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Chapter 76.3

Chapter 76 . 3 — Support of the Fan Squad

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Edited by: Larkspur

The musical duo was about the same age, in their forties . That said, Qin Jiran was naturally the younger generation .

“Jiran, we collaborate again! This time, you’re singing . I think highly of you . ” Qu Yao held a couple of music scores in his hand, clearly satisfied with them . He’d taken out a few of Su Yanyi’s songs .

“The song is great . Let me hear you sing it first . ” Tian Xiao was much more direct and was still assessing Qin Jiran . He admired his acting skills held some opinions about his singing techniques .

In reality, Qin Jiran was to sing only one song during the charity show . As long as it was passable, he didn’t really need to be too professional . After all, everyone knew him as an actor and not a singer . But, the problem was that Tian Xiao was a person with strict standards . Especially with great songs his expectations soared . He believed that good songs were meant for good singers . Otherwise, it would be an utter waste .

The songs that Su Yanyi had given him were indeed worthy of being great songs . The manner in which some of the tunes were handled was novel to him . He was mightily impressed just by looking at the scores . Obviously, his expectations from Qin Jiran went a few notches higher . However, knowing well Qin Jiran wasn’t a professional he held some misgivings .

Qin Jiran didn’t stall either . He’d already studied the song . Right then, he began singing .

Two hours later they’re through with the training . Qu Yao and Tian Xiao were extremely pleased with the result . However, the pair held slightly different expressions . While Qu Yao’s said “as expected”, Tian Xiao was clearly surprised .

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“If you are willing to become a singer, I can compose an album just for you . ” Being the golden producer, Qu Yao thought it was a pity if Qin Jiran didn’t sing . He was well aware that Qin Jiran had a deep and mesmerizing voice . But now, he was so inspired by his rendition that he couldn’t let go of him . He really wanted to pull Qin Jiran over to the music industry .

“I can also compose songs for you . ” Tian Xiao interjected timely . He was a person who enjoyed music to the extent of going crazy . Since he was able to find a young scion, he had naturally formed some opinions .

“Thank you . If I need anything, I will find the two of you for help . ” Qin Jiran preferred to remain non-committal . Who knew what the future held? Perhaps, he’d really broaden his sphere to the music industry . Also, Qin Jiran was brooding over something right now . He was contemplating his new song, the one to be played between the opening and end credits . He’s considering singing it himself . This way, not only would they conserve the funds, but it would also serve as a tool for promotion . He would benefit from this in multiple ways .

They’re still a week away from the Heavenly Sea Charity Show . The show was being promoted in a big way . Although Qin Jiran was the highlight, a few popular celebrities were also in attendance . It was being touted as a grand affair and many were looking forward to it .

Of course, Qin Jiran was in high demand . Several of his fans had stated that they’d weather all odds just to be present to show their solidarity . Whilst many could watch Qin Jiran, the Film Emperor, on screen; it was extremely rare to see him off the screen . Unlike the other celebrities, he never had gigs . Ergo, Heavenly Sea Charity was the most awaited show .

Many fans hailed Qin Jiran on his official Weibo . In his free time, Qin Jiran went through the comments and found them rather interesting .

[Can Qin DaDa bring the Queen to the charity show? I wanna see you guys put on a public show of affection in front of me . ] [Thumbs up to the person above . I totally support your idea . I’m looking forward to seeing the Queen . I am a fan of the Queen!]

The Queen’s fans were a special group amongst the Qin Jiran’s fans . The group expressed their fondness for the Queen and Film Emperor Qin . They supported the Film Emperor and the Queen . They supported their togetherness!

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At the onset, there were only a few Queen’s fans . Gradually, Su Yanyi’s accomplishments were revealed and the number of fans grew rapidly . They actually seemed to function as an individual entity, instead of just relying on Qin Jiran’s fans to grow . They’d become the cornerstone of the forum .

[I am also the Queen’s fan . I am looking forward to the Queen’s arrival! Queen, please grace us with your presence!] [Hey, hey, hey . The person above and above and above, please remain calm . The Queen is the Boss . She usually doesn’t appear in such small occasions . ] [Why won’t she show up? Qin Jiran is coming so the Queen should come as well . It is the Way of the King to make a public display of affection . Let the single dogs and cats all be jealous of you guys!] [Speaking of which, are you all the Queen’s fan? Did you know that the Queen’s created a Weibo? However, besides some basic information on the Queen, there isn’t anything else . I am very disappointed . However, returning to my works, the summary was quite scary . She helmed an entertainment company when she was in her teens and slowly brought it to the top in this entire nation . It’s incredible! Only the Film Emperor would’ve dared to marry someone like her . The Film Emperor is formidable!] [Ah, the Queen has a Weibo . How can I, being the Queen’s fan, not know? This is definitely not happening . Immediately move out . I will go check it out now!] [Thumbs up to the person above . I will go check out the Queen’s Weibo too . It is necessary for the Queen to know my name in the first moments!] [Person above, stop being under a delusion . The Queen would only know the Film Emperor’s name . She wouldn’t want to know yours!] [Cough, cough . We are off topic . Let me bring us back on topic . I support the presence of the Queen . Queen, please go attend the charity show . I will be there waiting for you! Of course, to watch the Film Emperor too . You guys better put on a public show of affection!] [Thumbs up to person above . There better be +10086 and the I . D . number!]

More people left comments . When Qin Jiran saw this, his eyes brightened and he followed in the fans’ footsteps to check the Queen’s Weibo!

Qin Jiran was undoubtedly the Queen’s top fan . How could he not know of this matter? This was not supposed to happen!

Su Yanyi’s Weibo was created by Kang Zhong . Obviously, couldn’t really upload the pictures of affection . Therefore, he’d just picked a couple of meaningful ones and published it on Weibo . He helped set up Su Yanyi’s eminence before giving her the account number and password .

It’s on a sudden impulse that she’d created a Weibo . She’d only wanted to scroll through it and didn’t have the inclination to upload anything yet . Therefore, she’d left it blank and intended to upload something in the future when she was in the mood .

Despite being reclusive and keeping a low-profile, Su Yanyi’s Weibo was still noticed by some of the hawk-eyed netizens . Then, one passed to ten, and those ten passed it onto a hundred . Thus, the number of people following her Weibo rose . Of course, this included the fans who commented on the Queen’s Weibo, requesting to see “a public display of affection . ” The level of amazingness was in no way inferior to Qin Jiran’s Weibo .

“Brother Qin, you’re looking at the Weibo too? The comments left by the fans are getting more and more interesting now . Look at the comments under the Weibo . They are real fans!” Jiang Xiaobin moved closer to take a look . He did notice that it was a profile page but failed to identify the person . So, he teased .

Right now, they were at the studio . Qin Jiran was done shooting his scenes . He sat on the side, looking .

“In the future, you need to be mindful of Yanyi’s news . You don’t even know that she was on a Weibo . You’re too slow . ” Qin Jiran rarely visited his Weibo . He just checked occasionally so it was normal that he didn’t know Su Yanyi was on Weibo . However, Jiang Xiaobin basically was soaked in the internet every day . How could he not know? This shouldn’t happen!

“Ah! President Su opened a Weibo‽ Why don’t I know‽ How could I know‽ I’m going to see!”

As Jiang Xiaobin spoke, he took out his phone and logged in to Weibo . After a while of searching, he found Su Yanyi’s Weibo . He immediately followed her then inquired, “I’m following President Su . Do you want me to do the same on your Weibo? You guys are married so you guys should follow each other . ”

Qin Jiran had just thought about following her . He didn’t answer Jiang Xiaobin but followed her, himself . After that, Qin Jiran’s Weibo displayed the first person he followed!

Qin Jiran, himself, rarely went on his Weibo . Jiang Xiaobin, being his assistant, naturally wouldn’t follow anyone randomly . Qin Jiran who was the entertainment idol had attracted many people’s attention . Besides his friends within the entertainment circle, it wasn’t proper to expose his other friends . Within the entertainment circle, there was no one worthy enough to be followed by Qin Jiran . Therefore, the first person Film Emperor Qin followed was President Su .

This update some of the keen-eyed caught on . Right then, they let out cheers of joy .

[I dislike people putting on public display of affection but how come I am never annoyed with this! Film Emperor, you can try harder to show off next time . ] [I am never tired from seeing the Film Emperor and the Queen being affectionate with each other . I want to find someone to love me too!] [Following each other’s account and whatnot is an example of showing off . The only following I will be doing is my loving heart for you . Queen, did you receive the Film Emperor’s heart? Please answer when you do! You need to follow back!] [He only followed the Queen . So much love! I also want to be followed but I guess there is no hope . Then, can I beg the Queen to follow the Film Emperor back? Otherwise, the Film Emperor will be upset!] [It is, as expected, the rhythm for putting on a public show of affection . Let me go create a Weibo and follow myself . I won’t follow anyone else! Humph!]

Qin Jira stared at the comments that popped up instantly . He let out a soft laugh . He was never the one to mind prying eyes . He had been an orphan since young and was looked down upon many times . If he was really mindful of each of those looks, he would be the one hurting in the end . Therefore, he learned to ignore from a young age . If he didn’t care, then he wouldn’t hurt!

But ever since he became a celebrity and gained a fan following, he was truly happy from the bottom of his heart when he saw the fans’ supports and follows . He did not mind the nasty comments, but he was grateful for his fans’ positive ones . After all, to him, it was a type of approval and solace .

Right now, seeing that the fans still supported him steadfastly, and even blessed him and Su Yanyi, Qin Jiran was even more touched . Emotionally, he even believed that he was really lucky to have these fans!

He never cared about the negative comments . However, being with Yanyi he was unable to do so . If today, this hadn’t happened and no one supported him and Yanyi, he might as well exit from the entertainment circle . If his fans didn’t admire Yanyi but rather snubbed her, he would still do so, because he wouldn’t let her become a target!

Therefore, he was grateful and touched .


Really, rarely, did Qin Jiran leave a comment on his Weibo . To top it, he wrote such moving words that many sensitive eyes welled instantly!


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