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Chapter 95

As a model of Muse, Ming Yu had looked at the data of the company's 100+ models.

Muse was too big, with over 100 models. even Ming Yu couldn't remember all of them. However, Ming Yu remembered a lot of data about Luo Cheng. For example, Luo Cheng's father was from Huaxia while his mother was from France. Luo Cheng had debuted for seven years but was only 21 years old this year. Luo Cheng's height…

…Well, it was taller than Ming Yu.

Luo Cheng might be 2cm taller, but standing in front of Ming Yu, he inexplicably felt like he was shorter. Luo Cheng’s heart tightened as he stared at Ming Xiaoyu. The youth was just standing there indifferently. However, Luo Cheng felt there was a strong pressure wrapped around him.

This strange feeling made Luo Cheng feel uncomfortable and was both familiar and unfamiliar. It was rare, but he seemed to have experienced it before. The depressed Luo Cheng suddenly remembered—

This was how he felt when sitting next to Xi Ze!

Luo Cheng couldn't help shaking when he thought of that handsome and indifferent face. He hurriedly shook his head and forgot this feeling.

Luo Cheng didn't respond and then a pleasant voice was heard in the room. "Mr. Luo, hello. Can I ask why you came to find me?"

Luo Cheng's thoughts immediately changed when he heard this voice. He smiled and turned to look at Ming Xiayu. "You are Ming Yu yes? I was looking for Rongrong when I received a request from a makeup artist. He was a little busy and hoped I would bring this thing to you. Yes, isn't this to remove your eye makeup?"

While talking, Luo Cheng pretended to not know anything while carefully observing Ming Xiaoyu's face.

The more he looked, the more beautiful it was!

This wasn't a feminine beauty, but a refined and elegant feeling. Luo Cheng didn't know if it was because the youth was too young, but he thought the facial features surpassed gender. Luo Cheng was the vice president of the Outward Appearance Association and had seen countless beauties over the years. Yet he felt that his small model was really very good!

Look at how beautiful the eyebrows were. Look at the soft lips!

Luo Cheng had seen hundreds of beauties. Ming Yu could definitely be in the top 10. This was the top 10 for both men and women!

Next was a slight digression. In Luo Cheng's heart, there were three names in the top 10 that happened to coincide with the world's supermodel rankings. For example, the world's 1st ranked female supermodel Cecilia. In addition, there was the 2nd ranked He Chaoman…was there another one? Luo Cheng didn't dare mention that name…

Cough, returning to the topic.

As Luo Cheng carefully examined the small mushroom's face, Ming Yu's reaction changed from '^_^' to '⊙_⊙?' Finally, it became '_'.

This behaviour of starting at a person's face, it was really strange!

In the end, the person doing this was Luo Cheng. Ming Xiaoyu sighed and said, "Thank you for your help, Mr. Luo. I do need the makeup remover." Ming Xiaoyu said this and took the special makeup remover from Luo Cheng's hands.

Luo Cheng hurriedly waved his hands. "It is nothing, just a small thing. I wanted to help the busy makeup artist.”

The assistant makeup artist who was ordered not to leave the next room, "qaq. What are you doing Mr. Luo? Let me go back and help remove the makeup!"

On this side, Luo Cheng saw Ming Yu pick up the makeup remover to remove his makeup. He looked at the beautiful patterns around the youth's eyes and couldn't help saying, "In fact, you really look good like this. There is no hurry to remove the makeup."

Ming Yu looked at up Luo Cheng in amazement at these words. After a moment, Ming Yu suddenly thought of something. Luo Cheng's appearance was so sudden and something strange and interesting happened at the same time. This led to Ming Yu not greeting the other person.

Ming Xiaoyu thought of this and immediately smiled. "Yes, Mr. Luo. I haven't introduced myself to you yet.  My name is Ming Yu. It is very nice to meet you."

Luo Cheng nodded happily the moment he heard this. "Hello, my name is Luo Cheng. You don't need to treat me politely or talk with honorifics. I think you are particularly kind. Ming Yu, have we met each other in our last life? The more I see you, the more familiar I feel. In fact, we knew each other in our last life, haha!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Why was he acting so familiarly…?

Luo Cheng continued. "We are both in a foreign place and you are a Muse model…"

“Wait a minute, Mr. Luo. How do you know that I am a Muse model?" Ming Yu couldn't help asking.

Luo Cheng nodded. "Ah, I deliberately looked up your data before I came here…no, I saw Rongrong and she told me that you were also a Muse model…right! She told me!"

Xu Rongrong who was removing her makeup in the next room, "…Ah, who is cursing me?"

Ming Xiaoyu didn't think much of it and listened to Luo Cheng. Luo Cheng spoke things like "It isn't easy to meet halfway across the world," and "I think fate is really a wonderful thing. You look so familiar." Listening to this, Ming Xiaoyu dimly became aware of it—

Was this Luo Cheng's way of breaking an awkward silence in a conversation?

…No, wasn't this level a bit too low? It was a primary school level?

The primary school level Luo Cheng, 'Do you have any complaints? (┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻  Thus, for a while, the entire dressing room was filled with only Luo Cheng's praise, while Ming Yu responded from time to time.

Before meeting Luo Cheng, Ming Yu never imagined that this Muse brother and the world's 5th ranked male supermodel would have such a personality. He seemed a little imposing when he first entered and this was normal. How did he change in only a few minutes?

Ming Xiaoyu didn't know that in the face of beauty, Luo Cheng became the embodiment of a husky wagging its tail.

The Outward Appearance Association had a high degree of distinction. If Luo Cheng didn't love beautiful things, how could he become the vice president of the association? Of course, Luo Cheng always boasted that he was the president of the association.

Ming Xiaoyu listened to Luo Cheng's earnest words and his mind drifted away. Xi Ze said he would come today. Why hadn't he arrived yet? Slowly, Ming Xiaoyu found that this eyeliner was really difficult to remove! The special makeup remover unexpectedly just made it lighter, not removing any of it! It was so difficult to unload!

Luo Cheng finally seemed tired and took deep breaths. Then he noticed that the youth seemed to be experiencing some difficulties. Luo Cheng looked at Ming Yu's actions and suddenly said, "Oh, you can’t remove the makeup? People used this type of eyeliner on me before. I can help you remove it.'

Ming Xiaou replied, "There is no need. It is too much trouble for you, Mr. Luo…"

Luo Cheng hurriedly waved his hands. "No trouble, no trouble. It is a small matter."

Luo Cheng took the cotton and cotton swab from Ming Xiaoyu's hands with great enthusiasm and Ming Xiaoyu looked at him with surprise.

He didn't know how this developed into Luo Cheng helping him remove his makeup. He vaguely sensed that Luo Cheng's attitude towards him seemed to be overly eager. Ming Xiaoyu believed there was a matter related to himself, but he didn't know it yet.

Luo Cheng took the cotton and beamed. It was because he suddenly realized, 'Remover!' He was going to help this youth remove his makeup! Makeup remover=touch face=eat tofu=#$#$!! (Eat tofu:  )

Luo Cheng's mind was active while he squeezed the cotton pad.

The story that Luo Cheng spoke was half correct. The first thing he did after going backstage was to call Xu Rongrong and ask who the opening model was. The answer he received made Luo Cheng surprised. He never expected this small model to actually be from Muse!

Xu Rongrong told Luo Cheng on the phone that Ming Xiaoyu was a very good boy. He was talented and his nature was very good. He was worthy of being a friend. Luo Cheng heard it as: Ming Xiaoyu is a good man. Don't worry about him being bad. His cold appearance is just a pretense…

It was amazing!

And then another coincidence happened! Luo Cheng had just arrived at Xu Rongrong's makeup room when Ming Xu's makeup assistant came to take the makeup remover. The makeup artist explained the situation and Luo Cheng suddenly realized this was a good opportunity!

God was helping him!

Thus, this scene occurred.

"Special ingredients are added to the eyeliner to ensure long-term hydration and shine. This method was invented by a makeup artist in Denmark two years ago. It works well, so many people in the industry are using it."

Ming Xiaoyu nodded at the words. No wonder why he couldn't remove it. It was a new product.

After adjusting the ratio of makeup remove and water to a similar level, Luo Cheng excitedly picked up the cotton pad and prepared for the makeup removal.

At this time, Ming Xiaoyu frowned. He said that since Luo Cheng adjusted the proportion, Ming Yu could remove the makeup on his own.

But this proposal was rejected by Luo Cheng. "There is still a special trick required for removing the makeup! Aren't you willing to let me help you remove your makeup? We've known each other for so long and are friends. Removing the makeup isn't a big deal.”

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

In fact, they only knew each other for a few minutes…

And when did they become friends….

The act of removing makeup wasn't a big deal. Ming Xiaoyu just felt that this situation was a bit strange. Why was Luo Cheng so eager to help him remove his makeup? There needed to be physical contact to remove the makeup. A bit of conflict occurred inside Ming Xiaoyu's mind.

Then Ming Yu sighed and said, "Mr. Luo, I'm really thankful for your kindness. Please guide me on the side while I remove the makeup."

Luo Cheng had a chance to eat tofu. How could he give up so easily?

Luo Cheng was a man with his eye on the mountain. After a few moments, he said hesitantly, "This make up removal really is troublesome…"

Ming Xiaoyu saw Luo Cheng's image loosen up and quietly laughed. "Mr. Luo, I'm sure that I can remove the makeup well under your guidance. This time, I really want to thank you. If you weren't here, I wouldn't know what to do."

The young man's lips curved as he spoke, revealing a gentle smile.

Luo Cheng was shocked by this smile and immediately gave up. He planned to say, "Okay, I will guide you in removing this makeup."
He had just handed the cotton pad over to Ming Yu when he heard the door open behind him.

Luo Cheng and Ming Yu looked at the door in surprise.

They saw a tall and handsome man standing at the door. His lips were thinned and there was an expression of jealousy on his face as he stared at them.

Luo Cheng, "…(°口°;)!!!"

Oh my god, why did Xi Ze come here?!!!

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(⊙⊙)"

Why did this feel a little strange?

Chapter 96

Do you know what Xi Ze saw?

At the beginning, Luo Cheng planned to help Ming Xiaoyu remove his makeup. Therefore, he was standing in front of Ming Xiaoyu and slightly bending down. Ming Xiaoyu was sitting in the chair to remove his makeup, so he was looking up at Luo Cheng from his chair.

As a result, Luo Cheng had his back to the door and was leaning down slightly. Ming Xiaoyu was looking up while facing the door. However, it wasn't useful for Ming Xiaoyu to face the door! His body was completely blocked by the tall Luo Cheng!

Why did he grow so high? Why so tall?

If Luo Cheng was 169cm, Xi Ze could see clearly!

Do you know what Mr. Xi was currently seeing? You still don't know? Then quickly watch an idol drama! "I was just blowing sand out of her eyes, honey. You're misunderstanding" to "Our figures just overlapped when we were picking up things. Nothing happened."
It was these types of scenarios.

But although the author could write such a dog blood story, it was obviously impossible for Xi Ze to be the heroine of an idol drama who screamed angrily without listening. He swept his gaze over his lover's body before indifferently looking at Luo Cheng.

Luo Cheng, "…qaq"

Damn it! Why was it so cold suddenly?  Hey, I'm going back to Antarctica!

Luo Cheng unconsciously moved to one side and Xi Ze could finally see Ming Yu. Seeing his lover's surprised face, Xi Ze probably understood what was happening. He took a leisurely step inside and closed the door.


Luo Cheng couldn't stop his bad habit and started shaking.

The handsome man paid no attention to the shaking Luo Cheng on the side as he headed straight to Ming Yu. Once he noticed the pattern on the youth's eyes, he raised a hand and gently stroked the complex and beautiful patterns.

"You haven't removed it yet?"

Ming Xiaoyu laughed. "I was going to remove it now."

Luo Cheng on the side, "(⊙口⊙)!!!"

Xi Ze nodded. "This type of eyeliner is a bit difficult to remove. I will help you."

As he spoke, Xi Ze picked up a cotton pad on the table and the configured makeup remover. It was a smooth move, as if it was natural and there wasn't another person in the room.

Ming Xiaoyu's mouth slightly twitched and he couldn't help saying, "Xi Ze, Mr. Luo is still standing there."

Luo Cheng was stunned when he heard this and hurriedly shook his head. 'No, no, no! I’m not here! You are seeing incorrectly!!

Xi Ze chose to listen to the youth. He laid down his cotton pad and looked at Luo Cheng like he was trying to make Luo Cheng's existence shrink. Then he made a surprised expression and asked, "Since when were you here? What are you doing here?"

Luo Cheng laughed hollowly. "I'm here…to deliver something." It was to look at a beauty and to eat tofu…

The moment that Xi Ze appeared, Luo Cheng noticed that something was strange.

As it had been mentioned before, a supermodel who could climb to the top of the fashion circle must be filled with talent and strength. Secondly, they must have good opportunities. Finally, and the most important point, they couldn't be silly and sweet like Zhao Rui. (Zhao Rui: Hey!)

Luo Cheng's nature wasn't on the level of Zhao Rui, but it wasn't far off. He wasn't scheming and as long as he determined the other person wasn't bad, he would be careless, honest and easy to get along with. This type of personality was different from Du Ruo, Xu Rongrong. Luo Cheng wasn't shrewd and cunning.

Then why was Luo Cheng able to become a top supermodel?

Well, because he was a rich second-generation son with a strong background…

But even though he grew up pampered and didn't pay attention to some things, Luo Ru knew one thing for certain. Xi Ze wouldn't come to the makeup room of a small model and even use such a casual tone when speaking to the model.

It was true that this young model was beautiful, but Luo Cheng didn't believe it was enough to make Xi Ze fall.

Luo Cheng knew how many beautiful models and even beautiful teenagers wanted to climb into Xi Ze's bed. After all, as long as they got into Xi Ze's bed, it was a fast ticket to the summit. However, Luo Cheng knew that Xi Ze was a person with an extreme obsession with cleanliness. Don't talk about wanting to climb into his bed. If they dared to even casually touch it, haha…Xi Ze might be polite on the surface, but he could destroy them in an instant!

Now Xi Ze was talking to this model with such an attitude.

Luo Cheng's palms were covered with sweat. He could perceive that something was wrong.

Xi Ze's eyes narrowed at Luo Cheng's words and then he asked, "How long have you stayed in the United States without returning to Huaxia?"

Luo Cheng was speechless and couldn't respond for a moment.

However, the familiar words made Ming Xiaoyu think of something. Didn't Xi Ze say something similar to Zeng Shu? Then Xi Ze said…

"It has been almost a year since I've come back…" Luo Cheng paused and added, "In the middle, I came back once for Chinese New Year."

Xi Ze sighed heavily and shook his head. "Go back to your agent and ask her about this year."

Luo Cheng was confused. "Eh, what will Sister Ya tell me? No, I'm not going home yet!"

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow and asked quietly, "You aren't returning?"

Luo Cheng was startled. He gulped and nodded heavily, "I won't return!"

Xi Ze made a low 'oh' sound. Then he said calmly, "I'm sorry, I've already called Wen Ya. She should've brough a ticket from the United States and also frozen your bank card."

Luo Cheng, "…"

qaq…What grudge did Xi Ze have against him?!!!

Luo Cheng, who had long been frozen, felt deeply exhausted inside and out. Why? He had been independent for so many years. How could he still be scared when he saw this man! Why did he have to be bullied by Xi Ze?

Was it because of Ming Yu?

Luo Cheng's eyes widened in horror and he didn't dare look at the two people.

Xi Ze also didn't look at him. He just instructed, "Close the door when you leave."

Luo Cheng, "…"

The Luo Cheng who originally hadn't planned to leave headed for the door with a secret in his stomach. However, he had only walked halfway when he head Ming Yu say, "He is an outsider."

Then Xi Ze asked without hesitation, "Luo Cheng, what did you see today?"

Luo Cheng's feet paused at the 'outsider' part.

Then he opened the door with a smile and said, "Brother Xi, I didn't see anything."

Click. A sound was heard and Luo Cheng really left the room.

Ming Yu heard the sound of the door closing and sighed softly. "I didn't expect for you to hide nothing in front of Luo Cheng. It isn't like you."

Xi Ze looked down and carefully wiped the youth's eyes with the cotton pad. "Do you know the name of Luo Cheng's agent?"

Ming Yu's lips curved as he answered, "Wen Ya, one of Muse's ace agents."

"She used to be my assistant."

Ming Yu jerked. "What?"

“Luo Cheng was signed to Ding Bo who managed him for a year. Then he was handed over to Wen Ya." Xi Ze added, "At first, the relationship between me and Luo Cheng was still good. But after he reached his rebellious period, he didn't meet me much. However, it seems that his temper has been restrained lately."

Ming Yu, “…”

That foolish person just then, did he really have a rebellious period? Xi Ze's credibility really wasn't high!

The two people spoke for a while. Then Ming Yu suddenly had a though. "Wait a minute, why did Luo Cheng suddenly not want to meet you? Did you do something horrible? You aren't bullying him, are you?"

Xi Ze's tone was calm. "No, am I the type who would bully children?"

"It looks like you really did bully him."

Xi Ze, "…"

After a moment, Xi Ze sighed. "When he was still with Ding Bo, he once accidentally spilled a drink on me. I gently scolded him and now he doesn't meet me often."

Ming Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. "…Your gentle reprimand, it must be very mild."

Xi Ze smiled. "Thank you for the compliment."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(/=_=)/~┴┴"

Who was praising you?

After a while, Ming Yu's eye makeup was finally completely removed. He looked at his eyes in the mirror and confirmed there were no problems, then he laughed. "It was the first time I wore this type of makeup. I didn't think it would be so difficult to remove. Fortunately, you came here today, or I really would've had to trouble Luo Cheng.'

Xi Ze noticed something and raised an eyebrow. "Why didn't a makeup artist help you remove it?"

Ming Yu originally wanted to answer, 'Luo Cheng said the makeup artist had something to do.' However, he hadn't spoken it yet when he realized something was wrong. He sighed and said, "I was careless. Luo Cheng probably called the makeup artist away.”

Xi Ze's lips thinned at the words. "It was Luo Cheng?"

Ming Xiaoyu thought about the stupid man's bullied appearance and shrugged. He didn't do anything to help as he said, "I guess so."

Xi Ze's eyes narrowed. He already had an idea in his head. On the other hand, Ming Xiaoyu saw his expression and seemed to see a miserable future for Luo Cheng. But Small Mushroom, if you do something bad, you will receive retribution for it sooner or later!

For example…

Ming Xiaoyu was imagining how Luo Cheng would be punished for his actions. However, Xi Ze grabbed his waist and suddenly kissed the corner of the surprised Ming Yu's eyes.

Xi Ze's eyes drooped. "Do you intend to use someone else's knife to do your dirty work?"

Ming Xiaoyu replied calmly, "Oh, that is what you are saying, not me. Mr. Xi, would you like to be my knife?"

Xi Ze didn't answer at once. His dark eyes were fixed on the youth's bright smile. Then his lips curved and he said, "This looks good. I like it. It is cute."

Xi Ze then kissed the youth's lips, blocking the words "Who is cute?" The lips and tongue moved rhythmically as an ambiguous atmosphere spread through the quiet dressing room. The man plundered the youth's mouth and the youth didn't withdraw, firmly sucking on the other person.

In the end, the cute small mushroom pressed the man against the wall and Xi Ze jerked. After the initial reaction, he pushed back against the rebellious small mushroom.

Eventually, the two people tidied up their messy clothes and left the dressing room. They had only taken a few steps before they met Zhao Rui and Luo Ru.

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