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Published at 29th of April 2020 04:42:48 PM
Chapter 105.2

Chapter 105 . 2 – The Sweet Valentine’s Day (1)

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Please read this notice before reading: This is actually chapter 105 . 1, the previous translator translated from the bottom of chapter 105 to the top . So chapter 105 . 1 on novelupdate is actually chapter 105 . 4 . I needed to name this chapter 105 . 2 otherwise novelupdate won’t post my translation .

Please don’t flaunt your Valentine’s Day gifts! You will make everyone jealous!

The two sets of photos had naturally caused a stir among the fans . They came up with countless speculations, but everyone agreed that the Film Emperor and the Queen were showing off their love for each other again!

Queen Su posted two photos of a Japanese bonsai plant . The twin budding flowers of the plant were closely intertwined with each other like lovers . The flowers appeared delicate, graceful, and beautiful .

Not long ago, Qin Jiran and Su Yanyi uploaded a series of photos in their respective Weibo account . Film Emperor Qin posted a series of bahulu (egg cakes) photos . No matter where you looked, up, down, left, or right, it was all pictures of egg cakes . He was evidently trying to flaunt .

The distance between the two gradually shortened . They looked at the reflection of themselves in each other’s eyes as they leaned in for a soft and lingering kiss .

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“Happy Valentine’s Day!”

“Yanyi, Happy Valentine’s Day!” Qin Jiran whispered affectionately in Su Yanyi’s ear as he carried her to the bed .

On the night of Valentine’s Day, Su Yanyi personally prepared a tableful of dishes, complete with a plate of heart-shaped egg cakes . Qin Jiran took Su Yanyi to a movie and had specially prepared a pot of Japanese Bonsai with the budding flowers intertwined with each other as a gift . In fact, this present may not have been too special, but it was full of warmth and joy . It displayed the happiness the two of them accumulated over time .

The two picked a rather quiet corner to put the Japanese bonsai plant there . They bumped into their third sister-in-law on their way to the small building . After the three exchanged a few words, they bid their farewell .

“Okay . ”

“We can come here often in the future to walk around,” Qin Jiran suggested .

“I used to come here often when I was young . ” It was also the reason she built a greenhouse in the small villa . The air here was refreshing and had a calming effect on people’s minds .

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“It’s beautiful here,” Qin Jiran sighed in admiration .

This was the first time Qin Jiran came here, so he was a little surprised .

After they returned home, they placed the Japanese bonsai plant in the greenhouse . The greenhouse here was much larger than the one in the small villa . Mother Su was also a woman who loved flowers very much . Her third sister-in-law was also the gardener who had beautifully arranged the gardens here . It was like walking into a small forest when they entered the garden . There were all kinds of tall, short, fat, and skinny flowers and plants . The rich oxygen the trees gave off made people feel very comfortable .

“Okay . ”

“Then I’ll head to the company first . ” Qin Jiran’s goal was to stay behind the scenes, but he also wanted to go to the company because then, he would be able to stay with Yanyi longer . The main purpose he took a temporary hiatus was to accompany Yanyi .  

Some people liked radishes while other people like cabbages . You might love your little cabbage, but he loved his Tyrannosaurus Rex . Everything and everyone had their own unique beauty .

Su Yanyi may not be gentle, meticulous, and considerate . She may not know how to act coquettishly or act cute like other women, but she had her own pride and strengths . Other women cannot be compared to her in that area .

Even so, she showed her love for him by respecting and supporting him!

Moreover, she won’t force her own opinion on him nor will she interfere too much in his businesses . She respected Qin Jiran’s own opinions . Whether it was in the beginning when she rejected Qin Jiran, or when she later accepted and even fell in love with Qin Jiran, she didn’t interfere too much with Qin Jiran’s career and choices . She will only help him on the path he chooses so that the path he chose will be smooth sailing!

Su Yanyi can enjoy Qin Jiran’s love for her peacefully, but she will never unreasonably demand him to show his love for her . This was part of Su Yanyi’s pride, but also how she showed her love to him .

Su Yanyi was different from other women with the way she showed her love for him . Although she was greedy for Qin Jiran’s cooking, she won’t force his world to revolve solely around her . Qin Jiran made dinner and did many other things for her, but he did them willingly . She never forced him to do anything .

“That’s fine, you can do whatever you decide to . If you have time, you can come to the company to help me . If you plan to do something behind the scenes, then you can follow the people in the company and watch their actions . ” Su Yanyi didn’t really care what Qin Jiran chose to do . She only cared that Qin Jiran did what he truly wanted to do . As long as it was Qin Jiran’s own choice to do something, then she will support him unconditionally .  

“It will take some time for the preparations to be complete, but I’m not in a hurry right now . I’m planning to start working again after taking a short break . ”

“Aren’t they still preparing your costume for the ancient film you’re in?” Su Yanyi doubtfully asked . She was well informed in regard to Qin Jiran’s work thanks to Kang Zhong . She thought that Qin Jiran would immediately invest in the shooting of the ancient film after he finished shooting 《Strife for Power》 . But now, it seemed that Qin Jiran wasn’t planning to do that .

“I plan to take a short break . If you need me to do anything, I can also work for you . Before he started filming 《Strife for Power》, Qin Jiran had packed his schedule . He was thrilled when he got the script from Yanyi because the script was even better than he anticipated . However, during the filming for 《Strife for Power》, Qin Jiran’s thoughts changed a bit . He felt that he should spend more time with the people he cared about instead of working all the time . After all, he no longer needed to rely on this acting career to gain fame or money . Of course, the most important thing was that he didn’t need to rely on this acting career to pursue the woman he loved anymore!

“Then do you have any plans as to what you want to do next?” Su Yanyi admired how calm and collected Qin Jiran was . This man was always so calm and collected except he was facing her .

“Since I’ve reached this point, it doesn’t matter whether I’m nervous or not . I’ve tried my best to do what I can . I can only let the rest take its course,” Qin Jiran replied without much care . This was not his first movie and he had long been used to waiting . Though he was not nervous because he had confidence and was looking forward to the results of his movie .

“Do you have any expectations at the box office? I bet everyone else except for you is very nervous right now,” Su Yanyi asked curiously . Today was the film’s premiere day, but she could tell that Qin Jiran wasn’t nervous at all .

The flowerpot was not very heavy . On the way back, Su Yanyi was holding the flowerpot while she sat next to the driver’s seat . Qin Jiran was focused on driving the car, but he would occasionally chat with her about work . The atmosphere was very peaceful and warm .

Su Yanyi enjoyed the heartwarming car ride .

【Congratulations to the host for completing a level three mission . You’ve received an additional point . At this stage, the host has a total of 27 points . Please continue to work hard!】

At the same time, the system suddenly prompted a message .

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