyes . It looked elegant and noble .

After eating this luxurious lunch, Qin Jiran obediently went to change his clothes . It was red with black embroidery on the sleeves . It was suited him well and although he didn’t appear indifferent as usual, he looked more cheerful . It made him seem more gentle .

The Tang suit was quite comfortable to wear . The fabric was extremely soft . Although the color was too bright, whenever he thought of how Yanyi had made this for him, he wasn’t really against it anymore .

Qin Jiran walked to Su Yanyi and kissed the corner of her lip . Then he held her left hand and kissed the finger wearing a ring . “Ok, I’ll wear this for now . I’ll wear whatever you’d like me to wear . ”

“Then continue to wear the turtle pajamas tonight . I like that one . ”


Chinese New Year was approaching and Su Yanyi happily gave herself a vacation . Qin Jiran had been resting at home lately and although they didn’t interact that much, there was a different feeling despite them doing their own things in the study . The two were in love with this life style and the warm feeling .

However, the calm and relaxing life was interrupted . Originally, based on Su Yanyi’s plan, nothing should be happening these few days . After all, they regarded the New Year’s highly . They wouldn’t choose to work on a day like this either . But reality and expectations were different . Two days before Chinese New Year, the Qin Family or to be more accurate, Qin Zhenren went to find Qin Jiran again . This time, he dared to come straight to the Su Residence to find Qin Jiran!

When Qin Zhenren found him, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were discussing a script . Su Yanyi had given him numerous scripts and after nit-picking, in the end, he had chosen four . It wasn’t that the rest weren’t good, but that Qin Jiran really didn’t have that much time and energy to film that many .

When the servants came to report that Qin Zhenren was outside the door wanting to see Qin Jiran, the two were taken aback, even thinking that something was wrong with their ears . Otherwise, that old-fashioned and despicable man would never have done something that lacked in manners . He didn’t even make an appointment and dared to pay them a visit!

Su Yanyi had a cold face but didn’t say anything . She quietly decided to give Qin Jiran the freedom to choose . After all, the man came looking for Qin Jiran . If he came to look for her, she definitely wouldn’t see him .

“Since he came looking for me, he probably knows that I’m at home . ” Qin Jiran didn’t think that Qin Zhenren would come looking for him if he didn’t know ahead of time .

“Humph . I’ll go and see him . Weren’t the two in the Qin Family suspicious that there’s something going on between us and him? Then let’s confirm this . The internal strife in the Qin Family should up another level, otherwise, it wouldn’t be that interesting . ” Su Yanyi knew that since he was here, others would think the Su Family was afraid of him if they didn’t allow him in . Plus, looking at Qin Jiran’s attitude, it wasn’t like he wanted to avoid him either . But after all, they should know what Qin Zhenren wanted .

“Then bring him to the living room and have him wait . ” Qin Jiran understood Su Yanyi’s point too, so he naturally wouldn’t reject him .

Although Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi agreed to see him, they didn’t immediately go to the living room to see him . They waited for a while, taking their time before looking at each other in tacit understanding . Then they headed for the living room together .

Once Qin Zhenren was brought to the living room, he sat there by himself . Once the servant served him tea, they quickly moved out of his way . Qin Zhenren’s face became worse by the moment . But thinking of his motive for coming here, Qin Zhenren told himself to endure this, time after time!

Chapter 99 . 3 — Paying a Visit

Edited by: Larkspur

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When Qin Zhenyi was on the verge of exploding, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi finally made an appearance . Qin Zhenyi told himself to endure his pressing feeling . He tried to be expressionless while looking at the two . He couldn’t let them detect his urgency, but he needed to control his seriousness too . He couldn’t let them detect his unhappiness and anger either . For a moment, he felt conflicted .

In Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s eyes, however, he looked rather strange .

“Mr . Qin, if there’s something, you can tell me directly . ” Qin Jiran spoke in a cold and indifferent tone . Su Yanyi looked at Qin Zhenyi with interest, as if she was looking at a drama playing out . Qin Zhenyi felt like he was a clown!

He clenched his hands and replied in the same cold voice . “I wanted to see you . Miss Su, can you step back for a second?”

When he heard this, Qin Jiran turned visibly cold . Even so, Su Yanyi humphed in disdain . Before Qin Jiran could answer, she spoke . “This is my home . If you don’t want to see me, you can go right now . ”

He wants to talk behind her back? Or he wants to say something bad about her to Qin Jiran? She thought he was pathetic just thinking about it . Didn’t this man see the key to his problems? If he wanted Qin Jiran to do anything, he needed to get her to agree!

“Miss Su, this is your home and his as well . As father and son, we need to talk . Do you not understand what respect is?” Qin Zhenyi felt like this woman didn’t know her manners . Shouldn’t a reasonable woman step out of the room right now? Why didn’t Su Yanyi know?

“Mr . Qin, if you think that Yanyi doesn’t respect you enough, there is the door . We’re not going to see you out . ” How could Qin Jiran bear to see someone talking bad about Yanyi? Plus, this man scolded her using his name . He was pathetic!

“Qin Jiran, you’re a man . Why are you so afraid of this woman? You’re losing the Qin Family’s face!” Qin Zhenyi had had enough of enduring his emotions . He wasn’t someone with a good attitude from the start anyway . No one had dared to talk to him like this for the past few decades, not to mention the younger generations!

“I am the only member of my Qin Family . Whether I am losing face or not has nothing to do with you . Can you not talk nonsense everytime you see me? You just came to cause trouble?” Qin Jiran believed there was something wrong with Qin Zhenyi’s head . Every time he came uninvited and made them unhappy . He was offending them more and more . It was getting really boring .

“I’m helping you . With the Qin Family supporting you, you don’t need to be afraid of the Su Family! Why endure this injustice?” Qin Zhenyi stood up and looked at Qin Jiran in disappointment for not fighting back as he spoke .

Qin Jiran was a bit stunned . He found the man in front of him unfathomable . Qin Family as support? No need to be afraid of the Su Family? Suffer injustice? Is this alien language? If he were speaking humans, how come he didn’t understand?

Su Yanyi found it funny . What was Qin Zhenyi acting? Was he provoked in some way or did he forget his medicine before leaving the house? His arrogance and overconfidence made him look like an incredible fool .

“Mr . Qin, you should go to a hospital and get your mind checked . Being over confident is an illness too,” Su Yanyi said, calmly . If this wasn’t her home, she definitely would’ve turned around and left .

“Su Yanyi, do you even know what respect is? I am your elder . How dare you talk to me like this?” It couldn’t help but be said that even if there was nothing wrong with Qin Zhenren’s brain, his IQ was a matter of concern . Why couldn’t he understand that since he was able to leave his biological son in the orphanage, how was it possible for his abandoned son to treat him like an elder?! He was just asking to be angered by trying to act as he was their elders .

“If you don’t like hearing this, you can leave whenever . I don’t welcome you in my house anyway . ” Su Yanyi wasn’t someone who could maintain a smile in front of someone she disliked . Plus, don’t think that she didn’t know Qin Zhenyi’s true motive . After all, he probably wanted to pull Qin Jiran and even the Su Family to his side . Otherwise, why would he think of this abandoned son?!

He wanted to use them but dared to act arrogantly and superior against them still . They weren’t fools . How would they allow him to have this way? This was hilarious!

“You, you, humph . I didn’t come to see you . Qin Jiran, I need to talk about the Qin Family’s inheritance with you . Even if you don’t care about me, your father, you should care about the Qin Family’s inheritance . You need to know that once you become a part of the Qin Family, Miss Su probably wouldn’t be treating you like this . ” Qin Zhenyi was clearly trying to drive a wedge between their relationship . From his perspective, Qin Jiran had no status in this home . Therefore, he chose to lure him with wealth .

No matter Old Man Qin who passed away or Qin Zhenyi or even the Qin Family, they all thought that Qin Jiran would care about the Qin Family’s inheritance the most . The only reason he hadn’t done anything about it yet was because he probably had a bigger scheme . This was probably how they viewed everyone else . Those who cared about benefits and profits would think that everyone based their motives on benefits and profits as well .

Su Yanyi pursed her lips but didn’t interrupt . No one should be able to interfere between her and Qin Jiran . Plus, she didn’t think she was rude to Qin Jiran .

“What exactly are you trying to say?” After all the nonsense, Qin Jiran didn’t want to waste any more time .

“Let’s work together . I need funds . As long as you’re willing to help me, I’ll announce to the public that you’re my son and admit to you having the same right to inheritance as Qin Chu . I can even write my will and give ⅓ of the Qin Company’s shares to you!” Qin Zhenyi spoke with a tone of charity . Then he looked confidently at Qin Jiran, believing that he would agree for sure . This was the same attitude Old Man Qin held when he talked to Qin Jiran in the hospital room back then!

He was worthy of being a part of the Qin Family . Their tones were quite similar even!



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