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Chapter 85

This world's movie and television studio sets could be divided into two types. The first one was a comprehensive movie and television studio set. For example, the Hengdian film and television studio had relatively complete equipment, including separate zones for ancient styles, modern styles, European styles, etc.

The other was the small studio that Ming Yu came to in the capital.

It was a movie and television studio, but it was also a large commercial area. There were several skyscrapers where the top floor showed the scenery of the capital. It was a very modern atmosphere. Many modern movies liked to be shot here, as well as store wars and special occasions.

The main reason Ming Yu was here was to shoot the bustling city night scene.

They came early today and had to wait for it to be dark, but indoor shots could be filmed.

Ming Yu followed behind the deputy director. From afar, he could see the director Xu Yizong. He was standing next to the camera team and seemed to be saying something.

After Ming Yu arrived, he didn't hurry into makeup. Instead, he went and greeted Director Xu.

A handsome and beautiful young man was politely greeting him. No matter how angry Director Xu still was, he temporarily suppressed it and nodded to Ming Yu. Then he asked, "Have you seen the issued script?"

Ming Yu smiled with certainty. "I have read it, Director Xu."

Director Xu didn't care much and just nodded. Then he suddenly had a thought. "This is the first time I am meeting you, but I have seen the lemonade ads you shot last time. That state might be able to fool the audience, but not me. I hope you will not act like you did in the lemonade advertisements. Otherwise, I won't be polite to you."

Ming Yu was somewhat surprised by these words. However, he still laughed and promised.

Luo Ru waited until they were walking to the dressing room before speaking anxiously, "I heard that Director Xu Yizong was a very serious person. But I didn't expect him to be this serious. Xiaoyu, you only have the Shuyue Lemonade advertisements publicly available. Director Xu must've seen it and studied it. It seems like you should be careful today." Then the worried Luo Ru asked, "Xiaoyu, have you really read the script?"

Ming Yu smiled at Luo Ru's words and asked, "Sister Luo, are you really asking me this question?"

Luo Ru responded in a confused manner. "What?"

Ming Yu sighed heavily and opened his mouth to recite the script. "The character walks into the noisy room. He encounters a blonde woman. The character runs a hand through the blonde hair. Then he passes through and leaves the room. The scene changes to floor-to-ceiling windows. A figure is looking at the night view of the city while holding a bottle of perfume in his hand."

Ming Xiaoyu paused and took a breath at the end. Then he asked helplessly, "There are only these words in the script. Sister Luo, are you really asking me if I have read the script carefully?"

Sister Luo, "…_(:3∠)_"

Unlike the Shuyue Lemonades, the Nidelan advertisements didn't have a story. A good advertisement could succeed if it expressed the basic demands of the produce.

A male model was used to endorse the Nidelan 'Smoke' fragrances. It wasn't possible to use the model itself to describe the perfume. Therefore, Ming Yu's role in this advertisement was to show the mood and style of the Smoke fragrances.

He wanted to steal incense from the blonde hair and this stolen incense eventually became the Smoke perfume.

This was the purpose of the Nidelan advertisement.

Ming Yu and Luo Ru entered the dressing room, where Zhao Rui and Sister Zheng were already waiting. Ming Yu and Luo Ru's homes were close to each other, so Luo Ru picked him up most of the time. Meanwhile, Zhao Rui picked up Sister Zheng or sometimes Sister Zheng would drive herself.

The makeup style had already been established at the last shot. At this moment, Ming Yu changed clothers and sat in front of the makeup mirror, quietly allowing Sister Zheng to apply makeup on him.

Sister Zheng's movements were swift and smart. It took her only 10 minutes to finish it.

At this time, Sister Zheng took out an eyeliner and gently applied a mole under Ming Yu's right eye. Then she laughed and said, "I have discussed it with Zhao Rui. We feel that it is better for Xiaoyu to have your own characteristic, allowing your future impression to be better. Since I have given you a mole for some jobs in the past, I will try to do it whenever it doesn't conflict with the job. Once fans think of you, they will think of this feature and your impression will be more profound.

Zhao Rui added, "Yes Xiaoyu. Whether it is a model or an actor, it is better to have an ugly characteristic than no characteristics. Sister Zheng's mole is really suitable for you. It is very nice. It would be better if it becomes your special feature."

In this respect, Ming Yu didn't object.

While Sister Zheng stayed in the dressing room to clean up, Ming Yu and the others walked into the studio. Luo Ru first went to familiarize herself with the people around them, while Ming Yu raised his hand to the position of the mole and pondered on it.

Ming Yu couldn't help looking at his appearance in the mirror. It indeed looked good.

Zhao Rui's words were right. Whether it was the fashion industry or entertainment industry, he would just be like everyone else if he didn't have a special characteristic. Therefore, plastic surgery became popular in both industries in the past few years. However, the plastic surgery artists found that this only gave them a face similar to others and they suffered a loss.

Ming Yu thought this and smiled at Zhao Rui. "Brother Zhao, I feel that you have become very powerful recently."

Zhao Rui heard his words and couldn't respond at first. "Powerful? What is so powerful?"

Ming Yu explained, "The proposal you put forward this time is really great. You and Sister Zheng really surprised me. In addition, last time you found a house very quickly. The house is in a good location and the traffic is convenient. The owner just went abroad so it is cheap and affordable."

Zhao Rui shook his head shyly and refuted humbly. "In fact, this can't be credited to me. I talked to Sister Zheng for a while before thinking about this. As for the house, it can't be completely credited to me."

Ming Yu smiled and joked, "If it can't be credited to you, do you want to give me the credit?"

Zhao Rui shook his head quickly and explain, "How can it be because of you, Xiaoyu? This is Shen Xiang's contribution!"

Ming XIaoyu's smile stiffened at the words. After a long moment, he tentatively asked, "This matter…is related with Director Shen?"

Zhao Rui didn't notice Ming Yu's strange expression. He nodded and said, "Yes, I didn't expect Shen Xiang to be so enthusiastic. I just mentioend it and he put it in his heart. Hey Xiaoyu, didn't I tell you about this? It happened when I drank tea with Shen Xiang. At that time, I was looking for a house for you and mentioned it quietly. As a result, he gave me some good real estate information the next day. I looked at them and chose the one you bought now."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Zhao Rui spoke emotionally, "Shen Xiang is so good! He is loyal! I have to later invite him to a meal to thank him."

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Oh, thank him for helping Ming Yu buy the house…

In the time before filming, Ming Yu took out his phone and sent a message to a certain man. 【 Do you know where my new house is? 】

This sentence out of nowhere would cause normal people to feel confusion. But after a few minutes, Xi Ze sent the following message back: 【 I know. 】

Ming Xiaoyu who saw the message, "…"

After a moment, Ming Xiaoyu replied. 【 Is that house yours? 】 After a long time, Xi Ze calmly replied: 【 No. 】

【 Whose is it? 】

【 The person you bought it from. 】

【 …… 】

Believe it or not, I will kill you!

This guy was really too much. Ming Xiaoyu decided to wait for his return and torment this shameless man. Then he sent a text message again. 【 Do you really not know the Mr. Li who sold me the house? 】

This time, Xi Ze took a little longer to reply. Ming Yu had waited a while when he suddenly received a long paragraph. 【 Mr. Li? Is the gentleman who sold you the house surnamed Li? I seem to remember that I have an old classmate called Li who lives in that area. Is it him? This is really perfect timing. What a curious coincidence. 】

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(┙>∧<)┙へ┻┻"

What coincidence?

The youth no longer replied to the text message. In the studio of Ji and Ya, an elegant man stared at the phone for a long time, his lips slightly curved and the colour in his eyes deepened.

Xi Ze was secretly sending text messages while working. In the eyes of the assistant designers and senior tailors of Ji and Ya, this was no less than the probability of a comet hitting the earth!

Once the meeting was over, Ding Bo curiously asked, "Xi Ze, who sent you a text message today? It isn't like you to text back when you are in a meeting."

At this moment, Xi Ze was sitting in the main seat of the meeting room, smiling while playing with the phone. His slender fingers were skillfully turning the phone around and around. He heard Ding Bo's words and stopped his actions, looking up at his agent. "It isn't like me?'

Ding Bo nodded earnestly. "Yes, it isn't like you at all. What stimulated this?"

Xi Ze thought for a moment before finally asking back, "The stimulation of love?" Xi Ze didn't wait for Ding Bo to respond. He said with a sigh. "You aren't in a relationship, so you probably won't understand."

Ding Bo cried out indignantly, "=皿= Why should I be in relationship? I a noble single man, a noble single man you understand! I'm free to do whatever I want… wait a minute! Xi Ze, what did you just say? I think I heard you wrong. Can you repeat it?"

The handsome man swept his deep eyes over Ding Bo and said calmly. "A person not in a relationship really can't understand the feeling of love."

Ding Bo made an aggressive expression. "How surprising!!!  You have a target? You are in a relationship? You are in a relationship? What person would actually tolerate your character enough to like you? If you are in a relationship then God is really blind!!"

Xi Ze calmly turned over his phone. Ding Bo was venting when he remembered something. "Damn, you bastard. You should've told me sooner if you are in a relationship. Who is it?"

Xi Ze raised an eyebrow. "Are they my partner or yours?"

Ding Bo replied, "Of course they are yours."

"Then why should I tell you?"

Ding Bo, "…"

You, don't leave work! You can't go!


In the movie and TV studio that was halfway across the capital, Xi Ze's partner found an abnormality between the director and camera team. His walk stopped as he became surprised.


Author's skit:

Big Xi: You don't understand the feeling of love.

Ming Xiaoyu: Ah, come over here first. I'll kill you.

Chapter 86

When Ming Yu first joined the cast, the deputy director specifically reminded him that Director Xu had just returned to Huaxia. He had been specifically invited by Nidelan to shoot this ad and wasn't familiar with other people in the crew. It seemed that there was a small disagreement that was now being negotated.

Xu Yizong's name was naturally known by Ming Yu. He was a big director who often filmed commercial blockbusters. The highest grossing commercial action movie at the Huaxia box office last year was his work. Nidelan must've gone through a great deal of effort and money to get Xu Yizong to shoot this ad. In addition, it was normal for a big director to be harsh and demanding, with a temper that wasn't necessarily good.

As Ming Yu approached the director and camera team, he heard the argument from far away.

“Put all eight cameras in place. Don't dawdle, ok? We are going to shoot an advertisement for first-tier luxury goods, not a small drink. Don't be afraid of saving money on multi-angle shots. What we want is the effect. I am the director. Listen to me, understood?"

“But Director Xu, the machines that you requested are all imported from abroad and don't use electronic chips. They use film! It is too much to use this. If there are several NGs then it will…"

"Are you the director or am I the director?"

“But Director Xu…"

This was the first time Ming Yu had seen someone daring enough to go against a director on set, especially since Xu Yizong was a famous Huaxia director. Once Ming Yu approached, he discovered that the person arguing with Xu Yizong was actually someone he knew. Tan Jingming who was in charge of the camera group when shooting the Shuyue Lemonade ads.

Tan Jingming was still trying to advise Director Xu. "Director Xu, how about we shoot with four cameras and then take a second shot? It will turn out well with post-editing. The effect…"

Director Xu waved his hand impatiently and told Tan Jingming. "In this crew, what I say is what will happen. Tan Xiaozi, if it wasn't for your mother's sake, I would've kicked you out of the crew right now!" (Xiaozi= youngster/young fellow)

Tan Jingming's face turned green at the words and he bit his lip, not speaking anymore.

Ming Yu frowned at the sight. Then Luo Ru came over and whispered in Ming Yu's ears, "I just found out when talking to the crew. Xiaotan who filmed the ad with us last time is also here. The director wanted to shoot with eight cameras at the same time, but Xiaotan didn't agree with him. He is in charge of the camera team and Director Xu wanted to shoot with film, where the exposure is larger. If there ares several NGs, the camera will become a bit depleted."

Ming Yu had already heard these things and was curious about another issue.

"Sister Luo, who is Brother Tan's mother?"

Luo Ru sighed and said, "Previously, Xiaotan was very low-key when shooting the Shuyue Lemonade ads so I didn't know. Today, I just checked his information. His mother is Tan Yunqing. Xiaotan takes his mother's surname and is from a single parent family. The reason why Xiaotan was able to take charge of this Nidelan advertisement shooting is also because his mother wanted him to learn. She helped him by arranging this opportunity."

Ming Yu's eyes narrowed at the words and he shifted his gaze to the chagrined Tan Jingming.

Tan Yunqing was the most famous female photographer in Huaxia. Her status in the industry was equivalent to Old Fei. In the international community, her popularity was even higher.

Tan Yunqing was famous from early on. When she was a teenager, she won first place in a world-class photography contest. Afterwards, she kept winning awards year after year. She had outstanding achievements in both commercial photography and art photography.

Old Fei was comparable to Tan Yunqing in commercial photography, but he was far worst when it came to humanist photography. It should be noted that Tan Yunqing had won first place in the Sony Photography Contest in Japan. The one who motivated all female photographers in Huaxia and was their idol was Tan Yunqing.

It was natural that Tan Yunqing could arrange to have her son enter the Nidelan crew. The last time Ming Yu filmed the Shuyue Lemonade ads, he had contact with Tan Jingming. In Ming Yu's mind, Tan Jingming had some strengths. However, he didn't have tact with people and needed to hone his temper.

Ming Yu thought about this as he approached Tan Jingming with a smile. "Brother Tan, long time no see. I didn't expect to work with you again."

Tan Jingming wasn't surprised to see Ming Yu. He just nodded stiffly and said, "Long time no see, Ming Xiaoyu."

His appearance made Ming Yu confused. Tan Jingming wasn't an easily irritated person and his relationship with Tan Jingming was fairly good. Why did he have this attitude?

After speaking a few more words, Tan Jingming said something that made Ming Xiaoyu stunned. His mouth twitched and he didn't know how to respond.

"Ming Xiaoyu, Director Xu knows your acting level and that you will NG many times. How can he be so wasteful? I think that eight cameras are too many and aren't necessary. However, Director Xu is used to big commercial movies and doesn't care about money!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Speak clearly, what level was he?

"He said that he didn't care about money and asked for good machines. This is Sony's latest product that was only launched at the beginning of this year. I have one at home and my mother won't even let me touch it! As soon as I thought about Director Xu spoiling them on you, I couldn't bear it…"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"

Who would spoil them?

“I had to speak, even at the risk of making Director Xu angrier. Nidelan isn't lacking money, but I love cameras! This time, the director asked for such a large exposure request. If you NG 10 or 20 times, there will be too much damage to the ccd and I can't bear it!" (TL: CCD= an electronic light sensor used in various devices including digital cameras)

Ming Xiaoyu, "…"


"By the way Ming Xiaoyu, why aren't you talking?"

“…” He didn't want to talk.

"Ming Xiaoyu? What's wrong?"

“…” What did you say? You would be angry if you heard the same words! ?_?

Why did Ming Xiaoyu say just now? Tan Jingming really didn't have any tact with people!

This was why Ming Xiaoyu didn't argue with him. He knew that Tan Jingming wasn't malicious and was only speaking the words from his heart. If this happened to other people with relatively small eyes, Tan Jingming could suffer a big loss. If he kept acting like this and making the relationship between him and Director Xu worse, it was likely that Tan Jingming would be directly driven out of the crew!

However, Ming Yu also knew that Tan Jingming really liked photography and sincerely cared for the cameras. After pondering it for a moment, his heart became less comfortable and he asked, "Brother Tan, are you so sure that I will NG?"

Tang Jingming nodded instantly. "Of course, you will NG. It won't be normal if you don't!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "…(/=_=)/~┴┴"

I will turn and report you to Director Xu!

In any case, Director Xu pressed down Tan Jingming's nonsense using his own powerful means. Tan Jingming directed the work of the other people in the camera team while preparing to steer the No. 1 camera.

It was a long shot.

Ming Yu would enter the cocktail party, meet with the blonde, communicate and finally steal the fragrance.

The high-end banquet hall was full of beautiful men and women dressed in bright colours, who were buzzing and laughing. The hall was gorgeous from the luxurious decorations, luring every person who walked in.

Ming Yu entered the room at this time.

From the moment he walked in, eight cameras aligned to his position from different angles. First, the hand that pushed the door was slender and distinct. It seemed like a random action that pushed open the door, but it was slow and sensuous.

After waiting for Ming Yu to actually enter the camera, Tan Mingjing froze for a moment and quickly moved the No. 1 camera, almost making a mistake.

The youth was wearing black clothes and the texture of the clothing could be seen. His hair was sprayed back from his face, exposing the handsome face to the public. It was accompanied by a noble and elegant temperament.

After entering the banquet hall, all the people inside couldn't help looking at him.

The noble and glamourous gentleman's lips slightly curved up and his eyes glanced indifferently at the audience before he headed towards a certain direction. He wasn't walking on a catwalk but his posture was very good, as if he was a king on the red carpet. His every step was calm and quiet.

The blonde female invited to play against Ming Yu was a famous French model. She was tall with fine facial features and beautifully coloured eyes. Usually, everyone's hearts couldn't help thinking of an 'angel' when seeing this female model

However, this time nobody paid attention to this 'angel.'

The eyes of the extras couldn't help falling on Ming Yu as he stepped closer to the blonde. At the same time, the latter raised her head slightly and looked at the youth in front of her with a provocative and enchanting gaze.

The female model wore 8cm high heels, making her much taller. It could be said that the female model's height was equal to Ming Yu. However, at the same time, a woman would look taller than a man. Therefore, they would be more imposing with the height advantage.

This time, to everyone's surprise, they didn't think this woman was imposing at all!

On the contrary, the original noble and beautiful female model seemed to become a woman in love in front of the young man. Her clear eyes looked up at Ming Yu like she fell in love at first sight. A beautiful and romantic atmosphere spread.

Tan Jingming felt sluggish as he looked at this scene through the camera.

When had Ming Yu's acting become so good?

In fact, there was one thing that Tan Jingming never noticed. This time, Ming Yu wasn't deliberately acting as another person. He was himself, the person he was acting was himself.

Ming Yu's temperament and demeanor would never let any photographer down.

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