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Chapter 42

The female staff member took Ming Yu to the training room and left first. Before leaving, she asked Ming Yu for a signature and finally said, "I'm not familiar with modelling. But Ming Yu, I believe that you will become a good actor!"

Ming Yu felt joyful at these words and wrote words of blessing for the employee.

Whether it was this life or his previous life, Ming Yu thought that he was good at catwalks and photos, and that he had the power to become a top supermodel. But his acting ability was truly his heartache.

In his last life, Ming Yu had been busy flying around the world and didn't have time to train his basic skills. Maybe it was as the employee said. As long as he started training from the basic skills, he could really master acting!

Ming Yu's confidence rose as he thought about this. He lightly knocked on the door and pushed it open after getting permission from the other side.

As soon as he entered through the door, he saw someone who looked like the teacher standing on the student, with four students (three men and one woman) sitting at tables before the stage.

Once the teacher saw Ming Yu, he waved and called out, "Are you Ming Yu? Just now, Director Xu called and said you would be coming to my class. My name is Yuan Qingsheng, you can call me Brother Yuan. Just now, I intentionally told A'Zhao to bring over a set of table and chair, so you can sit next to A'Zhao.”

Ming Yu nodded with a smile and followed the direction that Brother Yuan was pointing to.

Brother Yuan waited until Ming Yu was settled before saying, "Everyone, do I have to give the introductions?"

Brother Yuan's voice faded and the girl sitting on Ming Yu's right side covered her lips and laughed. This girl was charming, with her hair in two pigtails, seeming very sweet and pleasant. She secretly glanced at Ming Yu and said, "Ming Xiaoyu! We all know you. I was in the company when I say MIng Xiaoyu's 'Fashion Entertainment' photo… It was a little small, but you were very handsome! You were also very handsome in the Character photo!"

Once the first person spoke, the other students laughed and chattered.

The atmosphere of the training course was very harmonious, with even Brother Yuan joining in with everyone at the tables. Only the boy sitting behind Ming Yu was strangely silent.

Ming Yu was keenly aware of the other person's silence, but he just smiled and continued to communicate with others, not deliberately ignoring the boy.

After the formal commencement of the course, Brother Yuan talked for 20 minutes about theoretical knowledge. Then he arranged for the five people to perform in groups, where he would give them corrections and guidance. They drew lots, with Ming Yu being placed in a group with the silent boy, and the remaining three were in one group.

Brother Yuan handed out the small script to every student, then he clapped his hands to gain everyone's attention. "Today, we have a new member, so the script can't be exactly the same. The three member group will have to do some changes to their script. Do you agree?"

One hour had passed, meaning Ming Yu was more familiar with Brother Yuan and the other students. Except for the student sitting behind him, MIng Yu could call out all their names and know some information about them.

A'Zhao listened to Brother Yuan's words and immediately laughed. "It isn't a problem! Brother Zhao, I am in a group with A'Xue and Old Chen. It isn't a big deal for us to change the script. Over there, Ming Xiaoyu and Old Lu don't have to change the script. They can just act it out directly."

Brother Yuan nodded with satisfaction and continued, "Then please do so. Each group will have 30 minutes to rehearse and then I will check it. Ming Yu is new so the group of three will perform first and demonstrate to Ming Yu."

Everyone naturally agreed to this proposal. The training room was spacious enough to allow both groups to freely rehearse. Once Brother Yuan left the room, the three people said goodbye to Ming Yu and went to the other side of the room to practice.

Ming Yu finally walked helpless to the side of the person called Lu Zhenxi. "Lu Zhenxi, we should also begin to rehearse. Time is short. The script might be simple, but we should seize this time."

The handsome youth smiled while saying this, showing some goodwill. Even so, there was a complicated look in Lu Zhenxi's eyes. There was a moment of silence before he couldn't help saying, "I am different from A'Zhao. I have already debuted as a model. Ming Yu, you should know my agent. My agent is Zeng Shu."

Ming Yu's eyes slightly widened at the words, but he soon disguised his own look. "It turned out to be Brother Zeng." Ming Yu paused strangely, before continuing. "Brother Zeng is a very good agent. Since you are also a debuted model, this might be predestined. Isn't it better to start rehearsing now?"

Lu Zhenxi couldn't help asking, "Don't you understand what I am saying?"

Ming Yu raised an eyebrow. "What is it?"

Lu Zhenxi looked at Ming Yu for a long time, before finally saying with a frown, "Brother Zeng is also Cheng Su's agent. I… I know a little about the thing between you and Cheng Su. Cheng Su dislikes you, so I don't think he will want me to make contact with you. Ming Yu, today's lottery is an accident. Don't talk to me later. There is no need for rehearsal. You are new and Brother Yuan will take care of you. In addition, this is a simple script with no difficulty."

A touch of darkness appeared in Ming Yu's eyes at these words, and his lips bent slightly with displeasure.

He stared at the person in front of him for a long time. Lu Zhenxi was just feeling uncomfortable when Ming Yu suddenly smiled and nodded. "Yes, this script is quite simple so we will go through the lines by ourselves."

Lu Zhenxi looked Ming Yu up and down before finally replying, "You are a newcomer. Cheng Su might not like you, but I won't bully you. I can play the female part of the script. I am afraid that it is too difficult for you."

[I am afraid that it is too difficult for you.]

The words echoed in Ming Yu's mind.

Ming Yu's acting might be very bad, but he had a good grasp on human affairs. However, Lu Zhenxi was the opposite of him.

In saying these words, Lu Zhenxi didn't hide the disdain in his eyes. He stated that 'Cheng Su doesn't like you. I don't want any more contact with you,' but Ming Yu knew what the other person really wanted to say.

[Actually, I don't like you either.]

This type of behaviour that didn't want to offend people, using others as an excuse, it really disgusted Ming Yu.

Ming Yu thought about the video from this morning and immediately calmed down. He smiled indifferently and waved his hand. "It doesn't matter. The female part is also very simple, I will act it well."

Lu Zhenxi didn't think about refusing. He was very happy that Ming Yu chose to take the difficult role.

Thus, unlike the three member group where discussion was in full swing, Ming Yu's group just sat there without moving.

Ming Yu was sitting down and studying the script, while Lu Zhenxi was freely playing with his phone, not even paying attention to the script.

A'Zhao was aware of this anomaly in the rehearsals and came over to ask. Ming Yu explained the situation with a light smile. A'Zhao wanted to help Ming Yu by asking Lu Zhenxi what was going on. However, Ming Yu frowned and sent a 'Forget it' expression to A'Zhao.

After seeing Ming Yu's sincerity, A'Zhao was forced to give up.

Once Brother Yuan came back, everyone was ready in the training room.

The trio were the first to perform. Brother Zhao watched with satisfied eyes as A'Zhao and A'Xue chatted in a cafe. Then Old Chen came over and splashed a glass of water onto A'Zhao's face.

Then to everyone's surprise, Old Chen grabbed A'Zhao's collar and shouted, "You have no conscience! Looking for other people! Tell me! When did you start cheating on me and who is this woman?"

A'Xue made a shocked look, as if to say, 'You are gay?'

A'Zhao panicked and explained, "Honey, I'm not gay. I don't know this person at all! Honey, you must believe me. I really love you. You are my favourite person. How could I…"

There was a sound and a glass of water was poured directly on A'Zhao's face.

A'Xue cried out angrily, "You told me earlier that you are gay. What nonsense are you talking? I am a T!" (TL: Transsexual maybe?)

Brother Yuan, "Pfft…"

Ming Yu, “…(⊙_⊙)"

At this point, the group's performance could be considered finished. It was a very short scene, but the trio adapted some twists and turns. Even Ming Yu was shocked by the final reversal.

Brother Yuan lightly clapped and praised, "Not bad. The original is a boyfriend cheating and a girlfriend throwing water on him. Your adaptation is quite trendy. Today's practice is good. I will give you 9 points each, leaving off one point because I am afraid of your pride. Haha. Once Ming Yu's group is over, I will correct some minor things."

A'Zhao was very dissatisfied with this score and begged Brother Yuan. However, Brother Yuan just waved and directly called Ming Yu and Lu Zhenxi forward, not giving A'Zhao the chance to plead with him.

Ming Yu suddenly heard his name and was slightly stunned. He put down the script and walked to the stage.

He walked slowly and steadily, like a supermodel walking in a top fashion show. Every step was calm and eye-catching.

In contrast, the model Lu Zhenxi was much inferior.

A'Xue couldn't help whispering, "Ming Xiaoyu is really handsome…"

Old Chen also nodded. "Ming Xiaoyu is a very powerful model. I think his acting must be very good."

A'Zhao nodded and the three people looked forward to the next performance.

At this moment, everyone in the training room didn't know that a tall man was slowly walking towards the training room. His posture was casual and he had an elegant temperament, but the fierce aura around him separate him from other people. However, it also made everyone's attention focus on him.

[1] A’ in front of names: prefix used before monosyllabic names, kinship terms etc to indicate familiarity

Chapter 43

The spacious and bright training room, where the east and west walls were entirely a mirror. Everyone was facing the north-south direction, with Brother Yuan, A'Zhao and the other two seated under the stage.

This stage was actually only a slightly elevated platform. Ming Yu was sitting in a chair in a relaxed manner, while Lu Zhenxi sat opposite him.

At this point, both students were fully prepared.

A dazzling white light shone on the youth's delicate face, making him look more outstanding. Brother Yuan saw this and was actually looking forward to it. He was full of expectations towards what this youth could show!

So, in a rare manner for him, Brother Yuan stood up and said personally, "Ming Yu is playing the actress, it seems like his skills are very high. Both of you are already debuted models, but you have to cooperate well. Okay, let's go!"

Once Brother Yuan stopped speaking, Lu Zhenxi started to act. He smiled tenderly towards Ming Yu and lovingly said, "My dear, this restaurant's steak is very good. You like to eat steak, so I will let you try their classic steak."

As he spoke, Lu Zhenxi raised his hand like he was calling a waiter.

Lu Zhenxi's acting was considered normal in this class. From the original four students, A'Zhao and A'Xue acted very well, causing Brother Yuan to feel appreciation. Meanwhile Old Chen and Lu Zhenxi were only so-so.

Lu Zhenxi performed this section with no difficult, making Brother Yuan nod with satisfaction.

Then Brother Yuan, A'Zhao, A'Xue and Old Chen looked at Ming Yu. They were wondering what type of surprise this boy could show them!

At this moment, Ming Yu calmly looked at Lu Zhenxi and his lips gently curved, revealing a bright smile.

For a moment, Brother Yuan and the others were shocked.

Ming Yu's good looks could be counted among the best of the whole fashion industry. Now that he was smiling, he was like a brilliant spring flower. Don't even talk about the female role. Brother Yuan would believe it if Ming Yu was actually a female!

The smiling teenager asked in a curious manner, "Steak? You want to eat steak?"

Brother Yuan, "…"

A'Zhao, "…"

A'Xue, "…"

Old Chen, "…"

The nearest, most damaged Lu Zhenxi, "…"

Wait a minute!

Ming Yu's smile and the way he said his lines weren't the problem. They just felt like this boy wasn't looking at his lover!

Even if the lover betrayed him and he knew it, this wasn't right!

It felt like…

He was looking at a hot dish! Delicious sweet and sour!

Lu Zhenxi was still acting, so he was only sluggish for a few moments before hurriedly saying, "Yes Dear, don't you want to eat beef…the…amount…?"

Lu Zhenxi's words slowly trailed off at Ming Yu's cold eyes. At this moment, Lu Zhenxi felt like he was a dish. If Ming Yu liked sweet and sour, he was sweet and sour. If Ming Yu liked braised, then he was braised. He was shark's fin if Ming Yu liked shark's fin, and he was pig…

Bah! Who was a pig?

As if he wasn't aware of the other person's thoughts, Ming Yu was trying to figure out 'how a woman betrayed by her lover would hide her anger, but it isn't completely able to be hidden.' He carefully thought for a moment before his eyes narrowed, sending icy knives straight towards Lu Zhenxi.

Lu Zhenxi, "…"

What was this murderous air? He was supposed to splash water, not murder the boyfriend!!

Ming Yu didn't pay attention to Lu Zhenxi's shaking as he sneered and asked, "Steak? Who did you eat steak with yesterday? Did you think I wouldn't see it?” Ming Yu's eyes narrowed dangerously, looking Lu Zhenxi up and down.

The eyes were cold and ruthless, as if looking at something dead. The arrogant and bloody air caused Lu Zhenxi to involuntarily shake.

How was this looking at the lover who betrayed you? This was the executioner watching the pork on the chopping block!!!

Ming Yu sneered while holding the cup and snapped, "Who is that woman? You were with that woman!" Ming Yu prepared to throw the water as he spoke, "You dare to cheat, you dare to find another person, you…"

"I quit!!!"

The moment the water was thrown, Lu Zhenxi suddenly yelled and stood up, making everyone startled. But the spilled water couldn't be recovered, so everyone could only watch as the water poured straight towards Lu Zhenxi's… crotch. The white pants became wet, causing a urine effect.

“Pfft…" A'Xue couldn't help laughing loudly.

Old Chen's shoulder shook but he humanely turned around to hide his laughter.

Lu Zhenxi, "!!!!"

Ming Xiaoyu, "╮(╯_╰)╭"

All of a sudden, blood rushed to Lu Zhenxi's face as he stared at his crotch. He trembled slightly with shame, then he angrily banged on the table and cried out, "Ming Yu! You did it on purpose! You spilled water on my pants on purpose!"

Ming Yu slightly frowned. "I wanted to splash water on your face, per the script. You were the one who stood up, making me pour it on your crotch." Ming Yu paused, speaking to the crowd, "A'Xue, do you have tissues? Lu Zhenxi doesn't look elegant, so he needs to clean up."

The already laughing A'Xue replied, "Pfft, cough…I have some.'

Ming Yu received the tissues and tried to help Lu Zhenxi clean himself. However, he just raised a hand and didn't move. The position… cough. He looked up at Lu Zhenxi and suggested, "Why don't you wipe it yourself?"

Lu Zhenxi, ""(╬▔皿▔)!!  Ming Yu! You must've done it on purpose!" The angrily trembling Lu Zhenxi turned to Brother Yuan and shouted, "Brother Yuan, you saw it! He acted like he wanted to kill me! He wasn't looking at me like a person! It is completely different from our script. How could he do this?"

Ming Yu blinked with surprise at these words. "I didn't act according to the script?" Ming Yu looked at Brother Yuan and sincerely said, "I studied the script more than 10 times and carefully figured out the character's psychological state."

Brother Yuan, A'Zhao, A'Xue and Old Chen, “…”

He tried to figure out the character's mental state, and yet…

Looking at the angry and ashamed Lu Zhenxi, Brother Yuan had to speak up, otherwise the atmosphere might become worse.

Thus, Brother Yuan stood up and said, "Lu Zhenxi, this is really your fault. You are performing, how can you say that you will quit? A'Zhao just had two glasses of water splashed on him. It isn't a big deal, so don't think about it to much. Ming Yu spilling it on your… well, the position was a coincidence."

Lu Zhenxi had to swallow his resentment after Brother Yuan's words.

The anger over his crotch situation slowly faded, leaving Lu Zhenxi calm and not as rattled.

Lu Zhenxi wiped at his pants with the tissues for a long time before looking at Brother Yuan and saying calmly, "Brother Yuan, Ming Yu's acting is really too bad. You saw it. I have no way to act opposite that."

Ming Yu frowned at suddenly being accused of acting poorly, but he didn't say anything.

Brother Yuan knew that Lu Zhenxi was right. He turned his head to speak to Ming Yu. "Ming Yu, your acting… there seems to be a problem. Your eyes were wrong when looking at Lu Zhenxi, the smile was wrong, and the tone of words was a little stiff. I want to ask; did you really study the script more than 10 times?"

Ming Yu sighed at the words aad replied, "Yes Brother Yuan. I think I studied it at least 12, 13 times."

Brother Yuan's expression became strange at this and he coughed. "Based on your performance, I probably have to give you special teachings." He glanced over at Lu Zhenxi and continued, "You too, Lu Zhenxi. Ming Yu is new and his acting is poor. Your cooperation with him wasn't good. You should learn to control your temper."

A touch of disdain flashed in Lu Zhenxi as he nodded. "Yes, Brother Yuan. I will be understanding of people with poor acting skills."

Ming Yu who had poor acting skills, "^_^#"

Despite this 'humiliation', the young man was still smiling gently, not showing any sadness. Ming Yu might have such a clear appearance, but A'Zhao and the others looked at him with complicated expressions.

Brother Yuan clapped his hands and the two people quickly descended from the stage. A'Zhao looked at Lu Zhenxi, who couldn't hide his triumphant smile, and couldn't help crying out, "Brother Yuan, this matter can't be entirely blamed on Ming Yu! In the rehearsals just now, Old Lu didn't pay attention at all, leaving MIng Yu to read the script alone! For a full 30 minutes, I saw them only talking once. After that, Old Lu was playing with his phone while Ming Yu carefully studied the script!"

Ming Yu glanced up at these words, his lips curving as he looked at the upright A'Zhao.

Chapter 44

A'Xue and Old Chen pulled at A'Zhao's sleeve, advising him not to go on.

However, A'Zhao was originally a straightforward and cheerful person, with a sense of justice. Despite their attempts, he kept insisting, "Brother Yuan, I think I should speak on this matter. Ming Yu is a newcomer, he probably hasn't been trained in acting before. Once he was put in a group with Old Lu, what should Old Lu do?"

A'Zhao looked at the pale face of Lu Zhenxi and asked, "Old Lu, tell us. Weren't you just playing on the phone instead of rehearsing? I wanted to ask you about it, but Ming Yu's peaceful manner stopped me. Am I wrong?"

Lu Zhenxi's expression changed dramatically at A'Zhao's words. Brother Yuan also looked at Lu Zhenxi in a thoughtful manner, finally understanding the situation.

At this point, Ming Yu was frowning slightly but didn't say anything. He didn't agree with A'Zhao to defend himself, nor did he act like a white lotus and speak up for Lu Zhenxi. He just stood there with his head bowed.

However, this appearance just solidified Brother Yuan's thoughts.

Brother Yuan sighed softly and scolded, "Lu Zhenxi, you aren't a child. Why couldn't you work together? You were able to enter my class, so playing on the phone during rehearsal time is really wrong. I am in charge so tonight, please invited Ming Yu and everyone else to a meal to apologize. Then I will let this matter pass."

Brother Yuan's suggestion wasn't unpleasant.

After all, everyone was part of the same company. Lu Zhenxi wasn't really sociable or have a good relationship with A'Zhao, but he was already a debuted model.

Sure enough, Lu Zhenxi wasn't stupid. He didn't expect A'Zhao to help the 'outsider' and expose his shortcomings, and he was suddenly at a disadvantage.

Lu Zhenxi had already debuted and his agent was Zeng Shu, so his conditions were good. However, everyone knew that Zeng Shu was in charge of two supermodels and several popular first-tier models. Lu Zhenxi was a small and unknown model and hadn't seen Zeng Shu for almost half a month. His assistant mostly managed him.

All in all, Lu Zhenxi's position in the company wasn't really good. His agent being hostile to Ming Yu's agent was the only reason why he dared offend Ming Yu so recklessly.

And in his heart, he thought that Zeng Shu was much more amazing than Zhao Rui. Ming Yu might be in the limelight recently, but Cheng Su was still far ahead.

Lu Zhenxi showed some disdain as he thought this. Finally, he cleared his expression and bowed to Ming Yu. "Sorry Ming Yu, I shouldn't have played with my phone during the rehearsal. I don't want to be at odds with you, so I will invite you to dinner tonight as an apology."

His words were perfect, but his tone wasn't very sincere, causing Brother Yuan to frown.

But Ming Yu just smiled and shook his head. "There is no need for dinner. I understand you heart and it isn't a big deal. After all, we will be classmates."

The youth's voice was pleasant and gently, reminding them of a spring breeze. Brother Yuan couldn't help thinking in his heart, 'Look! Ming Yu is dignified and not arrogant. He doesn't let the pressure get to his heart! Lu Zhenxi, you really have a lot to learn!'

…Well, if he was a villain, Ming Yu would be a black-hearted sesame bag.

Look at this gentle expression, this wall of calmness!

Ming Xiaoyu didn't say anything, letting the upright A'Zhao reveal the truth. This allowed Ming Xiaoyu to control their hearts.

But for A'Zhao, Ming Yu had different thoughts. Once no one was paying attention, he carefully watched the other person and had some ideas.

If it was someone else's business, Ming YU wouldn't help. But one of Ming Xiaoyu's rules of life was to already repay gratitude.

A'Zhao helped him without asking anything in return. Such people weren't common in this industry, so he should really do something for the other person.

The matter was temporarily over. Lu Zhenxi still found it difficult to smile, but the others were laughing again.

Brother Yuan started to give advice on the shortcomings of the five people. Old Chen and A'Zhao wanted to get away, but Brother Yuan dealt quick blows.

There wasn't a lot of content in the afternoon class and Lu Zhenxi invited everyone to eat. Therefore, Brother Yuan made a suggestion. They would end the class ahead of schedule and go out to eat together. This could be considered a welcoming party for Ming Yu.

While tidying up the books on the table, A'Xue smiled and said, "Thank you so much, Ming Xiaoyu. Old Lu is so stingy! Wanting him to treat us? The degree of difficulty is too high! If it wasn't for you, I really don't know when we could eat a meal bought by Old Lu!"

Ming Yu just gently shook his head. "Lu Zhenxi is too polite. In fact, it isn't a big deal."

Old Chen interrupted from where he was listening on the side, "Don't say that! Anyway, it really is rare for Old Lu to buy us a meal!"

Soon, everyone was chatting again. A'Xue and Old Chen joked about Lu Zhenxi, while the latter was acting strangely. Ming Yu had just arrived and didn't bring anything with him, so he waited outside the door for everyone to pack up.

The slowest A'Xue was still packing her things when there was a sharp 'click' sound from beside Ming Yu.

Ming Yu turned with a startled expression, seeing a gently man standing in the doorway.

The pair stared at each other for a moment, before Ming Yu nodded lightly. The other person glanced at him a few more times with a thoughtful expression. Ming Yu was trying to figure out who this was when Lu Zhenxi let out a strange sound of surprise, "Brother Zeng! What are you doing here?"

Ming Yu was suddenly enlightened and looked at this handsome and elegant man.

—So this was Zeng Shu?

Zeng Shu didn't pay attention to Ming Yu's look as he walked to Lu Zhenxi, laughing lightly. "Ah, there is a trip you need to go on tomorrow, so I came to find you." Zeng Shu paused before asking, "I just heard, you need to treat them to a meal?"

A bright light flashed in Lu Zhenxi's eyes at the words.

Ming Yu, “…”

He guessed what was going to happen next—

Tell the parents!

That’s right. For 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, the time-tested trick in a children's quarrel was一

Tell the parents!

Oh, there was another terrible trick: Tell the teacher.

Lu Zhenxi was smart. He didn't exaggerate or lie. He just told Zeng Shu why he had to treat them to dinner. Once learning that it was due to Ming Yu, Zeng Shu looked slightly surprised and turned to glance at the boy standing in front of the door.

Zeng Shu had recognized Ming Yu at first glance.

Forget about how fast this youth's popularity was growing in recent months. By virtue of his agent being 'Zhao Rui,' Zhen Shu already had all of Ming Yu's details firmly in his mind. He even knew the result of the revised physical test this morning.

Zeng Shu didn't like Zhao Rui.

This was known to many people in Muse.

The two men had a very bad relationship since entering the company. Zeng Shu was powerful and used his skills to become Muse's first-tier agent. The latter didn't have a lot of skills, but he had the solid backing of chief stylist Zhou Wei Zhuo, allowing him to meet a lot of senior Muse members.

There was also a small incident. In fact, when Ming Yu was first discovered by Muse scouts, Zeng Shu and Zhao Rui fought to get him. Finally, Zhao Rui became Ming Yu's agent, so these two people were still fresh in Zeng Shu's mind.

Now that he knew his model was in a predicament because of Ming Yu, Zeng Shu couldn't help taking a more serious look at Ming Yu.

However, Zeng Shu was Zeng Shu. He didn't speak for Lu Zhenxi, reprimanding him instead. "Don't do something stupid and practice well."

Lu Zhenxi nodded at the words.

But Lu Zhenxi was surprised by the next words. Zeng Shu smiled and said, "This isn't a big deal. It is just a trivial matter. I will pay for tonight's dinner. However, Lu Zhenxi can't attend the dinner. After all, we have a trip tomorrow."

Brother Yuan, A'Zhao and the others weren't aware of anything unusual and agreed to Zeng Shu's proposal. But Ming Yu's lips dropped slightly and he quietly watched Zeng Shu.

Zeng Shu had done two things. First, he paid for Lu Zhenxi. Second, he took Lu Zhenxi away from the dinner.

By doing these two things, he was acknowledging Lu Zhenzi's mistake but not giving any responsibility to him. He seemed to be saying: 'You might think he is wrong, but he won't get any punishment.' Accepting this proposal was a small psychological victory.

The two people stared at each other for a moment. Then Ming Yu sighed and nodded, "Okay, Brother Zeng."

Zeng Shu couldn't help revealing a cold smile. He turned to Lu Zhenxi and said, “Let’s go,” before walking with Lu Zhenxi to the door.

Ming Yu stood silently in front of the door, watching the two people come closer.

Once Zeng Shu and Lu Zhenxi were less than a metre away, Ming Yu planned to step aside and let the two men open the door. However, he had just lifted his feet when he suddenly felt his left hand being pulled!

Ming Yu raised surprised eyes to the door, falling into a pair of deep eyes. Somehow, his heart became quiet. The stuffy and helpless feeling from being forced to compromised completely disappeared!

The beautiful youth gently smiled as he looked at his friend standing outside.

Then that handsome and elegant man pushed open the door in an indifferent manner. Once the door was pushed open, the long shadow of the man suddenly appeared in the training room.

As a result, a powerful and oppressive aura spread instantly.

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