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Chapter 106.4

“Jiran, I know why you are conflicted, but I feel that it isn’t necessary for you to be like this . If you really consider us as your family, then just happily accept the shares . You need to understand that the Su Family owns many industries, these are merely a few that are owned by us . As the Su Family’s son-in-law, you will experience a lot more in the future . You need to be more courageous . Don’t be too overly cautious and allow other people to look down on you . ” Although Mother Su was obviously goading him, her words came from her heart . The Su Family owned a lot of estates and industries and the ones known by the public were just the tip of the iceberg . Furthermore, the ones she gave Qin Jiran did not amount to much and it was just a way of nurturing Qin Jiran . Letting Qin Jiran slowly encounter the Su Family’s power was something the elders decided early on, and this was truly only the beginning .

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“I understand, I’ll do it well . ” Qin Jiran cautiously nodded his head, understanding Mother Su’s meaning . These shares were not just a present to him, but also signified his acceptance of his duty . Since he already took himself as part of the Su family, then there was no need to be so calculative . Anyway, the shares were under his name, which was essentially the same as being under Yanyi’s name . In this lifetime he would never do anything to harm Yanyi and what belonged to him also belonged to her!

Thinking of this, he became even calmer . His love and perseverance towards Yanyi was something that would never change and so there was no need to refuse!

“Good, as long as you understand my meaning . Jiran, do it well, all of us are looking favorably on you!”

“Yup, I will work hard!”

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That night, Jiran personally went to fetch Yanyi and the two of them went home together . Su Yanyi handed Qin Jiran the two documents and handed the two documents to Qin Jiran while Qin Jiran also passed the document he was holding to Su Yanyi . Their actions could not be even more in sync .

“Hehe, what is this? Let me take a look . ” Qin Jiran laughed as he passed the document over with one hand while his other received the document from her . He opened it carefully .

Su Yanyi also looked at the document in her hand: 5% of The Dragon’s Embassy’s shares and 3% of the Qin Company’s shares; this was obviously her Mother Su’s handwriting . This wasn’t anything surprising so after glancing at it, Su Yanyi casually placed it aside .

On the other hand, Qin Jiran revealed a surprised expression, but he quickly recovered back to normal . He also put aside the 7% of shares and asked seriously, “We have 10% of the Qin Company’s shares altogether . What do you plan to do next?”

“Continue buying them out . I want over 50% of Qin Company’s shares . ” Su Yanyi said this without any hesitation, and this was not just something that she was going to do next but something she was already in the process of doing .

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“Would the members of the Qin Family be willing to sell?” The three Qin brothers all together held 70% of the shares . They could not even wait to fight amongst themselves for the shares, much less be willing to sell out .

“Of course they wouldn’t but a portion of Qin Zhenren’s shares are already being withheld in the bank . As long as he doesn’t have enough capital, he cannot acquire those shares . Qin Zhenyi is also in the midst of negotiating a loan with the bank and though he doesn’t require that much capital, we can delay the loan by pulling some strings . That can hold him off for a little bit . As for Qin Zhenli, he gave 5% of his shares to his daughter, Qin Ying . I’m currently considering starting from Qin Ying . ” Su Yanyi didn’t intend to conceal her plans, so she roughly revealed her plan to him . However, she did not go into detail since she was planning to use some underhanded means . It would be best if Qin Jiran didn’t know .

Since Qin Jiran was not stupid, he roughly understood his plan after hearing her words . He was a bit uneasy as he said, “Violating the CA laws is dangerous . ”

Qin Jiran’s words were obviously a bit ambiguous; he did not explicitly mention “breaking the law” . To be fair, Su Yanyi never purposely hid her actions and plans from him . He heard her making arrangements on the phone and a few of these arrangements were obviously illegal . Her methods revealed her ruthlessness towards other people and faced with this, Qin Jiran was a bit worried .

“There are many dangerous things in this world and what I do is nothing compared to that . I’m just using a few tricks up my sleeve, that’s all,” Su Yanyi said with nonchalance . When she was young, she did all sorts of things . She experienced a lot following the military corps on their missions . This really could not be considered as anything .

“Then let me do it . ” This was Qin Jiran’s own family problems, but it ended up burdening Su Yanyi . This really was his fault . He didn’t want to bother Yanyi with the Qin Family’s problems, but Yanyi wanted to avenge him, which rendered him helpless against her .

He didn’t care about many things . In his heart, he only cared for Yanyi and the Su Family . The Qin Family really did not amount to much in his heart .

“It’s okay, I haven’t had much to do recently anyway . Plus, this was something I was intending to gift you . You just need to be prepared to receive it well . ” Su Yanyi directly refused him . She said she wanted to protect this man so she would definitely do it . It was just a Qin Family; she would definitely snatch it over for this man!

Of course, Su Yanyi knew Qin Jiran’s thought process and knew that he wasn’t after the Qin family’s wealth . However, just because Qin Jiran did not mind did not mean she did not mind . She just didn’t want to see the members of the Qin Family fight over the company happily . She wanted them to experience the same feeling of abandonment that Qin Jiran had experienced . Don’t they especially value the Qin Company? Then she would snatch away the thing they cared about the most!

After hearing this, Qin Jiran felt even more moved by her actions . Yanyi was already doing so much for him . She really didn’t need to be so good to him . His only wish was that he could treat Yanyi well and stay by her side, and that would be enough for him .

“You’re too stubborn . Even if I continue persuading you, you still wouldn’t listen to me . ” Qin Jiran said this while feeling helpless but moved .

“This was never anything big in the first place, you don’t have to care about it . Do you have time tomorrow? Let me bring you somewhere,” Su Yanyi said without a care .

“I do, where do you want to go? Is it a date?” Qin Jiran immediately became happy and looked at Su Yanyi with bright eyes .

“It’s not a date . We’re going to visit a patient at the mental hospital . ” Su Yanyi’s tone was cold as she replied . It wasn’t easy for her to openly send Wang Zhilin to the mental hospital . Of course, she had to personally go and view her miserable condition .

After hearing this reply, Qin Jiran immediately understood Su Yanyi’s meaning . He also wanted to know about the matter of Wang Zhilin being held in the mental hospital . Thinking of the last time he accompanied Yanyi to the hospital to visit a patient, he helplessly yet dotingly smiled . Although Wang Zhilin ended up in such a tragic state, he did not feel an ounce of sympathy because he understood that the worse of a state she ended up in meant the worse she initially wronged Yanyi . Thus, looking at Wang Zhilin’s current state, he would just hate her all the more .  

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