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Chapter 97

Chapter 97 . 1 — Sorry

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Edited by: Larkspur

 When Qin Jiran hurried back home, he was greeted by a Su Yanyi sipping tea in the living room . He examined her from head to toe . She didn’t seem to have any injuries . His heart that had been hanging by the edge thus far, finally calmed down . What was that saying, ah — if you’re safe, it will be a sunny day!

He sat next to Yanyi, held onto her hands tightly, feeling incomparably content .

“Were you scared?” Su Yanyi stared at the man’s expression, as if she could feel his worried and nervous mood too .

“I really thought something happened to you . ” When Jiang Xiaobin said that Yanyi had been attacked, he panicked . He felt like his whole world had trembled a bit and he couldn’t even stand up steadily .

“I’m fine . Don’t worry . ” Su Yanyi held his hands back, comforting once again . It seemed like she’d really scared the man this time . Her expression changed . She should’ve kept him in the loop .

Su Yanyi was used to making decisions by herself . When had she ever had the habit of reporting to anyone? If it weren’t that she needed special people from Su Yanmo, probably, he too would’ve been in the dark about this matter . However, about this habit of hers, Su Yanyi felt a bit guilty now . She didn’t like seeing the man being so worried for her .

“Hm, what exactly happened? Can you tell me?” Knowing that Yanyi was fine, Qin Jiran had keen thoughts . No one would attack Yanyi suddenly . Something must’ve happened!

His thoughts turned his face cold, a murderous aura loomed in the air . If he laid his hands on those who wanted to hurt Yanyi, he wouldn’t spare them!

Su Yanyi hesitated . She had her doubts . If she were to tell the truth, would this man, who has been honest and without an attitude, be mad at her?!

Of course, this moment of hesitation was but for a brief moment . In the end, Su Yanyi told him the truth . In between, she talked about how she had people release Wang Zhilin on bail in the name of medical treatment . Then she slowly lured Wang Zhilin to harm her . Qin Jiran knitted his eyebrows tightly . He cast her a deep gaze .

There was a moment where Qin Jiran was just speechless by this whole revelation .

Should he say that Yanyi was just finding more work for herself to do or that she deserved this? Qin Jiran thought about it and decided not to say anything . After all, he lacked the courage .

“Yanyi, must you make this matter so complicated?” Qin Jiran pondered over and in the end, put forth his thoughts tactfully . He had a very complicated expression .

Seeing his expression, Su Yanyi laughed out loud . When she had finally laughed enough, she asked, “Why? Do you think I was wrong in doing that?”

Qin Jiran hesitated, then said, “This isn’t an issue of whether you’re right or not . You have your own reasons to whatever you want to do . But you need to think of your safety too . If things had gone wrong today and you were injured in the process, what should I do?”

Although Qin Jiran spoke in a stern tone, she could still feel that he was restraining himself . He knew that Yanyi had her own ideas and enough abilities, but he was still worried . What was more important was that — what if Yanyi was hurt?!

“I had my Elder Brother send me some bodyguards . ” Su Yanyi reluctantly explained . In reality, she wasn’t really denying Qin Jiran’s words . Things could indeed have gone out of their control, even if she had prepared for all of this .

Qin Jiran slightly sighed in his heart . Sigh . He can’t be comforted by a reason like this, ok!

“What’s your next step in the plan?” He knew that Yanyi understood him, so he didn’t need to say anymore . He understood Yanyi’s personality . If she was willing to change for you, she would directly do so . If she wasn’t, no matter how much he tried to convince her, it would be of no use .

“Naturally waiting for the police to arrest her . I’m not sure how it feels to be captured a second time by the police . ” As she spoke of her next plan, she was quite excited . She had even designed a few escape routes for Wang Zhilin!

“Since you want her to be arrested, why did you find someone to save her?” Qin Jiran didn’t understand this part .

Su Yanyi looked gloomily at Qin Jiran . There was a coldness that intimidated people . Qin Jiran was no exception, he trembled as well . Then she slowly said, “This is a type of torture . I want her to feel hopeless after seeing hope, then slowly losing everything she has . From physical to psychologically . I don’t really want her to go to jail . There are a lot of other plans for her to experience . ”

Su Yanyi didn’t mind being so extreme in front of Qin Jiran . Even more so, she was a bit sneaky and cruel . Perhaps, this belonged to the woman’s confident side . She didn’t mind exposing her complete self in front of the man she liked and loved .

Qin Jiran was a bit uneasy, not because of how cruel Su Yanyi was . More so, it had to do with what Wang Zhilin had done that made Yanyi so cruel and sinister towards her . His instincts told him that there must be something he didn’t know . In between, she had most likely harmed Yanyi in some way . Otherwise, based on his knowledge of Yanyi, she would never spend so much time on Wang Zhilin .

“Yanyi, don’t spend so much time on her . She’s not worth it . ” Qin Jiran softly hugged Su Yanyi, comforting her .

Just like how Qin Jiran knew Su Yanyi, she also knew how much this man loved her . He had devoted himself to making her his priority . She naturally wouldn’t misunderstand him for pleading for Wang Zhilin . Plus, she could tell from his tone that he was just worried and felt bad .

Did he feel bad for her? This man didn’t even know what she had experienced, yet he felt so . If he found out, he would be in deep sorrow .

“I’m fine . ” She who was being comforted ended up comforting him . Su Yanyi always thought that she was strong and persistent and didn’t need any comforting . Yet, she didn’t dislike how the man cared for her . She felt warm in her heart and a lot of hatred washed away .

“What do you need me to do? Or, is there anything you want me to do?” In the past, he didn’t want to intervene in Su Yanyi’s matters because he respected and trusted her . In his eyes, Yanyi was someone who could solve the problems through overbearing ways no matter what issues she faced . But he was really worried now, not because she couldn’t solve the issue, but that she might put her safety at risk because of how extreme she was feeling right now .

He had to say that Su Yanyi’s emotions weren’t normal right now . This was clearly due to Wang Zhilin!

Thinking of Wang Zhilin, Qin Jiran’s gaze turned icy . If Yanyi was willing to let him be in charge, he wouldn’t be polite anymore . Dirtying his hands were better than dirtying Yanyi’s!

Seeing his expression, Su Yanyi softly smiled . The cold aura around her dissipated . “No worries . It’s just a game . How do you have time to play it when you’re so busy?”

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Qin Jiran felt helpless . He really wanted to ask her to not play this life-threatening game!

“There was an assassination attempt on Resplendent Company’s President Su Yanyi . The perpetrator has been arrested at the scene . After transferring through the public security bureau, he will be immediately interrogated . Regarding the result, it is still under investigation…”

This was the news that night . Many had seen it, but they all had different reactions .

Right now, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi had finished dinner and were watching the news . When they saw it, Qin Jiran held Su Yanyi’s hand tightly . As he eyed the culprit on TV, a tint of coldness suffused his face .

At this time, Wang Zhilin who had seen the same news sank into fear . She held the phone in her hands tightly, dialing the number over and over . But it was never answered .

Lin Mu, Lin Mu, why aren’t you picking up? Was that assassin the one she’d hired? Does he know about her existence? Will he hand her over? Why is this assassin so stupid?

Wang Zhilin asked question after question but couldn’t find her answers no matter what .

“Zhilin, what are you doing? Why do look unwell? Do I need to call the doctor over?” Lady Wang walked in and saw Wang Zhilin’s pale face and her uneasy look .

“Don’t . Don’t call anyone over!” When she heard this, Wang Zhilin instinctively rejected and glared harshly at Lady Wang, as if she were her enemy .

“Zhilin, what’s the matter? You, you…” Lady Wang couldn’t explain what was wrong with her but she felt like there was some issue with Wang Zhilin .

“Lin Mu . Go find Lin Mu for me . Oh, and Wei Tao . Find him too . Quickly!” Wang Zhilin was like a victim who had fallen in the sea . Lin Mu and Wei Tao were the two men that could save her . She wanted to hold onto them tightly and never let go .

Lady Wang was in a difficult situation . She said awkwardly, “Why would I have their contacts? Don’t you have their phone numbers? If you want to find them, give them a call . ”

If it was in the past, Lady Wang would never allow Wang Zhilin to have two boyfriends at once . But the present was different from the past now . These two men were their support . She had reluctantly accepted them . Even though she had, she wasn’t that enthusiastic about them . Therefore, she clearly didn’t have their contacts and whatnot .

“Oh, right . I can contact them . I will do it right now . ” First, Wang Zhilin dialed Lin Mu’s phone but no one picked up still . Wang Zhilin was becoming more anxious . Even her hands trembled as she held her phone . Then she called Wei Tao . This time, she sighed . He quickly picked up .


Chapter 97 . 2 — Sorry

Edited by: Larkspur

“Zhilin, why’d you think of calling me? Do you miss me?” The man said with a frivolous and smooth tone, a potential playboy .


“Wei Tao, where are you? Come quickly to the hospital . I miss you . Come quickly . ” Although Wang Zhilin was panicking, she knew that she couldn’t explain some things over the phone . She thought about coaxing Wei Tao over first .


Lin Mu and Wei Tao were men of two different styles . But in reality, Wang Zhilin liked Lin Mu more because Wei Tao seemed to be a player . That wasn’t the type of man she liked . But she had no choice right now . She couldn’t find Lin Mu and now there was this mishap . The only one left, who could help her, was Wei Tao . Thankfully, he placed her as a priority . Wei Tao had also contributed to helping her out of the police station . So, Wei Tao would definitely help her this time too!


Wei Tao came quickly . When Wang Zhilin saw him, her stiff and rigid body slightly relaxed .


“Brother Tao, you have to help me . You have to help me this time…”


Wei Tao looked at the uneasy, terrified and pallid Wang Zhilin . A flicker of disdain passed his eyes, but he comforted her . “What’s the matter? What do you want me to help you with now? Tell me about it . ”


Wei Tao didn’t seem to care as much, in contrast to the obedient Lin Mu . But because of this, it made it seem more realistic, especially when Lin Mu wasn’t there . She could only choose to believe Wei Tao .


Then, Wang Zhilin told him about how she’d hired an assassin to kill Su Yanyi . It’s not that she didn’t want to hide it from him but that she was extremely terrified . The assassin was arrested by the police . Whenever she thought of the police station and jail, Wang Zhilin’s body trembled . She never wanted to go in again . That wasn’t a place for humans!


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Wei Tao knitted his eyebrows and looked serious . After hearing her words, he didn’t speak immediately . But after serious consideration he tested her . “I think you should have two solutions . If the assassin didn’t give them your name, everything will naturally be ok . But if he did, you need to prepare then . ”


“Prepare what? How should I prepare? Brother Tao, help me . I really don’t want to go back there . I will die!”


“…I naturally will help you . You can…” Wei Tao recited Su Yanyi’s words to Wang Zhilin . She listened seriously, even nodded in agreement several times . She felt like this was an ok idea .


The culprit clearly wasn’t a desperate criminal . Before midnight had even passed, he spilled the beans . However, he didn’t mention Wang Zhilin . He said that he had contacted a woman he didn’t know, though . Plus, he had never seen that woman . They just communicated through the phone . Then he honestly gave them the phone number .


The police investigated the number and noticed that it hadn’t been registered . But they continued to investigate according to the clue the culprit provided . They checked the given bank account and quickly noticed traces of Wang Zhilin being involved . They then brought her out of the hospital .


When Wang Zhilin was brought away, she didn’t obediently leave with them . Instead, she went berserk  — crying and screaming like someone deranged . Everyone in the hospital was woken up by her . Even the police was almost attacked by Wang Zhilin . They then brought Wang Zhilin who seemed crazy and insane away .


Many people had intentionally filmed this scene . They secretly uploaded this online . On the bottom, they clearly labeled Wang Zhilin’s status, leading to many guesses .


At this time, Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran were in deep sleep . They slept happily .


The next morning, once she woke up, Su Yanyi turned her phone on . There were notifications on her phone . It was from two different people . There were only two words that these two people had sent . One was “mission completed” and the other “preparation completed” .


Su Yanyi was very pleased by this . She believed that this was a beautiful start . Hopefully, Wang Zhilin would like the gift she had especially planned for her .


By this time, Wang Zhilin had been interrogated once . She didn’t say anything but denied everything . She made a scene and acted hysterically . It seemed like she wanted to bring the police station to chaos . The police seemed to be scared of her as well, so much so that they took a break from interrogating her . They just went through the process and then brought Wang Zhilin to the prison .


Right after Wang Zhilin was locked in there, two more women arrived in jail . One had stolen something and the other had gotten into a fight . They looked like female delinquents and seemed to be regulars . When they walked in, arrogance was plastered on their faces .


Wang Zhilin had never interacted with people such as these, but she knew that it was best not to cause a ruckus here . Although she had been pretending to be crazy, she moved herself to the corner, in an attempt to make herself feel safer .


Though she wanted to hide from them, it couldn’t be helped that someone didn’t want to let her go . Su Yanyi had especially arranged two people in jail to take care of her . How could they let her go?!


There were a total of six people in her cell . The other three quickly moved away and acted as bystanders . There weren’t many who were kind-hearted and compassionate .


“What, what are you guys doing?” Wang Zhilin’s voice trembled due to fear . She tried to curl her body up close . She looked really pitiful in that position . But no one pitied her at this time .


To Wang Zhilin, the time after was like torture from hell . It’s not that she was beaten up by people . Su Yanyi wasn’t aiming for physical pain . Su Yanyi wanted to torture Wang Zhilin pyschologically . The two female delinquents had tried their best to accomplish this too .


In the end, when Wang Zhilin was stepped on by the two and begging for mercy due to the pain, the two looked at each other . In reality, they had poured a lot of thought into completing this mission . But after coming here, their target wasn’t the one they had expected . This woman quickly surrendered after they threatened her . She did whatever they asked . They didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment from this!


“Please let me go . Please . I…” As she cried, Wang Zhilin begged . Where was the mannerism of an affluent Young Miss? She was worse than the beggars on the street!


“Hey, do you think we have completed our task?” Female delinquent A asked . This woman was a coward . They didn’t even really do anything and she was already kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy .


“Um, it’s hard to say . How about we report this to the boss?” Female delinquent B said, with uncertainty . There was a huge contrast between their expectations and reality!


Ten minutes later, Su Yanyi found out what happened in prison . She gave them some simple orders then hung up in disdain . She knew that Wang Zhilin was a coward . But it wasn’t like she wanted to see Wang Zhilin’s courageous spirit .


In the next period of time, the two female delinquents tried their best to cause trouble for Wang Zhilin under orders . Plus, they openly recorded this with a video camera, not trying to conceal this at all . Wang Zhilin wanted to resist but she could do nothing against them . She didn’t want to be beaten up . She was a coward, feared pain . She had no integrity, so she could only beg for mercy .


Truth be told, Wang Zhilin had requested help from the police . But there were no injuries or any evidence that she was being beaten up so why would the police who had been informed previously care about her?


She knelt and begged for mercy . She insulted and called herself a slut . She confessed everything she had done, besides murdering someone which required her to be sentenced to a felony . She even told them about how she’d stolen her sister’s allowance when she was little . Right now, her appearance, behaviour all seemed like a lunatic’s .


Actually Wang Zhilin felt lucky that they didn’t force her to confess . Compared to these lousy torture, Wang Zhilin cared most about her hiring an assassin to murder Su Yanyi . About the other matters, she felt like she could endure it still . Then she slowly got used to enduring the torture .


The two female delinquents didn’t want much . Their boss ordered them to take videos and especially emphasized on not revealing their faces . Su Yanyi clearly wanted to expose this to the public . Though they had no idea if Wang Zhilin, this stupid woman, knew or not . She even cooperated with them . They felt like she was really stupid and pathetic .


The videos that the female delinquents took had gone to Su Yanyi in the first moments . Su Yanyi went home with the videos and straight to the study .


Looking at how tragic Wang Zhilin was, Su Yanyi suddenly felt like she was really abnormal . Why else would she feel satisfied?


Qin Jiran returned home a bit late . He had been filming the last few scenes these two days, so he came back late . Since he didn’t find Su Yanyi in the bedroom so he went straight to the study . The laptop was against the door . Although he couldn’t see the scenes, he could hear a quite familiar woman’s voice .


“What are you looking at?” Qin Jiran walked over and immediately felt a change in Su Yanyi . Her emotions didn’t seem to be stable . Normally, this happened when it had to do with Wang Zhilin .


Su Yanyi slowly raised her head and shifted her gaze from the scene . She said in a cold voice, “I had people go and teach Wang Zhilin a lesson in prison and I’m watching the video now . ”


Qin Jiran walked over and looked at the laptop screen . It was playing the part where Wang Zhilin was kneeling on the ground and begging for mercy . Her hair was scattered over her shoulders and she had an aging face . If he didn’t look carefully, there was a chance he would mistake her for someone else . How was she a wealthy Young Miss now? She was no different than a beggar .


Chapter 97 . 3 — Sorry

Edited by: Larkspur

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“Is it interesting?” Seeing that Qin Jiran was watching it, Su Yanyi asked out of curiosity .

Qin Jiran’s eyes flickered . He didn’t think this was interesting . He was more worried about Su Yanyi’s state of mind now .

“Are you done watching it? It’s very late now . How about we go to rest?” Qin Jiran obviously changed the topic and casually held onto Su Yanyi’s hands . Her hands were a bit cold and Qin Jiran was even more worried .

“Heh . Why are you being so careful? Do you think I’m abnormal too?” At Qin Jiran’s reaction, Su Yanyi suddenly laughed . This laugh also broke the gloomy atmosphere they were in . Qin Jiran became more relaxed and less nervous .

Seeing Su Yanyi’s smile, Qin Jiran foolishly smiled too . He lowered his body and gently held her in his arms and explained . “I was a bit worried . That woman isn’t worth your effort . ”

“I know . You have said this before . ” Su Yanyi suddenly disliked how talkative Qin Jiran was . How could he not understand what she meant?

“Ok, I might be talking too much . I’ll stop talking . Let’s go rest . I’m very tired . ” Qin Jiran smiled and didn’t say anything more . But he purposefully acted pitiful, wanting her to sympathize with him .

Su Yanyi looked at Qin Jiran and he innocently blinked his eyes . Then Su Yanyi said, “Ok, let’s go rest . ”

Qin Jiran immediately flashed a gentle smile . He pulled on Su Yanyi’s hand and walked off . As Su Yanyi left, she directly cut power . The laptop went dark .

After showering, the two lay in bed, breathing in each other’s familiar scents . Qin Jiran felt like they hadn’t been close for a few days . He couldn’t help but to be intimate with Su Yanyi for a bit . He landed numerous soft kisses all over Yanyi’s body until he felt he was out of control . He then let go of her despite his dissatisfaction . He then turned around to hold Su Yanyi in his arms .

Su Yanyi was a bit disorientated from the kisses . But she detected the man’s endurance again . After she had sobered down, she dangerously squinted her eyes . She stared right at the man .

Qin Jiran felt his hair standing on end . He couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter? What are you looking at?”

Su Yanyi felt like this man was slow . He had tortured her once, twice, thrice, and now a fourth time . Did he really think that she wouldn’t have a reaction to him? That she wouldn’t have an attitude?!

Su Yanyi slowly moved her hand in the blanket, making her way down the man’s chest and then some more . Then she tightly gripped it!

Immediately, the man’s expression changed to one of pain . The handsome face scrunched because of pain . His face turned completely red too, his entire body was twisted . From this, one could see how harsh Su Yanyi had gripped it .

“From now on, I will sleep in the guest room . Once you make up your mind, come and find me!” Su Yanyi stood up, ignoring the man’s painful expression . When she finished her words, she turned around and left the bedroom .

If she was touched by the man’s self-control for her originally, now that he had been holding it in still despite the numerous times she had hinted him, she felt very uncomfortable by his action . If she continued on, Su Yanyi was very uncertain of herself, imagining that she would transform into a wolf and pounce on him . She was a human too and had feelings!

As the door shut with an angry slam, Qin Jiran who was left in the room by himself laughed helplessly . If he didn’t understand now, he wasn’t worthy of being a man . But he hadn’t prepared his gift . The plan wasn’t executed yet . He had originally wanted to wait some more but he didn’t expect to irk Yanyi right now . He was speechless .

Qin Jiran calmed down and hurriedly got out of bed to find Yanyi when his pain had somewhat subsided . How could he bear to let Yanyi sleep in the guest room? This was basically slicing his heart up . Just thinking about it made him ache .

Qin Jiran tried to push the door open but realized that it was locked . The bitter smile on his face deepened . He wondered what exactly this was like . He was like a husband disliked by his wife for not being able to satisfy her needs and locked out of the room as well .

“Yanyi, open the door ok? Don’t be angry . It’s all my fault . Listen to my explanation, ok?” Qin Jiran stood outside the door, begging and ill at ease .

“Talk . I’ll listen . ” Su Yanyi didn’t open the door, but thankfully she responded though he felt really bad when he heard her indifferent tone .

Qin Jiran knew that Yanyi was really angry now . He didn’t dare to hesitate anymore . He blurted his whole plan out . “I made a custom order of a pair of rings abroad . I want to properly propose to you and hope that our…cough, the first time can be thorough too . I, I want to leave a beautiful memory for you . Yanyi, you know this . I have been going crazy just thinking about you . But, sorry . I didn’t think you also…sorry, Yanyi . I didn’t consider your feelings . Don’t be mad anymore, ok?”

Qin Jiran stuttered and explained . He was embarrassed to say some things but he was really sorry . He’d only considered his feelings but forgot that this matter didn’t just involve his feelings . Whenever he endured it and sulked, when had Yanyi not felt the same as well? If Yanyi wasn’t actually angry at him this time, he probably would’ve stupidly forgotten about this .

It couldn’t help but be said that it mostly had to do with how pure Qin Jiran was . He had never been close to any other woman besides Su Yanyi in his life . He lacked experience on a lot of matters . Who knew that he would’ve encountered all this?

“My feelings? Now you know my feelings?” It was clear that Su Yanyi was still angry . She didn’t understand this . She was clearly willing and they had a great relationship . Her man wanted this too . But why did he always step on the brakes in the end? She couldn’t help but feel that she wasn’t charming enough!

Qin Jiran’s actions really pissed Su Yanyi off . She called Qin Jiran stupid and slow numerous times in her heart . Her anger this time was clearly the result of the accumulation of irritation built from the last several times .

Stupid Qin Jiran . You can sleep by yourself in the future! Su Yanyi thought . Despite hearing Qin Jiran’s explanation, she was still incomparably vexed .

“Sorry . ” Qin Jiran continued to apologize in an awkward way . In reality, he felt like he had done something stupid . But in his heart, he always treated Yanyi like a precious treasure . As regards to the matters related to Yanyi, he would always treat them with extreme caution . How could he dare to give her less than what she deserved? Therefore, he had endured time after time on this matter . Who knew that he had upset Yanyi in the end still . Right now, Qin Jiran’s heart was full of guilt . He could only say “sorry” to her .

Yanyi, sorry . I’m so stupid . I originally wanted to give you the best, but I still made you upset…


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