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Published at 15th of October 2019 11:40:07 PM
Chapter 90.2

Chapter 90 . 2 — Goodnight, Sweetheart

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 “So what? Do you think I’m on their side? If you have the ability to, say it on their faces . After all, it has nothing to do with me . Tomorrow is Father’s funeral so I won’t argue with you guys . Behave yourselves!” Qin Zhenyi tried his best to sound confident but once he recounted Su Yanyi’s ambiguous mien, he was a bit guilty still . He didn’t want to waste more time here and turned around to leave .

In reality, Qin Zhenyi had thought hard about his words . Not only did he want to clear his name, but also wanted to bring trouble to others . He wanted to shift Qin Zhenren and Qin Zhenli’s target to Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran . He didn’t want the two to join hands to go against him . Yet, if it was Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi, he would gladly do so .

At the same time, Su Yanyi was paying attention to Qin Family’s response . She received continuous news on the Qin Family and the discussion among the three brothers in the Chairman’s office .

When she was told about Qin Zhenyi’s response, Su Yanyi’s face turned frigid . She knew that this man wasn’t good news and only wanted to bring them trouble . Well, it remained to be seen if he had the ability after all!

At this time, Qin Jiran was still trying to shoot his scenes . In order to expedite the progress of the filming, Qin Jiran couldn’t even spare time to eat these days . Plus, he had been working overtime until very late . Su Yanyi was very unhappy about this but she didn’t say anything . Instead, she had Su Family’s servants make some food for him . While she was incredibly considerate, it earned Qin Jiran everyone’s envy on the set .

It was quite late by the time an exhausted Qin Jiran returned home . The light in the living room was still on, clearly left for him . When he walked upstairs and opened the door, Su Yanyi was already asleep . As she laid on the huge bed, she appeared tiny and delicate . All Qin Jiran did was just stare at her and felt his fatigue disappear . His heart calmed down .

He walked softly and quietly to the bathroom . He showered and changed before coming out . Qin Jiran then laid on the bed, shifting a bit and some more . He moved himself to Su Yanyi’s side and reached over to pull her in his arms . Then, he softly landed a kiss on Su Yanyi’s forehead .

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“Goodnight, my sweetheart . ” Perhaps, it was only during this time that Qin Jiran could dare address Su Yanyi like this . She was his sweetheart, forever!

Around this time, Su Yanyi who was about to open her eyes to greet him had suddenly changed her mind . She continued to pretend to be asleep .

Sweetheart? Cough, cough . Su Yanyi felt like this endearment was overly corny and only Mother Su had called her that when she was a child . Plus, he said sweetheart in such a low and sexy voice . She couldn’t take this!

While the two were unaware of this, Su Yanyi’s ear tips had secretly hued red…

Perhaps because of over-exhaustion, but Qin Jiran quickly fell asleep . However, Su Yanyi was unable to fall asleep . The words ‘my sweetheart’ kept echoing in her ears to the point that she was a bit infuriated!

Su Yanyi suddenly opened her eyes . Even in the dark bedroom, it felt unusually bright . She stared straight at slumbering Qin Jiran and wanted to say something . Yet, when she saw the man’s fatigued face, she held down her urge to do so . The little anger in her immediately died down as well .

“Sigh, what a slow man!” He would only dare to say such corny things during this time . At least have the guts to say it on her face!

However, the devil within Su Yanyi was proud . She blinked her eyes and concentrated on the man’s looks then she seemed to be immersed in him . She suddenly got up and left a kiss by the corner of the man’s lips .

“Goodnight . ” Sweetheart and whatnot were too corny and she couldn’t say it . But, she could say goodnight to him .

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Su Yanyi happily thought of this but heard the system’s voice unexpectedly .

Congratulations to Master for completing the hidden mission: secretly kissing Mr . Master . You obtained the plant growth liquid and can increase the growth of any plants by ten times . If you use it on the magical plant, it can increase the growth by 30 times . Please use it carefully . The reward will automatically be stored in your storage space . Please check it out, Master .

This was the first time Su Yanyi found out that a sneak kiss was a mission! However, with the notification that she had completed the hidden mission of sneak kiss, she wasn’t as surprised anymore . However, this mission’s reward made her think of the upgrading rewards which she’d neglected . What is that magical seed? She still had no idea .

Maybe she should find a time to plant the seed and see? She recalled a huge open space in the back garden and hopefully, nothing weird would sprout from it .

Su Yanyi gradually fell asleep when she was surrounded by the familiar scent . She had waited for him for so long and he finally came back . It really hurt to dry her own hair . It’s so annoying how he had to return at a later time!

In the morning, Su Yanyi woke up to her usual sleeping position . She half lied on Qin Jiran and didn’t seem to shift her posture . She was really well-behaved .

“Good morning . ” Came the deep male voice and the voice which she was more and more accustomed to . She couldn’t help but think of the ‘goodnight’ she said last night . However, she felt like there was something different about the two words that were being said .

Su Yanyi thought about it and got an answer . There wasn’t the term of endearment . Where was ‘my sweetheart’ ?

Su Yanyi pursed her lips . Although she understood, she wouldn’t mention it . She didn’t want such a corny endearment!

Once they got out of bed, they went about their morning exercises . Su Yanyi’s skills were getting better and better . After a few rounds, Su Yanmo walked over as well . When he saw the two sparring, his eyes brightened, wanting to join as well .

Su Yanyi was a no-nonsense person . He aimed for a gap between them and waved his fist over . He directly squeezed Su Yanyi out of the combat and started to fight Qin Jiran .

Su Yanyi wasn’t surprised either . With a cold face, she walked to the side to spectate . Elder Brother was a great combater . Since he’d been home for many days, it’s about time for him to exercise .

When the two started to battle, Qin Jiran clearly was at a disadvantage . Su Yanmo’s skills were much better than Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s . His skills were acquired through hands-on battle experiences . Not only was Su Yanyi in charge of the mercenary company’s businesses, she frequently went on missions with the mercenaries . She had an abundance of experiences, something Qin Jiran lacked .

However, Qin Jiran wasn’t too weak . He was powerful and the two were just practicing, so there weren’t any overly excessive moves . He had been able to deal with the moves, though with some reluctance .

But when Su Yanyi saw that Su Yanmo was about to punch the corner of Qin Jiran’s mouth, she couldn’t hold it in anymore . She rushed over and landed a punch, joining the battle . Not only did she block Su Yanmo’s punch, but she also helped Qin Jiran in beating Su Yanmo .

Su Yanmo raised his eyebrows . His action was about 70% similar to Su Yanyi’s but he didn’t stop . He valiantly fought the two and wasn’t in the least bit of disadvantage still .

The three fought for a bit before the old man who was used to morning exercises came to watch the show . However, he was old so he could only view the match on the side .

“Girl, kick him . Don’t be polite!”

“Xiao Ran, don’t constrain yourself . Punch him in the face . Harshly hit him!”

“Xiao Mo, did you not have breakfast? How come you’re not punching hard enough?”

“There are two of you guys . You guys need to learn to cooperate with each other . How come you guys can’t? I really need to train you guys!”

The old man yelled loudly and this caught Mother and Father Su’s attentions over . The whole family gathered together for morning exercises again .

Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran, as well as Su Yanmo, didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the old man’s words . They all slowed down and in the end, Su Yanyi stopped out of anger . She glared at her grandfather and with a cold face said, “Grandfather, you’re messing us up . ”

“Hahah, how am I messing you guys up? I’m not satisfied with just looking at you guys . If it weren’t for my age, I would have no problem fighting the three of you!” Grandfather Su wasn’t angry . Instead, he happily chuckled out loud .

“A real man doesn’t boast about his past achievements!” Su Yanyi obviously knew how powerful her grandfather was . After all, a lot of her martial arts were taught by him .

“Right, Grandfather is old . I am just eager for you to be pregnant and give me a grandchild . Grandfather would be pleased . ” Grandfather Su naturally had to diss her since his granddaughter had done that!

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