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Chapter 78

Chapter 78 . 1 — The Charity Show Family

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Edited by: Larkspur

The day before the Heavenly Sea Charity Show was the dress rehearsal for many of the performing artistes . The dress rehearsal didn’t need to be too detailed because they were just going to walk through the process and not everyone was expected to come . A few of the popular celebrities didn’t even show up . Only some performing artistes came .

Qin Jiran was one of the few . Not only was he a performing artiste at the charity show, but also one of the people who was hosting the show . Because of his special status, he was specially called over by Ling Tianyue to review the programs . However, he was not required to perform .

“Why isn’t Yanyi here yet? How come you came by yourself?” When Ling Tianyue saw Qin Jiran by himself, she seemed a bit disappointed .

“You didn’t ask me to bring Yanyi along . ” Qin Jiran didn’t remember receiving a notification for him to bring Yanyi together . Plus, today was just a dress rehearsal . There was no need for her to come anyway .

“I didn’t say it, but you could’ve still brought her along . I also have something to talk to her about . ”

Ling Tianyue had mulled over for a few days but couldn’t think of any good ways to interact with Ban Qing . So, she wanted Su Yanyi to come up with a few ideas for her . Unfortunately, she hadn’t come today .

Qin Jiran didn’t express any opinion . He felt that he shouldn’t get involved in matters between women . He was uncomfortable speaking with any woman other than Su Yanyi, and especially this woman! He had always been ill at ease with the way she acted, like she was familiar with him .

“Hey, you don’t need to hide from me . Are you scared that I will eat you?”

Ling Tianyue could feel Qin Jiran trying to distance himself from her . She was unable to accept this . Even if Qin Jiran had someone in his heart, there shouldn’t be a problem with talking to a charming woman like her . But why did he act as if he disliked her? This certainly injured a beautiful woman’s dignity!

At first, Ling Tianyue thought that things might’ve been going contrary to her wishes . How come the men she admired didn’t admire her? It was fine for Qin Jiran to act this way because he was in love with someone else . But how come the man whom she really liked wouldn’t pay any attention to her? She felt very helpless .

Who knew that the person she liked also liked someone else? It was actually the same person that the man before her liked .

“President Ling, please be mindful of your language . ” Qin Jiran scrunched his eyebrows, extremely unhappy .

He didn’t like joking around with women . He disliked it, more so when they spoke in a flirtatious and ambiguous tone . Although he knew that this woman was not really flirting with him, he still felt extremely uncomfortable .

It couldn’t help but be said that Qin Jiran had an extremely obstinate way of thinking, especially towards the issues regarding romance . Once he fell in love with someone, it meant for a lifetime . He would be faithful until death and keep himself pure for the woman he loved . Since he had his beloved, he wouldn’t go around teasing other people . Even more, he wouldn’t do things that might lead to a misunderstanding . This way, their love would be long-lasting .

“I am really speechless . Su Yanyi has always been like this, but you aren’t any different either . Two slow-witted people are a perfect match!”

Ling Tianyue wasn’t angry . Instead, she rolled her eyes helplessly . The treatment she received from Su Yanyi was the same treatment she received from Qin Jiran . She was unable to endure the degree of similarity between the pair .

Qin Jiran scrunched his eyebrows . He was obviously a bit unhappy that Ling Tianyue had called Su Yanyi a slow-witted person . It was fine by him if he was called slow-witted as it wasn’t necessarily considered a negative connotation .

Although he was a bit displeased, he didn’t have the intention of retorting . He could feel that this woman didn’t harbor any ill intentions . This was her personality, so he wasn’t going to argue .

While the two were conversing, more people slowly arrived . Most of the arrivals knew Qin Jiran and Ling Tianyue, so they walked over to greet them . For a while, the two didn’t have a chance to talk to each other . The atmosphere, however, became peaceful .

The rehearsal started and everyone performed their own programs . Ling Tianyue made some simple changes while Qin Jiran remained silent . He didn’t mention any requests . He just sat there silently . As a result, the performing artistes felt even more pressured . From time to time, they would glance at him .

Three hours later, in the afternoon, the rehearsal ended . Qin Jiran looked at his watch and wondered if he should find Yanyi for lunch . But before he made up his mind, a sound rang from the rear . Out of reflex, he turned around to see what was going on, only to see the person he was thinking about standing there .

When they saw him suddenly stand-up, everyone looked in that direction as well . Then, they understood Qin Jiran’s reaction .

Su Yanyi stood by the door with Kang Zhong close behind . The ambient arctic aura embraced her body as her high heels clicked while she walked forward . She looked around as though she was looking for someone . She exuded an imposing air, like a sovereign descending the world . No one was able to shift their gaze away from them . Instead, every eyeball fixated on the couple .

Qin Jiran walked towards Su Yanyi and stood right in front of her . He blocked everyone’s view of her because he wanted to hide her away, preventing anyone from seeing her .

Qin Jiran’s gaze deepened as he softly held Su Yanyi’s hand . “How come you’re here? It’s chilly outside . Are you cold?”

Compared to his usual silence and indifference, the Film Emperor was unbelievably gentle . Those who saw this scene obviously noticed how the Film Emperor treated his wife differently from the others .

Ling Tianyue pursed her lips . They were both beautiful and strong women . Yet, look at the difference in treatment!

“I’m not cold . Did you finish work? If you’re done with work, let’s go eat lunch . ” Su Yanyi thought that Qin Jiran might still be here, so she came over to see him since she had some free time in the afternoon .

Jiang Xiaobin didn’t dare to be a lightbulb . President Su’s imposing manner was too valiant . Just one cold glare from her would be too much for him .

In the end, Kang Zhong waved his hand at Jiang Xiaobin . The two decided to happily go for lunch together . In regard to the Queen and the Film Emperor, the two assistants supported the couple, leaving them to their own world .

Even though the assistants were supportive, not everyone was as supportive as the assistants . In other words, some single people didn’t like them showing off their affections .

“Hey, wait for me! The two of you guys . Since we all met here coincidentally, let’s go for lunch . I will treat you guys,” Ling Tianyue called out while walking over . The speed at which she was running, it seemed as if she was afraid that they will leave her behind .

“Don’t you think you’re unnecessary?” Su Yanyi stopped walking and unhappily looked at Ling Tianyue . From the start, she disliked the existence of lightbulbs .

“Don’t be so upfront, ok? We’re just going out for lunch . You won’t even let me?” Ling Tianyue believed that the two of them are crossing the line more and more often . Are they really looking down upon her for being single?

“I won’t!” She hadn’t eaten lunch with Qin Jiran for so many days . Why would she bring another woman along? She wouldn’t let this happen!

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Ling Tianyue looked suspiciously at Su Yanyi . She asked hesitantly, “Are you really jealous? We’re just going out for lunch . President Su, stop being so ungenerous or else people will laugh at you . ”

Not long ago, Su Yanyi disliked her . Now, even Qin Jiran disliked her . Ling Tianyue believed that the couple was being overly affectionate with each other .

Su Yanyi felt that it was a compliment for being overly affectionate with Qin Jiran . In an extremely imposing manner, she said, “Do you still want to eat with the Bai Family?”

Ling Tianyue didn’t know whether to laugh or cry . To prevent her from eating with them, she actually started to threaten her . President Su . Queen . Do you have to be so cute?

In the end, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi went to enjoy their own world . On the other hand, Ling Tianyue went to eat with their assistants .

The Heavenly Sky Charity Show was a magnificent and unprecedented event . Cheers rose and fell everywhere, especially from the fans who had come to see their idols . Amongst the cheers, Qin Jiran’s name was the loudest . People cheered for Su Yanyi too .

Su Yanyi’s fame could be compared to list actors . Although the fans were not sure if Su Yanyi was going to attend, they hollered her name in anticipation . Especially the young girls who bragged about being fans of the Queen . They treated Su Yanyi like she was an idol, both admiring and cheering for her . They were determined to learn from Su Yanyi and become a strong independent woman .


Chapter 78 . 2 — The Charity Show Family

Edited by: Larkspur

“Film Emperor Qin! Film Emperor Qin! Where are you?”

“Film Emperor Qin! Film Emperor Qin! We love you!”

“Su Yanyi! Su Yanyi! Please come!”

“Su Yanyi! Su Yanyi! We are waiting for you!”

“Please come together, Film Emperor and the Queen! Please show off your love!”

“If the Queen isn’t here, we won’t go!”

A variety of calls and cheers rang . Several forums on Weibo were led by famous fans . A host of catchphrases passed along and there was this neat and organized chanting now .

Backstage .

Within Qin Jiran’s personal lounge, Su Yanyi sat silently . She seemed to find the rise and fall in chanting interesting .

“This is how it feels to be an idol?” Su Yanyi smiled .

“If Yanyi is willing to be a star, many people will welcome you . ” In Qin Jiran’s eyes, everything about Su Yanyi was naturally good . If she really were to enter the entertainment circle and became a celebrity, she would be better than all the current actors .

“Be a celebrity and act like a Queen?” Su Yanyi joked .

However, her temperament changed . She immediately switched to an overbearing manner . She emanated type of elegance and nobility that couldn’t be described . She really acted like a Queen .

“There is no need to act like one because you are one . ”

In Qin Jiran’s heart, Su Yanyi was a Queen . Who lets this woman act akin to a Queen, despite her status or imposing manner?

“What? In your heart, I’m also a Queen?”

She had asked Kang Zhong about this before . He had given her a definite answer . At that time, she had wanted to ask Qin Jiran . Now that they were on this topic, she inquired .

“Fully deserving of the title!” Qin Jiran exclaimed with more certainty than Kang Zhong . It contained a glimpse of feverish . He liked how Su Yanyi acted high and mighty and admired as well as respected her for this .

Seeing the man’s serious and cautious look, Su Yanyi slightly raised her eyebrows . She stood in front of the man, looking down: “Am I your Queen?”

‘Queen’ and ‘your Queen’ had two different meanings . The special title was like a spell, luring Qin Jiran to fall into . No, he had already fallen into this!

“Of course!” Qin Jiran tilted his head to look at Su Yanyi, thinking this was a perfect angle .

Su Yanyi smiled . She sat by Qin Jiran’s side, finding a magazine to browse .

Qin Jiran stopped talking too and continued to look at his files . However, he would steal a glance at Su Yanyi from time to time . This went on until the charity show began .

The hosts that the Long Media had invited, were a pair of extremely famous people . They’re the “big brother” and “big sister” of the ‘hosting-world . ’ Naturally, this was due to Su Yanyi’s influence that there even was a big sister . Originally, there was only a big brother . In reality, that was not the only change . Because the show doubled as the opening ceremony for the foundation, the entire scope of the charity show expanded by twofold . This led the audience to believe that there was value for their money .

Once the hosts appeared, the audience began to cheer and call . The two began by teasing one another . Then, they introduced the schedule for the charity show .

“…Nannan, do you know who the most popular guest of this charity show is?” The big brother, Xu Qingyun, asked the big sister, Xiang Nan .

“Brother Yun, you shouldn’t be asking me this . You should ask the audience, hear who they came for . Audience, tell me your idol’s name . Let us hear who’s the most popular guest!” Xiang Nan was great at hyping up the mood . She passed the microphone over and the fans immediately started yelling .

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“Qin Jiran! Qin Jiran! We are here to see Film Emperor!”

“Queen Su! Queen Su! We are here to see the Film Emperor and the Queen together!”

Although the fans called out different names, the most was for Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi . Then, it was unsure if it were the fans’ spell, but the fans called out the two names combined . One side would holler Qin Jiran first, while the other would follow with Su Yanyi . Then, everyone would holler for them to come together . It was all very well-coordinated . People found this shocking yet amusing .

These were hollers from a couple of thousands of people that reached even places afar .

“Ok . Ok . We all know . Speaking of the fans now, they have a lot of requests . Not only do they want to see the Film Emperor who is definitely attending, but also President Su? President Su isn’t that easy to be seen . But…” Just as Xiang Nan said, ‘not that easy to be seen,’ the audience let out regretful sighs and protests . As soon as the voices died down, the audience began to cheer again when they heard ‘but . ’

“Haha . Nannan, do you dare to continue? If the audience is disappointed, you will be flooded by their saliva . ” Xu Qingyun laughed on the side .

“This…I’m going to keep it a secret for now . Will the Queen come? Haha, seeing so many fans calling out for President Su as the Queen, I also think this title very much suits President Su . President Su, do you agree?” Xiang Nan smiled happily .

Being Long Media’s host, Su Yanyi was considered to be her half-boss . She, naturally, had to praise her .

Hearing Xiang Nan, Xu Qingyun immediately cooperated: “President Su? Where is President Su? Is she really here?”

“She’s really here? Is she or isn’t she? Haha . Audience, don’t worry too much . Take a look at our performances first . You guys will find out later…”

The performances started but left the audience in some suspense . However, they weren’t stupid . Upon hearing the hostess’ words, they could guess that Su Yanyi was probably present . They just had no idea when she would appear and with what status . Thinking about this, they began to get excited and looked forward to it .

Woman, an extremely beautiful woman with an extraordinary background . Not only did she have these achievements at such a young age, but also became the wife of the Film Emperor . All these accomplishments comprised a legendary type of aura . At the same time that people admired her, they were also curious . What type of elegant demeanor would this woman possess?

The person who was responsible for the first performance was of a Tianhou¹ rank . She was also a performing artiste under Resplendent’s name . The song 《Come on, everybody 》was great at pumping up the atmosphere and lifting the spirits of those present .

Besides singing, there were magic shows and plays . There were obviously dances and songs as well . After an hour or more had passed, the audience was fully immersed in the performances . However, they didn’t forget their original motive . Every time there was an intermission and the hosts came out, they would holler their idols’ names . Amongst this, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi’s names were the loudest .

The host responded a couple of times with different answers . Although the fans were a little disappointed, they still looked forward to this . Up until the end of the charity show, the fans were more and more anxious . However, they knew that this Film Emperor Qin was last to appear .

As expected, Film Emperor Qin appeared at the end . He came out wearing a pure black suit, with an icy aura surrounding him . With that nobility and respect, the audience cheered for him in just moments of his appearance .

“Film Emperor! Film Emperor! Film Emperor!” The fans called out his name in unison . Fully deserving, ‘Film Emperor’ was the most prideful title for Qin Jiran .

After calling out ‘Film Emperor,’ there was a group of fans who started to call out for the ‘Queen’ out of nowhere . Plus, it seemed contagious . More and more people hollered for the Queen!

“Queen! Queen! Queen!” They were so enthusiastic, arousing Qin Jiran’s feeling of glory and honor .

Qin Jiran only waved his hand, greeting the audience . Yet, in a way, he seemed magical . The chanting stopped immediately .

“Very thankful to everyone who made it . Yanyi will be coming shortly . Let me sing 《Natural Law》to you guys . Hopefully, you guys will like it!” Qin Jiran’s voice rang across the whole stage . His charm intoxicated people . They all looked forward to his voice .

Without much ado, the music rang . He sang a memorable song .

“If heaven has an age, it will become old too . Nothing can be stable forever . If I sink in this world, I can only laugh at the worldly affairs and act freely…” This was a classical song . A few lines of the song were quoted from the classics which appealed to its audience . Qin Jiran had a deep voice and didn’t change the timbre that much . However, his voice lingered in the hearts of those who heard it .

Towards the end of the song, Su Yanyi slowly walked out from the backstage . She held a bamboo flute in her hand and began playing the instrument, following the rhythm of the song . At this moment, their eyes brightened at the duo on the stage .

1 . Tianhou (天后) – Goddess/Referring to someone highly regarded within the music industry .

Chapter 78 . 3 — The Charity Show Family

Edited by: Larkspur

At the same time, all major forums had published their posts . Most of the content was about the couple on stage .


[Finally, I see the Film Emperor and the Queen together and on stage . Plus, the Queen actually knows how to play the bamboo flute!]


[Seeing the Queen playing the bamboo flute makes me feel that she isn’t actually a Queen . She is basically a Goddess . The Film Emperor is blessed!]


[The Film Emperor and the Queen are on stage showing off their love . A talented man and a beautiful woman . A talented woman and a handsome man . They are both not lacking in talent and beauty . They are a great match!]


[Wu, wu, wu . Film Emperor, I really believe you’re happy now . Seeing you guys perform, I’ve decided to change from being a ‘girlfriend’ fan to a ‘true love’ fan . I hope you and the Queen will be happy!]


The same post included glimpses of Qin Jiran singing with Su Yanyi playing the bamboo flute . However, because most of it was recorded by the fans, it was a little blurry . The sound wasn’t that clear either . Even like this, many users reposted this like crazy .


At the same time, Qin Jiran’s performance ended . He walked over to Yanyi, looking tender-heartedly at her . He held her hand and the two walked to the center of the stage . They slightly lowered their heads and took a bow .


Suddenly, thunderous applause erupted . The sound of cheers was ear-splitting . Most of the people were hollering the duo’s names and their nicknames .


The host walked out, wanting to speak . Yet, the cheers rose and fell in succession . All the host could do was wait helplessly and look at Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi for help . However, the two remained calm and unflustered . They didn’t seem uncomfortable or the excitement that ordinary people would have . The host was even more helpless .


It’s a good thing that the fans knew that the host had something to say . Once they’d had enough, they slowly stopped . Of course, there’s also the possibility that they were tired of all the screaming .


“Ladies and gentlemen, today’s Heavenly Sea Charity Show is coming to a close . But before that, I would like to announce a happy occasion . Resplendent Entertainment, Su Company, Long Media, SQ Company, and Hua Company have joined hands in launching a foundation which will be established today . Now, let’s ask Hua Company’s Chairwoman Ling Tianyue, Resplendent Entertainment’s President Su Yanyi, Su Company’s Chairman Su Zhengtian, Long Media’s Chairman and President Xu Yun, and SQ Company’s President Qin Jiran to please come up on stage and say a few words about the opening ceremony!”


Big brother was quite eloquent . He finished addressing the audience on behalf of the collaborating companies, its people, and their roles in one breath . What was surprising was his accuracy .


For a while, the fans present were a little dazed . Although news of the foundation had spread, it’d never been acknowledged openly . Therefore, very few people knew so they hadn’t placed this in their hearts . Now that it was announced, they were, naturally, shocked .


Many of the fans were from this city . They naturally knew of the power of these companies . The one that wasn’t as well-known was SQ Company . They were wondering about this company when they heard ‘President Qin Jiran’ . Suddenly, they understood everything .


The fans started clapping enthusiastically . Establishing a foundation was a great event . Now, there was a multitude of people in the society that needed help . Being fans, they totally supported Qin Jiran!


Their own idol was giving back to society . They were honored as well!


The five went on stage . Besides Ling Tianyue, the outsider, the photo felt more like a family photo . Father Su, Mother Su, Su Yanyi, and Qin Jiran . Wasn’t that a family of four? But this only represented the four companies . Yet, this was quite interesting . Those in the know were all envious . The Su Family was extremely powerful . Not only did they find a son-in-law within the entertainment circle, but also had their own companies .


Ling Tianyue spoke first . It was extremely short and to the point . Then, Father Su and Mother Su spoke a few words . Eventually, it was Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran’s turn .


Su Yanyi started off, “The revenue from the Heavenly Sea Charity Show will be utilized as the foundation’s seed money . This fund will be invested in the construction of major orphanages in City . Hopefully, this will fill the lives of the orphans with some warmth . This will let the foundation maintain its well-deserved reputation . ”


Seed¹, as the name implies, is ‘the origin’ . It’s comprised of hope and blossom . This was what Su Yanyi and the others were expecting from this foundation .


That said, the children could epitomize the meaning even further . Orphans were beings who also needed care and love . Of course, this was only one of the reasons . The Qin Family was the other reason they had decided to invest the seed money into the construction of orphanages . It was Su Yanyi’s idea to slap the Qin Family’s face with this move . Qin Jiran was an orphan . He, who held the status of an orphan, was a kind of insult to the Qins . Now that Su Yanyi was doing this, how could the Qin Family feel good?


Even on the stage, where everyone’s eyes were on them, Qin Jiran couldn’t help but hold onto Su Yanyi’s hands . He was grateful for her protectiveness . With a wife like her, what more did he want‽


Finally, it was Qin Jiran’s turn . His one hand held the microphone and the other tightly onto Su Yanyi’s hand: “I am an orphan . I am very grateful to my wife and family who are willing to invest the initial capital for the orphanage . It is a pity that children are without parents . Hopefully, they can grow up healthily and like me, find their own family and lover who treasures them . As well, discover the importance of a family . Thanks, everyone!” Qin Jiran took a deep bow .


In the past, the world might’ve been heartless, indifferent, and full of struggles . Now, it was filled with hope and love . Therefore, he understood gratitude . He was grateful to everyone who’d helped him before, to those who’d treated him truthfully . Most of all, grateful to those who’d defended him multiple times . He would forever remember his lover, family, friends, and all those people in his heart!


The applause rang . No matter whether the fans knew about Qin Jiran’s experiences or not, the claps were proof that they’re moved . A few sensitive girls had red eyes and started crying!


Qin Jiran’s opening line was enough to move anyone .


I am an orphan .


How sour are the Film Emperor’s experiences? Compared to this, the words he spoke of later on came from the bottom of his heart . Towards the end, many were extremely touched by the sweet declaration . Overall, they felt warm inside .


Numerous fans felt a feeling of happiness in their hearts . Being born into a complete family, they felt that they were blessed . They should be satisfied with having elders who cared for them and being able to grow up healthily .


Many of the younger fans began to reflect on themselves . Were they too irresponsible and did things that led their parents to be upset? They pledged to heed to their parents and become a filial child .


It was not easy for parents to raise their children . Compared to orphans who didn’t even know who their parents were, they really should learn to treasure this!


When the Heavenly Sea Charity Show ended, the fans were reluctant to part . They had a lot of thoughts in their hearts . Some were moved, some stirred emotionally, some excited, and some were lonely . The charity show was considered a success, being able to draw out so many emotions from the audience .


After that, many users shared various views on the charity show online . Yet, most of them were comments of approval . Especially the fans who were present . They left comments everywhere, saying that they understood what love is now .


[I always thought that parents nagged me too much . They keep concerning themselves with matters they shouldn’t . After hearing Qin DaDa’s words, I suddenly think it’s a type of blessing to be nagged by my parents!]


[Qin DaDa is an orphan . I feel bad for him . But he’s happy right now . I feel touched! Hopefully, Qin DaDa will be happier!]


[The Qin Family is so abominable . Yet, they’re considered to be wealthy people . They actually abandoned their son . Film Emperor, don’t be upset . It’s ok if you don’t want that family . You have Queen Su now . A lot of people are very envious of you! You guys have to be happy together and enrage the Qin Family! Humph, those who abandon their children are all scum!]


[I support the person above . A benevolent man needn’t be rich . He is not fit to be a father! Luckily, the Film Emperor is blessed right now . Otherwise, I would definitely go to Qin Family’s door to dump trash!]


[The Film Emperor has the Queen’s care right now . He will definitely be happy . Dears, don’t be worried . Evil has its own retribution . Bad people will receive their karma!]


[Qin DaDa, the Queen and the Su Family are part of your family . Your fans as well . We will always support you guys . You and the Queen need to be happy together!]


[Be together! Be together! Be happy together!]


[We are all a family . All the fans are your family . Film Emperor, we love you . You’re the best!]



Seed – Referring to what they are expecting from the foundation . It’s like a plan or some sort .

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