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Chapter 107.1

Only Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi visited the mental hospital on the second day . This mental hospital was originally state-owned, but it was later remodeled . When it was remodeled, it received a private contract . Later, the hospital was reconstructed and became a privately owned mental hospital . Su Yanyi had stocks in the mental hospital .

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Su Yanyi had only recently bought stocks from this company . She bought the stocks under the name of a charitable foundation . After she bought stocks from the company, she treated the mental hospital as a charitable organization that treated many homeless psychiatric patients for free . As a result, the mental hospital became quite popular . The people from the whole country knew about the existence of this mental hospital . She even introduced some mental patients to transfer here when other hospitals failed to treat them .

Su Yanyi did not have a position in the hospital; she was just an ordinary shareholder . She had called before she arrived . The Deputy Dean was now waiting at the door to receive them .

“Is everything arranged?” Su Yanyi asked directly .

“Eldest young lady, everything has been arranged accordingly . Please follow me . ” The Deputy Dean was a middle-aged man who was nearly fifty years old . Even so, his attitude towards Su Yanyi remained exceptionally respectful . However, there was something strange about the way he addressed her .

Qin Jiran glanced at the Deputy Dean . The Deputy Dean immediately greeted Qin Jiran, “Greetings, eldest young lady’s husband, my name is Su Meng . I am glad to meet you . ”

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“Hello . ” Qin Jiran glanced at Su Yanyi suspiciously after he returned the greeting .

Su Yanyi briefly explained, “He is from the Su Family . ”

Qin Jiran immediately understood . The Su Family really had a lot of talents; they had people installed in all sorts of fields .

Deputy Dean Su Meng was a very famous psychiatrist . Ever since Su Yanyi injected funds into the hospital, he and ten other people from the Su Family had been transferred to work here . They were specially arranged to be stationed here for Wang Zhilin .

The three people entered the front building, walked through the courtyard, and arrived in front of a small five-story building . There was an energetic security guard standing outside the building . When the security guard saw their arrival, he immediately greeted them, “Greetings, eldest young lady, eldest young lady’s husband, and Deputy Dean Su!”

From the way he addressed them, he was likely another member of the Su Family . He and another security guard took turns guarding the building . The other security guard was also a member of the Su Family . Their job was to prevent Wang Zhilin from escaping .

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The Su Family had trained many people . Although the Su Family trained many talents, they also trained some ordinary people . These people are scattered throughout various fields after some simple training . Then, they became the eyes and ears of the Su Family . They are part of the Su Family’s intelligence system .

After they exchanged greetings, the three people entered the small building . Then, they stepped on a special elevator headed to the basement .

Qin Jiran looked at the dim enclosed environment around him and already knew that Wang Zhilin’s life here was probably more miserable than it was in prison .

Everyone walked through the corridor towards the last room in the corridor . There was a window on the door which allowed people from the outside to be able to clearly see the scene on the inside .

SU Meng pushed the window open . Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi looked in at the same time and saw that Wang Zhilin was lying on the bed . It was more precise to say that Wang Zhilin was tied to the bed . She had her eyes tightly shut and she was trying to shrink away from something .

At the same time, the two also saw that the TV was placed not far from the bed and it was turned on . They could not see what was playing on the TV, but they could hear the sounds the TV was playing .

“Don’t hit me, please I beg you! Don’t hit me, I’m willing to do whatever you want . Don’t hit me…” This was Wang Zhiling’s voice . It was clear from the hoarse voice that she was crying . Her voice no longer contained its former arrogance and confidence, instead, she sounded humble . They could already imagine what happened just by hearing the audio from the TV .

Wang Zhilin seemed to be afraid of the sound . She struggled hard to cover her ears, but she could not move at all because she was tied to the bed . She could also shrink away from the TV as much as possible .  

“Eldest young lady, everyone was done according to your instructions, so please rest assured,” Su Meng said indifferently . As a psychiatrist, Su Meng was also an excellent psychologist . Su Yanyi had consulted with him when she went against Wang Zhilin .

“…how long do you think it will take before she really turns crazy?” Su Yanyi asked in an indifferent voice .

“It depends on what you mean . She can turn crazy whenever you wish,” Su Meng replied confidently . This was his professional field . Since he can treat patients, then he can naturally create crazy patients . ”

After hearing his answer, Su Yanyi did not continue the topic . She said, “Open the door, let me go in and see her . ”

The door was password locked, only the people from the Su Family knew the password . After opening the door, Su Meng stayed outside and allowed Su Yanyi and Qin Jiran to walk in . Wang Zhilin opened her eyes suddenly when she heard the door open . She looked hopefully in the direction of the door, but when she saw Su Yanyi, her eyes widened like she had seen a ghost .

“You…how did you manage to come here? You…you…how did you know that I’m here? Qin Jiran, you came too . Please, I beg you, please save me . I’m not crazy at all, I’m not mental . I beg you, please take me away from here . I beg you…” Wang Zhilin was begging Su Yanyi at first, but as if she realized something, she suddenly turned to Qin Jiran and began begging for his help instead . She looked at Qin Jiran like how a drowning person had seen a piece of floating wood!

“Even now, you are still so naive,” Su Yanyi said coldly . Her tone was extremely disdainful .

Wang Zhilin looked at Su Yanyi . Her lips were trembling, and she didn’t carry the same arrogant demeanor that she had in the past . She no longer appeared willful or bitter . At this moment, Wang Zhilin’s skin was dried and yellow . She seemed to have aged significantly .

“You…what did you mean by that? I…I was wrong before . I won’t argue or fight with you anymore . As long as you can get me out of here, I will stay as far as I can from you . You will never see me ever again . I swear…” Wang Zhilin was only locked here for a day and a night, but she had already experienced a lot in the 24 hours she was here .

The police left after they brought Wang Zhilin here . The mental hospital itself had security guards . After the police left, Wang Zhilin didn’t even have time to celebrate when she was brought to a room with more than a dozen people . Based on their appearance, she knew that there was something wrong with them . In the beginning, Wang Zhilin was not afraid . She felt that there was nothing frightening about people with mental illness . After all, how could they be more frightening than the two girls who tortured her in prison? But after she was locked up for eight hours here, she realized that this place was more terrifying than a prison!

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